Adrian Peterson: Players who want to be great want the ball

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Vikings running back Adrian Peterson offered a candid assessment of his team’s performance against the Seahawks last Sunday when he said the team was outplayed and outcoached in a 38-7 loss that knocked them out of first place in the NFC North.

Peterson didn’t back off of those comments during a Tuesday conference call ahead of Thursday’s game against the Cardinals. Peterson said he “addressed how I felt about the situation” and pointed out things that he could have done better as a way of illustrating the need for the entire team to look for ways to improve moving forward.

Peterson only had eight carries in the loss to Seattle, something he talked about on Sunday and something that coach Mike Zimmer said “probably should” have been different while saying he wasn’t bothered by Peterson’s comments. Peterson revisited the lack of touches during the conference call as well.

“That’s the mindset of a player who wants to be great,” Peterson said, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “You want to be able to when your number is called to make plays. Of course, I’d be frustrated when you think about eight carries. … I don’t have anything to prove. I feel like I’ve been doing it for a long time. They know what I can do. It’s about going back and watching the film and seeing what we could have done better as an offense, and you move on from there. That’s what we did. I came in Monday with a smile on my face, ready to roll and thinking about Arizona.”

With the defense missing defensive tackle Linval Joseph, safety Harrison Smith and linebacker Anthony Barr at practice again on Tuesday, the Vikings are probably going to need a lot more from their offense to get on the right side of the scoreboard on Thursday. Getting a lot more from Peterson would be a good place to start that effort.

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  1. There have been a lot of great players, including many that have won multiple super bowls, and many who are in the HOF, and I guarantee you one thing, they didn’t have the same mindset as Adrian Peterson. In fact, I’d go so far as to say he is a selfish player that would rather have individual stats, than team victories. This is one sick individual.

  2. Does Peterson really want to win? He doesn’t make those kinds of comments when they lose but he has lots of carries. He seems to only care about his rushing yards. Often when they are losing you see him standing around smiling on the sidelines and joking. Not sure he’s about winning. He definitely does his part when he gets the ball. He’s awesome. However, he doesn’t appear to be a team first guy.

  3. Everyone will need to show up for them this week. I hope they get that W and hit Arizona with a loss! Seahawks winning the division is not mathematically impossible yet.

  4. AP was right about Sunday. Seattle moved their strong safety up to the line to stuff the run. Seahawks were daring Bridgewater and the Vikings receivers to beat the defense over the top.

    I saw several third and short situations with Peterson standing on the sidelines. That was simply not good coaching.

  5. He needs to shut up and be thankful he’s not in prison for abusing children. He needs to be thankful that the NFL did nothing after he admitted smoking dope while out on bail against a judge’s orders.

  6. When you give AP the ball on first and second down(an obsession of the Vikings no matter their OC for the past 7 years) and leave your QB to convert a third and long, bad things happen. They always have. The play calling is no different as under Musgrave.

    If AP wants the ball, he has to average more than 2 yards a carry. Look, I’m a huge AP fan, but he is NOT the Minnesota Vikings. We had like 4 drives in the entire first half, and converted maybe 1 first down.

    If you want the offense to go through you, keep your beat up defense off the field. We were down heavily at halftime and couldn’t afford to keep getting stuffed for 3 and outs.

    This 1 dimensional crap has to stop. AP is great, sometimes, but at least give the other 45 guys in pads a chance. He only had 8 carries because his first 5 put the Vikings in a deep hole from which we could not recover.

  7. the Vikings are probably going to need a lot more from their offense to get on the right side of the scoreboard on Thursday.

    A lot more than zero points? Yes, I would say that is probably true.

  8. Haven’t had a problem with a single sentence AP has stated since the loss this past Sunday. Everyone wants to jump on him and treat him as a prima donna the second he opens his mouth. I get it and I’ve heard it from him in the past(2500 yds, blah blah), but he didn’t say anything selfish or otherwise this Sunday. He basically said they need to find a way to be better on offense and score more points. Then the reporter asks him if that means that he should have gotten the ball more. He said, “what do you think?” If the best running back in the history of the franchise doesn’t want the ball, THEN you have a problem. No one ever complains about a QB that says they want the ball in the hands on the final play, why rip a RB for wanting the ball?

  9. How about learning how to take a handoff from the shotgun or learning how to pass block or learning how to catch a pass so we can start getting the passing game going? Is that something you could do better as an offense?

  10. Its almost like Peterson exists in some alternative universe. You forgot to mention Peterson gained a fat 18 yards in those 8 carries (2.2 yd per carry).

    When a player isn’t getting it done, the Offensive Coordinator has to look for production in other areas. Now that presents a huge problem with Bridgewater’s inablity to throw the ball more than 10 yards but handing it off to the Baby Beater for minimal gains wasn’t cutting it. Now he might want the ball more but his perception (predicting he would gain 2500 yards this seaon, Yo, Adrian, how’s that working for you?) is not the same as reality.

  11. `the great ones always want the ball` coach Jimmy McGinty (Gene Hackman) in the movie The Replacements.

  12. Gonna be a long night on Thursday for the Vikings… the Cardinals hung 39 points on the Seahawks a couple of weeks ago. 47-10 Cards… with Palmer sitting the 4th qtr…Book it.

  13. Heh. Fathers who want to be great don’t want to beat their children black and blue with foreign objects.

    Peterson, you’re lucky to be in the league. You need to be seen and not heard as you finish out the string of your career. New rule: nobody cares about a child abuser’s complaints. Nobody gives a switch what you think.

    (Cue the thumbs downs from pathetic and delusional Vikes fans).

  14. First, you have to look at the context of the questions both after the game and today — they led him into the coaching issue and he was dumb enough to walk into the answer. He wants the ball, just like every other skill offensive player. This is comment is about as new and newsworthy as Rudolph having a red nose.

    Even so, a team that’s down by 21 points and often in long down/distance situations due to penalties or poor O-line play just isn’t going to run the damn ball. Combine that with the fact that because the Viking defense, without 4 starters, couldn’t get off the field, the offense ran markedly fewer plays than normal.

    And without our defense, we’ll lose Thursday, leading to trolls and fair-weather types jumping to the usual conclusions, only to be shut up by season’s end.

  15. He should try blocking or actually gaining yards while taking handoffs out of the shotgun formation. Or catch easy passes. A lot of things AP can do that he doesn’t that would immensely help the offense. Funny, he never praises the play-calling when he goes off. But, if he doesn’t, it’s play-calling. He’s the greatest player I’ve ever watched that is also the absolute worst player at grasping simple blocking schemes and functionally running out of a shot-gun formation. Hand him the ball with a little bit of a hole, and he’s magic. Ask him to pick up a blitz after 10 years in the league? Good luck with that…

  16. Wow! I can’t believe that child abuser just threw the entire team under the bus.
    What kind of leader would do this?

    But Hey, as long as he gets his yards, right?

  17. He’s garbage as a person, and this is about the 3rd time he’s opened his dumb trap to throw him or his team under. I don’t get it, man makes $$$ even got paid for not playing last year, but he thinks he’s given the right to be a crybaby, instead of a leader and make sure the team continue to move in the right direction. Trade him to Cleveland, that will bring him back to earth!

  18. If AP wants more carries maybe he should have done more with the 8 carries that he had. McKinnon had the same number of yards on half as any carries.

  19. Three teams have more three-game losing streaks this season than the Patriots have in the past 15 seasons.

    Totally irrelevant.

    But I just read this and thought everyone would want to know.

  20. The Packers exposed the Vikings two weeks ago, if you stop AP, you stop the Vikings. Bridgewater will need to work hard in the off season to become a true passing QB. He’s not progressed from last season. The problem is though, AP has maybe 1 more year at most before he’s a has been. I doubt the Vikings can get all the pieces together soon enough to contend with Green Bay.

  21. He’s a 2 down back.

    First and Second.

    Can’t trust him to pass block and he’s refused to learn how to catch out of the backfield.

    So – AP, if you want the ball – run hard enough so your team never sees third down. Average better than 2 yards a carry.

  22. Too bad in 3 years the Packers will have Rodgers who will be a has been and won’t be worth a damn either. Not saying Vikings will own the top spot either but the likely hood of hitting 3 home run QB’s seems like quite a reach.

  23. wish he would just shut his mouth and run. try taking the ball from shotgun so teddy can scan field better. its painfully obvious that we cant have both teddy and big mouth out there. they were better off with the other guys asiata and mckinnion. teddy is better than this. should’ve traded big mouth when we had chance. and I like the guy but he very selfish and will throw you under the bus in 2 sec.

  24. There is something about fumbling in every “big” the vikings have managed in the last 8 seasons that says the child abuser is not great.

    There is also the inability to be part of the passing game.

    Gathering stats in garbage time when his team is hopelessly behind will be his legacy (other than beating the genitalia of preschool children).

  25. “Players that want their team to win want the ball,” which would include nearly everyone on the team wouldn’t it?

    This sounds better to me, instead of the words from yet another in a long list of self-centered egomaniacs in the NFL.

  26. Zimmer hears everything these guys say, no matter where he is. With ears the size of radar dishes, it’s hard not to.

  27. Its funny when a player is absolutely 100% correct and people still bash him. If he was wrong, ok fine. He was right after the game and hes right now.

    Not only that, people say hes selfish when hes saying the whole team needs to play better. Ill just file Adrian Peterson away in the “cant win” folder.

    He could say “The Vikings play home games in Minnesota” and the comments would read the same whether its fact or not. Sad and pathetic. Lol

  28. Peterson dont blame the coaches. Blame the poor mans version of Christian Ponder
    Theodores 8 tds this year:

    5 yd td to Rudolph
    4 yd td to Wallace
    4 yd to Rudolph
    1 yd to Rudolph
    3 yd to Ellison 8 yac
    18 yds to Rudolph 31 yac
    4 yd to Rudolph

    And the last and BEST THROW was the throw vs the lions an “ok” deep ball Diggs laid out to get

  29. Also dont forget vikes fans
    Ok Vikings fans(ToiletWater apologists)

    4 games left

    AZ: Loss. Will be shocked if its competitive
    CHI: Division game. Toss up. Smoking Jay> LukewarmWater
    NYG: Desperate team with clutch qb/top 3 WR. QB league: Manning > BustWater
    GB: Division game. Toss up. Its a QB league though. So AR12> Ponder version.2.0

    Thru 16 games Ponders 2nd season as your “chise” qb: 62% 2900 yds 18tds 12ints

    Theodore at his pace thru 16 is projected at:
    65% 3200 yds 12 tds 11 ints and in the next 4 games vs those D’s possibly 15 more sacks taken than Ponder

  30. dhandevidt says:
    Dec 8, 2015 6:28 PM

    Too bad in 3 years the Packers will have Rodgers who will be a has been and won’t be worth a damn either. Not saying Vikings will own the top spot either but the likely hood of hitting 3 home run QB’s seems like quite a reach
    If (and that’s a big if) Aaron Rodgers is a has-been in 3 years, does that mean that the vikes will sign him?

  31. “Feel like I’ve been doing it for a long time. They know what I can do.”

    Yes, and it doesn’t include being an asset in the passing game.

  32. whynotjustadmitit says:
    Dec 8, 2015 7:01 PM

    He could say “The Vikings play home games in Minnesota” and the comments would read the same whether its fact or not. Sad and pathetic. Lol

    What’s sad and pathetic is the fact that this miscreant even has a job, much less your support or anyone else’s. I get it, you people are desperate for a winner but this particular turd in the NFL punch bowl has had several years to deliver you a winner and has failed every year.

    He’s also very possibly, even likely, hindering the development of one Theodore Bridgewater, who seems to be a really decent kid that deserves a WHOLE lot more respect than the child beater.

  33. If AP wants to play on a great team, with the Vikings or elsewhere, he needs to learn to run out of the shotgun. He averages almost five yards per carry with the QB under center but only 1.7 from shotgun. In the same offense, Asiata and McKinnin average over 4 yards per carry from shotgun.

    AP is no longer in the stage of his career where teams are going to build their offense around him. The Vikings made a huge mistake doing it and have regressed across the board. Very predictable based on formation and player personnel all because AP can’t run from the shotgun.

  34. dhandevidt says:
    Dec 8, 2015 6:28 PM

    Too bad in 3 years the Packers will have Rodgers who will be a has been and won’t be worth a damn either. Not saying Vikings will own the top spot either but the likely hood of hitting 3 home run QB’s seems like quite a reach

    Its going to take LukeWarmWater 4 seasons to theiw 45 tds. AR12 did it in one season.

  35. Adrian Peterson only cares about one thing…..

    Adrian Peterson

    Used to be a time when people played for the name on the front of the jersey and not the one on the back…..the sooner he is out of the league the better

  36. They were blown out early making Peterson a non factor. Besides, I doubt any 80 yard runs would happen on Seattle’s Defense. He’s a great player, but you don’t say that about yourself. Your peers should say that.

  37. h0metownzero says:
    Dec 8, 2015 7:54 PM

    Peterson is playing in the only place that accepts child beaters with open arms.

    Did you forget about Jerry Jones and the Cowboys?

  38. I’m a Cardinals fan and I’m thankful that the Seahawks gave up the blue print for blanking the Vikings offense.

    Our offense has more weapons that Seattle’s… I see a 50 burger coming on.😆

    Once were up 2 or 3 touchdowns AP will be useless. You can’t afford to use time to run the ball when you’re down by 3 possessions.🙊

    Seattle is downing what they’ve always done. They start slow and finish strong. This year the Cardinals play them in Phx on week 17. Arizona will not even play their starters because that came will be meaningless.😁

    The Stuper Bowl will be the Patriots vs the Cardinals! Make my words.

  39. People who want to be great don’t beat their kids bloody with a stick. He may publicly show remorse, but his hang up with beating his kid is he got caught. Criminals are always sorry. Not because they feel bad for being a criminal, but because they got caught. Peterson is garbage as a human being. Great football player though, so I guess all is forgiven because he helps people win their fantasy leagues and whatnot. Pfffffft.

  40. I have wonder if Peterson played in Green Bay, would the Packers have been successful in suppressing Peterson’s indictment through bullying with the same goons they used to attempt to suppress the news story about Letroy Guion’s domestic violence?

  41. bullcharger says:
    Dec 8, 2015 5:24 PM

    Does Peterson really want to win?

    Yes he does. He restructured his contract this season (many here believe he held out for more money – but they are wrong) and has both escalators or de escalators in it.

    He gets an extra million if the Vikings win a divisional playoff game and he rushes for 1750 yards or $2 mil if the Vikings win the Super Bowl and he rushes for 1900 yards.

    Conversely, the bonus would drop by a million if he doesn’t run for 1,550 yards or the Vikings don’t win a playoff game in 2015. It would drop by $2 million if Peterson doesn’t run for 1,350 yards or the Vikings fail to make the playoffs in 2015.

    So, Peterson literally has millions of reasons to want the Vikings to win. More so than most all other (if not all other) players in the NFL.

  42. cheeseisfattening says:
    Dec 8, 2015 8:43 PM

    I have wonder if Peterson played in Green Bay, would the Packers have been successful in suppressing Peterson’s indictment through bullying with the same goons they used to attempt to suppress the news story about Letroy Guion’s domestic violence?
    Probably not. First of all, the story was already out there. You can’t suppress what’s already been reported. It was one person from the Packers, Rob Davis, that did the bullying; not a bunch of goons; it doesn’t sound like it was something orchestrated by the Packers, but just one person from the organization.

    There haven’t been any other reports of the Packers doing this, so it sounds like it was an unusual occurrence.

  43. Too bad in 3 years the Packers will have Rodgers who will be a has been and won’t be worth a damn either. Not saying Vikings will own the top spot either but the likely hood of hitting 3 home run QB’s seems like quite a reach
    If (and that’s a big if) Aaron Rodgers is a has-been in 3 years, does that mean that the vikes will sign him?

    It’s possible then he will have his best statistical season and Vikings will lose in NFCCG again. I’m not a Bridgewater defender, I am a Vikes fan but don’t quite think he’s the answer though it’s awfully hard to tell when he’s got no O line to protect him and he’s on his back 50-60% of the time.

  44. “the team was outplayed and outcoached in a 38-7 loss that knocked them out of first place in the NFC North.”

    Actually, Josh Alpo, they are tied for first place. The season hasn’t ended yet.

  45. There’s a difference between wanting to be great and wanting to glorify yourself. It’s not even that fine of a line. Jerry Rice was great. Walter Payton was great. Darrelle Revis is great. Dez Bryant, Adrian Peterson, Brandon Marshall, these ‘gimme the damn ball’ guys are narcissistic glory seekers.

  46. It’s not coaching, it’s not AP, it’s not Bridgewater, it’s the O-line. Bridgewater never has time to throw and the line gets no push on runs, that’s why Rudolph has to block so much on passing downs. Of course, everyone would rather just troll than spit out some relevant facts.

  47. Know why he can’t pass block? Doesn’t help his rushing stats. Know why he can’t catch a pass? Working on that doesn’t help his rushing stats either. Ever hear him talking about winning a championship? Nope. It’s all about him all the time. One big reason why his career has led to nothing for this team

  48. Next thing you know, Adrian will tell you NFL players are like slaves….oh wait… Common dude. I love having you on my team, but your strength is on the field. Outside the lines, you have nothing to offer the greater good.

  49. Adrian Peterson doesn’t care about the rushing yardage and stats as much as you’d think. When the vikes played at Lambeau in 2012 and AP had that monster game (which we lost as well) he was back monday kicking himself for a couple plays where he could’ve scored. He cares about winning and getting in a spot to take this team to the superbowl

    Where he gets upset is when playcaller decides to give him the ball 8 times in a game against a very good opponent, and they end up losing. He knows just as well as all of us that hes the best player the Vikings have, so it doesn’t make sense when his touches are very limited against a playoff team

  50. Vikes have not been able to pass against teams with marginal, even bad pass defenses. Seattle is not one of those teams, they have a good pass D. Once behind the coaches abandoned their game and went to a strategy Teddy and the O-line couldn’t execute against Seattle. That to be honest would and should be frustrating to AD.

    The Vikings have done well this year, but while they had a good draft last year they ignored their OL needs again, spending a 2nd rd pick on a LB Kendricks, who hasn’t performed any better than the LB Gerald Hodges who they drafted in the 4th rd a few years ago, groomed for three years into a starting LB, he rated in the middle of the pack by pff among league lb’s last year – then traded him to SF for a udfa center and a 6th rd pick. They should have used the Kendricks pick on the OL – He might be great in a few years but it wasn’t the more pressing need (protect Bridgwater) seems clear the Vikings can identify defensive talent which they’ve done well. Drafting that depth and using your coaching skills to increase their value may be a good proposition, not so much if you don’t get anything for the talent you’ve developed – or when you a need such as protecting a young QB, and open holes for the best RB in the league.

  51. Every player and coach on the team knows who AP is.

    Very talented runner. (Just don’t ask him to block or run out of his favorite starting block)
    Very hard worker.
    At this point makes the line look better than it is in the run game.
    Very honest.

    Should never be associated with the word “Smart”

    Notice that ZIMMER often uses the word “Smart” to describe players that he likes, or drafted. He has never used that word to describe AP.

    If he is not in his accustomed spot, he has to be told where to go 50% of the time. Essentially if ZIMMER was the coach when AP was being drafted I doubt if he would of drafted him.

    AP is who he is, he is still an asset at this point.

    The major problem with the team is not AP it is the OL coach who has this line playing the same way it did WEEK # 1. Because of poor pass protection they have been forced to be more reliant to AP.

  52. I keep reading posts that imply how smart the poster is with the statement…”if you stop Peterson, you stop the Vikings”……

    If you’ve just figured this out, you are one of the last fans in the NFL to do so. That’s a given every week. Amiright?

  53. Love the hate. Most of you have no idea of what you speak. Too many dumb posts to address individually, so I’ll just say a few things.

    Vikings are 8-4 with AP. Were 7-9 without him. Yes, you stop AP you stop the Vikings. But most teams can’t do it.

    In another interview he was asked about possibly being the comeback player of the year. AP; “winning is the most important thing. I’ll take anything else that comes my way, but it’s about winning”. You see? He did say it. And you’re all wrong.

    We get it. You think he’s a monster. It’s been almost two years. His family is good. They don’t need your concern, or your scorn. You’re free to place your built up hatred about your own life on someone else now.

  54. AP should be critical of Norv. Norv needs to stick with a heavy dose of AP on the ground coupled with a short to intermediate passING game. The OL is awful and it’s stupid to keep sending everyone long because Teddy has no time for a 5 – 7 step drop. Diggs is wide open on every 7 yard pattern that he runs. Thursday is going to be awful. 38 – 7 part II.
    Prater and Johnson will get a lot work at safety unfortunately but they can’t be worse than Sendeblow and Blanton.

  55. I don’t disagree at all what he said….and I think he’s right. Montana said the same thing….you want to be the one holding the last ace late in the card game or you don’t belong there. That said, there’s more behind this, more than just “taken out of context” comments, and I see him starting to try to get a movement going of fans against the coaching staff to lobby for him to get playing time.

    You don’t realize that he thinks the abuse thing was 10 years ago. He thinks he’s still the most complete RB in the league. He thinks he IS the team. Someone needs to get in his grill and make him realize he’s lucky he’s not in the pokey and that is he could even pass block as good as the average mail man, he’d be getting a lot more residual yards and be in the game more.

    Even you guys saw this coming….most of you anyway.


    tritz32 says:
    Dec 8, 2015 8:55 PM

    Adrian Peterson wants to win. He tried his hardest to get out of Minnesota this offseason. Can’t say I blame him.


    He’ll get that wish this offseason and he may be in an orange jumper again by May. SOB is lucky he’s not an average citizen or he’d be getting all of his play calls from a cell mate.

  56. If you take a look at the drive chart for the Seattle game, Peterson is justifiably upset. We literally abondoned the run right from the get go. By the time we were down 21-0 we ran Adrian Peterson only 5 times.

    Here is how the first 3 possessions for the Vikings played out. (after just 3 possessions were were already down 21-0)

    1st Possession – 2 Rushes/1 Passes – Punt
    2nd Possession – 1 Rushes/5 Passes – Punt
    3rd Possession – 2 Rushes/6 Passes – Punt

    5 Rushes to 12 passes – Teddy was sacked 2 of those 12 drops for total of -8 yards. He was also pressured on basically every single drop. Having only enough time to go through his 1st read then check it down.

    We flat out got our teeth kicked in. That is for sure. Kudos to the Seahawks. We didn’t do them any favors by abondoning the very reason why we’ve won games this year. Can’t really get much rolling on offense when you only let your best offensive player touch the ball 5 times before halftime.

  57. I agree a player like Peterson needs the ball AT LEAST 45 times to be effective against that type of D

    what was Mini afraid of? maybe him getting injured realizing they can still win the division and the division if not the NFC title HF advantage

    they beat the Cards next week then Seattle and one more beats the Cards Vikes can WIN the NFC and get HFA so maybe they were just playing it safe?

    WHICH just shows you how much they respect Seattle and KNOW the Cards are just way better on paper

    I think the Vikes still hold their own fate? pretty sure

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