Josh Norman’s search for a shoulder chip leads him to Rodney Harrison


As the Panthers piled up win after win early in the season, few believed in them nationally. Which provided authentic, organic, natural motivation for the team to keep winning.

Now, as they have the best record in the league by two full games and continue to push toward only the second 16-0 regular season in league history, the Panthers are having to conjure disrespect wherever they can find it.

Enter cornerback Josh Norman, who has taken issue with NBC’s Rodney Harrison for suggesting that the Seahawks are currently more dangerous than the Panthers (they are) and for suggesting that Falcons receiver Julio Jones will get the better of the looming one-on-one matchup against Norman on Sunday in Charlotte (he could).

Via Twitter, Norman attributed Harrison’s opinion on the Seahawks to the notion that Harrison is “horrible at his job,” a cartoonishly sensitive reaction to the very real possibility that: (1) the Panthers and Seahawks will meet in the postseason; and (2) the Seahawks could win the game.

If the opinions of folks like Harrison (I’ve already said on WFNZ in Charlotte that I think the Panthers will win the next four regular-season games but lose to Seattle in January) help the Panthers avoid complacency down the stretch and keep them from wilting under intense pressure to win at home in the postseason, so be it. But Rodney is hardly “horrible at his job.” Rodney is one of the only former players in the media who won’t pull punches or mince words or worry about the reaction of folks like Norman or Jeff Fisher or anyone else to Rodney’s views.

And when the postseason comes, Norman can only hope that he’ll be as good at his job as Rodney Harrison was during his time with the Patriots, where he racking up seven interceptions in only nine postseason games, picking off the likes of Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and Donovan McNabb.

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    I don’t have a dog in the Seattle – Carolina tussle, but if they met in the postseason it’s highly unlikely I would take any action. Both teams have the ability to perform at very high levels.

  2. I don’t agree with Rodney, but it’s pretty classless to resort to name-calling here. If you believe in your team, you just smile for the cameras and let your play silence the doubters.

  3. That’s right keep dissing the Panthers go ahead Harrison and florio have been wrong all yr about my Panthers so why should I believe they’ll be right now

  4. As a forty year Falcons and football fan, there’s no denying the Panthers are one of the best teams in the NFL, currently. Sunday’s game won’t even be close. My Falcons offense has stymied and the Panthers defense is too elite. This is the toughest team we’ve played all year. Unless the Panthers have a major meltdown (they won’t) the Panthers should win by three scores. Must be great to cheer for a good team… *sigh

  5. I don’t know why anyone would pick the Seahawks to beat them in January, especially when if the playoffs go as scheduled, they’d have to beat them after first beating the Cardinals and would have to do it on the road. They were always barely better than them when they actually had better teams than them, which they don’t this year. Their defense has had a good couple of games, but let’s not forget how horrible they looked just 2 weeks ago against the Steelers until Roethlisberger got hurt, at home. That matchup, again, would not be at home. Panthers are just the best team in football now, and people can’t grip it because of their pedestrian wide receivers, but the blueprint should be familiar since the Seahawks won with the same blueprint.

  6. I’m sure all of knee-jerkers on here condemning Norman as a “classless” “ignorant loudmouth” did lots of research about him and his personality before making such severe judgments about him based on one tweet.

    I have heard/seen several interviews with him and he is very intelligent and funny, and says alot of things tongue-in-cheek.

    Not saying that tweet was particularly humorous, but it’s not like he went off on some long, vicious rant like many other players would have.

    Lighten up.

  7. Didn’t David Tyree get the better of Rodney Harrison very late in a certain famous SuperBowl?

    No matter how poorly (and I doubt that he’ll do poorly) Norman does covering Jones, it can’t be as lame a job as Harrison’s the day he cost the Pats what would have been their historic season and SuperBowl.

    If I recall on my death bed the image of Tyree bringing that ball in for a catch, I’ll leave this earth shouting four letter words that would embarrass Lenny Bruce.

    Anyway, I like Harrison and thought he was a great player and I also like Norman, who may well become another great if his body holds up. Lord knows, he has the right attitude and work ethic.

    Though I don’t think it’ll happen because of the Giants’ ability to win when the chips are down, I’m still pulling for a perfect season for Carolina because I want Mercury Morris to choke on his words before he or I leave for the great stadium in the sky.

    Go Panthers!

  8. The Panthers don’t seem to have many weapons but they somehow keep winning.

    Isn’t that really the definition of a good team? Able to use what they have to the best of their abilities?

    As a Pats fan, I don’t want them to go 19-0 obviously, but they just don’t lose right now. How can you bet against them?

  9. Here is the biggest difference between Harrison and Norman as players.

    Harrison – Cheap Shot

    Norman – Skilled

    Oh Rodney made ~$28 million in his career Norman will get that for signing his name on his free agent contract (probably Redskins or Cowboys)

  10. Carolina > Seattle

    Do I have to go back and repost all the names of those who thought they were smarter than me when I said it was ridiculous that Seattle was favored over Carolina earlier in the year?

  11. Oh, and let’s not get it twisted. Harrison is concerned that the Panthers are going to finish what the Patriots couldn’t do in 2007. I don’t know if they’ll finish undefeated in the regular season because as you saw just last week in that close game with a horrible Saint team, it’s very difficult to not have an off day in the regular season. But if they do, they’re definitely doing it because they’re going to win the Super Bowl this year. Rodney will be there picking against them all the way to the bitter end, which will let you know his agenda at that point. It’ll be Cam Newton vs. Andy Dalton in a Super Bowl, and he’ll be there with a straight face saying the advantage is with the Bengals, lol.

  12. If he thinks Rodney is ” horrible at his job” , would love to hear what he thinks of the former Raven who was found guilty of obstruction of justice in a murder trial, Ray Lewis!

  13. It is certainly not necessary to “conjure” disrespect for the Panthers. One has only to read this article and the accompanying comments to see that. Never experienced so much vitriol and bad mouthing of the team i pull for. Now I know how Patriot fans feel. You guys keep right on hating, the cats will keep right on pounding!

  14. Fact: No surprise that PTF would come to the defense of a colleague.

    Fact: Harrison has been very wrong about many predictions, which seem to be based on little more than “a feeling”. His analyses usually fall short when he give details of how he arrived at his conclusions.

    Fact: Norman could stand some humility, but he’s every right to state his opinion, which some automatically call uninformed or ignorant, because they hate hearing what he has to say. Being PC is bad, unless it’s Sherman or Norman speaking or somebody who looks like they do. (regardless of their level of education) Then they must be silenced.

    Fact: Whether Jones is stopped doesn’t matter, unless the Falcons win. In the big picture, the Panthers will get respect by winning and only by winning. KEEP POUNDING!!!

  15. Joetoronto continues to say the Panthers and Newton are overrated, but he thinks everyone wants Carr who threw away another winnable game for the Raiders in the 4th quarter last week.

  16. Any Panther fan will know Harrison has disrespected this team from day one this season! Barely gives them credit. Just flat out doesn’t like them! And any analyst that bias should’nt be behind the podium for Sunday Night Football period!!!

  17. Didn’t David Tyree get the better of Rodney Harrison very late in a certain famous SuperBowl?

    It was Assante Samuel’s assignment, which makes it even more impressive that it was Rodney who almost made the play.

    Rodney tells it like it is.

    Funny when he called Byron Maxwell a bum.

  18. Norman does stay stuff he shouldn’t, but Rodney Harrison is horrible at his job. That’s actually right. He says false things all the time that he should verify before saying – for example, he said once this year that Josh Norman had never faced a WR as good as Julio Jones even though Josh Norman already has faced Julio Jones! That was a pretty big error in my opinion as the Panthers & Falcons are in the same division so if Harrison had thought this comment through for more than five seconds he would have realized that this already happened last year.

  19. Harrison based his opinion on the “fact” that J-No “..has not seen a guy on Julio Jones level..”

    On 16Nov15 J-No held Julio to 6 for 59 and no touchdowns.

    On 25Dec15 when the Division title on the line, J-No held Julio to 4 for 58 and no touchdowns.

    I think that on 13Dec16, Juio will have about 60 yards and no touchdowns, because #24 HAS seen what #11 is bringing..

    PS- Rodney, that’s what an informed opinion looks like..

  20. Lol everyone fears the Seahawks now, after Carolina beat them everyone said the hawks were terrible, and now you are saying the Panthers beat the Seahawks when they were bad but now they are good so that’s means Carolina is bad? Just lol, keep em coming fellas..

  21. Anyone else think Rodney Harrison is a Patriots homer when it comes to his opinions on SNF (if anything, he should be a Chargers homer).

    Anyone else think maybe Harrison said this since he was a member of the last 16-0 regular season undefeated team, and that the Panthers have a chance to match that this year?

    Norman’s right. Harrison is not good, and he’s extremely biased in his opinions. Just watch and see what he says this Sunday night before the Patriots play on SNF.

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