Dirk Koetter on potential head coaching interest: I have the greatest job in the world

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The Buccaneers have hung around the playoff race in the NFC in the second half of the season thanks in large part to the strong play of quarterback Jameis Winston and resurgent efforts of running back Doug Martin.

Over the entire season, the Bucs rank 16th in the league in points and 11th in yards. Both are a big improvement over what the team managed last season, something that reflects well on the work done by offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter this season. That’s led to talk about Koetter drawing interest as a head coach this offseason.

Koetter addressed that possibility on Tuesday, saying that he has “the greatest job in the world” without ruling out a move.

“I love working with coach [Lovie] Smith and the offensive staff,” Koetter said, via Pewter Report. “We have a fantastic group of players — I’m excited about our long-term future. I hope our owners are as excited as I am. You don’t control that. We’re trying to do the best job we can right now.”

Koetter has head coaching experience with Boise State and Arizona State, but has never led an NFL team. A team that expects to be breaking in a young quarterback may be interested in changing that this offseason, something that we won’t have to wait long to find out with Black Monday drawing closer every day.

13 responses to “Dirk Koetter on potential head coaching interest: I have the greatest job in the world

  1. Yeah, the guy has been amazing for the Bucs, Atlanta letting him go was a blessing for us, the guy needs to stay at least for one more year.

  2. plugger. he has earned an opportunity. if Cleveland fires Pettine expect this guy to get a dumptruck full of money; Cleveland will overpay.

  3. You have to wonder what the Falcons’ fortunes would have been if they hung on to Koetter, kept a system in place that Matt Ryan had considerable success in and just had Quinn concentrate making their defense decent. Shannahan has been a debacle and in retrospect maintaining continuity probably would have been more ideal. Instead Tampa has gained and it’s been huge in the development of Winston.

  4. Dirk Koetter is welcome to stay here in Tampa for life! He’s the best offensive coordinator in franchise history – including Chucky’s stint as head coach and acting offensive coordinator.

  5. Did a great job at Boise. ASU, a different story. Wouldcertainlybe an interesting choice.

  6. buccaboo, I honestly would rather Lovie stay on and hire an actual defensive coordinator (or just let Frasier do his job). Lovie calling plays on defense clearly isn’t working. But I think the players like playing for him and his influence on Winston’s development can’t be ignored. Koetter fits perfectly as a OC, promoting him may have a negative impact on the development of everyone on offense.

  7. Was afraid of this. The coach is terrific and almost no one disagrees considering the job he did in Atlanta and now in his first year in Tampa. He was a steal and the Bucs are fortunate Atlanta fired their head coach last year and they did not have the sense to keep him.

    I have no doubt if Koetter gets a better offer he will be gone, but if he is offered the same job elsewhere he will stay put. He has a young QB he can mold, a good receiving core, and just needs an improvement in the offensive line to make this really work. For an offensive coordinator, the setup is nearly a dream come true. Not that no work needs to be done, but it is manageable.

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