Ted Ginn’s catching things today, Panthers cruise to 21-0 lead

Getty Images

Ted Ginn doesn’t always catch footballs. But when he does, they usually go for big plays.

The most interesting wide receiver in the NFL is on today, catching a pair of deep touchdowns as the Panthers are out to a 21-0 lead over the Falcons, who appear to be ready to go home already.

Ginn has two catches for 120 yards and two scores (from 74 and 46 yards away), as he has chosen to make plays with his hands today.

A week ago, the Panthers were able to survive Ginn dropping deep balls, but he’s paying them back for their loyalty this week. The guy is never going to be Jerry Rice, he’s simply not terribly good at catching the ball. But he has incredible speed, and when he’s with the Panthers, he’s a legitimate threat. Part of that is because they’ll throw it to him in bulk, and accept the drops in exchange for the deep balls he does catch.

So in 29 games with the Panthers, Ginn has 13 touchdown receptions. In 104 games with the Dolphins, 49ers and Cardinals, he caught six touchdown passes.

The Panthers are rolling at the moment, outgaining the Falcons 260-53 in the first quarter.