Dan Campbell: I’ve been here six years and nothing’s gone the way we wanted

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The Dolphins fell to 5-8 against the Giants on Monday night, ensuring that they will finish without a winning record for the seventh straight year.

Interim head coach Dan Campbell has been on the staff for six of those seasons and he discussed the impact of such a prolonged slump during his press conference on Tuesday.

“I’ve been here six years and nothing has gone the way that we wanted it to be,” Campbell said, via the Palm Beach Post. “Every year we come in with new hope and, there again, we’re going to have another season where we have a playoff drought. I make damn sure that it stings and it hurts because the minute you go numb to that, then you’re just a loser. I want it to hurt. It motivates me and it pisses me off. It’s not too much for me to handle. To me, that’s how you get motivated to win because you get tired of losing and it stinks.”

One of the questions that the Dolphins are going to have to answer this offseason is what coach is the right one to break the cycle that Campbell talked about on Tuesday. It could be Campbell, but Monday night’s lack of discipline didn’t do much to bolster his case for getting the job on the permanent basis.

Campbell didn’t want to discuss his future on Tuesday, choosing to focus on the next three weeks and finding out “who wants to play for the logo on the helmet.” If the results of that field test are anything like the past seven years, there should be plenty of change coming to Miami in the next few months.

37 responses to “Dan Campbell: I’ve been here six years and nothing’s gone the way we wanted

  1. AFCE foes made big moves (Suh/Dolphins; McCoy/Bills; Revis/Jets) while Patriots had more defections & appeared vulnerable. So much for that….

  2. Haven’t 3 coaches lost their job this year for refusing to give Lamar Miller the ball?

    Dude has 68 yards and 2 TDs in the first half.
    …. then 5 carries in the second.

    Regardless of “why” this trend keeps continuing, it keeps continuing under Campbell’s’ watch.

    He is not head coaching material, yet anyway.

  3. Well no wonder you all keep losing, neck!!! Your star RB totally gashes the NYG defense in the first half for 80yds and 2 long TD runs and then you take the ball out of his hands and pass 50 times with an inaccurate, noodle-arm QB. I thought Philbin and Lazor were gone, but the idiocy continues and that falls directly in your shoulders, coach neck.

  4. The buck stops at the top. I believe wholeheartedly that Stephen Ross desperately wants to win, but he couldn’t hire the right people to make it happen if his life depended on it.

    Every hire he has made and every hire those hires have hired (on the football and business sides) have been disasters. It’s not just by accident that this team stinks every year. They continue to embrace their long ago past because the present is garbage and they have to distract their fans with Larry Csonka and Bob Griese….

    Einstein said, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Ross has to try something dramatic or just sell the team. There’s a large enough body of work since he bought the Dolphins to prove he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing.

  5. Rdog says:
    Dec 15, 2015 2:52 PM

    Oh, after you beat the Titans it looked you just won the Super Bowl…
    Well, they did beat the living daylights out of the tit’s, and put mariota on the sideline for a couple weeks. No doubt you enjoyed that.

  6. @4thquartermagic
    Haven’t 3 coaches lost their job this year for refusing to give Lamar Miller the ball?
    He himself said they have to run the ball more. On Monday, a total fail. I’m inclined to believe this team is being deliberately sabotaged by people within the organization.

  7. As far as I can tell, the Dolphins are the only NFL team in history to draft an offensive player in the first round 8/11 seasons, causing the defense to be bad.
    To make matters worse, most of those first round draft picks on offense were used to draft the wrong players, thus ensuring that both units, and therefore, the team as a whole, stinks.

  8. This season has been a good experience for Campbell. He’s not ready to be a long-term head coach yet but if he’s willing to learn from his mistakes this year he could catch on with a better-run organization as a position coach and move up the ranks again to become a head coach in the future. The key to that for him will be getting out of Miami, though.

  9. If they hadn’t gotten rid of the HC and promoted Campbell they might be 0-13 or 1-12 at this point so its not all bad I guess.

  10. I still believe Campbell should be considered in the search for the next head coach. The real problems for the franchise go back to the hiring of Wannstedt and all of the coaching hires and GM’s thereafter. Dave is a nice guy, and good coordinator, but not head coach or GM. The same goes for all that followed (except not all nice guys). During that 15 yr span, there were more failures than successes in the draft, and no stability at HC and GM.

    Over the last two years, the acquisition of personnel has been much better, but it can’t all be rebuilt in a couple years. As for coaching, former NFL HC’s, successful college HC’s, successful coordinators, have all tried and failed, largely because of poor personnel decisions. What is needed is a proven winner at a head coach level, whether NFL or Collegian, and continued improvement in personnel.

  11. JaminJake says:
    Dec 15, 2015 3:59 PM

    But the 72 Dolphins and Marino…
    Three decades of dominance, but no one stays on top forever. Even the pats will in time go back to mediocre or worse, like in the previous decades.

  12. What happened to everyone all pumped up because this meat head was going to have smash mouth practices and do away with what you called the “soft liberal” (actual quote on PFT) previous coach?

  13. nikobelic2014 says:
    Dec 15, 2015 4:00 PM

    Funny, same teams at the top of the NFL draft every year, same teams at the bottom..
    The pats once were at the top of the draft every year as well, perhaps you just aren’t familiar with their history prior to brady.

  14. granadafan says:
    Dec 15, 2015 4:30 PM

    What happened to everyone all pumped up because this meat head was going to have smash mouth practices and do away with what you called the “soft liberal” (actual quote on PFT) previous coach?
    Mr. PC, the Dolphins have been much more completive, and have played hard for Dan. By the way, don’t you know it’s not politically correct to call people meat heads, you end up sounding like Archie Bunker.

  15. Maybe it’s time for a relocation. Or possibly just fold. What a pathetic organization.

    Because this is what happens to teams that finish more than one game under 500 once out of the last 6 seasons.

  16. I’ve been a fan of the Dolphins for over 30 years and they have basically been frustrating since Schula left. The crazy thing is if they make the right cuts, they can cut some high priced under achievers and 1 injured/older star and be over $30 million under the projected cap. So they actually have another chance to rebuild the right way if they make the right coaching hire in the off season.

  17. I like this coach, I think he knows what he’s doing, but putting your stamp on a team takes seasons, not a few games. He’s still stuck with the same roster and playbook. The team has a few good pieces but that’s all, just a few, and we need an overhaul. Plus a quarterback.

    What you do on the field also has to make sense. What is our identity, are we a fine-tuned Eagles type offense with perfectly timed passes? No. Are we a running football team with workhorse back? No. Are we a big-play passing offense that kills you with the deep pass? No. Are we a team that gets yardage with great tight ends to make up for a lackluster run game? Nope, not that either, not since Clay left. But the problem is….we’ve PRETENDED to be all of those things at one stage or another, hoping and praying that players “step up” into those roles. It hasn’t happened.

    So next season, you have to pick something, fix it, and go in that direction. No more…well Tanny will get better and we’ll just throw more receivers at him. No more…well, Lamar is good enough because if the O line just blocks, he’ll run through the giant hole that’s there and get 20 yards. No more. Decide what you can really do and do it. Fix it.

  18. Well….the fact is…your win/loss record means everything in this league…everything…you have to live with the talent [ or lack therof] that you have on the field.I believe Campbell has tried to motivate the team to greater heights but just doesn’t have enough talent to be consistent.He needs more experience as a OC, away from Miami and then he will later be given another …longer term and permanent Head Coaching position.I wish him all the best.

  19. The problem with the Dolphins is the owner himself. The players have plenty of talent they just lack focus and drive. They believe it should be handed to them. This is a direct result of drafting too much talent; this is how it has been their entire lives. The owner hires coaches but than turns around and supports the lazy players. It is time to quit coddling the players. The owner needs to pick a more authoritative coach and back him up. The cream will rise and the cancer should be cut post haste. I guarantee you can find 53 talented men who want to win a Superbowl with less trouble than this.

  20. Miller received less touches as his runs got shorter.
    Look at his plays noyt his avg.
    1 yds, 2 yds in’t gonna cut it when you have 3 downs to move 10.
    Not entirely his fault when we can’t run in between the tackles as our RG and LG are atrocious. And can’trun outside the tackles as we have a sheel of Branden Albert and a back RT thats not that good most of the time.

    This team has has a problem with talent evaluation atan NFL level since before Pat White and Ted Ginn’s family.

  21. Dan Campbell: I’ve been here six years and nothing’s gone the way we wanted

    He contributed to this himself last game in the 2nd half by not checking on running back Millers status.

    The old adage you play the hot hand holds true. And shouldn’t have to be drilled into any coaches head. Let alone one that wants to advance his standing.

  22. LOL; Yeah the mediocre Dolphins loss to the mediocre Giants. The Dolphins have messed up with bold executive moves from the front office with the acquisition of Suh. He’s not a QB, Eli Manning is a franchise QB who has won two Super Bowls. Tannehill is not and that was the difference in the game. Oh and the Giants know how to draft elite receivers and the Dolphins do not.

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