Jerry Jones: I thought we would have coached it up enough to win without Romo


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones does not seem impressed with the job done by coach Jason Garrett this season.

Jones says he thought the coaching staff could have done a better job of succeeding despite the injury to Tony Romo, and he’s disappointed that it wasn’t until Monday night in Washington that they managed to win a game without Romo.

“I am stunned that we haven’t been able to win more games without Tony,” Jones said, via the Star-Telegram. “And I would have thought that we could have coached it up enough, and put it together enough, that we would not have lost those games without Romo early. We would be in better shape than we are right now.”

In that Monday night game, Jones said, the Cowboys “won on will, not tactical mastery.”

Ordinarily, when a coach is at 4-8 and his owner is openly criticizing him like that, the coach’s job is in jeopardy. In Garrett’s case, his job is almost certainly safe, as he’s in the first year of a five-year contract that reportedly guarantees him $6 million a year. Jones may not be happy with the job Garrett has done this year, but he likely isn’t so unhappy that he’s willing to buy out a contract like that.

102 responses to “Jerry Jones: I thought we would have coached it up enough to win without Romo

  1. Well, he had a QB that threw the “perfect ball” or whatever and couldn’t win, he let the #1 back go during the off season and played revolving door with backup QBs. What does he expect?

    I really feel bad for Dallas fans, your a good group and deserve better.

  2. Well Jerrah, making a QB change from a guy who has been with the team for two years rather than a guy who was with the team for a few weeks and barely knew the system probably wasn’t a good idea

  3. Um, shouldn’t Jerry have “GMed it up” and drafted or signed a decent backup for Garrett to use?

  4. One day the Cowboys will not be the mediocre to bad team they have been for the last 2 decades because Jerrah can’t live forever

  5. Jones is probably just tired of that stupid smirk Garrett gets on his face every time the slightest thing goes in the Cowboys favor. Joint the club, Jerrah…

  6. It’s okay Jerry. When you acquire manziel, you’ll win every game and be seen as the genius you know you are by overcoming all those coaching shortcomings. A bigger tool than trump.

  7. Give Kellen Moore a chance. Arm not the strongest, probably not the most mobile, but doesn’t need coaching either. Probably knows playbook better than Mr. Garrett.

    Give Moore some live-game snaps.

  8. Well jerry aren’t you in charge of player decisions? You’d think you would have a stud qb waiting in the wings behind romo. Wasn’t romo himself a former undrafted backup who when he got his chance lit it up immediately? The difference is romo was parcells guy. You got nobody to blame but yourself jerry.

  9. Can I get a clarification on whether it was Jerrah the owner or Jerruh the GM that was throwing his sock puppet coach under the bus? And did he remember to pull his hand out of the sock before the bus actually ran over the sock?

  10. Its only thing to be bad, but conservative, predictable and bad is even worst. Cassel refuses to take a chance and throw the ball up to Dez to make a play like all other teams do with their #1 receiver. I’ve also noticed that when Dez in not out there it is a guaranteed running play and I’m sure other teams must notice that too.

  11. If that was the case your players $ CAP would be really low ! You could have a roster of second and third stringers you could coach up,,,,, ya big dummy !

  12. Yeah Jerry, the cowboys were not…
    Up coached
    Up general-managed

    Not jumping on your GM, and why is that? Oh yeah, because it is you.

  13. Amazing that he doesn’t understand what the rest of the world understands.

    There may be 2-3 teams at best that have a fighters chance once the starting QB goes down. It’s really that simple.

  14. In Jerry’s mind he’s thinking “I got Garrett all these great players. I got him Weeden and Cassell as backup QBs, and they’re both great. What’s wrong with Garrett that my great players aren’t playing great?”

  15. Jerry doesn’t want a coach, he wants a passive puppet like Garrett, to “lead” his squad. He’s getting what he deserves.

  16. Jerry, you know very little about football. Hire someone who does! I actually feel bad for Dallas fans.

  17. Your current starting quarterback was on another team earlier this year.

    That ain’t on the coach.

  18. Garrett should’ve been able to win at least three games without Romo. It is a shame that the whole organization is built around Romo. Reminds me of when Vick was in Atlanta being coached by Jim Mora Jr.

  19. He’ll never fire Garrett because he knows that he’ll never find another coach that’s so easily influenced. Jerruh likes his coaches to be ‘yes’ men.

  20. davester37 says:
    Dec 9, 2015 6:34 PM
    Um, shouldn’t Jerry have “GMed it up” and drafted or signed a decent backup for Garrett to use?


    Can we nominate this for “comeback diss comment of the year”?

  21. Really? Everyone is surprised this is a bad team without Romo?? Dude carried the team to 3 straight 8-8 seasons. Without him those would have been 3-13 seasons.

    And to be honest, the ball just bounced badly for them earlier in the season. 2 OT losses and a one point loss to Seattle.

  22. Keen observation from a GM who said Brandon Weeden threw the pretty ball he’s ever seen. Could it be that Mr. Jones was actually the problem all along? Try getting a real GM.

  23. In Jerry’s world, the Cowboys would never lose another game if he inserted himself in as Head Coach. Surprised he hasn’t done it yet honestly. Why pay the puppet all that money?

  24. He’ll never fire Garrett because he knows that he’ll never find another coach that’s so easily influenced. Jerruh likes his coaches to be ‘yes’ men.


    He hired Parcells after he got rid of Johnson. Don’t think Parcells would take much crap from Jones. Wade Phillips maybe but doubtful as well.

    Jerry will find and fire someone else. He will never give up control of the Cowboys no matter how dumb he looks.

  25. Jones talks more than any owner in the league, He is always opening up his mouth and inserting his foot.

  26. Garrett doesn’t get to do anything except walk the sideline looking thoughtful while keeping his nose up JJ’s butt.

    I’m waiting for JJ to start play-calling himself.

  27. guess Jerry’s used to “coaching it up”….thinks it also applies to football 🙂

  28. Jerry let Demarco walk so he could resign Dez. He had Weedon as the only backup. He kept the underwear burglar around as the starting RB. He signed Team leader Greg Hardy.
    Yes with the 3 best players on the team last year gone close games that last year you would have won because Dez Romo or Murray made a great play you lose.

  29. Jerry, you’re either lying or suffering from memory loss. You won those super bowls because you had Troy Aikman and all that talent. You win with talent, not coaching. Do you really believe that Barry Switzer out-coached every coach in the NFL when he won the super bowl? That’s a ridiculous notion. Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 his first year. He wasn’t that bad of a coach.

  30. Blame the coach and not the players?
    Coach can only do so much.
    Funny how he never blames himself and he is the self appointed GM of this team.

  31. Of all the times to remark he actually chose the only game in which his coach definitely out-coached the other coach. Garrett far from the best, plenty of blunders, but Monday he deserved an A+, imo.

  32. Would have thought you had figured it out, your Quarterback IS the team!
    That’s probably why the good ones usually go #1 in the NFL Draft..
    Good thing about Dementia… All the new things you learn every day.
    What a DOLT!

  33. Jerry has only himself to blame if he isn’t happy with his coaching staff. He’s got his ‘yes-man’ of a Head Coach in place and his superior GM skills hard at work. He should have learned from watching the Colts bottom out the season Manning went down and had a better back-up QB in place. Besides, Romo has the look of a player on verge of walking away because his body can’t take it anymore.

  34. I actually agree. When you look at the games they lost, all but 2 cases,they were beaten by inferior teams and lets just say for arguments sake you split with your Div. If they could have won just 2 additional games, say the Seahawks (lost by1) or the Bucs (last second TD) they’d be in first place in a horrible division. Garret’s decision to continue to play to the teams weakness (QB) and not win, lose, or draw running the ball is beyond reason. Allow your back up QB to try to win games on his arm is crazy. To allow M. Cassel to keep throwing to the flat is crazy. Not running more screens and sweeps for D. McFadden is crazy. McFadden does not hit the gaps running he dances but when he catches pitches, screens, and sweeps he is better because he surveys the field. Garrett is not playing to a teams strengths and that’s why he should be fired.

  35. Your QB has a little bit to do with a team’s success. Peyton Manning and the Colts won 10 games or more 9 years in a row. Seven of those 9 years they won at least 12 games. Then Peyton got injured and the Colts won only 2 games. Same coaches, same staff, same roster. Then they drafted Andrew Luck and won 11 games three years in a row. Why do you think elite QBs make so much money? Look at the one year the Patriots didn’t make the playoffs. It was the year Brady got hurt. Belichick was still the coach. Jerry you need a drug test.

  36. I’m thinking back to Thanksgiving day,which was the last game Romo played. I believe he threw 3 picks (2 for TDs) with his good arm, re-broke the collarbone,and the ‘Boys got blown out. Jerry,do you think it will be any different if by some miracle your team makes the playoffs and Romo plays? He chokes in big games,and his collarbone is not healed. Hello?! Romo is not your savior,and I really don’t know how Jason Garrett can look at himself in the mirror knowing he gets paid to take crap from you,and he’s seemingly okay with it. Love seeing him clap his hands on the sideline every time the team screws up. It seems unfair to the good teams that the Cowboys actually have a shot at the playoffs.

  37. They need to let Garrett go. Someone needs to be accountable for losing 7 games in a row. Other teams have lost their QB’s this year and have been able to move on except this squad.

    Also, the Cowboys are an undisciplined team as demonstrated by their constant penalties.

  38. Jerry should fire the GM..oh, wait that would be Jerry himself. He let Murray walk, then didn’t draft a rb even though there was plenty to choose from and instead signed a retread back in Mcfadden. Then, didn’t resign Dez until close to training camp and gave him the money anyways if he had resigned him in back in March, maybe Dez would’nt have gotten hurt if had been in the offseason program.

  39. 7 out of 8 games, all losses, the Cowboys were tied or led in the 4th quarter. Terrible time management, questionable play calling, lack of preparation, and the lack of adjustments made a big difference in each of these games. Those factors are because of the coach. This goes back to the 8-8 seasons, where during the year, they would lose games that they shouldn’t have and kept them out of the playoffs every time. The Pack comeback with a 3rd string QB, the Detroit comeback – down by 24 in the 4th where all Dallas had to do was run the ball every play and they would win, but 2 pick sixes in a row changed the game. I will never forget when Jason Garrett froze his own kicker vs Arizona. It goes on and on. 2nd and 2, game in hand, running the ball effectively, they call a deep pass, 3rd down try to run, get stuffed, then the game changes. Also, the lack of “coaching up” players, such as TEs in the past, where they spend a high pick, don’ t use them, then they are successful somewhere else – Bennett, Fasano and in the future Escobar and Hanna (later pick, but could be good). Jones has something to do with it, but his and his son’s picks have been decent and he was considered GM of the year just last year. J.G. is the issue, Jones needs to concede and hire a good coach – he has the money, the team is high profile, and they have some talent.

  40. draculalambert says:
    Dec 9, 2015 6:35 PM
    i agree..surprised they did so bad without Romo…shows you how bad of a team they are

    Maybe that’s the GM’S fault?

  41. I can’t think of another team that I’d rather have my struggling Packers play this Sunday. And it’s the late afternoon prime time game no less. Remember two years ago, when the Boy’s blew a 23 point lead at halftime by only running the ball five times in the second half. That was Romo against Matt Flynn, not Rodgers. I’m really looking forward to Sunday…and so is my blood pressure!

  42. Well Jerry. Maybe if you stayed out of your coaches business. You would of been able to get a coach who could “coach it up”. You are your teams problem.

  43. I am soooo glad Jerry Jones keeps his nose in the Cowboys business. Because that means they’ll never win again as long as he does.

    Now if the Networks would only get rid of Garbles Michael Irvin, it would even be better.

  44. How are those coaches supposed to do any “coach(ing) up” when they are constantly undermined by the meddling dimwit who owns the team. The current state of the Dallas HardyBoys is exactly what Jer has created. A complete circus.

  45. Didn’t jerry just give “the gm” a D to F grade for the year? He wants his puppet coach to be a motivator all of a sudden?

    Do you ever hear Paul Allen speak?

    If you want a coach that can coach the players up you act professional, hire the best and give him the reigns.

  46. Jerry, call your buddy Bilbo Kraft and ask for a consultation with Belichick. He’s a master of “coaching it up” and winning with scrub talent year after year. Oh, I forgot to mention, “coaching it up” is a euphemism for cheating. I hope you don’t mind violating the integrity of the game for some W’s. Love ya Jerry.

  47. There is a clip available on youtube that has Jerruh sitting at one of the many bars in Jerry world, where Jerry flat out says, “Parcells wasn’t worth a good g*d damn. He was useless.”

    So Jones is better at evaluating NFL talent than Bill Parcells. It’s so easy when you own the team, you never run out of people to blame for the messes you create.

  48. I actually agree with Jerry (yes his name is Jerry) that they should have been coached better. But, it is his own fault for hiring the coaching staff (head coach) that he has. Either way, the talent they have should have produced more, even without Romo.

  49. The sad effects of Alzheimer’s…

    Just a week or two ago he was admitting they didn’t take the backup qb position serious enough.

    This week it’s coaching…

    Next week it’s because bumbles bounce..

  50. emmitt22bates40 says:
    Dec 9, 2015 7:09 PM
    Garrett should’ve been able to win at least three games without Romo. It is a shame that the whole organization is built around Romo. Reminds me of when Vick was in Atlanta being coached by Jim Mora Jr.


    You do know Vick admits to never studying the playbook or defenses whatsoever while in Atlanta? He relied on his athletic ability. The coach even caught him in a direct lie regarding studying but was powerless to do anything about it. When the star player is eatting dinner with the owner multiple times a week the coach is powerless.

    It’s no coincidence that Roddy White was considered a bust while Vick was QB but an all-pro after he left.

  51. The most important player on a football team is the second string QB. It seems that very few organizations take that to heart. As much as I hate the Cowboys, this would happened to most teams without their number one guy. I love seeing Dallas in last place. Even if my team wins the division, they will be one and done–just like the Cowboys, Eagles or Giants would be.

  52. It’s hard to tell which circus is worse, the one in Dallas or the one in Barfalo.

    The Cowboys at least have a history to be proud of I guess.

  53. I think Jerry will fire Garrett and hire Sean Payton from the Saints. Imagine Sean Payton’s offense with a great defense like Dallas has. And Sean Payton recruited Tony Romo when he was the Cowboys offensive coordinator. Geaux Saints!

  54. Jones doesn’t want a head coach… he wants a lackey… an “employee” … there are very few successful Head Coaches that will work for an organization that has no history of success and for an owner unwilling to change to achieve it.

  55. It is amazing any coach can win in Dallas with Jones basically running the team. Imagine having your boss undermining everything you do at work, yet you still manage to get your job done. That is how it works in Dallas.

  56. .
    good coaches dont Score a TD with 1 minute to go in a tie game…
    Good Coaches tell their running back to NOT SCORE.
    Good Coaches tell their team to force the opposing team to take their time outs by not going out of bounds, not throwing passes, NOT SCORING A TD.
    Good Coaches run the clock down to 3 seconds kick a field goal to win a tied game…

    Bad coaches, say nothing let the running back score a TD, then act like kicking a 59 yard field goal to win was a good coaching decision instead of kicking a 20 yard one ending the game.

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