Gerald McCoy accuses Falcons defense of loafing


In Atlanta, a season of promise has gone from bad to worse to, based on the assessment of Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, inexcusable.

McCoy has called the Falcons out publicly for loafing on the uncanny scramble by Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston, which picked up 20 yards on third and 19 when the Bucs trailed by three with less than three minutes to play.

“Go back and look at the play and look at Jameis’ speed, and how he was playing, as opposed to look at the Atlanta Falcons and the speed they were playing at,” McCoy said on the Buccaneers Radio Network, via “That had thought he was down, guys walking around, jogging to him. Even when he started running again, guys were just jogging, ‘Oh, we’ll get him down.’ And Jameis was running for his life. You could just see the difference in how he was playing opposed to how the other team was playing. I mean, you just, we want it, man.”

Here’s the play. While not all Falcons were half-assing it, three stood out. Defensive end Adrian Clayborn essentially quit on the play after it appeared Winston was down. Linebacker Paul Worrilow, who opted for a shoulder blow instead of an effort to wrap up Winston in the initial attempt to tackle him, got up and slow-motioned toward Winston as he picked up the extra yardage he needed. Also, linebacker Justin Durant, who tried to apply a blow to Winston in the initial pile-up, stutter-stepped toward Winston as he got the final few yards.

It’s a bad look for what was a good team, at least through the first five games. And if it continues, there’s no way that a team that once seemed to be a look for the postseason will get there.

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  1. I really hope Dan Quinn gets another crack at this at least. I think it takes time for a coach to get a team full of guys that buy in completely and give their all and he coached up some damn good defenses in Seattle. Give the man a few years and find players that fit what we wants, and then see what he can do.

  2. This has been the most intriguing NFL wild card race in a long, long time. Given the weakness of the AFC South and NFC East, the playoffs will be very interesting.

  3. Dan Quinn in Atlanta and Vic Fangio in Chicago have both discovered the same thing this year: you can be a damn good coach and still have a mediocre defense if you don’t have the players.

  4. It could have something to do with the rules protecting players after the play is over. Look at Wilson and how that Viking was given 15 for holding on to him even though he was still struggling to pick up yards. If the players thought he was down, then they wouldn’t want to pick up a PF and get fined for a late hit.

  5. First off, Who is Gerald McCoy? and second is he talking about the play where Crabby was down and the whistle blew but they went ahead and let him keep going and for some reason the Falcons didn’t challenge that the whistle had blown. Also if they would have hit him it would have been one of those personal foul calls for hitting the QB to hard.

  6. Dan Quinn in Atlanta and Vic Fangio in Chicago have both discovered the same thing this year: you can be a damn good coach and still have a mediocre defense if you don’t have the players.


    I dont know if I 100% agree. Chicago clearly is in a rebuild, but they have played periods of good defense. I think Fox and Fangio are coaching lights out in Chicago, and I’m not even a Bears fan

  7. Jameis has a heart of a champion! Something the Falcons aren’t familiar with. and Jeffcfalcon, Gerald McCoy is one of the best DT in the game. He would easily be your best defensive player by miles. I would be p depressed if my team got swept by a rookie qb too….

  8. This happens all the time when forward progress has been stopped and everyone assumes the play is over.

    As was pointed out above, if the defense keeps playing they are just as likely to get a flag for late hit or something.

  9. No Fair! Winston wasn’t wearing his flags! I mean isn’t it illegal to physically touch a QB these days? If someone had come in and cleaned Winston’s clock guaranteed 15 yards worth of penalty and automatic first down. This my fellow fans is what masquerades for big boy football these days and it stinks.

  10. broncoguy11 nailed it. Fox is doing a better than expected job in chicago. chicago unluckily lost four games this season in OT.
    They may be rebuilding but they are better than a lot of teams in full steam already.

  11. Ok now Winston should have never been allowed to go more than 10 yards on that play. I completely blame the ATL defense and coordinator for allowing a slug like Winston to scamper 10 yards, 20 yards is just inexcusable. Tampa may have gone for it on 4th and 5 and got the first down anyway but honestly, Atlanta’s defense looked tired to me as well, either tired and or lazy, doesnt really matter, both provide the same results.

  12. Shanny is a cancer that affects the whole team. It happened in Washington and Cleveland. He is surely whining again and pointing fingers.

  13. The Falcons defense is notorious for giving up big yardage (3rd & 19, 2nd & 27…) giving up critical first downs in late game situations for years. It’s not Dan Quinn. It’s the attitude that is allowed by the coach/front office. And it rears it’s uggly head a couple times a year.
    A couple plays after this play, the Falcons had middle Linebacker Paul Warlow covering Tampa’s best WR Mike Evans = TD to take the lead. I mean, give me a freakin break.

  14. That is one strange looking play. Watched it over and over expecting there must have been a whistle to account for the number of players that seemed to pull up but there was none. McCoy is right in the sense that you play through to the whistle

  15. McCoy has called the Falcons out publicly for loafing…

    Don’t tell Eddie Lacy, he will think they are making bread.

  16. Winston actually moves pretty fast. He’s elusive when he has the crab legs, I mean, “the ball” and is making better decisions. Can’t get mad at McCoy for knocking the Falcons. We have to play better. We have a great head coach. The verdict is still out on our OC. The “throw it to Julio or check down to Freeman” on every play is to predictable.

  17. I think there’s validity to the “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” for the Falcons on this play, thinking if they hit him when he appeared to be stopped, they get the personal foul call. But in general, throughout the 4th quarter, the Falcons didn’t look like they had much fight, like their spirit had been broken. I hope Cam throws 3 TDs in the first quarter on Sunday and we get to see that on display again!

  18. Dan Quinn is a heck of a coach but I wonder how close he is with the GM.

    Remember when Seattle hired Pete and john Schneider and they immediately turned over 80% of the roster? People were freaking out…but they needed certain guys/types of players to make it work.

    Heck they just cut C. Williams midseason because he wasn’t fitting.

    Does Dan and his gm work together sharing the same vision?

    And then there is Matty icepop…I watch that statue play and thank my lucky stars for Russell Wilson.

    Dan is a good coach. I hope it works out.

  19. Perhaps the defense he saw was finally having a let down after the game after game ineptitude of the offense: First 5 games: 32.4 pts per gm scored, 22.4 pts per gm allowed…next 7 gms: 16.7 pts per gm scored, 20.7 pts per gm allowed…think the offense coordinator is the problem…oh, wait…it’s Kyle Shanahan…problem has to be the defense…lol

  20. Atlanta was never a good team. They have a cupcake schedule and they played multiple teams starting their back up QB. Oh, and Matt Ryan is awful.

    That whole franchise has loafed since it’s inception. nothing new here.

  21. Why is everyone giving Fantasy Football Dimitroff (FFD) a pass for the horrid roster he gave to Quinn? Quinn took over the 31st rated talent in the NFL with next to zero talent on the OL and DL. The rebuilding job was always going to be at least a 2 year job and 3 to compete at the championship levels.

    I hope the 2015 draft picks pan out but past Beasley those picks don’t seem to be showing much so far. Keep in mind Quinn got a very late start in talent evaluation. My guess is he needs to clean house on the talent evaluation team starting with FFD and bring in some football guys that know the game has 11 starters.

    The lack of talent on the OL and DL is glaring. I hope Quinn uses the 2016 draft to draft nothing but 3-4 lineman on each side as the Falcon’s could use 4 new DL starters and also 4 new OL starters. .

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