Falcons are in a free fall


They started 5-0. They’re now destined to fall under .500 for the first time this year.

Trailing 21-0 in Charlotte, the Falcons soon will be 1-7 over the last eight games, barring an unexpected (and unlikely) turnaround. And it raises plenty of questions about the future of the team.

Could the front office be gutted? Could coach Dan Quinn be fired after only one year on the job?

The latter seems unlikely, but consider this tweet from D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Scribes are discussing if Falcons rookie head coach Dan Quinn has lost the team. They were not prepared for this game.”

The team already has lost its official Twitter account, apparently. After the Falcons finally forced Carolina off the field, this message went out: “The Falcons force a punt here, so we now have that going for us.”

That’s all the Falcons have going for them right now. Which means plenty of employees could be going, soon.

15 responses to “Falcons are in a free fall

  1. Hasn’t this been the Falcons like every year? Always start the season good and we get the “Matty Ice” propaganda going on. Then he starts to play like the player we know he is.

  2. The players are the problem with this team.
    They are bad. Thomas Dimitrof has crippled this team.
    Not one player from the 2012 draft is on this team. Not 1.
    Even the one’s who are here, don’t give max effort.
    Falcons have a MAJOR talent problem.

  3. Quinn is still implementing his system he can’t take over a putrid roster outside of a few stars and make them actual playoff contenders in less than a year when their devoid of so much talent especially in the trenches. Quinn is great at developing the trenches so in due time.

    The falcons benefited from an alarmingly easy schedule to start the season so of course they were never going to maintain that pace bc eventually you play decent competition. It takes a solid year for a new coach to see who cares tries and who quits on the team and system. Take your lumps this season bc next year the falcons will be a legit playoff contenders.

  4. like the Browns, the root of the Falcons’ problem is the owner. His inability to hire 1st tier front office talent and his penchant for promoting, rather than firing…or holding onto them too long, has left Dimitroff in a position to do incredible harm to their roster.

    Dan Quinn can’t salvage anything positive from the talent given to him, but he MUST take responsibility for his choice of OC. Blank needs to recognize & correct his mistakes, or his new stadium will have a LOT of empty seats.

  5. I knew Quinn was a loser when he KICKED A FREAKIN FIELD GOAL FROM THE 1-YARD LINE! while down by 5 points at SF with only like 2 minutes left in the game.

  6. After being a season ticket holder for the past 17 years, some things never change with the Falcons, i.e., awful quarterback play, inept offense and defense. Primarily, a quarterback (no ability to avoid pass rush) who cannot operate unless he has a clean pocket, which disruptive pass rushers love; awful run and pass blocking offensive line; and a defense, with the exception of one or two players, who should not be NF L starters!

  7. It all seemed so perfect. 5-0, joy, rise up, Samuel Jackson.
    Then reality started to hit. Quinn is a coordinator, not a head coach, and Matt Ryan isn’t a contender.

  8. Falcons = Fall Cons. They set their fans up for bitter disappointment seemingly every season. It’s pretty evident that Matty Ice is not a championship-caliber QB.

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