Marcus Gilbert: All I want for Christmas is a playoff game against the Bengals

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Bengals cornerback Adam Jones sent some holiday cheer in the direction of the Steelers after the Bengals lost Sunday’s chippy matchup with their AFC North rivals.

Jones wasn’t the only player jumping onto social media to stoke the bad blood between the two teams. Steelers right tackle Marcus Gilbert wrote that he hopes to face the Bengals for a third time in the playoffs while making a reference to Cincinnati’s recent history of short visits to the postseason.

“All I want for Christmas is the Bengals. Would love to see them in the playoffs where they choke. The talking is done between the lines,” Gilbert wrote.

A third matchup in the opening round of the playoffs is a real possibility. The Bengals could be the third seed and the Steelers the sixth seed come the end of the season, which would pit them against each other in a game that would likely lead to a lot of trash talking between the lines, outside the lines and everywhere else.

53 responses to “Marcus Gilbert: All I want for Christmas is a playoff game against the Bengals

  1. That would be scary for Pitt, you know, considering the Bengals playoff record over the last 25 years….(tongue in cheek)

  2. “All I want for Christmas is the Bengals. Would love to see them in the playoffs where they choke. The talking is done between the lines,” Gilbert wrote.

    He’s absolutely right but even so, the vast majority of Bungals fans are content with regular season stats, and as long as that’s the case, nothing will ever change.

    You really need to set the bar higher.

  3. Enough about the irrelevant Bengals already. A road win against a division opponent is always nice but the Steelers are still on the outside looking in on the playoffs and have a tough and angry opponent coming up. Lose to the Broncos and the Bengals win means nothing. Focus on the task at hand.

  4. NO TEAM wants to see Pittsburgh in the playoffs… ESP those bum ass Bungals. And the game would be in Cinncinati and that’s another alternate Steeler stadium… Sorry Bungals but they don’t stand a chance!

  5. I get it, lose 4 games in a row in playoffs and you earn the mockery. But someone tell me how many playoff gamed this guy has won exactly.

    Too much yapping from both sides. Series is 1-1 this year, guessing the rubber match comes in January.

  6. I’ve caught hell other places from fellow Steelers fans, but that game would have been neck and neck had Dalton not broken his thumb. The Steelers secondary is hot, flaming garbage. Unless the Steelers offense can put up 35+ a game, no chance for aa deep push even if they make the playoffs. That secondary is soooooooo bad and it ain’t getting better this season.

  7. This is awesome – a member of the team that hasn’t won a playoff game in 5 years and just choked at home against the Ravens last last year is calling out the Bengals as chokers?

  8. The Ravens first win of the season was against the Steelers. Maybe, someone should remind Marcus Gilbert that the last time Pittsburgh won a playoff game was in 2011. Are the Steelers really? talking about another team choking in the playoffs?? Ok.


  9. Real easy to say now, when 1 team will be going in with their backup QB. If the Steelers had Landry Jones starting their playoff game, I’m sure the Bengals would LOVE to play them in the 1st round too.

  10. I’m a Bengals fan and Marvin Lewis needs to get control fast. Pacman and Burfict need to worry about playing well and winning. I don’t care what the Steelers players did or do because I hope they lose every week but Burfict was out of control yesterday. I felt like he was more worried about the extra curricular stuff than playing good football. Marvin Lewis needs to end this crap now.

  11. Maybe Marcus should hope for a Steelers playoff trip and victory against anyone since the Steelers have not won a playoff game in five years (one and done twice in that period).

    Dr. Rydze leaves the Steelers and the Steelers stop winning playoff games.


  12. Ironic coming from a Steelers player who hasn’t seen a playoff win.

    They aren’t the Bengals, but they are no strangers to choking in playoff games since 2011.

  13. This fake tough stuff is really getting old. From both sides. Remember when the Steelers were so good that they didn’t need to talk trash to the lowly Bengals (forgetting about the time Joey Porter paid his friends to jump Levi Jones in a casino)? Now that the Bengals are the better team (they are, top to bottom except for the QB), I wish they would shut up and play rather than talk down.

  14. Those people who follow that team that wears the purple and black lost a lot of sleep last night.

  15. The bengals are the bengals.

    The Steelers are taking this for granted. They’re gonna blow it.

  16. “The talking is done between the lines”… He posted on social media. Makes perfect sense.

  17. Shows the confidence you have in yourself when you call out the team with the hurt QB. What a coward.

  18. Steelers need to focus on the only thing that matters, that being winning their last 3 games. There’s a chance the Bungholes lose the next 3 (with Dalton done for year) & the Steelers take the division. But, the Steelers NEED to win their own games.

  19. Without Andy Dalton, the Bengals are guaranteed to lose in the playoffs. (Of course, they always lost when they had him anyway, but at least he gives them a semblance of a chance. A.J. McCarron isn’t taking the Bengals anywhere, that’s for sure.)

  20. a backup qb with zero touches in practice the week before walked on the field put up 20 on you and spotted you 17 points.

    keep talking Pittsburgh keep talking.

  21. Someone said loose to the Broncos and the Bengal win means nothing. How true! As a Steeler fan I hope they just shut up and play the games. Winning the next three in a row will be tuff enough.

  22. Jets will lose to the Patriots and that will open the door to the Steelers.

    Pac-man will get his wish. Be careful what you wish for Pac-man. You just might get it.

  23. How could the Bengals be so dam lucky to lose their QB. Mr Choken Ahnd Dalton! Love the short pass he tried to throw but screwed up royally then broke his hand. A real lack of intellence going on with that guy.

    Now at least they have a chance to win in the playoffs. If they go one and done the coach should too and kiss Andy goodbye for a draft pick.

  24. I always love watching the Steelers play the Bengals/Ravens. Dirty old school football. I could do without all the slap fights and dirty hits.

    Hate to see Dalton go down on some dumb little tackle and hate to see Eifert go down too, He’s the man and will be a problem for the Steelers for years to come.

    Burfict I couldn’t care less, That dude should needs to have his head checked for more than just a concussion, There is something not right about that guy.

    Steelers still got a lot of work to do to make it, Hoping the Jets just be the Jets and we should be ok.

  25. Nobody wants to play either the Steelers or Seattle right now that’s for dam sure. The Panthers, I don’t know? Can they take it all.
    I can tell you how to defend them, any play that would make Cam a hero, a five yard run for a touchdown or anything that would make him stand out as savior, he’s taking it.
    Plan on him running even if it looks like a pass play and you can win. No way he shares the stage with a running back or receiver. Its all about him.

  26. No one has pity for Cincy that Dalton is out. Ben missed 5 games this year. How were Dalton’s stats in the November game at Heinz Field ? Unable to cross the goal for the first 57 minutes.

    PIT is and has been missing starting center, starting O tackle and the best RB in the league. PIT defense makes 3rd string QB’s look like Joe Montana, especially with Antwon Blake on the field.

    Nice grab of the facemask/PI on Martavis Bryant on the deep ball inside Cincy 10 yd line that was never flagged.

  27. All this talk from the Steelers who aren’t even in the top 6 spots to make the playoffs. Lol act like you won a game before. We beat you in your house earlier this year don’t forget. With your QB at that.

  28. “All I want for Christmas is the Bengals. Would love to see them in the playoffs where they choke. The talking is done between the lines,” Gilbert wrote.

    The Stealers have had good success in the playoffs, but come on. You lost to Tim freaking Tebow in an extremely embarrassing playoff loss.

  29. I can only say to the Steeler players don’t get caught up in the non-football shenanigans ala Bengals. Stay focus your goal is within reach the North win out and your in.

  30. McCarron did an admirable job as a backup. Granted, that one long TD was against Blake. If the Steelers would just stop putting him on the field…. SMH.

    I do hope the Steelers enjoy that victory for what it was, but give the same kind of effort this next weekend.

    It could all mean nothing without 3 more wins.

  31. “Dr. Rydze leaves the Steelers and the Steelers stop winning playoff games.”

    Rydze worked for the team until 2007. Several playoff games were won after that. Try harder.

  32. Steelers aren’t even in the playoffs so until that happens they can wish all they want. Jets aren’t going to lose neither are the chiefs. Plus steelers lose at Broncos.

  33. Considering this guy is 0-2 in the playoffs and the Steelers haven’t won one in 5 years, I’d say he should probably pipe down. Especially when they lost one against Tim Tebow. You know, the QB who couldn’t stay in the NFL because he was that bad. While I agree the Bengals deserve the ribbing they get for choking, at least they’ve made it every year since Andy has been here. Can’t say that for the Steelers.

  34. 5 Years of not winning a playoff game for Pitt to 25 years of not winning a playoff game for Cincy. Ummmmm. Please do not compare Cincy fans. You’ll only embarrass yourselves like you have for decades.

  35. I just love how steelers fans keep using the word Bungles like this is still the team from the 90’s. You won this past game because Dalton got hurt. I’m pretty sure we’ll be laughing at you come playoff time when your not even in it. LOL!

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