Source: “A lot of truth” to DeMarco wanting to return to Dallas


Despite what Eagles running back DeMarco Murray said to reporters on Thursday, the evidence suggests that he’d like to get out of Philly.

There’s a growing feeling that he’d like to return to Dallas.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, there’s “a lot of truth” to the notion that Murray would like to play for the Cowboys again.

A third-round pick of the Cowboys in 2011, Murray set a franchise single-season rushing record with 1,845 yards in 2014. He also was named the league’s offensive player of the year.

Murray signed a five-year, $40 million deal with the Eagles when the Cowboys showed lukewarm interest in giving him a big-money deal. After considering the leaked reports of Murray’s comments to owner Jeffrey Lurie regarding the team’s offensive attack and Murray’s belief that Kelly wasn’t honest in the recruitment process along Kelly’s response that quibbled over semantics, it seemed fairly clear that: (1) Murray wants out; and (2) Kelly isn’t going to make it easy for him to get out.

It now seems likely that, if the Eagles ever become inclined to move on from Murray, they’ll try to trade him. With the window for doing so closed until March, the Eagles need to simply get through the rest of the season before trying both to get something in return for Murray — and to find someone who might be willing to pick up his $7 million fully-guaranteed salary in 2016.

While trades within the same division don’t happen often, the Eagles would possibly be willing to send Murray back to Dallas, especially if it would mean not owing him a large chunk of cash next year.

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  1. The ‘Boys have a very nice O-Line, and that can win a lot of games, but beyond that?

    Completely pretending that Jerry Jones isn’t terrible at evaluating talent, they have a gifted but old and injury-prone QB, major questions all over the defense, and a head couch feigning tolerance with the whole front office situation.

    I harbor no animosity towards Dallas, but it seems an unlikely FA destination.

  2. That will never happen unless he takes probably a 2-4 million pay cut to go back.

    Jerry Jones will not let it be said he didn’t get the better end of this deal. There’s no way he comes back for anything but a beggers discount

  3. Yet another example why guaranteed money is absolutely foolish. Players work their butts off the negotiating year and then seem to take their foot off the gas to extend their longevity. Happens all around the league

  4. There’s also the possibility that the Eagles have had enough of Chip Kelly. Considering the big moves he made this off season, the Eagles should be running away with a relatively weak NFC East.

    The only question left is how big of a hole the Eagles will let Kelly dig.

  5. NFL teams laugh at the fact that the Eagles only threat is Darren Sproles.

    How do Philly fans expect to win anything.

    Building an NFL offense around Murray was and is Chip’s only hope.

    Disappointed Eagles fans, Lurie and Chip himself…
    too incompetent to see the obvious.

  6. Murray showed he can ball; Has Chip shown he can coach in the NFL? We won’t mention play GM.

    Chip won with Andy’s players and then commenced to destroy the franchise.

    Not everyone can handle POWER.

  7. Sorry Murry I’m sure you burned that bridge if I recall correctly your parting words were “It was never about the money in any situation, if it was the money, I could’ve taken that a long time ago on a very high deal. It’s about winning a Super Bowl and being fair.” Good luck with philly fairness cause I doubt you’re gonna get that Superbowl.

  8. Everyone brags about the Dallas offensive line, but everytime I watch I see yet another Dallas QB face planted into the turf in the pocket. Maybe something’s wrong with my TV.

  9. Why would Jerruh Jones want him? He already has the greatest QB in the history of the NFL, Tony Romo ….. uh, that’s right. He’s on IR.
    Well, he already has the best group of RB’s in the history of the NFL…… uh, that’s right — one of them is suspended and got cut, and the other guys have stunk up the joint.
    And he already has Dizzy Bryant, the best WR in the history of the NFL…. uh, who still drops too many passes and will always be a head case.
    And he has the best backup QB in the history of the NFL …. uh, that’s right, they cut Weeden too.
    But he did sign a guy who can beat up his girlfriend! So that should count for something, right?

    On second thought, maybe Jerruh will want Murray back after all.

  10. I usually back players on must about everything because the owners get just about everything they want in the NFL world, but football players don’t know how good they got it sometimes?

    Murray had everything he wanted in Dallas. NFL’s too talented young OL infront of him, a pro bowl qb behind him, an owner who is a jock sniffer and an offense that had been run through him.

    I don’t blame him for chasing the $ in Phila but he should have known this was coming and frankly I told my best friend who’s an eagles fan what has transpired in Phila for Murray would for him in Chip’s offense. I believe that friend has another Eagles authentic jersey that will be collecting dust in his closet next season or the year after. He can put it next to his McNabb, DeSean Jackson and Asomough jerseys

  11. Chip Kelly’s “accomplishments” as Philadelphia Eagles General manager:

    1) Trading Shady for an often injured LB that although was an all-pro at one time doesn’t look even close to that level of play anymore.

    2) Paying guaranteed big money to a RB that doesn’t fit what we want to do with our running game wise when you already had that back that did(above).

    3) $25 million on Vernon Maxwell (what a waste of money) after all he ever really accomplished is starting 17 times in a secondary where he was surrounded by 2 potential HOF players. He hasn’t played like a guy worth what he’s being paid.

    4) Trading for Sam Bradford when Bradford has never shown the acumen to get the ball downfield & stretch the field vertically, he did play over 50 games in St Louis & was 18-31-1.

    5) Losing Jackson (cut with no return) & Macklin (FA) has proven to be disastrous brcause Matthews, Agholor & Huff cannot get open. & keeping Cooper signing Miles Austin (who sucked 4 years ago).

    6) Cut both starting guards from our offensive like before the season started. The guards Kelly figured in as replacements have been pretty awful. Now no one is saying the guards Kelly cut are lighting it up other places but if he had kept them one more season, we have to believe our line wouldn’t be any worse than it’s been this year. Mathis & Herrimans would have helped us more than then they would have hurt us & hey certainly would have helped more than the guards Kelly kept & started.

    Chip Kelly as a GM is an Epic Fail. But there will be plenty of thumbs down to these facts as my fellow fans just cannot stop defending Chip Kelly’s incompetence.

  12. I don’t understand why all the reporters say a trade won’t happen because of his contract. Every NFL contract can be restructured. He could be traded back to Dallas with the understanding that Dallas is restructuring the deal to a more friendly $5M a year.

    If he wants out this badly he’ll take the cut to get to Dallas

  13. No way its cedible, But I believe it will take a 2nd rounder to let him go to recoup the loss in the Bradford trade, and I can’t see that happening.

  14. >> the Eagles need to simply get through the rest of the season before trying both to get something in return for Murray — and to find someone who might be willing to pick up his $7 million fully-guaranteed salary in 2016.

    This is incorrect. No one is going to trade for an over paid player. What the Eagles need to do is eat some of next seasons salary, say 4MM-5MM, then they can trade him.

    Otherwise he eats up more cap space for them and isn’t contributing much.
    Better to save 4MM and get rid of him for a 7th round pick, than to eat 8MM of cap space and get little use out of him. That 4MM can be the difference between a bad vs a good Olineman.

  15. Chip Kelly doesnt understand how to deal with running backs & the run itself. He a college passing coach. McCoy is gonna lite up his #24 pass rush defense on Sunday!

  16. Can this guy really be this selfish? Looks like his childish game of trying to spurn Dallas is blowing up on everyone. I’ve seen him run east-west before and know when to cutback. Now he just runs to the sideline. He should trucking defenders like he did Sean Lee in Dallas. He can do it but at this point of the season, now he wants to be T.O. Although T.O. did put up numbers!

  17. “Kelly isn’t going to make it easy for him to get out.”

    Really? Chip would probably be overjoyed to ship Murray to Dallas today for a 2018 7th round pick but there is something called a salary cap and the ramifications of cutting or trading DeMarco are what will make it difficult for him to “get out.”

  18. yeah dallas could trade for him, or they could simply wait for Philly to cut him, have Philly pay his salary and then Dallas could sign him for a veteran minimum.

    The trade and restructure deal is fine too, but I mean it would need to be a bag o chips dealt to Philly, not a 2nd rounder. Seriously, anything more than a 7th or the 54th or 55th guy on the roster and it’s too much.

  19. misterpositivity says:
    Dec 10, 2015 9:56 PM
    The ‘Boys have a very nice O-Line, and that can win a lot of games, but beyond that?

    Completely pretending that Jerry Jones isn’t terrible at evaluating talent, they have a gifted but old and injury-prone QB, major questions all over the defense, and a head couch feigning tolerance with the whole front office situation.

    There really aren’t question marks all over the defense. The defense has been playing great this year. When you lose games 9-12, 6-10, etc it’s not defense playing poorly – it’s an offense that’s unable to produce. 11th in scoring defense, 5th against the pass. Not too shabby, just an ineffective offense.

  20. I bet you Dallas would do the seven million for one year, they just did not want to pay him 40 million over the whole contract, for a running back that is close to thirty. He fits the Cowboys scheme better as Dallas lets him run out of the “i” formation, which allows him to line up seven yards deep in the backfield, so he can pickup a load of steam, and gives the O-LINE time to get their blocks down. Chip does not have clue on how to use him.

  21. Seriously when is the NFL going to man up and nail Jerry Jones for tampering, yes he is using the useful idiots of sports media to do his bidding. BUT he waxes poetic about Johnny Football…nothing happens, now he is spreading rumors DeMarco wants to play for a team who has no chance of EVER contending long as “Bathroom Bandit” Jones runs the WHOLE show…NFLK is a Joke

  22. There is absolutely NO way that Philadelphia cuts Murray. There is no way they’d let him go back to Dallas.

    At worst, they’d likely try to get something, anything, for him.

    Finding a team willing to take on Murray’s contract won’t be easy, so Philly will probably have to be willing to take a hit to make it a great offer.

    I’m sure a team like Jacksonville or Cleveland or even Chicago would gladly give up a low round pick or two (5th-7th round picks) for Murray and his contract.

    All things considered, Philly would get off cheap, and would likely not have to see Murray twice a year.

  23. who knows if this is true. the first story by ed werder about a mtg with lurie was misrepresented. it was more so an opportunistic chat due to seating on a plane.

    truth probably is murray would like to go to any decent team/organization. and eagles would love to dump his contract.

  24. Murray should just cash his checks and be thankful his body isn’t getting totally beaten up. Chip Kelly is a joke, but it took two to make a deal, and the bright side for Murray is that he can preserve his health.

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