Richie Incognito: Bills had my back, I’m giving them a career year


It wasn’t long ago that Richie Incognito was a pariah in the NFL, out of the league after he was banished from the Dolphins for bullying teammate Jonathan Martin. Now Incognito is playing well in Buffalo, and thanking the Bills for giving him the chance to return.

“I’m playing good football right now. I’m playing sound. I’m playing physical. This is by far the best football of my career,” Incognito said. “[The franchise] has done a great job of backing me up, from the top down. From Kim and Terry Pegula, to Doug and his staff, and the coaches, and my teammates, they’ve done a great job of embracing me and supporting me and giving me an opportunity to come here and prove that I can be a good teammate and contribute.”

Bills G.M. Doug Whaley is talking up Incognito as a Comeback Player of the Year candidate.

“He’s had better guard play this year than I’ve seen scouting him for the last five or six years,” Whaley said. “He’s impressed all of us, and I would say . . . he should be a candidate for Comeback Player of the Year. He has to be mentioned as a top five guard in the league.”

Giving Incognito the Comeback Player of the Year award when what he’s coming back from was a situation of his own doing wouldn’t sit well with a lot of people. But there’s little doubt that Incognito has come all the way back from out of the league to playing as well as he’s ever played.

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  1. It wasn’t all a “situation of his own doing.” Big part of that was the media. He was told by his coaches to help toughen up a grown man baby, who is now out of the league. It’s YOU guys that blew up the situation into some scandal.

  2. Incognito is obviously a douche, but in a way, a victim of our country’s newfound oversensitivity that is proving be a detriment for larger, and more important issues.

  3. I’d say Adrian Peterson and Incognito should fight it out for this award. No rules. Anything goes.

  4. PC has made America lose sight of common sense. Not condoning bully but having worked in the NFL I can honestly say good old fashion ribbing like brother on brother has gone on for years.

    As another person stated Media has a tendency of blowing things out of proportion.

    People not involved or witnessing the incident pass judgement way too easily. I find our society quite hypocritical at times especially when race provides such an easy flashpoint

    Richie has proven his desire to become a contributor to his team and he has done this above anyone’s expectations.

  5. Regardless of what caused the ‘situation’ I doubt he will be the first O-lineman to be named comeback player of the year

  6. He should definitely be in the pro bowl this year. The media blew this thing up. The entire Dolphin team and coaches loved him and his teammates in buffalo appear to love him.

  7. So players ‘can’ turn it on when they want to. Clearly this isn’t news but yet makes you wonder why GM’s keep shelling out big bucks for contract-year wonder players and then act surprised when they start mailing it in from their newly purchased mansion.

  8. I imagine if you ask any QB in the league if they “Bullies” protecting them on the o-line the response would be a universal “DUHHHH”

    Its like the old saying, “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

  9. Dolphins should have stood up for this guy and gave the league and anyone else who resisted the middle finger.

  10. He’s a mess, if I’m the dolphins I want my money back for not playing hard when they were paying him millions of dollars…..some guys get 9 chances like Richie and some only get 0 like Ray Rice..

  11. C’mon if Vick can get comeback player of the year after what he did, the precedent is pretty clear.

  12. Most of our falls and failings in life are of our own doing. If we tell people that they cannot be redeemed, we send a message of hopelessness. This is as good a redemption story as the NFL is likely to produce. Good for Richie.

  13. First story I’ve seen on him in months. As opposed to the witch hunt a couple years ago when every second story was about him, filled with innuendo and PC scolding.

    The most pathetic part of this story, outside of the PC patrol coming on full blast, was that Ted Wells first gained notoriety and a few million $ for taking months and months to come out with the “result”.

  14. Richie Incognito has a history of being a racist bully and shouldn’t be playing in the NFL. However, some teams lack integrity and will go to the point of employing rapists and murderers. There are no real consequences. And that’s why wives get beaten by their husbands and children get whipped and maimed by their fathers. No real consequences. I feel sorry for Bills fans.

  15. Agree – coming back from one’s own bad behavior shouldn’t receive an award. The reward for that is being able to play and contribute again.

    For an actual award, I think the adversity should come from outside – circumstances, injury, life issues, time away from the game for something besides punishment, etc.

  16. I think a more accurate lead would read something like this: It wasn’t long ago that the PC media ganged up on Richie Incognito and tried to destroy his reputation and get him fired from his high-paying job. Fortunately their attacks failed and Richie is alive and well and making millions in Buffalo, NY.

  17. Meanwhile, the Dolphins guard play continues to stink. Richie was a popular Pro-Bowler and they should have had his back.

  18. If the Patriots treated Brady the way the Dolphins treated Incognito the Pats would’ve cut Brady immediately after ESPN published that nonsense report.

  19. I never read the Ted Wells report on this, but just knowing how Wells handled the Patriots situations, I’m inclined to have a more favorable opinion of Incognito that I otherwise would. Wells track record is that he makes broad accusations based on suspect evidence that may or may support the conclusion. I rather have Incognito than Wells covering my back.

  20. elmerbrownelmerbrown
    December 12, 2015, 10:15 AM MST

    Code for,,,, I want a new contract !

    Umm, he’s on a one year contract, so that’s kind of the idea…

  21. Let’s just hope Buffalo locks him up with a new multi year contract. I don’t want it to be one and done like the last two me he was with the Bills.

    Come on Whaley, get him signed!
    And Richie, if you really want to show your appreciation to Buffalo, you will sign a new deal here (as long as they offer you fair value).

  22. Aside from his outstanding guard play, Richie has the added value of identifying sissies on your team.

  23. I’m actually glad to see the talented Incognito staying out of trouble and playing football. It’s always a shame when you see guys throwing away an opportunity that many of us would die for. He’s done some really stupid things in his past, and hopefully he’s learned from them. It’s not the PC crowd, the media, the liberals or anyone else’s fault but his own. I wouldn’t be a bit shocked if I found out Richie didn’t have the greatest home life. It’s not an excuse for bad behavior, but an explanation. There was never any doubt about his ability. Kudos to Rex Ryan for keeping this kid on the right path.

  24. yyc2phx says:
    Dec 12, 2015 5:27 PM

    You’re right… I forgot about Berry… Not delusional about Palmer …my bad !
    apology accepted 🙂 Hey , Palmer is good but comeback player of the year ? No, long line in front of him. Enjoy the ride Phoenix. It will end IF you make it to face the Panters. Nice try though.

  25. getakluwe
    Dec 12, 2015, 1:05 PM EST
    I’ll bet all the PC bashers here are privileged and white. At least the latter.

    Actually if you listen Dr. Ben Carson he stated that we as a country need to stop allowing the few to control the action of many. Not a White vs Black issue just a common sense vs overreacting and drama

  26. I am happy for Incognito, but make no mistake… The Miami Dolphins are the only victims in this mess. The BS pressure from the contrived Wells Report and the PC media forced the situation. They had no real choice and they lost a ProBowl Guard and have tried to recover with a shameful OLine ever since. This all started with Jonathan Mr. Softee.

  27. Wow. I knew that SOMEHOW this story would have a pats angle. Shoot, EVERY other story does. Nothing screams guilt more than incessant claims of innocence when nobody is even talking about you.

  28. Even if Incognito doesn’t get Comeback Player of the Year you do have acknowledge two things.

    1) He has proven he is the better football player and teammate for not having thrown anyone under the bus for a personal agenda unlike some people.

    2) He has shown more tenacity and perseverance to keep his career going compared to someone who has retired before he was going to be cut and sit on waivers.

    The only people who are unhappy about his success is biased media people who failed to ruin this athlete’s whole career and life.

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