Peyton Manning could start throwing on Wednesday


The Broncos are taking their quarterback situation week to week. This week, they’d already resolved the situation by Monday, when coach Gary Kubiak declared that Brock Osweiler will start against the Raiders.

That means the “at least two weeks” estimate regarding the absence of Peyton Manning, given by the team after Osweiler beat the Bears in Chicago, will last at least three weeks. Maybe longer.

Meanwhile, Manning continues to rehab his injured foot. And he could resume throwing as soon as Wednesday.

“Peyton worked hard through the weekend and worked hard today,” Kubiak told reporters on Monday. “I think tomorrow is kind of a rest day for him. . . . The thought is that maybe starting Wednesday, depending on how things go, [Manning will] start to throw, we start to do a little bit on the field type of stuff. We’re working toward some football things this week, but it has been a good weekend for him and I know he’s feeling better.”

It’s unclear when or if that means Maning will be back. Kubiak has said Manning will be back when healthy, but with Osweiler now 3-0 (making him the only undefeated starter not named Cam Newton) it will be hard to sit the former backup down if he keeps winning.

The next huge test for Osweiler could come in Week 15, when the Broncos visit Pittsburgh, where Matthew Hasselbeck’s 4-0 starting streak recently ended. It’ll happen if next week’s week-to-week decision results in Osweiler once again getting the call, for at least one more week.

Before then, Osweiler will face the Raiders. It will be the only game that allows an apples-to-apples comparison between Manning and Osweiler. Earlier this year, Manning had no touchdowns and two interceptions against Oakland, with a passer rating of 66.2.

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  1. I love what Peyton brought to Denver. He is a class act, and had some epic, memorable years here. It, however, is time to hang ’em up. As an avid Bronco fan, it has been a tough year. We got bailed out by the defense more often than not, and I am hoping to find out what Kubiak’s offense really looks like. Thanks for the awesome years, Peyton. Now, go off into the sunset like the class act you are, keep quiet and do whatever it takes to be a mentor and a good teammate.

  2. I’ve seen every pass both QB’s have made for the Broncos and in the final two minutes, my choice would be a healthy Manning. I’m fine with Brock next year but there has been little film for opponents to study on him which probably helps him now but might not in the future.

  3. .
    stick with Brock is they want to win in the playoffs…
    Peyton is a no Eli, he chokes in the playoffs.

  4. bradygirl12 says:
    Dec 8, 2015 10:34 AM

    Kubiak is saying whatever Elway tells him to. They remind me of Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett. Puppets…
    I am certain every coach says whatever the gm/owner tells him to say. Exception being your teams, of course. I am certain yours tells the owner to pack sand, and how much to pack, and does as he damn well pleases. NOT!

  5. The great ones never know when to leave…
    Elway left with a second straight Lombardi and a SB MVP in his pocket.

  6. Kubiak is saying whatever Elway tells him to. They remind me of Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett. Puppets…
    And you do whatever your boss or wife tells you to do! Puppet!

  7. Brock’s stat line last week was very ‘Manningesque’. In fact, if you didn’t know who the QB was, you could very well assume it was Manning who started. Manning was 7-0 with these types of stats, and actually had a very nice game against the Packers. Brock will sit if Manning is healthy and can practice. Stop using the 100% line. No one at this time of year is 100%, and but that will not be Kubiak’s ‘out’.

  8. I continue to be baffled by the thought process of “well they can’t go back to manning because they’re 3-0 with Brock.” Last time I checked, this offense isn’t exactly rolling on all cylinders. They scored 17 points vs the Bears 24th ranked scoring d, and 10 offensive points vs the Chargers 29th ranked scoring d. That’s with a running game that has been significantly better over the last 3 games. If manning comes back and they stick with this balanced offensive philosophy, and he gets the same production out of the running game, he’ll do exactly what he did vs Green Bay, carve them up in under 30 throws.

  9. sticklemelvingmailcom says:
    Dec 8, 2015 11:19 AM
    Elway please put Peyton when he is 100 percent. You wont win the Super Bowl with Brock Osweiler. Do you right thing. You owe to Peyton.


    They owe Peyton nothing. If anything Peyton owes it to the Broncos for giving him another chance this year when they should have parted ways. You won’t win a Super Bowl with Manning. Father Time has taken him out and he isn’t an NFL QB anymore. Brock is your best chance at winning.

  10. Anyone who thinks Manning should start hasn’t watched football in over a year. The man can’t play stop pretending he is going to get healthy and be able to throw the ball again.

  11. Listen, Peyton is a proven clutch playoff performer!

    If he has done so well in the playoffs when he was younger and healthy, there is no reason to suspect he would struggle now that he is older and riddled with injuries.

  12. To the fans who would prefer a healthy Peyton over Osweiler, or for Kubiak to wait until Peyton is 100% before playing him again; neither of those is ever going to happen, because Peyton will never be healthy or 100% again. That’s just the way it is with his injuries and age.

  13. “Elway left with a second straight Lombardi and a SB MVP in his pocket”.
    Ah, the cap cheating years. Thanks for the memories.

  14. Peyton Manning could start throwing on Wednesday…and the Steelers can start throwing UP on Thursday. With losses to the Bengals, Broncos, and Ravens, that Browns game won’t do the Steelers any good — even though Johnny Football will probably eat them for lunch. Playoff hopes, BYE BYE. No wild card for you. LOL.

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