With Rob Gronkowski back, Patriots are a different team


It wasn’t just the four passes he caught, or the touchdown. And he certainly didn’t play every snap in his first game back from a knee injury.

But make no mistake, the return of Rob Gronkowski was evident last night in the Patriots’ 27-6 win over the Texans.

He’s one of the focal points of our offense,” Danny Amendola said, via Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald. “He’s a great football player. He adds a lot. Having him out there, he creates such a mismatch on linebackers. We’re just happy to have him back.”

For a guy who was writing on the snowy Denver turf in pain two weeks prior, it was quite a comeback, and just in time, since it helped end a two-week losing streak that coincided with him going down. And while the injury wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked, he clearly wanted to get back in a hurry.

“There was urgency, and there wasn’t urgency. The urgency was I wanted to be out there back with my teammates, be back out there back playing football,” Gronkowski said. “When you miss a game, it’s hard to watch. You just want to be out there playing football, making plays. At the same time, you want to be smart about it, which we were. The organization, myself, (we) just rehabbed really hard. Everything checked out, everything felt good, so I was good to go.”

But his impact was felt in more than just his receiving stats, as his role as a blocker helped a run game that was without yet another back, and helped take the pressure off a receiving corps that could include just about anyone from week to week.

“There’s no one I trust more than Gronk,” quarterback Tom Brady said. “He’s a great player . . . blocking, pass protecting . .. he takes advantage of his matchups. He’s just a great player.”

And now that he’s back, the Patriots might be a great team again.

24 responses to “With Rob Gronkowski back, Patriots are a different team

  1. Ahhh, the deafening silence of Haternation is sweet music to our ears. All those bold predictions. Seemed the refs tried their best but sorry Hateroids, Pats are back in the playoffs.

  2. There’s a reason why the kneecap is a preferred area for prisoner torture. Trauma there is among the most painful.

    Seeing the Patriots get healthy for the playoffs is the nightmare scenario for 11 other NFL playoff teams

  3. Gronk is an awesome player, but too bad his career will be distracted by multiple asterisks because his HC and QB ran a systematic team wide cheating operation. Docked draft picks and huge fines. terrible.

  4. Though the haters wont admit it, because it is more fun to act like the Patriots “aren’t really that good”, Gronk isn’t just some guy. The Patriots lost to the Broncos, and then the Eagles, because of injuries. Yes, all teams suffer injuries, and injuries shouldn’t be used as an excuse, BUT, not all injuries are created equal. It is clear to anyone who watches football that Gronk on the sidelines makes the Patriots a completely different team. They are mortal without him. One could argue his injury impact is equal to that of Brady. Whether that is true or not can be debated. But it is clear that he is the one guy (excluding the QB position) that simply cant be taken out of the line up. The drop off is dramatic

  5. “For a guy who was writing on the snowy Denver turf in pain two weeks prior, it was quite a comeback”

    Why would he be writing in the snow if he was in pain? And what did he write? We need answers!

  6. Hey, I’m a Pats fan, and as big of a Gronk fan as anyone. But, the Pats loss to the Eagles was not due to lack of offense. It was due to their special teams multiple gaffs.

    So unless these sports writers think that Gronk plays on special teams, I don’t see where his absence had anything to do with their let down, and loss to Philly.

    The loss in overtime, in the snow, in Denver was a game that any team could win or lose any week of the season. That’s the reason they actually play these games, instead of just having the media vote on who they feel wins the superbowl.

  7. Awesome article. Why, you ask? Because it is sure to piss some people off, that’s why. Great Monday in New England, back on top.

  8. A TE that can block like Gronk is special when you realize what a pass catcher he is to top it off.

    Heath Miller, Jason Witten are others that come to mind that go under appreciated. They block a lot too and are great TEs with Rob just being a better pass catcher.

    People who appreciate good, hard nosed football appreciate good blocking by skilled position players. Fun to watch

  9. Pats Bengals Colts Broncos wild cards Jets Steelers Jets beat Colts Steelers beat Bengals Steelers beat Pats Broncos beat Jets Broncos beat Steelers Super bowl Broncos Seahawks.

  10. STILLlolatpatshaters says:
    Dec 14, 2015 12:34 PM

    You forgot #GOATKicker

  11. trina16 says:
    Dec 14, 2015 1:07 PM

    STILLlolatpatshaters says:
    Dec 14, 2015 12:34 PM

    You forgot #GOATKicker

    Yes I did. My bad! 🙂

    Loved AV but Gostkowski is the better kicker in my opinion. I would be confident he’ll make the kicks that Adam did in those same situations.

  12. fanasaurus says:
    Dec 14, 2015 12:17 PM

    ninjapleazee says:
    Dec 14, 2015 9:18 AM

    The biggest fake is Gronk, flopped to the ground rolling around acting like his leg was blown off.. All for a mild sprain. Talk about attention needy.
    A bone bruise to the knee is one of the most painful injuries one can experience, you left that part out. That’s how trolls roll, too blind by their hate to know the facts. Grow up son, your hate will only take to bad places.

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