Report: No thumb surgery for Andy Dalton


Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton met with doctors about the fracture in his right thumb on Monday and it appears he will avoid an operation as part of the healing process.

According to multiple reports, Dalton will not have surgery to help repair the injury. The hope is that the bone can heal on it’s own over the next few weeks and that Dalton will be able to return for the postseason. At this point, the Bengals have only ruled him out for Week 15.

NBC sports medicine analyst Mike Ryan said on PFT Live Monday that the best-case scenario for Dalton’s return would be Week 17 with that timeline dependent on the location and type of fracture that he suffered. He also said that Dalton will need some time to build muscles back up once the bone has healed.

The Bengals can buy Dalton another week for that to happen if they earn one of the top two seeds in the AFC. They’re currently in the second spot and have a Monday night game with the Broncos in Week 16 that will likely determine if they hold onto that standing heading into the postseason.

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  1. A few weeks even in a soft cast is going to weaken that forearm and grip on the ball. Dalton will not be the same QB when he comes back for awhile. I think Denver takes the #2 seed.

  2. Does it really matter? We all know the RED POP GUN and that sorry coach Marvin Lewis will lose in the first round. Again!

    Nobody worries about the Bungles when it’s prime time!

  3. If accurate, this is great news.

    Hue Jackson will really need to come up with some magic to get the Bengals is position to get that bye.

  4. Good news – watching Denver play a real defense yesterday I’m perfectly confident we’ll take them (not to mention I doubt they beat Pittsburgh). He should be close to 100% after a bye.

  5. Unless he’s got the healing powers of T.O. his broken bone will take six weeks to heal. It’s hard to accept, but it’s done. He won’t have a first team snap until at least the Divisional Round at the absolute earliest. I hate it for every Bengal fan but it’s all AJ now.

  6. There is, unfortunately, little chance the Bengals get a first round bye.

    If they beat Ravens/Chargers but lose to the Broncos (in Denver) – then Denver only has to beat San Diego in week 17 to get the bye – assuming the Broncos lose to Pittsburgh this weekend.

    I have a hard time imagining the Bengals doing better than 2-1 over the last three weeks.

  7. “Common sense tells you that it’s not going to heal 100% for the playoffs, it’s bound to effect his throwing motion.”

    Thank you, Dr. Commonsense

  8. I have a theory :

    he never injured his thumb.

    Look at the footage..nothing indicates this. The playoffs are near and they’re protecting Andy from another bad playoff loss, keeping his confidence high so that in the off season they can continue to build him up. They know that if/when he loses BAD this year there may be no return.

    So they want to toughen up the layers so-to-speak and make a run next year. When he loses next year it won’t kill him because he’s been built up a bit…confidence wise.

  9. At this point the best case scenario is to try and beat the 9ers and Ravens take the division and the 3 seed and see how AJ does in the games he starts and see how Dalton is coming around. He’s basically got 4 weeks to get right for the wildcard round if AJ is looking good keep him in if not if Dalton can play you have to use him.

    Hopefully Jeremy Hill wakes up and plays like he did second half of the season last year.

  10. Good luck to him, he’s had a real good year. I just wonder how stiff his thumb and forearm will be. Gripping the ball might be hard after only 4 weeks in a cast.

    At least the balls will be a little deflated from the cold weather.

  11. so much negativity in the world anymore – it’s depressing.

    This is a great story in the making for both AJ and Andy. AJ is a winner and he’s got a chance to shine in an NFL in desperate need of quarterbacks. Dalton has lead his team admirably, now he gets some time to rest and contemplate and come back and lead his team to a Superbowl.

    this is going to be great.

  12. Can you say “wishful thinking”?!? I broke my thumb and it took about 6 months to start to feel anywhere near normal from a grip perspective & has never been the same. Depending on exactly how it’s broke…he could be in for a long wait for it to be back to any resemblance of “normal”. If he does come back, look for his repeated fumbles & Interceptions…

  13. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for the Bengal’s season but personally I wish Dalton a speedy recovery. Playoff football is more enjoyable when every team has their best players on the field.

  14. @mark4steelers: Dalton has a slight fracture and access to NFL health care (I’m sure he’ll be getting those platement-rich plasma injections). Your situations aren’t alike. Btw, Dalton only threw 7 INTs all year and he rarely fumbles. Get a clue.

  15. I feel the need to opine here, as a Steelers’ fan:

    1. Hate that Dalton got hurt, you always want to play the opposing team at 100%. (unlike some Steelers’ fans who were gloating at Dalton’s injury; or some Bengals’ fans and players who laughed up a storm when Bell got hurt)
    2. Don’t discount A J McCarron, he torched us for a 67 yard TD to AJ Green . . . his INT could be down to nerves, but getting all the reps in the next couple of weeks will help his confidence and his accuracy.

  16. People should stop treating this like it’s been confirmed.

    Yesterday, PFT reminded us that even though other media outlets were releasing reports about him being done for the season, they were just that, “reports”, and we wouldn’t know for sure until an official announcement.

    I don’t know if PFT will bother posting the same caution about its own “reports”, or if it just does so when other media outlets post them. I guess that remains to be seen.

  17. According to Dr. Mark Adickes via Twitter Dalton is unlikely to play again this season including the playoffs.

  18. I hate to see any player hurt but when you have a qb and he has a fractured finger, especially the thumb, on his throwing hand ? No, he is not throwing again this season or post season.
    I feel for Bengal fans but believe me, he is not going to play. They can do any in jection they like, its not going to work in 3 4 or even 8 weeks.

    If they attempt to put this guy on the field again its going to be ugly.

  19. Really wanted to see a pats Bengals afcg.

    But even if he’s back he won’t be close to 100%, so think it’s a one and done for Cinci….again.

  20. Carrot Top (Dalton) isn’t too smart. He got injured trying to tackle a 6′ 6″ 303 lb DE and put his team in jeopardy of ending another dismal playoff season. Although it wouldn’t be a lock even if he wasn’t hurt. They don’t have the continuity of a championship team.

  21. “weepingjebus says:
    Dec 14, 2015 3:42 PM

    Tebow time. He’d have beaten the Steelers.”

    Oh brother, what a clueless comment that was. Tebow is wretched. Not one NFL team has expressed the slightest interest in him. For good reason. Terrible QB. The only reason you mention the Steelers is because he made a throw any high school QB could make due to a backup player busting his coverage.

  22. If Ben had to deal with such a minor injury, one Advil, and he would be starting next week against the Broncos.

    The Red (BB Gun) Rider’s career is a microcosm for the Bungles – they will always be the brides maids of the AFC North.

  23. The Bengals could win a couple games with McCarron, but everything else would have to be nearly perfect. Avoid penalties and win the turnover battle. That’s the challenge and I’ll bet the Bengals will embrace it. I don’t think guys like A.J. Green are going down without a fight. I’d throw him 25 passes. Opponents will be expecting a lot of runs. I’m sure Hue Jackson is cooking something good.

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