Donald Penn: I want to retire a Raider

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The Raiders have been busy on the contract front the last few days as they’ve locked up wide receiver Michael Crabtree and fullback Jamize Olawale for multiple years ahead of possible free agency.

Left tackle Donald Penn is also set to become a free agent after the season, but he knows that he’d prefer to stay put rather than look for a new place to call home. While Penn said Thursday that his main focus is on a strong finish to this season, he also made it known that he’d like to remain with the team.

“I want to retire a Raider, I think I’ve made that pretty clear,” Penn said, via “But I’m just focused on Denver and then the rest of the season. I want to finish strong and get some momentum going for next year.”

At 32, there’s probably a limit to how many years the Raiders would be willing to offer on a deal. Any deal would give them more stability with an offense that’s taken a big step forward this season while also giving them time to identify the next player to protect Derek Carr’s blindside, which are a pair of reasons why a deal would make sense for both sides.

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  1. In a recent interview, Penn was asked why he wanted to re-sign with Oakland. ” I’ve lost in high school, college and in the NFL..” The Raiders keep me in my comfort zone”

  2. If he wants to retire a Raider he needs to retire soon, when LTs lose it, they lose it quick, at 33 next year, its a risk to assume he can still hang with 24 year olds consistantly.. the Raiders need to get younger at LT sooner rather than later. Now isnt the time you want to spend a high draft pick at LT, with so many other needs, but thats the price you eventually have to pay when you let a young quality tackle walk.

  3. Carr & Penn have a very good relationship. LT is going to be one of the priorities for Reggie in the next draft.

    If the numbers are right, signing Penn to two years would be a good move.

    Geez, K.Barnes is still around, Penn is that much better.

  4. The Raiders are transitioning well. Penn’s status is of no concern at this time. He’s done an admirable job replacing Veldeer. In the long run they will end up saving money.

    Reggie has played his hand perfectly “fiscally”. Plenty of cap space, made the team much younger in one off season, maintained your draft picks, set the offense up, so minimum upgrade is required, and now the focus is the defense with plenty of options and money.

    The cat took a hellova lot of criticism, but his plan is unfolding and in a short amount of time considering the state they were in when he arrived. The first 2 years were a wash, little or no draft picks, salary cap a trainwreck and aging/non productive player’s with bloated contracts.

    Now the stadium issue? Can only shake my head at that. Oakland has been going thru this stadium crap since the 70’s and still can’t get it right. Now stadium costs are horrific and they wanna play but not pay!!!!! Ugh.

  5. bucnblood says:
    Dec 11, 2015 11:30 AM

    I still miss Penn in Tampa….guy played with a nasty streak which I loved. Glad he is having success in Oakland. Good Luck Penn!
    Exactly, I love his nastiness and he’s a clear upgrade over Veldeer too.

  6. Two years… Give Penn that contract, draft a replacement this year and give that kid a couple of years to learn and grow behind a savvy veteran. The Raiders quietly have one of the best lines in football (per Pro Football Focus), allowing the fewest sacks (tied) and pressures in the NFL. If they can get two more years out of Penn and continue to build behind him, they’ll be set for years to come.

    Reggie is doing a really good job (not great – re: Hayden) rebuilding this thing.

  7. Penn has performed better for the Raiders than I expected when he was picked up. One of McKenzie’s better acquisitions and it makes me glad that the Saffold acquisition fell through.

  8. He is playing at a high level, and loves being a Raider. I would sign him to a three year deal at around 16 mill , front loaded contract.

  9. It would be fine to give him a three year deal. I do agree that when LT go, they go downhill fast but we can always make that switch to RT when needed. He stays a Raider in my book.

  10. A two year extension would be about right. Maybe offer the same exact deal as the original contract which was 2 years $9.6M no guaranteed money. But maybe offer him some guaranteed money because he’s more than deserved it.

    Or they can just resign him year to year like they did with Woodson just to see where he’s at physically and how his body is responding.

  11. rocoop says:
    Dec 11, 2015 10:57 AM

    In a recent interview, Penn was asked why he wanted to re-sign with Oakland. ” I’ve lost in high school, college and in the NFL..” The Raiders keep me in my comfort zone”
    It’s cute to see Charger fans crawling out of their nightmare holes to take their lame shots.

    Penn is still playing well despite his age, and since there is nobody behind him capable of playing at a high level, the Raiders should definitely consider keeping him around.

  12. peytonmanningsforehead says:
    Dec 11, 2015 4:06 PM
    Bills trolls offering ignorant opinions? Hilarious. When your pack of losers wins something come back, until then enjoy the smell of Lake Erie. Loser.
    You troll the Bills threads all the time. My guess is this is Joetoronto’s third ID user along with widerightyouloseagain. How do I know this? I know. The Lake Erie part convinced me, plus I have seen your hatred for the Bills and it smells just like Joe a million miles away. The Raiders stink. Just lose baby. Grown 56 yr old man with 3 PFT IDs are you 9?

  13. Drafts? Free Agency? Trades? Hell no, Toad Man McKenzie gets his players off cheap off the streets. He is amazing and the real brain trust behind the Raiders being 5-11 every year. Nice work, Toad!
    “The Broncos hired Gary Kubiak for weeks like this. Forget playing an inexperienced quarterback, long lines in the trainer’s room, the Dead Sea Scrolls injury report or even the reality that two street free-agent safeties will play significant snaps against the Oakland Raiders.”
    The Denver Post

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