Cam Newton is scoring touchdowns like no other NFL player


Saying Cam Newton runs for a lot of touchdowns is like saying a lot of people are going to go see the new Star Wars movie. It’s an accurate statement, but it doesn’t really convey the magnitude of the matter.

Newton isn’t just running for a lot of touchdowns by the standards of a quarterback. Newton is running for a lot of touchdowns by the standards of a running back. There’s only one NFL player who has run for at least five touchdowns in each of the last five seasons, and it’s not a running back. It’s Newton.

There are four running backs who have rushed for at least five touchdowns in four of the last five seasons: LeGarrette Blount, Mark Ingram, Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson. But none of them have scored five touchdowns in five out of five years like Newton, and unless Lynch comes back from his injury and scores two touchdowns in the next three games, none of them will.

Newton already has 40 rushing touchdowns in his career, with three games left in his fifth season. Not only has no quarterback done that, but no quarterback has come close: Daunte Culpepper, with 26 rushing touchdowns in his first five seasons, comes the closest.

With 40 rushing touchdowns in his first five seasons, Newton is ahead of the pace of a lot of great running backs, and every running back who entered the league with Newton in 2011: DeMarco Murray, who leads the 2011 running back draft class in rushing touchdowns, is at 32, eight touchdowns behind Newton.

There’s a long list of Hall of Fame running backs who had fewer rushing touchdowns in their first five seasons than Newton. Gale Sayers had 39. Thurman Thomas had 35. Jerome Bettis had 31. O.J. Simpson had 30. Larry Csonka had 27. John Riggins had 25.

Newton is already second in NFL history in rushing touchdowns for a quarterback, just three back of Steve Young’s record of 43. Newton could still break that record this year, at the age of 26.

Suffice to say, when Newton is done, he’ll have scored touchdowns at a rate unseen by any quarterback in NFL history. And for that matter, a rate unseen by many running backs.

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  1. I see the medias full court press for Cam Newton as MVP is in full swing. While I’m hoping someone else, cough *Brady* cough, wins, the award is Newtons to lose at this point.

  2. Sounds like a misleading stat if it leads to this statement: “Newton isn’t just running for a lot of touchdowns by the standards of a quarterback. Newton is running for a lot of touchdowns by the standards of a running back.”

    Cause that’s not even an interesting stat, and I would bet if you look at all 5 year spans and not just this particular one, 5 years with 5 rushing tds is not a particularly noteworthy stat.

  3. In 2015 thru week 13, Newton is #4 in rushing TDs (7) and #5 in rushing 1st downs (41) despite running only a fraction of plays compared to full time NFL RBs. Newon is not the best passing QB but this year he is carrying his offense on the ground and in the air…..with less weapons than most offenses. And at 13-0, the MVP award is already over……Newton in a land slide

  4. The problem with this is that he might have a career length in line with running backs as well. Yes, he’s still young, but he’s going to have to dial it back before too long if he wants to play much past his early 30s.

  5. It really isn’t that impressive. The reason is two-fold: red zone passing game isn’t good enough, and proximity + size on sneaks/dives/bellies. If the receiving group was good enough, would they call as many of those as they do? Of course, it’s good football to let the 240 lb guy 1.5 yards from the end zone pound it in rather than hand it to a guy 6 yards from it. There just isn’t anything particularly skilled about it.

  6. He thinks he is on DWTS. There is only one issue I have with his dancing, it’s self motivated. Don’t tell me this is something the whole team is into, you’re pretending. Sure Gronk does a little shimmy with his spike, but it’s not the same.

    Tolbert leads a huge block in way for Newton to essentially walk into the endzone, and instead of giving him any acknowledgement, he just starts dancing and making it all a media show.

    When Cam Newton celebrates a TD dance in the NFC championship I will then be somewhat impressed. As it currently stands he hasn’t even been there to sniff the smell of it.

  7. That’s odd because when I see him score he acts like he’s never done it before.

    Look, we all get it. Cam is the MVP. The Panthers Defense has been so good that it has made the offense operate under no pressure at all. They’re a feel good story for sure but Cam is just a more athletically talented version of Trent Dilfer.

  8. Congrats to Newton, but is anyone else growing weary of his constant self-adulation? At some point, somebody is going to get fed up with the dances (read: taunts in disguise) and give him a poke.

  9. Re: raober
    Why do you say that? How much have you seen him play? Cam does not run that much. Most of his runs are when the defense don’t spy him and they leave their zones. And he doesn’t take hits like RG3, except some cheap shots after he gets down. He’s as big as some linebackers. You sound as if all he does is run every chance he gets. But you could also say the same thing about every NFL player, no matter what position.

  10. And, when all that running leads to the inevitable injury, the same fawning media schlubs who love him now will turn on him and call him reckless.

  11. Cause that’s not even an interesting stat, and I would bet if you look at all 5 year spans and not just this particular one, 5 years with 5 rushing tds is not a particularly noteworthy stat.
    Barry Sanders never did it. Jerome Bettis never did it. Earl Campbell never did it.

    Give the guy his props.

  12. I’ve seen many people criticize players like Peyton Manning, Brett Favre for scoring goal line touchdown passes as being selfish. Why is Cam being praised for the same type of behavior?

  13. Agree, it’s Newton in an MVP landslide.

    And that’s coming from a guy whose favorite quarterbacks are Marcus Mariota, Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers. (As Cam continues to mature, he’s certainly growing on me though.)

  14. Game Manager Extraordinaire. A more charismatic and more believable version of Russell Wilson.

  15. It’s amazing to me the hate that Cam gets. The guy has been NOTHING but a CLASS ACT since coming into the league. He actually has fun on the football field and his teammates love him for it. He is the face and the personality of a 13-0 football team. The stuff he does on the field that people take issue with ONLY take issue with him for doing it.

    If you don’t like Cam Newton, you’re just a miserable person.

  16. Michael David Smith, what are Michael Vicks rushing touchdown stats when he first came into the league? Just curious,Thanks.

  17. Cam is your classic frontrunner – the first to celebrate and self-promote when things are going good and the first to sulk, pout and act like a spoiled loser when they lose

    This clown showed me what he’s really about on two occasions: doing his “look-at-me” celebration after scoring a meaningless rushing TD in a blowout and talking smack to defenders while being keenly aware of where the refs are and backing up to them while instigating

    For those saying “everyone celebrates” please point out the next time Manning, Brady or Brees celebrates a first down

  18. Good to know Cam is scoring many touchdowns. I was confused with all of his dancing on the field. I thought he was just shooting a music video.
    Pelvic Thruster 2.0

  19. His performance on the field still does not overshadow the fact that he and his family are cheaters and the NCAA let them get away with it.

    He is still a scumbag to me

  20. Newton is an offensive machine and the toughest red zone threat in the league.

    -Team is 13-0

    -35 TDs (28 passing; 7 rushing)

    -Leads the #1 scoring offense in the NFL

    -Crazy red zone numbers (20TDs 0 INTs, and that’s for the whole season, not just the past couple of weeks)

    -In the 4th quarter, Newton has the highest passer rating in the league: 119

    -He has more rushing touchdowns than LaGarette Blount or Mark Ingram. And he has as many as Chris Ivory.

    -His passer rating in December is his highest every year

    Gotta give him the MVP.

  21. This season he has 28 TD passes and 7 Rushing. And Ted Ginn has dropped at least 4 passes that would have been TDs this season.

    20 Red Zone TD passes and of those 11 within the 10 yard line. — so it isn’t always running.

  22. He is a great young running QB. There aren’t a lot of old running QB’s. Steve Young was a running QB at one time. It’s only when he ran as a last resort that his game went to the next level.

  23. Wow. When you think of running QBs you think of guys like Steve Young, Randall Cunningham, especially Mike Vick. Just to name a few.

    To see Cam compared to those guys is pretty impressive. Especially Young. What made Young special is that he was still able to pass from the pocket. I guess Young is the closest parallel to Cam that we have ever seen in the NFL.

    That’s some pretty impressive company for Mr. Newton.

    Like/dislike him all you want, but what he’s doing on the field can’t be ignored. It’s pretty incredible.

  24. That’s what happens when the best defenses you face are an anemic “are these guys even going to reach .500” Week 6 Seahawks, and the Texans, who have holes you can literally drive a truck through.

    I know people don’t like hearing it, but when a mediocre-to-good team faces scrubs, they look great. Look at the AFC South – the Colts have looked great for the last decade plus, until they actually start facing decent teams.

    This season’s unexpected collapse aside, anyway.

  25. Cam is special and people need to stop hating on him and just sit back and enjoy it…there may never be another one, he’s going to be one of those guys you tell your grand kids about…stop hating and feel privilege that he came around in a era which you were able to witness….and in Steve Young defense, he was on the bench for a few yrs early in his career, imagine if he started day 1 what kind of numbers he could of put up……

  26. The thing you have to hand Newton is that he wouldn’t be able to keep running for all these touchdowns without a credible ability to pass the ball. He’s got both things, plus great size/vision to determine when to do one or the other.

  27. So he’s like a cross between Tim Tebow and RG3? Got it.
    Exactly! well if you don’t count the fact that neither Tebow or RG3 are playing in any games this season.

    and quick — Everyone name –without looking — the #1 and #2 WRs on the Panthers.

  28. I don’t follow much college football, so maybe I missed a lot of history, but I don’t get the Cam hate. He smiles a lot and celebrates after TDs. And…so?

  29. I see the victims of Cam Derangement Syndrome still haven’t sought treatment.

    “Act like you’ve been there before.” This is code for “just hand the ball to the ref like Barry Sanders always did.” Why? Barry was one of the best of all time, but he had the personality of a tombstone. Nothing wrong with that. But Cam has a much more expressive personality. He’s not taunting, he’s just having fun. And since you are so convinced he’s the only one that has ever done a TD dance in NFL history, go back and watch some NFL Films footage of the ’70s and ’80s. People did it all the time. Or, you can look at this past week’s Bengals-Steelers game.

    “The Panthers have a weak schedule.” So does everybody else. Only 11 of 32 teams are above .500.

    “He’s going to get hurt.” Remember that Cam is 6’5″, 245. He’s not some skinny little shrimp like Bob Griffin or Russell Wilson. He gives as much punishment as he gets.

    “His completion percentage sucks, so he’s not a good QB.” Don’t forget about the 19 passes he’s thrown that hit receivers right between the numbers and they dropped them. His percentage would be well over 60% without those drops. He’s as accurate as anybody else. Can’t blame him if he hits guys right in the hands and they drop it.

    “He’s running at the goal line because he’s selfish.” This is just nonsensical. How about the games against the Redskins and Saints, when he threw for 5 TDs in each game, and ran for none? He’s not trying to pad his own stats. He’s trying to win games.

    Stop scraping the bottom of the barrel for reasons to hate the guy. Appreciate his immense skill and joy and let him entertain the fans. Football is an avenue of entertainment, isn’t it?

  30. “There’s only one NFL player who has run for at least five touchdowns in each of the last five seasons, and it’s not a running back.”

    I think that doesn’t say Cam Newton’s better than anyone, or that it’s even a good stat. Running backs get injured so often, it’s no wonder they have such short careers in the NFL. Also add to that the fact that the NFL is becoming more and more of a QB league, with more and more rushing QBs, it’s no surprise at all that Cam Newton scores a good number of rushing TDs.

    All this says is that Cam Newton is tough and never gets hurt as much as a running back. And the Panthers have been pretty mediocre for a while, and he has been their entire offense.

  31. price622, so you think Cam has been “nothing but a class act’? So you think ripping down a banner shows class???? Sorry I disagree as I am sure many people do!
    As Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was warming up for Sunday’s game against the Packers he spotted a Packers banner which read “North Carolina Cheesehead” hanging near the field.

    On his way to the locker room, Newton ripped down the banner and took it to the locker room.

  32. “I see the medias full court press for Cam Newton as MVP is in full swing. While I’m hoping someone else, cough *Brady* cough, wins, the award is Newtons to lose at this point.”

    Agreed, the media is WAY over the top on this one. It’s almost turning into a kind of SJW type of campaign.

  33. Since you brought up Peterson, if you discount the lost suspension season (which PFT repeatedly wrote was a BS and arbitrary suspension) Peterson has smashed your benchmark of 5 TDS in 5 seasons. He scored at least 10 TDs in 7 straight seasons, including 40 in his first 3 years, and 64in his first 5 years.

  34. @jgedgar70 says:
    “The Panthers have a weak schedule.” So does everybody else. Only 11 of 32 teams are above .500.

    Yeah, but ‘everybody else’ isn’t receiving verbal fellatio on unheralded levels like the Panthers are. The instant you start pointing out they’ve faced no real defenses and almost (and should have) lost to teams that are nowhere near as “good”, you get swarmed by the downvote patrol.

    That, and the sheer amount of taunting they do would cause excessive celebration flags to fly on 99% of the other teams in the league, but the Panthers are super special snowflakes that are seemingly immune to the rule.

  35. The guy has been NOTHING but a CLASS ACT since coming into the league.
    If you define class act as taunting the opposition with immature Superman poses every chance he gets….. Cam couldn’t act mature if his life depended on it..

  36. I wonder if it is any coincidence that both leaders in the AFC, and NFC both play the AFC South and NFC East this year. The two worst divisions in football. Then the only undefeated team gets their own division which is pretty poor when you do not include them. I love how none of the sites are talking about this. The Panthers have only beaten two teams with a winning record. So lets crown them the best ever and give the MVP to that team…

  37. The premise that Newton scores more TDs than top RBs is mostly possible because Adrian Peterson had a lost season last year. I guess he would have been better off statistically if he missed every game.

    Not only does he have 5 years of 5 TDs, he has more than 10 TDs EVERY year. How about 7 years in a row of 10+ to start his career? Or how can you talk about 32 being a huge number of TDs in the first 5 years and not mention Peterson had 64 in his first 5? This will be Petersons 8 season of playing more than 1 game and he will score at least 10 TDs in every one. He’s also averaged at least 80 yards per game and 4.4 ypa.

    Yes, Newton’s rushing performance is remarkable, but there is a RB who has clearly surpassed that but had a 1 game season.

  38. Cam is having an amazing season, and scoring is scoring… but I love the fact that we are looking at a team record as the defining stat for MVP. The NFC south baring some miracles isn’t going to have another team in the playoffs, only the AFC south looks worse as a division right now. Tom Brady has more total touchdowns than Cam (36 vs. 35) and his main division rival is currently in a Wild Card spot with Buffalo holding a record matching the 2nd best team in the NFC South. Tom Brady has done this for 15 years, regular and post season… but lets shower Cam with praise while Brady just takes his team to their 13th playoff appearance in the 15 years he’s played.

  39. Who are these “week six Seahawks” i keep hearing about? They are called the Seattle Seahawks, and the Panthers beat them in their own house. You guys are really grasping at straws at this point huh? I do hope we see them play again, I REALLY do.

  40. If he could only complete > 60% of his passes? He doesn’t throw 5 yard passes like Brady. A lot of his passes this year are throw aways and drops…watch the games, not the stats.

  41. Holy Smokes, that’s impressive. I always knew he was a threat to run since his college days but to actually see that number 40 jumps off the page.

    What a talented dude

  42. Pats play a weak schedule…everyone talks about how great they are.
    Broncos play a weak schedule…everyone talks about how great they are.
    Panthers play a weak schedule…everyone talks about the weak schedule.

  43. Thumbs up – You want to see the Giants end this toad’s bid for perfection this week

    Thumbs down – You want to see Odell light big mouth Norman up for 3 tds and give the Panthers the “L”

  44. The guys that are harping on his celebrations are probably the same ones that are busting on the NFL (No Fun League) for throwing flags on celebrations.

  45. Wasn’t a fan of Newton out of College. Thought it was media hype that pushed him to Carolina with that pick and thought they’d regret it. I will sit here today and say I am wrong. Cam Newton is a total package. He throws a beautiful ball, but, and I hate using this phrase to describe QBs, he’s a play-maker. With the ball in his hands, it is always game changing. He’s evolved into a passer, using his legs to get him out of jams or to prevent him from heaving the ball up for grabs. To me, Cam Newton is the what an MVP should be. Cam Newton is driving the bus in Charolette. Say what you want about Tom Brady, but at this point in his career he can’t hold Cams jock. Seriously. The injuries to Tom Brady’s weapons leaves him with what Cam has been working all season with.

  46. Hurtssogewd said:

    “Now if he could only pass for >60% like a real qb he may have a chance to win when he’s playing against a real team in January”

    You mean like Kirk Cousins who leads the NFL in completion percentage? “Yes, Cam needs to be more like Kirk Cousins.” ~ Said No Panthers or Redskins fan ever.

  47. majorcowboyfan4life says:
    Dec 15, 2015 10:37 AM
    Michael David Smith, what are Michael Vicks rushing touchdown stats when he first came into the league? Just curious,Thanks.


    Vick 2001-2005: 2820 yards, 406 attempts, 19 TDs

    Most TD in one of those seasons: 8
    Least TD: 1 (twice)

    Stats quoted from the NFL website.

  48. Impressive.

    Who is the best QB EVER through three seasons and the #1 QB in year 4?

    Brady had two Super Bowl rings in his first three seasons of starting, three rings and two Super Bowl MVP trophies after his fourth.

    Is he who you’re hinting at?

  49. His stats can be debated, but there is no denying
    he is having an MVP type of year. I’m not a fan
    of his, but I respect what he has been able to
    achieve this year.

    Just imagine how good he may be next year
    if they can give him more dependable weapons
    to work with next year.

  50. “Newton is already second in NFL history in rushing touchdowns for a quarterback, just three back of Steve Young’s record of 43.”

    That’s just nuts.

  51. You muppets are hysterical. The attention being given to ‘Cam for MVP’ by the media is not a campaign by pro-Cam pencil pushers. It’s a click driven world recognizing this race is a foregone conclusion thanks to a 2 game Pats skid and a 13-0 Panthers record. Would be no different for Rodgers or Wilson if they were leading 13-0 teams this year. For those crying for Brady, I have news for you, he’s not even 2nd – that’s Palmer easily.

    And for those of you banging on Newton calling him selfish for his dancing, dangerous for his running or undeserving of the MVP because of his “completion percentage” (ha) unless you’re a fan of New England, Pittsburgh, Indy, Green Bay or Seattle you’d love to have Cam as your QB. Hate the jersey all you want but know full well you’d be slurping right next to the fan beside you if he were leading your team.

    And to the crowd screaming “Panthers are mediocre / haven’t been good with Cam”…jeez…do you mouth-breathers put any thought into your comments? 33-14-1 in the last 2 3/4 seasons (1-2 in the Playoffs) and 3 straight NFC South titles doesn’t seem mediocre in the NFL I follow. I could be wrong but will let one the trolls here of a sub 500 team do the research for me.

  52. rabidbillsfan, I agree with what you said about Cam until you compared him to Brady.

    The injuries to Tom Brady’s weapons leaves him with what Cam has been working all season with.

    818 yards, 7TD, 2 INT in the three games since his safety valve, Edelman went down. Not too shabby for someone who has no weapons except a less than 100% Gronk and a receiver with a severe case of the dropsies (LaFell).

    The thing is of COURSE Cam is more than his passing stats – but so is Brady. He reads defenses like nobody else and conducts his offense like John Williams and the Boston Pops. It took Brady a while to get to this level (I’d say he’s never been better, in year 15), and it may be that Cam is starting to get better at reading defenses as well, but I admit to not having watched many Carolina games.

    The problem with a running QB is always the same – a disciplined defense, not necessarily the most talented – can negate that aspect of his game. If he improves his pocket passing he will likely be the Next Great QB, and maybe even if he doesn’t. It will be fun if Newton/Wilson becomes this generations Brady/Manning, but longevity and consistency will have to be there. I don’t think Luck is going to be near that kind of conversation. He also doesn’t have an age appropriate AFC opponent that I’d put him against… Blake Bortles? 😀

  53. Does anybody think the Panthers would be doing this well if they still had Greg Hardy in the locker room? Anyone? Me neither.

    Addition by subtraction. Sometimes one guy really does make all the difference.

  54. when comes week 15, he’ll score a TD and fracture his rib. done for the season, done for the pink panthers.

  55. danceformemarionetteboy says:
    Dec 15, 2015 12:20 PM
    Panthers opponents 19 games under .500

    13 of those losses came at the hands of the Panthers….. Nice try though.

  56. all you people complaining about his TD celebrations need to give it a rest. he’s 26 years old and having fun…plus when he is done dancing he goes out of his way to give the ball to a child in the stands which makes the kids year probably. 90% of running backs, WRs, TEs and 99% of defensive players dance or have some sort of celebration when they score…a huge number of them do dances very similar to Cam. the difference is he scores so much more than everyone else so its in everyone’s face much more often…but stop acting like he is the only guy who celebrates TDs. the kid is positive for the NFL in every way right now so just give it a rest

  57. WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE is all I hear any of you people do. Instead of witnessing GREATNESS from a generational QB, all we hear is grown men whine nonstop about stupid stuff. God forbid if Cam brought back a little “fun” to the no fun league. Remember when T.O. ran to the middle of the star against Dallas? THAT was entertainment and I’m glad Newton is bringing some of that back. I miss the good ol NFL when you could have a personality.

  58. …but Cam is the only QB in the entire league that acts like a child (w/exception of Mallet & Manziel)

  59. .

    not understanding how you say a QB running only 5 td’s is better than all these Running Backs.

    RB’s haven’t done it because their bodies take a beating. Cam is not doing what all these RB’s do.
    So the stat means nothing at all.

    JJ Watt has more reception TD’s than most WR’s in NFL History. simply by the fact many WR’s don’t last in the league or sat on the Bench and got cut.

  60. Tommy has 17 Rushing TD’s

    Peyton has 18… now that is INSANE! Peyton won’t risk injury to even recover a ball at his feet let alone run into the endzone…

  61. realitycheckbaby says:
    Dec 15, 2015 10:18 AM


    Who is the best QB EVER through three seasons and the #1 QB in year 4?

    Quarterbacking an 8-5 team?

  62. so many of you so called football fans hate Cam Newton cause he has more fun & he don’t mind showing it & many others hate him cause he’s better than your teams QB & RB combined he also has thown 2 blocks this yr on end run arounds

  63. This thread is comical. I’ve said for 3 years if Cam could add some touch to his throws he’d be great. He is showing that this year, as well as a 65yd bomb off his back foot.

  64. The amount of ignorance in this comment section is just sad. Cam is balling this season and I’m sure I’m not the only one who didn’t expect the Panthers to be 13-0. This is his best season by far and it shows how much Cam has evolved since being drafted. Like Tom Brady, he’s making the best of what he’s got and doesn’t even have KELVIN BENJAMIN while doing it! He has every right to have fun! Cam has my vote by far for MVP!

  65. Pretty easy to look like you are a great player when you’ve faced exactly two teams with a winning record and you’ve padded your stats against 11 teams with losing records.

    Cam Cheating fled one college due to an honor system violation that could have resulted in him being booted.

    This guy is not the wonderful person you think.

    The Carolina Paper Tigers have not been tested this year. In the playoffs, they will be this year’s Atlanta Falcons or Cincy Bungles. One and done.

    The New Orleans Saints did show that the way to limit Cam Cheating is to hit him on every play

  66. It’s funny how when Cam was putting up huge numbers and the Panthers were losing, all the talk was about how Cam can’t win so he’s a bad qb. Now that he’s winning all the haters want to run to his completion percentage being under 60%. You keep doing you Cam, anybody who has actually watched you play knows you are an excellent qb.

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