Seahawks rookie RB Rawls out for season


Seahawks running back Thomas Rawls broke his ankle on the game’s first drive Sunday in Baltimore and is done for the season.

Rawls, an undrafted rookie, carried six times for 44 yards before suffering the injury. He’s performed well in the absence of Marshawn Lynch even as Russell Wilson and the passing game have taken off.

Wilson has thrown at least three touchdown passes in four straight games. He threw five touchdown passes Sunday as Seahawks rolled over the Ravens, 35-6.

Fred Jackson probably becomes the primary runner with Rawls out, though DuJuan Harris ran 18 times for 42 yards Sunday. Whether Lynch can return this season remains uncertain.

Harris, 27, was previously with the Packers. He signed with the Seahawks following Lynch’s injury last month.

Jackson signed with the Seahawks in training camp after being cut by the Bills.

Rawls also tore ligaments in his ankle, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. An undrafted rookie, Rawls ran for 391 yards in the three games previous to Sunday.

26 responses to “Seahawks rookie RB Rawls out for season

  1. Rawls was having an amazingly productive season and almost a sure 100 yards every week. He is going to be the future starter for Seattle.

    Feel bad for him for breaking his ankle as a undrafted rookie free agent. Seattle is going to have to hope that Lynch can heal and find someone to go at RB until then because I didn’t like what I did see from either Jackson and Harris. Bryce Brown or Christine Michael come to mind because they have familiarity in Seahawks offense.

  2. “He threw four touchdown passes Sunday as Seahawks rolled over the Ravens, 35-6.”

    He threw 5. Did you watch the game or check the score real quick?

  3. Too bad for Rawls. Hopefully back next year at the same pace.

    Next man up. The beauty of having a GM and coach that can get undrafted players to be legit starters like Rawls, as opposed to paying huge money for RB cough*Murray*cough, means someone will step up, Jackson, Lynch maybe in a few weeks.

    Seattle has a pretty soft schedule left, outside of playing ARI at the end of the year, and thus is on pace to play the NFCE “champion” in the WC.

  4. Guess you wrote the story before Russell threw his fifth?

    This is going to end up being the season that takes Russel to the top QB tier.

    See you next year rawls I hope you heal perfectly and are ready to go.

  5. Gee, the Seahawks sure are lucky they have that “average” quarterback that they “overpaid”for playing so well Ha?

  6. Biiiig Biiiig blow. This kid was in the running for rookie of the year he was going to get 1000 yards rushing in 8-9 games. Just today he was on pace for 100 yards in the first half alone.

    Heal up Brotha we are absolutely rooting for this young man. Fought through alot of adversity already and this won’t keep him down. Hawks keep losing offensive weapons I hope they can keep up the production but will absolutely pick up a rb off waivers.

  7. It is what it is. Looking forward to seeing what Rawls can do for us next year, especially if Lynch retires and he comes in as the #1 back.

    Meanwhile, there’s still a playoff spot up for grabs. Schneider is probably already working the phones trying to find a RB. At this point, we need someone who can take carries in seven days and hopefully not fumble.

    Every team that could take a playoff spot away from Seattle is at least two games behind, with only three to play. Next two games are at home…time to nail down the playoff spot, cross fingers, and hope Lynch is ready for Wild Card Weekend.

  8. I am sure John Schneider is on the phone right now determining who is available to come in and help out. The way the Seahawks O Line is blocking even one of Cable’s O linemen could run behind this group for 100 yards next week.

  9. Don’t even start with this ray rice montee ball nonsense. Just because you’ve heard of them doesn’t mean they’re the best available. They are both way to slow through the hole. What the Seahawks need is a young guy who’s ready to run like Rawls did. I don’t have any players in mind but that’s the point. There’s a reason rice isn’t getting signed and it has little to do with what he did in that elevator. If he ran like Rawls was he’d be on a team right now.

  10. That’s rough. Rawls was having a GREAT year. Hope he heals up fully and is ready to go for next year. Hawks will miss him.

    I don’t think there is an obvious answer as to who can take over for him until Marshawn gets back. Harris didn’t impress me today and Jackson seems more like a veteran presence than a contributor at this point in his career.

  11. Russell would’ve had 6 passing tds if not for Luke Willson dropping the ball in the end zone. I don’t really like Dujuan Harris’s running style. Christine Michael could do well. I don’t know what’s his deal but the man has talent. What the h*ll was Michael Bennett doing back out there with the score 35-6 after he hurt his knee!

  12. Ray Rice not getting a tryout anywhere has A LOT to do with what happened in that elevator. Not that he would be signed but someone somewhere would’ve took a look at him.

  13. Not a huge Seahawks fan, but watching this guy emerge was pretty cool. Hope he comes back strong and healthy for you Seahawks fans. It will be fun to watch him in the future once he gets back.

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