Report: LeSean McCoy hung up on Chip Kelly this week

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One of the most compelling games of Week 14 will be played in the City of Brotherly Love. It’s compelling not just because the Bills and Eagles need a win for postseason purposes, but because of the Unbrotherly Loathing between Buffalo running back LeSean McCoy and Philly coach Chip Kelly.

The abrupt trade that sent McCoy packing in the offseason became the focal point of the week preceding the game (along with Kelly’s ongoing issues with McCoy’s primary replacement, DeMarco Murray). McCoy expressed no regrets for his race-based assessment of the trade, Kelly said he’d shake McCoy’s hand on Sunday, and McCoy said Chip “can’t shake sh-t.”

Chip also can’t ring McCoy’s phone. According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Kelly called McCoy on Tuesday. McCoy didn’t recognize the number, and he answered the call. After Kelly identified himself, McCoy hung up.

The move underscores the emotion that McCoy will bring back to Philly on Sunday.

“[H]e’s very fired up,” Bills tight end Charles Clay told Friday’s PFT Live. “I mean he’s getting a chance to go back home and go back to where he’s spent I think the last six years or so there. He’s very fired up. Anytime you get a chance to go back and play your former team . . . you want to impress and you want to play good. I mean he’s emotional, he’s fired up every week but definitely looking forward to seeing him play this week as I am every week. But he’s definitely fired up.”

Is there a chance he’ll be too emotional?

“I don’t think he’ll be too emotional,” Clay said. “I mean he does a good job of controlling those kind of things once he gets on the field. . . . He goes about it in a very professional manner so I don’t expect him to be too emotional. I mean he’ll be fired up but he definitely wants to win this game and he’ll go out there and do all he can in order to do so.”

The real question is whether the Eagles defense will find a way to contain their former teammate. The players and coaches know what McCoy does well and what he doesn’t do well. That gives them a clear edge.

The reception McCoy receives could give him an edge. Unlike Terrell Owens a decade ago, McCoy didn’t want to be traded or released. He wanted to stay. At a time when the locals remain less-than-enamored with Kelly, a torrent of cheers for McCoy could speak volumes on Sunday.

69 responses to “Report: LeSean McCoy hung up on Chip Kelly this week

  1. Gentlemen, remember football? Remember when players were allowed to tackle? Remember when we didn’t have to wait ten seconds before celebrating a big play just to ensure there were no flags? Remember when receivers made catches because of their skill and not their sticky gloves? Remember the run game? Remember TD celebrations? Remember defense? Remember when a catch was a catch? Do you remember football? Follow us.

  2. McCoy continues to demonstrate what an immature piece of trash he is. “Can’t shake Sh*t” and Hanging up a phone? McCoy is the racist.

  3. The irony of McCoy’s responses to being traded is that they make his trade more understandable. I suppose this is what happens when two people overestimate their talents and importance.

    Whereas Kelly manages to retain a level of dignity, McCoy manages to have the appearance of a pathetic spurned lover incapable of enough self-awareness to realize that his tantrums have the effect of disrespecting his current “lover”.

  4. Let it go Lesean. It was a business decision. Aging running back, big contract…odds are against you keeping it up for multiple more seasons, so they moved on.

    You are having a solid season, in a run centered offense. Enjoy it.

  5. I like the Bills. But I can see why McCoy is no longer and PHI, and he continues to make himself look bad by not simply handling Chip well publicly. Hope PHI shuts him down, and wins. He may be more hung up on hating Chip afterwards.

  6. sdchicken says:
    Dec 13, 2015 10:23 AM
    Let it go Lesean. It was a business decision. Aging running back, big contract…odds are against you keeping it up for multiple more seasons, so they moved on.

    You are having a solid season, in a run centered offense. Enjoy it.


    Murray proved this

  7. This guy needs to let it go already. It’s a business. It makes him look unhappy to be a Bill. Which was evident when the trade went down, but for the sake of his teammates, he can at least act like he wants to be there.

    Here’s hoping LeSean gets LeShut down.

  8. Such a shame players aren’t as “fired up” or “emotional” every week. Maybe their teams would fare better.

  9. At this point it doesn’t even matter who was right or wrong, Mccoy is being more immature then a child. I don’t care if this story is fabricated pr not because his comments on television about chip Kelley were so inappropriate.
    Mccoy I certainly hope you’ve made wise decisions with your money during your career because you wouldn’t make it in the real business world with that attitude.

  10. When another persons actions control your responses you’ve lost. Sorry McCoy but you lost this one.

  11. I think I’m understanding exactly why Chip cut this baby. I’m sure he always acted like a child and Chip was tired of it. I don’t blame him for cutting him one bit.

  12. Way too much drama.

    McCoy needs to accept that players get traded. It happens.

    And shame on Chip Kelly. A head coach needs to focus on his team, and not feeding on this and encouraging it. He had no business even calling McCoy.

  13. Shady is a top 6 NFL RB. Chips 20 wins in his first 2 years were largely in part due to McCoy, anyone that doubts that just take a look at our record with & without him.

    When the Riley Cooper incident went down, Shady was one of the players that was deeply hurt by what happened & what was said. Chip needed Shady in that locker room as one of the teams biggest leaders & asked McCoy to have his back with the team. McCoy did as Chip asked even though it tore at fiber of his being & belief system.

    In the offseason, Chip dumps Shady for a player of much lesser value. Chip doesn’t have the common courtesy or stones to call McCoy & let him know before it was announced & once again say to Shady “I’ll never forget what you did for me”. Not a big deal for Kelly now since he’s GM also in 2015 & no longer needs the players to have his back.

    Kelly has no idea how to treat grown men playing Football. His treatment of McCoy screams arrogance & it seems Chip has a short memory in regards to people bailing him out & truly helping him. In his mind, he was the one that showed the nessessary leadership to smooth over the Cooper problem, two years later Shady didn’t do anything special. This is why Chip needs to go back to college.

  14. Another self absorbed player who feels he is bigger and better than the team. Get out on the field and do something, instead runs mouth. He needs to answer the phone from all the self entitled players that have long gone the way side.

  15. Shady is a spoiled child. And the Eagles are going to spank him and the rest of the Bills today. Afterwards Shady will turn on his team mates and shut down for the year.

  16. Philly is more worried about the quarterback of Buffalo, not McCoy. He’ll probably run backwards more than forward, and fall down to avoid contact. That’s the McCoy I remember.

  17. You are forgetting the key piece… Rex Ryan!! Rex loves revenge and he will make sure that McCoy get more than his fair shot at revenge. I think McCoy is going to have a big game.

  18. If true, wouldnt this be considered tampering? Not traditional tampering, but pretty much just messing with another teams player? Could you imagine Rex Ryan calling all his former Jets players the week before the final game of the year, in which the Bills and Jets play for the final playoff spot? He would get crucified for doing that. But Im sure Belicheck does it regularly…..

  19. Responses here are a bit weird. Why does it make Shady racist for hanging up?

    He wants nothing to do with Chip. Why’s Chip even calling him?

    Everyone is now learning that CK has an over inflated opinion of CK.

  20. Ya know at first glance this seems like a spoiled overpaid brat athlete but the more I look at it ,,,,,,,,,,,I LIKE THE FEEL OF IT AND ITS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE !

  21. How is Shady being racist by avoiding talking with another person he doesn’t like ? If anything, Chip needs to let him live his life after he set the course.

    There’s nothing to talk about outside of the field as well, where Shady will speak today.

  22. Complete side note here, but it appears Eagles fans have better grammar skills than most other teams’ fans, I guess I’m a grammar Nazi and I noticed a trend in this thread.

    On a related note, the Lesean gets leshut down was a great comment and I agree wholeheartedly.

    – Jet fan

  23. All the hate for Shady is unreal. McCoy hasn’t brought it up since it all went down at the beginning of the season, yet the Philly media just keeps on dredging it up. Guess they need a story being their joke of a coach and team aren’t living up to expectations. Sources with knowledge say Shady hung up on Chip? C’mon man, again this is just the media in Philly trying to find a story. Sound like Philly needs to let go of Shady. Last I heard the Philly fans were glad he is gone. Let it go Philly.

  24. McCoy proved what kind of guy he is when he left a 23 cent tip on a restaurant bill a few years ago. Nothing like a millionaire stiffing a working guy. As for the Riley Cooper incident poor shady was hurt so bad by a word that is spoken in his own locker room hundreds of times a week. Chip might be a bad coach but I have little doubt that McCoy is a lousy person

  25. McCoy is a loser. No championships. Can run his mouth behind Chip Kelly’s back but when Kelly calls him he hangs up on him? Kudos to Kelly for ridding his team of selfish players like MeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy.

  26. greymares says:
    Dec 13, 2015 11:12 AM
    @ bleedeaglegreen, CHANGE YOUR NAME !!!

    Just because I do not belive in this college coach & can see he’s clearly over his head. Just because I believe Lurie has done a horrible job since buying the team, over 20 years with no super bowl championships. I am just as entitled to my opinion as you are bro about our incompetent coach.

    Let him fix this & look like a real team in the next 4 weeks or go back to college. But just because you disagree with my opinions, doesn’t make them wrong.

    I love my birds, I loved Andy. But this guy sucks in IMHO that is full of hubris & arrogance that will not bring Philly a championship.

  27. Man, why is he so mad about this still? The Bills have a better team than the Iggles, and hes playing well, so why is still going on about this? It almost seems like he still wishes he was in Philly.

  28. Gotta love how so many on here are basically saying Kelly got it right because of McCoy’s attitude. You’re all just like Chip Kelly, more concerned about having guys with a specific attitude to fit into the machine rather than actually having production.

    Maybe you don’t like McCoy, but you really think that the Eagles would have only 5 wins if he was still there? And if Desean Jackson and Maclin were still there? But hey, if you’re more interested in what is said than production on the field then enjoy your 6 win season

  29. His obsession with Chip Kelly is bizarre. It’s starting to feel like one of those situations where a person pretends to hate something to cover up the fact they actually are in LOVE with that thing.

  30. If you get bad service you leave a bad tip, that’s why they have tipping. If you don’t respect someone, you don’t have to shake their hand. If you don’t want to talk to someone on your phone you can hang up. Why are these things so hard to understand? People who stand up for themselves do these things. Guess most of these commenters are the weak submissive type. Eagles fans Lol!

  31. Imagine the liberal outrage, especially the Florio outrage, if a white player accused a black coach of being racist for cutting him.

  32. billswillnevermove says:
    Dec 13, 2015 10:20 AM
    Anything to keep this story going, weather true or untrue. Writers have zero integrity these days.

    Thank you for not calling them journalists!!

  33. Hey Chip… just because he said he’d shake your hand if it was presented to not look like a butthole in public, doesn’t mean he wants to talk to you privately on his cellphone.

    Though I suspect this was Chip’s way to try to look like a good, humble guy… since he’s sort of being seen differently just about everywhere else and seems to be taking the blackball approach with Murray.

    Yes, Murray has sucked, and if Chip wants to play pieces that fit better into his offense, it sort of makes sense. But two things seem to escape Chip….

    #1 Chip doesn’t neccessarily need to only run his offense. He should be willing to alter his offense sometimes to fit the significant talents of Murray. (He may have finally realized not to put a square peg in a round hole, but he forgets as coach, he can make the hole square and fit a square peg through it.)

    #2 Regardless of how he’s played, to go directly from number 1 to number 4 on the depth chart screams an ulterior motive, and showcases Chip would rather throw his marquee players under the bus (again) rather then alter his offense after his stubbornness created a situation where Murray had to go outside of the chain of command.

    It’s a pathetic authoritarian play by Chip to try to hold onto his power and authority over his team. This is likely not JUST a Murray problem. He probably senses other problems that media just haven’t sniffed out yet.

    The problem is, most people can read between the lines and see he’s likely already lost some of the belief in the system his players need to have to be successful. Demoting Murray this much might actually have the opposite effect and push other players further away from Chip, rather then getting people back in the fold.

    Winning might help that, and in the NFC East they still have a good shot to secure a playoff spot, but if they don’t it could really backfire. People could bring up that he should of altered some of his offense to utilize Murray, rather then go with inferior overall talent in his system.

    Even if they make the playoffs, there is a decent shot they get blown out by a Seattle, Green Bay, or even Vikings team.

    The seeds of discord are at their very least germinating. With players having an offseason to think and talk about it with other players, next year could get ugly.

  34. Why can’t Chip Kelly just let it go? McCoy is gone, he’s irrelevant. Kelly’s like the guy that gets called a racist and goes overboard trying to get the guy that called him that to change his mind.

    Just let it go! McCoy will never succeed in Buffalo, it’s Buffalo!

  35. Paging “unclebuck”, paging “unclebuck”…….

    “unclebluck says:
    Dec 13, 2015 10:14 AM
    McCoy’s gonna hang 200 all purpose yards on Kelly’s inept defense!!”

    He did almost get half of that… in the losing effort.

    Fly Eagles Fly!

  36. Turns out this wasn’t true. Chip called out the local paper that started it-flat out said it didn’t happen and that its tabloid journalism.

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