Thurman Thomas warns LeSean McCoy not to get too emotional in return to Philly

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In case you somehow hadn’t heard, LeSean McCoy is returning to Philadelphia this week with the Buffalo Bills for the first time since being traded by the Eagles this offseason.

The game will be a big deal for McCoy for two reasons. It’s a chance to face the Eagles for the first time since head coach Chip Kelly shipped him out in March, and it will be the first game McCoy has been able to play back in his home state since joining the Bills.

Former Bills running back and Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas cautioned McCoy to not get too emotional with the circumstances surrounding the game this week.

“Obviously, going back to where he grew up is going to be a big, emotional day for him,” Thomas said, via Mike Rodak of “But I told him today, I said, ‘You know what? The last time that the Bills and former players were emotionally high, was the New England game  and we can’t allow ourselves to do that. You can’t allow yourself to get caught up into what’s going to be happening with the game. Especially with the crowd, and Chip, and all that. You have to go out and keep doing what you’ve been doing the past four or five weeks and you’ll be fine.”

McCoy’s opinion of Kelly was made perfectly clear when he said he wouldn’t be shaking his hand at the stadium this week. Thomas knows McCoy will be fired up for the game knowing the personal circumstances surrounding it. But with the playoffs still a possibility, he hoped to relay to McCoy the importance of focusing on the bigger picture.

McCoy doesn’t need to change anything on the field. He’s been averaging nearly 98 yards a game over the last five weeks for Buffalo.

18 responses to “Thurman Thomas warns LeSean McCoy not to get too emotional in return to Philly

  1. Thurmond Thomas has always been class act. He also understands the fans in Buffalo really well. Which invaluable for a player like Shady that wears his emotions on his sleeve. TT gave McCoy excellent advice this week, “it’s just another game don’t get to high or low.” Thomas may be the perfect mentor for McCoy.

    Anyone else feel like we got screwed in the Kiko/Shady trade with the Bills – equal value?? And we could have gotten a comparable players in the 2/3/4 rounds if we kept him & just drafted well. Drafting well isn’t one of Kelly’s talents either it seems. Unfortunately this team will keep making mistakes until ownership wakes up one day & has had enough losing. .

  2. Thurman is exactly right. And Shady will pay no attention to anything he says. By the way – this should be a big game for him because winning it is crucial to their playoff chances, but that’s likely far down on the list of priorities.

    Chips Life Matters

  3. Lotta eagles fans sounding awfully bitter about McCoy the last couple of days on these boards. Hope you Eagles fans arent too bitter Sunday when McCoy smokes your defense for 150!!

  4. joetoronto says:
    Dec 10, 2015 9:07 AM
    Buffalo fans, lol.


    Why you always so bitter.. Just because you didn’t and won’t get a NFL team don’t mean you need to bash the team you wanted..

  5. Thurman, Kelly, Reed and all of the other members of the HOF understand it is your teammates who need to be focused on.

    Another HOF player Derek Jeter once said, ” you don’t have to talk about yourself, let others proclaim your accolades.” Which so many pro athletes in all sports just don’t get!!

  6. Here come the hypocritical Eagles fans, get ready! The same fans who ran the best coach and QB they ever had out of town, how’s that turned out for you?

    Just love how is Shady was still in Philly and there was a story about how he wasnt going to shake someone’s hand, all the Philly fans would be on here going “that’s why we love Shady”.

  7. Newsflash: this isnt about Shady not accepting his new team. He has accepted them just fine. His performance over the last 7 games since returning from his hamstring injury speaks for itself. Shady is just, like most NFL players, ego crazy. He couldn’t believe that any team would dare trade HIM of all people! It hurt his ego that a team could possibly not want him.

    Im not saying that’s good or bad, all I’m saying is the people who think this is about him being unable to accept his new team are clueless and a little slow on the uptake.

  8. Fyi for those of you who say eagles fans weren’t saying this about Shady when he played for us is wrong. There were many fans who said he and Desean were two peas in a pod. Now Desean is looking more adult than Shady is. Just think about that. Nobody is saying hes a bad guy. Hes just childish. I honestly dont miss him. I miss Maclin though 🙁 As far as the game goes he’ll do well. I think more so in the passing game. Good luck Bill fans.

  9. Funny how everyone seems to know Shady from a few of his encounters with a microphone when it was Chip Kelly apologizing yesterday for the fact that his trade was announced in the press before he had spoken to him about it.

    I couldn’t care less about who said what when I’m very happy to see what Shady can do since putting the hamstring issues behind him. The Eagles concerns should be many, not just Shady, when the Bills O-line is now making rapid strides and allowing Tyrod Taylor and his playmakers to get untracked against defenses far more formidable than the Eagles (see last week).

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