Dwight Freeney: Moments like that are why I came back


A few months ago, Dwight Freeney’s great career looked over. He had been a free agent since March and yet no one signed him all through the offseason, training camp, the preseason and into the start of the regular season.

But Freeney finally caught on with the Cardinals in October, and he has played well as a situational pass rusher. Last night, he sealed the Cardinals’ win with a strip sack of Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

“That’s why I came back, because moments like this, you can’t duplicate those in life,” Freeney said.

Freeney now has four sacks and two forced fumbles for the Cardinals, bringing his career totals to 115.5 sacks and 45 forced fumbles. Freeney has had a great career, and his great moments aren’t over.

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  1. Although he is only a shadow of what he was when he and Mathis were a force for the Colts, that was a clutch play he made last night.

  2. He’s primarily been a one trick pony with that spin move but man o man he’s used that trick in devastating fashion over his career.

  3. They are using him the right way at this time in his career. Then again, he only had to beat Matt Kalil, the human turnstile, with the often-seen spin move.

  4. Learn your facts. Matt Kalil has actually had an outstanding season. Injuries and poor communication between him and Charlie Johnson have made the last two season look like he is terrible. Better communication and no more Charlie “I couldn’t hack it in Indy” Johnson have lead to a greatly improved Matt Kalil.

  5. Mike Zimmer doesn’t believe in moral victories, but last night was proof that he needs a QB.

  6. Came back? Nobody signed you, then the Cards offered you millions to fill a slot and you jumped on with a winning team that’s luck, not a come back.

  7. I’m a Vikings fan and I have no problem saying the Cardinals are a really good team. My favorite play was the block Fitzgerald put on Waynes to spring his teammate free for the touchdown. That was an amazing professional play. Loved it. Also, Indybear, Kalil has been playing quite well this season. He was hurt the last couple of years. Freeney is a borderline HOF pro so he is going to beat you from time to time. I’d like to see these two team play again when the defensive starters are back on the field for Minnesota. I’m not sure the outcome would be too different but it would been nice the see each team’s best going at it.

  8. What was interesting about this game was the abundance of good sportsmanship all around during this contest. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many opponents helping each other up after a play.
    Seemed like the two teams really respected each other and acted accordingly, which was kinda cool.

  9. Filmex2000 – it starts with the coaches. Zimmer and Arians are two of the best, most respectable coaches in the league. They coach their guys to play the game the right way.
    But you probably knew that already.

  10. From the 9:21 am PFT post:

    Kalil was even worse than Bridgewater: When Freeney used his patented spin move to rush to the inside, Kalil was so off-balance he fell flat on his face. That was embarrassing.

    @mattyjimmy – this is a result of being a bad player, not from being hurt.

  11. While everyone mentions the Vikings injuries, it’s important to note that the Cards were missing a bunch of starters for this game as well. Examples include Frostee Rucker, Andre Ellington, Cory Redding, Jerraud Powers, Jermaine Gresham, just to name a few.

    That’s why the Cardinals have trouble running the ball the last two weeks and can’t put away opponents – it’s because Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington are out for medical reasons. When Ellington comes back (or when the backups improve), this will be a much better team.

  12. This was a great game by two great teams. The level of mutual admiration between these two teams was nice to see. I was there and few Cards fans were crowing about the win, knowing we were damned lucky to prevail against the Vikings. Big fun was had by all.

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