Boldin on Gabbert: He’s been a blessing in disguise

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Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu said recently that he thinks the 49ers are better off with Blaine Gabbert at quarterback than they were with Colin Kaepernick.

49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin didn’t make a comparison between the two quarterbacks on Thursday, but he thinks the team is in pretty good hands with Gabbert running the offense. During an appearance on NFL Network with Andrew Siciliano, Boldin praised Gabbert’s athleticism and arm while talking about his growth since arriving on the roster.

“Blaine matured from having his struggles in Jacksonville,” Boldin said. “He’s had time to sit back and really learn. I think him coming over here has been a blessing in disguise for not only him but us as well. You’ve seen him the last couple of weeks. He’s been playing lights out.”

The obvious followup was one about whether these have been a few good weeks or a sign that Gabbert can be the starter for the long term. Boldin said he thinks Gabbert can do it because quarterbacks “don’t play the way that he’s been playing just by luck.”

With a base salary of $1.75 million in 2016, Gabbert almost certainly isn’t going anywhere. The next four weeks will probably do a lot to determine who else the 49ers want to have on the depth chart with him.

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  1. I have been extremely impressed with Gabbert thus far. In a perfect world, he can either A) continue to develop and become an elite QB or B) remain serviceable and let a franchise guy groom for a year or two.

    I was a big fan of kaepernick during his stretches of greatness. But the league seems to have caught up to him.

    I see that QBs are like women. The mind will outlast the body. Every. Single. Time.

  2. Even if Jake Locker had been signed out of retirement and returned to have a good and injury-free season, it wouldn’t have shocked me as much as this turnaround by Gabbert. Could it be that, for the first time, we’ve seen a notoriously skittish QB learn to have courage in the pocket?

  3. As a 49ers fan, I can only hope Gabbert isn’t fools gold.
    The dysfunctional FO cannot be trusted on its own to make good decisions, so hoping Gabbert is the real deal.

  4. .
    Gabbert, Christian Ponder, and EJ Manuel are three highly drafted QBs who would have benefitted from a red shirt year. Both Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers had the benefit of learning before playing with live ammo.

  5. It’s amazing the impact a missed field goal can have on perception. If Robbie Gould makes his game winning 39 yard chip shot, all those 3 and outs by Gabbert would be a negative. The guy misses the easy field goal, and now Gabbert is suddenly a good QB?

  6. The gimmick that was Kaepernick ended when teams figured out how to defend the run option QB.
    See also RG3.

  7. Quick 9er fans! Declare him the next great QB that will revolutionize the NFL. The last one you did will be holding a clipboard for a while.

  8. Good pick up by 49ers last year. I’m Happy Gabbert is beginning to show off some of potential most saw in him while @Mizzu in 2008 & 2009

  9. Yeah let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. He’s better than what we saw his rookie year when he obviously wasn’t ready to start (and we never really saw much of him since then), but Chicago lost that game because of two missed Robbie Gould field goals, which never happens. Our perception of Gabbert would probably be much different had Gould made one of those kicks.

  10. It’s all about the system you’re in. Look at Demarco Murray this year compared to last……wild.

  11. Gabs is the same quarterback he’s always been in a (slightly) better situation. Plus he’s healthy. That is what glitched his term in Jacksonville more than anything. He was always nicked. Played through his first season with a broken toe and separated rib cartilage, second season with a torn labrum in his left shoulder (same injury that sidelined Kaepernick and others this year) then the nerve damage to his forearm that ended his season. He couldn’t grip or throw the ball until the following training camp, then he broke a thumb. Missed most of preseason, started reg season with the thumb still healing, kept getting clobbered behind that line, tore a hamstring, and by the time he was healed again Caldwell and Bradley had decided they wanted to go with their own guy the following season with Henne as backup. But without the injuries, he’d still be in Jacksonville and benefiting from the stability and talent that is there now.

  12. “All he needs now is for Jaworski to say he could be the greatest ever.”.

    Jaws probably already said that about him at some point, but everyone has forgotten.

  13. I’m happy for Gabbert and he seems to be doing well but let’s be honest, leaving the QB off the field and snapping the ball directly to a RB would be an improvement over having Kaepernick under center.

  14. Jags fan here.

    Gabbert got a bad deal from day 1. Yes he was overdrafted.
    But he was thrown in WAY too early on a horrible team with a pathetic line/no running game/MJD hurt/holdouts.
    Ownership change/coaching change/system change…

    Bottom line was EVERY time he faded back to pass he was running for his life. He never even had time to set up let alone look for receivers. It was a jailbreak from the snap.

    On top of that Marcedes Lewis the TE SHOULD have been his best friend but he was a ball dropping pile of slop while Gabbert was qb.

    It was not all his fault in Jville and glad he got another chance.

  15. At best Gabbert will be an average to above average QB. I wouldn’t put him in the elite category. Only if we put a really solid defense behind him we could go to the Super Bowl ala Russell Wilson.

  16. For one thing, even after the loss it was better watching Gabbert on the post game interview than looking at Kaepernick with headphone and side-way baseball cap. The face of the franchise has to possess a matured and professional appearance.

  17. vancouversportsbro says:
    Dec 10, 2015 5:53 PM
    No way man, Kaepernick is the future.

    -49ers fans

    Fear on.

  18. I said it when I watched him in only 2 games I couldn’t believe I was watching the same guy in from the Jags.

    He stood tall in the pocket and his arm talent was there. I know many will always bash him because of the way he started but 49ers have a potential starter in Gabbert.

  19. But, I thought Kaepernick was the future of the NFL? A couple years ago I said Kaepernick would be done in a few years. It only took a couple years, so I guess I was wrong.

  20. It is a pleasant surprise for football that Gabbert didn’t buy into all the negativity while in Jacksonville. What happened to him is what is happening to Blake Bortles, the exact same thing. Young qb right out of the gate on a team that doesn’t yet take the talent seriously enough to protect the future of the franchise. Hell, broadcast commentary will practically call out Gabbert and Bortles as not talented enough and a bust, full knowing the lack of talent on the Jacksonville offensive line over the years, and lack of competent coaching coordinators. If things stay the same in Jacksonville, Bortles will be washed up as per media and anonymous front office sources. Then maybe find his way somewhere else to showcase himself. I’m sure the Jets would gladly take a washed up Gabbert or Bortles(when the knows it alls are done running him into the ground).

  21. Being a 9er fan, I kind of questioned the call to sign him as our backup last year. But the guy has made some signifigant strides since his days in Jacksonville.

    Will he ever be in the upper eschelon of starting QBs? Probably not. But if he keeps working hard and honing his craft, he can be a good QB in the NFL, probably better than a quarter of the guys currently starting.

    It is a must that the front office gets some good offensive linemen in this upcoming draft (which of course means that they won’t), but I could see Gabbert starting for a few years while the team “rebuilds”and drafts a kid who can sit back and learn

  22. Good for Gabbert. As a Jags fan, I agree with the previous poster that Gabbert landed in a horrible situation in Jacksonville. I’m glad that he’s getting a 2nd chance on another team.
    In response to the other poster saying the same thing is happening to Bortles, I must disagree.
    No ONE in saying that Bortles is a bust and the Jax fans love him !! Bortles and the 2 Allens at WR are the future of the Jaguars.

    The Jags need a few more pieces on the Oline, Yeldon needs help with the running game, and the Jag’s pass rush has been non-existent.

  23. 6ball says:
    Gabbert, Christian Ponder, and EJ Manuel are three highly drafted QBs who would have benefitted from a red shirt year. Both Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers had the benefit of learning before playing with live ammo.
    Lets not forget Steve Young & his bust/wash out of Tampa Bay. Aces years on the bench and we’ve got a winner.

  24. The one thing Gabbert has had to deal with his whole career is he’s never played on a team with a decent O-Line. I can’t help but think if the Niners can raise the level of play of their O-Line next year by a decent margin, folks may be stunned at how good he can be.

  25. As a 9er fan this kills me. He is playing just well enough for the York’s not to fix the real problems and blame everything on Kap. Here comes year 2 of Baalke, Tomsula and Gabbert and another year of not being relevant.

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