J.J. Watt on playing with broken hand: You make do with what you got

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Texans defensive end J.J. Watt said that he would be able to play against the Patriots despite breaking his left hand during practice last week and he was on the field with a club protecting the injury from the opening snap.

Watt didn’t have his usual impact, however. He finished the night with three tackles and no sacks with his only quarterback hit coming too late for the liking of the officiating crew. Watt received a personal foul for roughing Tom Brady on the first New England touchdown of the night, but was otherwise a non-factor while lining up all over the field in hopes of finding a way to wreak havoc.

After the game, Watt complimented the Patriots’ game plan of keeping multiple sets of eyes and hands on him on every play. He also acknowledged that the injury limited him, although he did his best to downplay that as an excuse for a quiet night.

“It’s not terrible,” Watt said, via the Houston Chronicle. “I wish I had a hand, but I don’t. You make do with what you got. It poses some problems, but it wasn’t that bad. There were times where it was painful, but that’s football. People play with pain all the time.”

Whether the Texans are starting Brian Hoyer or T.J. Yates at quarterback, the Texans are going to need to ride their defense if they’re going to wind up on top of the AFC South when the music stops. Finding a way to get Watt back in gear will be vital to those efforts.

19 responses to “J.J. Watt on playing with broken hand: You make do with what you got

  1. If they had won, and he had a good game, the story will be completely different. It would have been, “JJ the great, even with one hand, blah blah blah. The hand didn’t bother me.”

    Great player, but let’s be realistic.

  2. Had they won, this story would be so different. “JJ the Great. Even with one hand, blah blah blah. I only needed one hand.”

    Great player, but let’s be real. He’s been shut down two straight weeks.

  3. I love Watt, but the problem is that they can just put two players on him, and it neutralizes him (and throwing after 1.5 seconds). That’s what Buffalo and New England did. It should open up people like Clowney, but the rest of our D is no good (including Clowney on 95% of the plays).

  4. Does this self absorbed egomaniac ever quit talking about himself? Makes even worse commercials than Peyton Manning and will be busted for PEDS soon enough, but the NFL will probably cover up the positive drug test for their golden boy

  5. The only time he got noticed last night was when he took at cheap shot at Brady and when he shouldered into one of the smallest guys in the league (‘Dola)…yup, real tough guy right here.

    He’s an absolutely great player; but it’s coming to the time where a discussion needs to be had about him coming up small in big moments and padding his stats in the cesspool known as the AFC South. #Couldn’tCarryLT’sJock

  6. Best DE in the game. Unfortunately they went up against NE, who always adjust well.

    Healthly hand or not, it was a tall order to beat a determined NE team with a big weapon coming back coming off 2 straight losses.

  7. Watch the interview. Watt was very complimentary of the Patriots. I’ll check back with you all when he gets defensive player of the year…again.

  8. One of those tackles was a TFL, which he still leads the league in by a wide margin. The 2 sacks that Clowney had (yes, Clowney the so-called bust sacked Brady twice), Watt was right there with him. They doubled and tripled him the entire night. The issue is guys like Crick and Mercilus and Simon can’t get any pressure at all and makes things harder for Watt and Clowney.

    Pats fans can say all they want about Watt and his effectiveness, but the only reason they do that is because they can’t bear any attention being taken off of Brady and their team and put on someone else who deserves it. Your own coach compared him to LT, and I would think the holy savior of coaches saying that would be qualification enough.

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