Current player input welcome in effort to redefine catch rule

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Both Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant and Lions receiver Calvin Johnson have expressed a desire to provide input regarding the effort to define the catch rule. They, and all current players, are welcome to do so.

“Input from everyone in football, including current players, is always encouraged and welcomed,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT on Thursday. “The Competition Committee meets at the [Scouting] Combine every year with current players and the NFLPA on potential rules changes. Current players have the opportunity to make suggestions on potential new rules or modifications.”

Still, it appears that Commissioner Roger Goodell has convened a specific group to address the catch rule, separate and apart from the normal process of considering rule changes.

“A couple weeks ago, I asked several football personnel, including former G.M.’s, current G.M.’s, current individuals, former players, former officials, to come together and try to see if we can study this and come up with some proposals for the Competition Committee to consider,” Goodell said last week.

If that effort is going to have real credibility, current players must be part of it.