Chip on trading McCoy: We had to free up money for Bradford


With Sunday’s game against the Bills approaching, Eagles coach Chip Kelly is continuing to get questions about his decision to trade running back LeSean McCoy to Buffalo for linebacker Kiko Alonso. And Kelly says that decision was about the money.

Kelly noted today that McCoy’s 2015 cap hit is 17 times Alonso’s cap hit, and the Eagles needed to clear space under the cap before they could trade for Sam Bradford, whose cap hit this year is $13 million.

“I think we did the right thing at the time,” Kelly said. “We traded an outstanding running back for a linebacker, but we also traded $700,000 for $11.9 million. With all those situations, there’s money involved. one of the things we had was a lot of players who were older, at the end of their contracts, who were getting paid big money. In this league, sometimes a guy signs a four-year, $45 million contract, but it’s two years at $16 million guaranteed, the rest of it isn’t, and the back end is really high. So you have to make decisions when guys aren’t in guaranteed years about what you’re going to do. So however you look at it, whether it gave us an opportunity to get somebody defensively with that extra money, or it gave us an opportunity because we had to free up money to get Sam. It was a tough decision, but with all those guys we let go this year who were integral to my first two years here, those decisions were made by money. Those decisions weren’t made because we don’t think they’re good football players or we don’t think they’re good people. I think people kind of forget that. When you look at it, that’s a lot of money. We have three running backs this year who their salary cap hit this year is $11.1 million. We had one guy making $11.9 million.”

Kelly’s rationale would be easier to swallow if the two high-priced players he brought in after trading McCoy, Bradford and DeMarco Murray, had played better this season. Trading away a high-priced player to bring in a more productive high-priced player makes sense. Trading away a high-priced player to bring in a less productive high-priced player does not.

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  1. The offseason hype for Sam Bradford proves that absence makes the heart grow fonder. He had barely played in two years due to injury and was just good enough to hold onto his starting job prior to that.

  2. He is an idiot. He traded away the franchise RB who was perfect for his system, and then used available cap space to trade for Sam Bradford and sign Ryan Mathews and Demarco Murray to big contracts. Everyone thought he was an idiot at the time, and hindsight is no different.

  3. Enough with this story already. Don’t veterans get traded all the time for the very same reasons?
    McCoy is great, but not unique.

  4. foles and bradford half dozen to one six to the other. Definitely did not have to trade for bradford. Kelly got hosed having to give away a 2nd and 4th for another average qb

  5. Hahaha…

    Just admit it, Chip… You honestly believed you could plug just about anybody into your “system” and yield the same results. You were a little arrogant, too used to college and too stubborn to admit that in the NFL, talent is extremely valuable.

  6. Like my Pappy used to tell me; “Son, if you’re going to be a liar, learn to be a good one.” Chip should have listened to Pappy.

  7. So you trade a RB that fits your system to make way for a JV quarterback that doesn’t fit your system? This guy is systematically depleting a once talented roster, and then he will leave, leaving them with nothing.

  8. Chip is right about McCoy. It’s a plus that McCoy keeps running his mouth and being stupid. In a series of moves, Chip eliminated a difficult employee, got a franchise quarterback, saved millions of dollars, and, by signing Demarco, ruined the Cowboys chances at a post season. The Eagles are tied for 1st and have a good chance to make the playoffs. Sounds brilliant to me.

  9. If Bradford finishes the season strong and the Eagles make the playoffs, it could still end up being a good move. Bradford has looked a little better with each game he plays so it is possible, even if it’s not likely.

  10. Bradford is 4-1 in his last 5 and had close to a 120 rating in the Miami game before he got hurt…

    He is coming on strong while Foles is playing like garbage, benched, then playing like garbage again.

    As Bradford continues to trend upwards it will be obvious the Eagles made the right call there.

  11. u don’t have to agree with his reasoning, but at least there is a reason.

    Won’t argue with your comment but didn’t he already give the reason5 months ago? You know, when he ‘didn’t fit the system’

    I’m not saying this because in a bills fan but I’m starting to wonder if there’s some truth to what players are saying.

  12. Chip is right about McCoy. It’s a plus that McCoy keeps running his mouth and being stupid. In a series of moves, Chip eliminated a difficult employee, got a franchise quarterback, saved millions of dollars, and, by signing Demarco, ruined the Cowboys chances at a post season. The Eagles are tied for 1st and have a good chance to make the playoffs. Sounds brilliant to me.

    0 0


  13. Having listened to the presser where Kelly shouldered at least his portion of the SHADY-GATE I want to offer that this issue is closed…until Sunday.

    SHADY will not be received well and he has earned the chorus of boo’s that should rain down on him like singles on a stripper.

    Saving $$$ for Bradford does not appear to be wise spending but my gosh FOLES at any price is pouring money in a bad spot.

    Matthews is GOLD and Murray is gone after this year.


  14. I find it totally amazing the way that Eagles fans are trying to justify this blunder. You may win your division although you will do it with a losing record. You let one of the 3 best running backs in the league go to sign a QB made of glass with mediocre W-L stats. Your team is a dumpster fire (i’m a Bills fan so i know what a dumpster fire looks like) and now your running back is sitting on the bench. You need to get rid of Chip and get a real NFL coach….and so do the Bills…..

  15. I hated to see both Maclin and Shady go but Chips rationale is hard to argue with (even for the Chip haters). We all have the benefit of hindsight when determining that Bradford was a huge mistake. The fact of the matter is that QB’s are more valuable than RB’s and when you can you pull the trigger to get a QB you do it. Chips mistake was pulling the trigger on the wrong guy.

  16. Can’t argue with any of the Bills trade. Didn’t need Murray after the Mathews signing. Frank Gore bailing on the Eagle signing caused the problem.

  17. Bills play 3 NFCE teams in the next three weeks. As a Giants’ fan, this will be the first and last time I ever root for Lady Gaga

  18. So you had to spend money on a guy who 1) has never spent a full season healthy and 2) when healthy never proven he’s worth a big contract. Then you also had to spend money on replacement backs including 1 who is clearly not a fit for your system, and a second one who although is a fit for your system, has an equally bad injury issue as your QB.

    Makes sense.

  19. It’s astonishing how 1 flukey win changes the attitude in Philly from “Chip needs to go” right back to the “dont question the genius behind Chip’s questionable moves” in a matter of days. Honestly, astonishing.

    I stick by it, Philly fans are the absolute worst.

  20. “Trading away a high-priced player to bring in a less productive high-priced player does not.”

    Everyone at the time was praising the move except for the Cowboys.

  21. the Bradford move was one of the biggest flubs I’ve seen around the NFL lately.

    You gave up a 2nd and a QB of about equal value for a injury prone QB with a huge contract.

    IF ANYTHING, with the salary dump, I’d expect STL to the team giving up the draft pics.

  22. Well they sure spent a lot of cash on their backfield this season. McCoy fit their scheme better. If you’re going to spend the cash either way Kelly’s reasoning doesn’t really explain much. Immediate cap space I guess..?

    3 RBs must be better than 1RB at the same price right… Terrible logic lol. The last paragraph says it all.

  23. I like cable TV, but if I lost my job it would be the first thing I drop. I think he said four times it was about the money, not because he could predict how well Bradford and Murray would perform. He definitely hedged by signing Matthews. It’s a new system for these guys, and Bradford is settling in nicely. You can’t complain about his performance the last five games he played.

  24. “Kelly’s rationale would be easier to swallow if the two high-priced players he brought in after trading McCoy, Bradford and DeMarco Murray, had played better this season.”

    How well they’ve played is irrelevant to his argument. If he expected similar performance at the time those moves were made, his rationale is fine. His evaluation of his new players abilities, maybe not so much.

  25. The Eagles problems this year have nothing at all to do with trading Shady. Watch him run sideways for negative yardage play after play on Sunday.. and fumble repeatedly for holding the ball like a loaf of bread.

  26. Chip should take a que from McCoy and just say I’m done talking about LeSean McCoy…next question.

  27. As a seahawks fan who watched Bradford since he came into the league, I am completely confused by chips statement. Bradford was the rams downfall, the reason why they sucked every year. So much money on a terrible qb who can’t stay on the field. Everyone else in the nfcw loved Sam Bradford.

    When chip called the rams about a trade they had to have their serious poker faces. Inside they were jumping up and down to finally be rid of him.

    Chip is hard to get…I still think he knows his football, but Bradford???

  28. He didn’t “have to do anything.” He could have kept Nick Foles & Lesean McCoy. Chip better learn that continuity & talent and how that talent fits your scheme mean more then just your scheme alone in the NFL.

    Especially when you’re talking about the lockeroom. I’m sure the other 50 guys in the lockeroom were like what the heck are we doing if we aren’t re-signing Maclin, and are trading away our staring qb & our pro bowl running back?

    You can’t just replace two pro bowlers on your offense because your players “go fast.”

  29. Tyrod Taylor, who is 4th in the league in QB rating (and QBR, if you prefer that stat) and has thrown 1 interception since week 2, makes under $1 million and wanted to sign with the Eagles, but Chip wanted Bradford. Ouch.

  30. He didn’t have to trade Shady. Shady wanted to be here. Can anyone come up with any instances where he had made any inflammatory remarks even six to eight months before he was traded. Where was he a locker room distraction? Where did Murray for Shady made us a better team?

    This is McCoys problem with Chip, after the Riley Cooper incident (which Chip handled very very poorly like everything else) Shady bought in & did as asked by Kelly. He kept his mouth shut & played. Which is what was desperately needed of him. Since McCoy is a locker room leader, it was important Chip had him on his side. McCoy did as Kelly wanted, even though the whole thing sucked. McCoy proved he wanted to be here.

    In the off-season without even a personal call letting him know what was happening & without being given a serious chance to restructure his contract, his agent calls & tells him he’s gone from Philly. After he did what Kelly asked him to do although it was against EVERYTHING he believed inside. McCoy felt duped & you cannot blame him for feeling that way. He’s right.

    Now Demarco says he was lied to. So it’s all the players. Chip bears no responsibility for all these players coming out & sharing info & how they feel about him. I have never seen so many players come out against a coach before in the NFL. Every one of the players can’t be wrong, it’s just not possible.

  31. “I think Kelly has been vindicated on the QB swap, as Foles has been a total disaster in St. Louis.”

    Tyrod Taylor was available in FA for no return so you could have kept the second. He came to Chip & asked to be signed as Taylor thought he’d be a great fit in the scheme. Kelly politely declined & 2 days later signed Tim Tebow.

  32. Bah. Bahhahahaha. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  33. NFL teams laugh at the fact that the Eagles only threat is Darren Sproles.

    How do Philly fans expect to win anything.

    Building an NFL offense around Murray was and is Chip’s only hope.

    Disappointed Eagles fans, Lurie and Chip himself…
    too incompetent to see the obvious.

  34. Murray showed he can ball; Has Chip shown he can coach in the NFL? We won’t mention play GM.

    Chip won with Andy’s players and then commenced to destroy the franchise.

    Not everyone can handle POWER.

  35. “Chip didnt know this wasnt going to work. ”

    So many other people DID know it wasn’t going to work. You could tell by watching what McCoy had to deal with – dodging people in the backfield just to get back to the line of scrimmage. Kelly let how many OL go as well?

    So you have a straight ahead relatively slow runner with limited lateral movement behind a newbie OL. Yeah, that’s not a recipe for disaster.

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