NFL has no comment on New York DFS ruling

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[Editor’s note: FanDuel is an advertiser of PFT and PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio. Also, NBC Sports has an equity stake in FanDuel.]

The National Football League has a long history of opposition to illegal gambling. The NFL has embraced daily fantasy.

The NFL is headquartered in New York. In New York, daily fantasy is (at least for now) officially regarded as illegal gambling.

Simple logic would suggest that the NFL would be immediately (even if temporarily) severing ties with companies like FanDuel and DraftKings, since their business model has been declared illegal gambling in the home state of the National Football League. It’s unknown whether the NFL will be doing that, because the NFL told PFT that it has no comment on the ruling that makes daily fantasy illegal gambling (at least for now) in New York.

While the league resisted making an investment in DraftKings or FanDuel (unlike other major sports leagues), the NFL has generated plenty of revenue from advertising partnerships with these companies. Also, at least two owners — Jerry Jones of the Cowboys and Robert Kraft of the Patriots — have made investments in DraftKings.

When it comes to gambling, the NFL’s opposition doesn’t simply relate to illegal wagering on sports. Several years ago, the NFL forced multiple members of the Rooney family to sell their interest in the Steelers due to legal gambling interests in Florida. Although Commissioner Roger Goodell has tried to distinguish daily fantasy from wagering on games in reliance upon the federal government’s position that DFS doesn’t amount to gambling, one of the most important states in the nation — and the state where the NFL primarily does business — has determined that it is.

Whether the NFL does anything in response to that remains to be seen. For now, the league is opting to say nothing.

19 responses to “NFL has no comment on New York DFS ruling

  1. Does that mean that the NFL is going to force Jones and Kraft to sell their teams because of their involvement in illegal gambling?

  2. Yeah, daily fantasy is gambling and gambling is wrong! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy some lottery tickets.

  3. Follow the money. The NFL hates Vegas-style sportsbooks because they don’t get a taste of the action. With DFS, they get paid from both advertising and being investors in the companies running the leagues.

  4. It is every bit as much of gambling as betting on games is. However, it also includes skill in addition to luck (just like betting on games). So, I guess I would rather have DFS be legal than the daily lotto.

    For those who compare investing with DFS/sports gambling, remember that investments actually support companies and serve a greater economic good. Sports gambling doesn’t really invest in anything.

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with it either.. Lets see I can blow my whole paycheck or do whatever I like with my own money when it comes to lottery tickets, scratch off’s or walk into a casino and place huge dollar amount bets.
    All these people that make the laws have special interest groups in their own pockets. All of them are a bunch of hypocrites who should not be telling anyone what is right or wrong.

  6. mikermiker says:
    Tom Brady and Bill Belichick don’t see anything wrong with any of this.

    Yeah, The Hoodie who said “Stats are for losers, the only numbers that matter are the big ones on the scoreboard at the end of the game” he’s bound to be a big fantasy guy. I can totally see that

  7. I never thought I’d see the day where a major network like NBC was intertwined with the world of professional gambling. Brings a tear of joy to my eye and now that there is some muscle behind it let’s get the laws changed! Hate having to give my gambling money to countries outside the U.S.

  8. “My name is___________ I play LT for the Patriots. Two weeks ago I had Von Miller on DFS. Last week I had the Eagles defensive line and this week I have JJ Watt on DFS. I asked Mr Kraft, the owner, (of part of DFS) about playing DFS and he said no problem.” I don’t win a lot of money, but, I get bragging rights on the team, and the rest of the team is jealous of me. Great for my ego.

    Anyone see a problem with this? Not Pats fans I am sure, but maybe the rest of us?

  9. The NFL has been a criminal enterprise for quite some time now.

    It actually reminds me of the concrete business in NYC during the 80’s and 90’s.

  10. They don’t call NY the vampire state for nothing!! You can’t make a nickel without them wanting a piece of the action. Guess my venture into the daily fantasy world was short lived. No big loss, I’ll just take my money to the gas station and buy lotto tickets I guess. The only problem with that though is my odds of winning in fantasy are pretty good because it takes knowledge and some skill to put a roster together with a salary cap. I was playing with house money after the first week and it lasted for several weeks until I tried to get cute with it. Yes its gambling because there is money exchanged but it’s really no different than picking horses at the track. Guess the AG didn’t have anything better to do, but if he gets bored again maybe he can get rid of Billy Fuccillo and his annoying commercials!!!

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