Bills to officials after game: It’s a disgrace to the NFL

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The Bills had a lot to be upset about when Sunday’s loss to the Eagles came to an end.

They came back from 10 points down to tie the game in the third quarter, only to see their offense go into a hole for the rest of the game on the way to a 23-20 final score. The loss dropped their playoff chances from unlikely to nearly impossible, leaving plenty of reason for bad feelings.

They were also flagged for 15 penalties totaling 101 yards during the contest and the officiating clearly left the team’s coaches with some anger after the final whistle. Joe Buscaglia of WKBW shared a video of head coach Rex Ryan, defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman and others walking up the tunnel and hectoring the officials, including someone, possibly Thurman, screaming that their work is “a disgrace to the NFL.”

In his postgame press conference, Ryan was more conciliatory. While he felt that offensive pass interference was missed on a key 41-yard catch by Eagles tight end Zach Ertz in the fourth quarter, he didn’t go the disgrace route when discussing the officiating in general.

“There’s always things that you’re going to have disagreements with officials,” Ryan said, via “There’s always going to be that. But that’s Ed Hochuli, and that’s as good a crew as you’re gonna get. Did I think it went perfect? Probably not. From our vantage point on the sideline, it looked like the guy clearly picked our guy, but obviously we weren’t there on their sideline where it happened. They bring one guy in and all he does is block. You’re always going to have calls you disagree with, but the officials, that crew in particular is an outstanding crew and I’m sure they got it right.”

The league sent a memo to all 32 teams early this season reminding them of the league’s policy against “egregious and inflammatory comments” about officiating.

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  1. I’m a Bills fan and there weren’t many flags today I disgreed with. Rex is far more responsible for the loss than the officials are.
    That being said, he’s 100% right. It’s a multibillion dollar industry and it can’t do anything consistently, from suspensions to pass interference calls.

  2. Saw that play and while I will openly admit I hate the eagles, I was wondering where the flag was. That was s horrible call.

  3. Refs call everything on the Bills, let the Eagles get away with blatant holding on both of their last two drives, plus that pick play that sprung Celek to set them up for the GW FG.

  4. They’re right, the refs made up rules today. Apparently it is legal to tackle Vinny Curry and lay on top of him almost every play, also interceptions are now allowed to roll around on the ground. The Bills should have been called for twice as many penalties but the refs didn’t want to bust the spread.

  5. There has been questionable calls across the league I agree, but it always seems like it’s Rex Ryan who is complaining about something. Either officials, scoreboard operators not showing a replay or another excuse blah blah. How about during practice and the game, doing a better job of coaching, and you will avoid 15 penalties for 101 yards, and maybe have a shot at winning the football game.

  6. McCoy can shove Cox two feet in front of the ref and Cox gets yelled at. No flag. Defenders clothesline Sproles, no call. The entire first half was like the refs worked for the bills. Then they realized that if they want to stay employed they had better start calling AT LEAST the most blatant ones against the bills. And Hochuli was trying to have a 5 min conference with his crew after every call to try and figure out a way to not make it go against them. Horribly officiated game all around.

  7. I’m a Bills fan and there weren’t many flags today I disgreed with. Rex is far more responsible for the loss than the officials are.
    That being said, he’s 100% right. It’s a multibillion dollar industry and it can’t do anything consistently, from suspensions to pass interference calls.
    …and they use part time refs!

  8. Here’s a thought for you: if your QB didn’t throw a bone-headed pick at the end of the game you still could’ve actually won despite the officiating. Quit complaining.

  9. It was a disgrace.

    The NFL has a huge issue on its hands. Awful.

    The Bills have had far too many after the fact apologies from the NFL for calls that had signifant impacts on the outcome of games.

  10. I thought it was a good no call, why should the receiver alter his route to keep from colliding, he didn’t change his route to pick the DB…..Rex has to be the biggest crybaby when it comes to coaches in the league, after every loss he blames something or someone other than his team…lets look at the list from the last 3 losses, headsets, not enough replays on the big screen, bad officiating, its always something with this guy, if Buffalo was smart Rex would be one and done in Buffalo……

  11. Mario Williams has less than 20 tackles 4 sacks on the season. He will make $19.4 million this season and is due $19.9 million next season. Now THAT is a disgrace!

  12. Bills and Dolphins will consistently get the shaft along with the Ravens as long as Kraft tucks Goodell in at night. That being said Ravens have gotten the shafts twice as bad as any other team I can remember.

  13. I got to be honest I’ve never seen a team hold so much as Buffalo. They were holding on every other play. If anyone has a reason to complain though, it’s the Eagles. That interception on Bradford was incomplete. That was no interception and that could have cost them the game.

    It was a critical mistake by the refs.

    Buffalo has a good team, but they need to clean up in the discipline department. They are a sloppy team with too many self-inflicted wounds every game.

  14. The worst call might have been the INT that was held up after review that helped the Bills. Definitely should have been incomplete. But they were bad all day both ways.

  15. Wherever Rex goes a poop storm follows. Rex – first, last and always no matter who gets burned in the process. Rex always has to be the headline. The day Buffalo hired this clown I said they would be sorry, but I thought it would take 2-3 years. It didn’t even take one season! Woody Johnson has done two smart things since he bought the Jets in 2000. He fired Rex and hired Bowles.

  16. pwb44 says:
    Dec 13, 2015 7:24 PM
    It was a disgrace.

    The NFL has a huge issue on its hands. Awful.

    The Bills have had far too many after the fact apologies from the NFL for calls that had signifant impacts on the outcome of games.
    The Eagles will be getting that call this week. Even with the review they blew the INT on Bradford.

  17. Rex Ryan did the right thing afterwards because in his heart of hearts he knows that his team lacks discipline and likely isn’t going to get the benefit of the doubt from the refs.

  18. The officiating across the league has been the worst I have witnessed in 55 years of watching football. The pick play should of been called, but that didn’t lose the game for Buffalo. It was undisciplined penalties by veteran players.

  19. I have to agree with Rex here.Buff made a lot of mistakes this game but it seems like the Eagles got away with a ton of questionable plays and Buff didnt. Im not a fan of either but there where a few plays that everyone said would go back and the refs never called it. They definitely played a part in this outcome.

  20. What a disgrace of a football team. The only way to fix this is to relocate the team, and completely disassociate the organization from the armpit of the nation, Buffalo, NY.

  21. The officials have been awful this year. That being said the honeymoon for Rex is over and the fans want a divorce. Hot air, used car salesman, snake oil, whatever. Bottom line him and his assistants have taken a great team on paper and turned them into a top 15 pick. Well Rex, 16 years and counting and it looks like we are heading into the 20’s with you. Mr Pegula, time to stop being a fan and bring in a real winning team of football men. Russ Brandon, Whaley and Rex are burning your cash and making your 1.4 billion drop in value. You are a local icon and always will be. Just do what is right for the fans who pay for the tx, buy the gear and live and die by your teams. We deserve it!!!!!

  22. Rex and the Bills might have a case to make–if they weren’t among the league leaders in penalties. I mean, sooner or later are you going to blame the Refs after every game or figure out how to coach and prepare better?

    Rex also had a lot of penalties when he was the coach of the Jets. Its just not something he has had any success with. He needs to work on it. Badly.

    I mean with a similar team, the Jets penalties are way down under a rookie head coach. The key thing was new personnel or a new coach helping the Jets?

  23. I know for sure last year when Marrone’s team won 9 games that all the penalties went in his favor. Just think if the the Bills win out they can win as many games as last years team did. Of course they have much better players this year. It seems it’s not whether the players like you or not it’s how you coach. The Jets can tell you that.

  24. Oh hey another post about people whining about the officials. The officiating isn’t going to be 100% perfect. But if you’re really the better team, one blown call shouldn’t doom the game for you. GET OVER IT!!!!

  25. I could care less whether the league sent a memo to teams not to diss the refs. Truth be told, the refs suck, have bias and perpetuate the feeling that the NFL is fixed. In truth, it is fixed.

  26. The calls are awful but it seems to be inline with what will make the best playoff scenario not a particular team….but yes awful calls all around. Maybe its business as usual but I’d say something needs to change. I want to see the game played and decided by players not part time old zebras.

  27. First there is something called freedom of speech in this country so F the league. But also, maybe if the Bills were better coached they would not have so many penalties. Even thought the officials make plenty of mistakes it sure is easy for tool bag coaches like Rex to try to pass the buck and make excuses for their bad coaching on to others!!!

  28. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Dec 13, 2015 7:12 PM

    Joke officials. Bills were the more PHYSICAL football team and deserved victory.
    Last I checked you still have to score more points than the other guys.

  29. The call should have been a pic ……………. do not care for either team, but the NFL REFS. sux……for the last 7 years Ed and all the others should not even Ref. 8 year olds…………..NFL is going down…………can not believe I still watch this as I have quit all others……………..Vegas owns the NFL and it’s so called Refs.

  30. I’m not a Bills fan but I really like Tyrod Taylor at QB. At least they have something to build on and around going forward.

  31. How could that have been a pick play? Huff never altered his route, he didn’t initiate contact, in fact he didn’t even see the defender who leveled him. If that’s a pick then defenders should start running into defenseless receivers on every play.

  32. If not for the mistakes everyone around him makes, Rex would be undefeated in his career with multiple 19-0 seasons

    It’s a shame really

    He has every right to be frustrated

  33. The National Fixed League has a Problem that they Refuse to fix.
    And its simple Just have 2 guys/girls watching 4 90″ HDTV 2 with replays and 2 live game action both guys able to easily recite the rulebook deciding on each play without ever being asked so when they are asked the decision is already made not slowing down the game. add 2 more challenges.
    Of course with a LIAR like Goodell clearly nothing he says can be trusted!

  34. I commented years ago, when I said the temp officials did a better job; many people disagreed. Then we had the Raven’s winning over the 49er’s? They should have pulled off a Reagan when they had a chance, and kept the temps.
    The officials answer to nobody?
    The teams should be able to say they don’t want certain officials at their games; weed out the bad ones?

  35. Okay, I have no “dog in the hunt” on this one, but here is my observation. I am almost 60, which is more than most of you who are reading this, and I remember when there was no instant replay challenges. For years, I would hear people say, “the ref blew that call” and they would show the call on TV in instant replay, and 99% of the time, the IR would prove the refs correct. Then, many years ago now, some “genius” came up with the idea of using instant replay to change certain calls and we would have “football nirvana”, a land where every game would be officiated perfectly and no more mistakes by refs and, when they made them, IR would fix ’em! HAH!!!! There are more bad calls now than ever, and even though IR does correct some of the bad calls, I have seen where they STILL got it wrong even with IR. It’s still JUDGEMENT! Now, the games drag on forever and the officials are more tentative about making a call than ever before. I know you can’t unring a bell, but I wish that we could go back to when we had some great officials who very rarely made a mistake, but we ain’t going there ever again! Pity!

  36. Lets face it, NFL Officiating sucks this year. It is a disgrace and the NFL should start to take this seriously. Really, how many weeks can the NFL come out and admit the officials made critical bad calls that altered the game?

  37. Pick play should have been called. However, that did not cause the Bills to miss a tackle on Zach Ertz. Nor did it cause Tyrod Taylor to throw a bad interception late. In general, I think teams get away with these rub routes and pick plays way too much. Other than that, I didn’t think the officials made too many bad calls either way.

  38. Someone brought up a good point. Bradford’s INT should have been incomplete. Eagles could have had 3 points on that drive if not 7. I am not sure how the replay people said that ball did not hit the ground.

  39. Isn’t it strange that of all the professional sports (and, in fact, the one that is the richest) the NFL is the only one that does not have full-time officials? You’d think that after week after week of controversy surrounding the officiating, a multi-billion dollar business wouldn’t leave game management to moonlighting lawyers and financial planners.

  40. If they had gotten every call right Buffalo would have lost by 50. Incognito had to hold Cox on every play. The interception touched the ground. A block in the back on the late hit out of bounds on the kick. The pick play was the least of the missed calls.

  41. When Ed “Look at Me” Hochuli is on the field, prepare for a poorly-officiated game. Everyone knows that. On the other hand, watching Rex “The Mouth That Bored” Ryan get victimized is better than watching most other coaches take the short end.

  42. 75 % of the Eagles joke passing offense is a pick play. Of course that was a pick. Huff launched himself into the defender, Knocked himself out, and then ertz caught the ball. Bad no call.

  43. I’ve vented about the NFL officiating so much—

    I was a high school official for over 10 years and can understand when mistakes can happen. But the issue that I continue to see within the NFL is lack of consistency.

    The delivery of illegal contact penalties are probably my highest point of frustration. I’ve seen DB’s getting flagged for simply having a hand on a receiver… Yet, I also see guys getting away with much more contact beyond the 5 yard area… I just feel these penalties have given officials a ticket to swing or sustain momentum.

    I know there’s generally discretion within the officiating area– Everyone knows that Holding could be called on any play… The problem I continue to see in the NFL is how “tacky” some calls get delivered.

  44. Thurman is delusional. Maybe that should have been called a pick – but guess what – Leodis should have made that tackle. Worrying more about the refs than your team’s poor tackling is why this coaching staff sucks. And why did Roman keep having Taylor throw 20+ yard passes on 3rd and 4 or 3rd and 3??? Horrible coaching. Undisciplined team. 16 years and counting….but let’s complain about the refs. Can’t wait to sit in a 2/3 empty Ralph on Dec 27 and Jan 3rd….

  45. Of the 15 penalties that the Bills were flagged for probably 13 of them were perfectly legit. False starts and offsides are discipline penalties that they have no one to blame but themselves for. And almost all of the holding penalties were legit as the entire O-line was getting beat like a rented mule on almost every play. The problem I have is, as the old adage goes “you could call holding on every play” but most of the time they don’t…except against the Bills where they NEVER MISS ANYTHING. Buffalo gets flagged for every little touch of a receiver, but opposing DB’s can mug the Bills receivers and it seen as incidental contact. Guaranteed if that rub play was the other way around the Bills would have been flagged for illegal contact.

  46. Awwwwww….poor Buffa-blow !! Instead of blaming the refs may I suggest you look at the clown you have wearing the headset that is the supposed ‘leader’ of your team. You know, the guy that blows a lot of hot air and can ‘talk the talk’ but can never ‘walk the walk’.

  47. Sure , and ball control is important too. or lack there of. what rocket scientist called a 30 yard pass in the 1st quarter on a 3rd and two and again in the 2nd on a 3rd and five, ever hear of ball control ? didn’t make either of those. (just an example of our wise play selection)

  48. Refs don’t cost teams games…certain calls might hurt teams chances or more so momentum however games 9 out of 10 times don’t come down to 1 play.

    Take care of business so that when I bad call does go against you the impact won’t be as great/ costly… BAD calls happened 30 years ago and will happen 30 years from now…get over it. It is essentially apart of the game…No one is perfect!

    Professional players make mistakes
    Professional coaches make mistakes
    Why can’t professional ref’s make mistakes? If it were so easy to see in the moment, on the field, then more people would do it…

    All these stu-nads think its so easy when they are watching the game through the HD cameras lens on their HD TV’s and not in the moment…Cameras are set up to have as little obstruction as possible. Refs position themselves but still have to deal with seeing through 22 GROWN ass men that range from 175 lbs to 350lbs…

  49. chubby3342, GREAT observations!! I umpired baseball, from Little League to some NCAA games for 30+ years, so I do understand officiating. I made my share of mistakes, because that’s what people do, they make mistakes! The NFL refs get more right than wrong, by a large margin. As much as they have to watch nowadays and as fast as the game is, it’s amazing that they are as good as they are.

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