Jerry takes blame for entering season with Weeden as Romo’s backup


Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones has offered some criticism for his team’s coaching staff. But he’s also accepting some criticism himself.

Specifically, after Jones said that he thought the coaches should have done a better job coaching up the team in the wake of Tony Romo’s injury, Jones acknowledged that he’s the one who decided the Cowboys would open the season with Brandon Weeden as their backup.

“On the other hand, if you want to look at any aspect of this team you can say well, if we would have been in better shape had you had Matt Cassel in the spring, rather than Weeden, and I’m not trying to knock Weeden, but if we would have had a guy like Cassel in here than we might have made a difference there, so put that one ultimately on my shoulders for sure,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan.

Whether the Cowboys would be any better if they’d had Cassel instead of Weeden as their backup when Romo first went down in Week Two is a question we’ll never be able to definitively answer. But Jones seems to think they would have been. And he seems to realize he shouldn’t have counted on Weeden.

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  1. Didn’t the Cowboys’ GM tell us Weeden is the best pure passer we will ever see? Yeah, Jerrah should definitely fire that guy

  2. Oh yeah, Cassel has been amazing. 5 tds and 5 picks, a rating just under 80 – they’d be top of the conference for sure.

  3. Given how good Matt Cassel is, I’m sure that if they had him instead of Weeden they’d have won all the games that Weeden lost, and been in first place, right?

    What if: Tom Brady or Cam Newton or Carson Palmer or Aaron Rodgers missed as many games as Romo did. Would those teams be doing less well? Yes. Backups are backups for a reason, they aren’t very good. If they were at least average, they would start, and you wouldn’t have players like Geno Smith starting (his first 2 years, not this year).

  4. slick50ks says:
    Cassel is worse than Weeden.

    Cassel looks worse than Weeden. Current in season practice riles make it fairly difficult to drop a starter into an unfamiliar offense in mid season.

  5. Why does the media continue to feed the appetite of JJ, who is a narcissistic Old Fool, who craves media attention, and who couldn’t organize a one car funeral?

    Media: Stop paying attention to this IDIOT!

  6. this is so illogical. Matt Cassel is no better than Brandon Weeden. I would argue he had the right guy to begin with, but gave him no chance to succeed. He wasted a pick on Cassel plain and simple.

  7. Jerruh accepts some criticism by shoveling twice as much criticism on Weeden. How many people work in the front office of that dumpster fire of an organization? All these football minds in management and coaching and yet they ultimately blame the backup QB for missing the playoffs again. Cassel better watch his back, he’s going to get thrown under the bus shortly, whatever it takes to avoid someone important from having to take some responsibility.

  8. Cowboys have not been good on a long time. Yet year after year they get prime time games on TV.
    I guess you have to at least give JJ credit for good marketing…

  9. Way to throw weeden under the bus Jerry. What happened to your running game again? Thats the real issue here. Best insurance policy for yo QB is a strong running game, not some failed 1st round pick back-up.

  10. I’ve been a Cowboy fan since the mid-60s, but as long as Jerry runs things, this team will never be good. The little bit of success they had in 2007 and 2014 was the exception, not the rule.

  11. What Jerrah will never get is that as long he insists on running the draft and being the GM the Cowboys will never make it back to being a championship team.

  12. Tony Romo sucks. He is injury prone, makes bad decisions, laughs gleefully when he makes game changing mistakes, and will never win a Super Bowl. He is like a bad version of Bret Favre. The backups aren’t to blame he and Jerry Jones are.

  13. The Redskins will also never regain their glory days until Snyder sells the team.
    It is interesting that the Cowboys and the Redskins are the highest valued teams in the NFL. Too bad that rich owners think that makes them football geniuses.
    Snyder’s personal decisions to sign Albert Haynesworth and trading a king’s ransom for RGIII were franchise killers.

  14. Cassel went to a team where he had a shot in an open competition. The Cowboys only got him because he lost the competition and Buffalo capitalized on Romo’s injury by trading Cassel. Given how hard it is to hold down a starter position in this league, Cassel would’ve been an idiot to go to Dallas where he would’ve warmed the bench behind Romo.

  15. Jerry this is the first smart thing I ever heard you say . Only teams going for the first pick have loser backups

  16. I am not even sure Weeden was the entire problem with that team. If they hadn’t switched QBs, I would be willing to bet they win at least one of the ones they lost.

    Jerry is notorious for making bad “GM” decisions. He is the reason why a lot of people dislike the cowboys, myself included.

    Cassell isn’t good, and switching QBs was a bad strategy in my opinion. I’d rather take my chances with a backup that actually has worked in the offense opposed to grabbing some less than average QB that multiple teams have let go for a reason.

    Bad coaching played a part as well. They don’t discipline their players, especially Hardy. Garret doesn’t come across as a good coach. All I ever see him do is mindlessly clap on the sideline, regardless of the situation.

    That team is mismanaged over all. They do have some talent, but they always seem to have those problematic players that can’t control themselves. They have all of those players because Jerry picks them.

  17. The “Weeden-card”, an emerging method for shifting blame elsewhere to avoid responsibility and accountability, has been gaining popularity lately. Ryan Mallet misses the team flight? Weeden must have tampered with his alarm clock. The Browns’ scouting staff continues to do a poor job at evaluating potential talent? Obviously Weeden was telling them who to draft and sign in free-agency.

  18. “I’m not trying to knock Weeden”

    Wow Jerruh!…finally something you CAN do, without trying!
    Oh wait…you’ve obviously built a winner, without trying…my bad.

  19. “I am not throwing Weeden under the bus, but it is all his fault” Jones said.

    Here is the reality of back up quarterbacks. Teams expect too much from them. If the quarterback is changed, the game plan must change.

  20. DUH he IS the GM right? So yes, “ULTIMATELY” it IS on him. That doesn’t mean that it WASN’T Garrett, Linehan and/or Wade Wilson’s IDEA, it ONLY means that regardless of WHO’S idea it WAS, the responsibility FOR the decision falls on the shoulders of? HIM…THE GM! And, he is also RIGHT that it WAS a mistake. Weeden IS NOT and never will BE a good “in game” NFL QB. He’s a guy who performs VERY WELL…IN PRACTICE BUT, is panic prone IN GAME. As Bob Sturm observed, he’s a guy who will someday make a great QB’s COACH.
    As to the crap about “what can be expected of a back up QB” Brian Hoyer, Landry Jones, Drew Stanton and Luke McCown (and OTHERS) are PROOF that there ARE some VERY GOOD ones.

  21. What’s concerning is that he identified a huge mistake but gives a solution that would not have made things even remotely better. MattCassel at this point is as bad as Caleb Hanie or Tyler Palko. There had to have been better options at backup QB than Weeden and Cassel.

  22. I seriously think Jerry jones ownership of an NFL team is eventually going the way of Donald sterling.

  23. bondlake says:
    Dec 13, 2015 11:06 AM
    Why does the media continue to feed the appetite of JJ, who is a narcissistic Old Fool, who craves media attention, and who couldn’t organize a one car funeral?

    Media: Stop paying attention to this IDIOT!

    39 2
    Because dummies like you keep clicking on the articles and reading them!!! It’s simple. If you don’t like reading about him or the Cowboys, don’t click on the story!!! Worry about your own team!

  24. Only when that old coot jerrah dies and rots will the cowboys ever have a shot at anything. And I mean anything.

  25. To begin with, everybody in or out of football who has had back problems know that they don’t get better especially if they are subjected to body contact in sporting events. So, to rely on Tony Romo to bring the Cowboys to the playoffs was ludicrous. The guy is a glass quarterback in the body and the head. He hasn’t made the best decisions at critical times and of course his body speaks for itself. Dallas erred in not drafting their future quarterback more that one season and by now, Romo should have been out of the picture. Needless to say, that Dallas will continue and wait for him and will suffer the same demise as long as they follow that road.

  26. Sorry Jerrah, the glory days of the cowboys left the stadium with Jimmy Johnson and you are only left with the glory hole. At least have the guts to man up and take the blame for the past 20 years instead of throwing someone new under the bus every week.

  27. Just when you start to think JJ couldn’t possibly say anything stupider, he does. The man lives in another world, I wonder what he thinks when listening to his self after one of these nonsensical rants? He’s ruined my Cowboys and continues to do so, just goes to show you there can’t be a god or he wouldn’t have put us thru this lifetime of hell having to put up w/ Jerru dumba%& Jones.

  28. Here’s a fact, Weedon’s problem was between his ears. He was unable to deal w/ having to start, HOWEVER, if they didn’t tell him he would start and instead bring him in early in a game if needed (start Moore) then he wouldn’t have time to think about it and would have gone in and played well, just like he did every time he went in after an injury to Tony. I guarantee he festered all week leading up to his starts and was so petrified by game time he couldn’t function, like a deer in headlights. I could see all that watching on TV, geez. Our poor Cowboys having to deal w/ the “curse” of Jerry Jones for all these dry and miserable seasons.

  29. The Dallas Cpwboys will not improve until they draft and develop another quarterback. Tony Romo has put up some great regular season stats in his career, but he can no longer play football because he cannot stay healthy.
    This will take time, and you might have to endure a bust or two. “Win now” patch jobs will not work.
    You are now in the post-Romo era in Dallas. Deal with it.

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