Report: Synthetic marijuana led to Robert Nkemdiche’s fall from window


Possible top-10 2016 NFL Draft prospect Robert Nkemdiche, who was arrested after falling out of a hotel window in Atlanta last weekend, was reportedly using synthetic marijuana and was paranoid at the time of his accident.

According to Clay Travis of FOX Sports, the Ole Miss defensive tackle was using what’s commonly referred to as “fake weed,” a synthetic cannabinoid which doesn’t show up on drug tests. But it also comes with side effects which include paranoia, delusion and hallucinations.

The report said Nkemdiche was convinced someone was chasing him when he went through a double-pane window and fell 15 feet to the ground. A bush apparently broke his fall. He was taken to an Atlanta hospital for stitches, and was released before being taken to jail and charged with marijuana possession.

Nkemdiche’s brother Denzel, a linebacker at Ole Miss, has also had issues with the drug according to the report. He was hospitalized and missed the final two games of the season after he was found near the edge of the roof of his townhome, wrapped in a blanket and afraid someone was trying to get him.

Nkemdiche hasn’t declared for this year’s draft, but that’s widely expected after the Rebels play in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 1. The school hasn’t declared whether he’ll play, or whether he’ll be able to.

Whether he does or not, the entire situation presents a red flag for NFL teams, though his impressive talents will certainly keep him near the top of draft boards. How much of a concern it is likely varies by teams, though the fact he FELL OUT OF A WINDOW and isn’t still hospitalized speaks mostly to his remarkable good fortune.

60 responses to “Report: Synthetic marijuana led to Robert Nkemdiche’s fall from window

  1. To any NFL team – certainly give these young men millions of dollars. I’m sure they will get it all together once they are rich.

  2. Never too early for the year’s first incident of a highly-touted draft prospect throwing away his draft stock (and millions of dollars) through boneheaded behavior.

    There will be stories like this about several more college “graduates” between now and next April, I’m certain.

  3. Most of the pot heads I know are paranoid to some extent. I realize that I only know a very small number, however. I have employed a few, and they always seem to think someone is out to “get” them. The ones I have employed invariably flunk the DOT mandated piss tests and are no longer employed.

  4. Drugs are for losers. He’s just another from a long line of examples. NFL teams don’t need to draft some lazy apathetic loser who wants to stay high all the time. That’s what he’s likely to become if he isn’t there already.

  5. Unfortunately, there will still be an NFL team stupid enough to draft this kid. So, to that team, you will get what you deserve.

  6. “…the fact he FELL OUT OF A WINDOW and isn’t still hospitalized speaks mostly to his remarkable good fortune.”

    Either that or he’s one tough sumbiotch!

  7. “Nkemdiche’s brother Denzel, a linebacker at Ole Miss, has also had issues with the drug according to the report. He was hospitalized and missed the final two games of the season after he was found near the edge of the roof of his townhome, wrapped in a blanket and afraid someone was trying to get him”

    So…his brother had a bad time with the stuff and that told him it was a good idea for him to smoke it?
    Can’t wait to see that Wonderlic score

  8. It isn’t just that he is smoking pot, it is that he is smoking a dangerous hybrid that was created to allow you to be a pot head and not fail the drug tests. That speaks more to bad character than a little recreational use. Just my opinion

  9. It says they’re not sure if he plays in the bowl game. Seriously?? If they let him play in the bowl game they need to fire the whole coaching staff and athletic director. This kid needs help now not to play in a football game. He just left the first round draft board of 31 teams excluding the Cowboys of course. And sadly that’s not a joke

  10. Cannabis makes you stupid; and sometimes makes you look really stupid. You know if he was worried about failing a drug test he could have, you know, stopped smoking long enough pass all the drug tests, then resumed during the non-testing period during his NFL days. The War on Drugs should be over as long as the user understands that they are still responsible for there actions for things like falling out of windows.

  11. My question is if he had real Marijuana and not the fake stuff would he have been paranoid like that…sounds way more dangerous

  12. Because nobody has ever done something stupid while drinking….

    Good lord. It’s legal on my planet and we do just fine. The stuff is about as benign as an intoxicant can be. All y’all are living in the Dark Age.

  13. The fake stuff is MUCH more dangerous than the real thing – heart palpitations, crazy delusions and paranoia

    No direct deaths from marijuana but plenty from the synthetics every day

    Goodell and the current NFL policies are driving players to opt for this life threatening alternative because the NFL refuses to recognize decriminalization and legalization.

    Unless he’s going to prohibit alcohol too he should let the teams deal with marijuana use as they see fit, if the teams even opt to test for it.

    It’s not like it’s a performance enhancing drug – in fact just the opposite; teams would likely adopt policies with internal consequences as it hinders play if anything

  14. “synthetic marijuana” is a lie used to conflate dangerous drugs with the far less dangerous marijuana.

    Hysterical anti pot people like to use it and lying drug sellers like to use it because honesty doesn’t serve their aims.

    There are various random and sometimes dangerous drugs called “synthetic marijuana” by liars.
    there is no such thing as actual “synthetic marijuana”

  15. “fell out of a window”??

    He ran THROUGH the window, fell 15 feet, and only needed a couple stitches. Too bad he’s not a running back.

    That’s one tough hombre. Stupid. But tough.

  16. This is stupid. Just let them smoke weed, every single athlete at the college level is doing it, a giant chunk of the regular population is doing it. Learn to live in the present, not 1960.

  17. This man needs help and education, not to be arrested. (Bet you thumbs down this.) We have prisons filled for all sorts of non-sense. Prisons that YOU pay for! (Bet you thumbs up this.)

  18. So this guy couldnt smoke real weed, so he smoked fake weed and nobody makes fun of him?

    But Teo couldnt get a real GF, so he had a fake GF and everyone killed him over it…


  19. I don’t know why, but the fake marijuana was the first thing that popped into my head because although I’ve never touched a drug, I understand that the Spice nonsense is very erractic and very dangerous stuff compared to the real thing. Kids always looking for a quick high better get a lot smarter about messing with this garbage.

  20. This is synthetic marijuana not marijuana it is nothing close to the same. Living in Washington DC where weed is legal many people who can’t afford are smokingg synthetic weed. This is very similar to pcp. A guy stabbed a person 40 times on the metro after smoking it for example.

    I smoke every day and have no problem working a 8-5 job where I’m the top performer on my team. Some people can handle is w moderation, others cant.

    This is what happens when an athlete needs to pass a drug test bc the regular drug which is not harmful, is banned.

  21. So when is finals week at ole miss? Why wasn’t this genius on campus preparing for the finals? How the hell is he academically eligible? Who brought him 500 miles to Atlanta and who paid for the hotel? This should all trigger an immediate investigation by the ncaa and ole miss should have to forfeit the sugar bowl, although we all know the ncaa would never dream of going after the SEC

  22. I doubt if any current NFL linemen would even think of going through a double-pane window. Sign this kid, and get him a supply of that junk.

  23. This should be a major red flag.

    You are dumb to do drugs.

    You are on a whole new level of dumb to do these synthetic drugs that are far more dangerous.

    Stay away from this guy.

  24. Maybe someone told him the Browns were going to draft him and the window seemed like the most logical option. Any word from the concussion spotter?

  25. How annoying it is too read comments from people who have no idea what an A or B gap is. This kid is obviously a rookie..but don’t draft him? You’d be crazy not to let him start right away. I’m sure if a bunch of middle aged men, obsessed with sweaty college boys microscoped your life they’d be able to publicly post about all of the times you people slipped on some ice on the way to pick up your nutrisystem from the end of your heated driveway.

  26. If he had some sort of synthetic stuff why was he arrested for marijuana possession? It’s not even close to the same stuff. “Fake marijuana” is just a name, that’s not what it actually IS.

  27. If some team is dumb enough to draft this kid and he starts going psychotic 2 years into his bajillion-dollar contract… well, they were warned.

  28. “paranoia, delusions and hallucinations”.
    This “spice “stuff seems like smokeable LSD.

  29. It probably was weed. But because the fake stuff isn’t illegal it ends up being less embarrassing for the school in the long run. IE: newspaper articles etc. Just like how they always say players fail for fake weed. FALSE. they fail for real weed and their coaches lie for them to save face. ^^^^

  30. Fake stuff much more potent than pot but people don’t understand or believe it, so they smoke way more than needed and that is where the issues start in my opinion. All it takes is about the size of a BB to get you stoned. Which is basically one hit. So these guys pack the bowl full and take huge hits and it is no wonder they have fricken problems. The designer drug that is sprayed on is about 1000 times more potent on your receptors, something like that. One hit you can mimic pot but smoking a whole joint, asking for trouble.

  31. Also, for the peeople talking about he was trying to beat a test, I doubt that has anything to do with it. NCAA players aren’t tested for weed randomly by the NCAA unless they’re at a bowl, which he is not right now. The bottom line with this tuff is that it’s cheaper than the real stuff and although dangerous, kids are always willing to take that chance for their elusive high at a bargain, or maybe the self righteous morons on here talking about a real problem that’s affecting our kids all over this country, not just the dumb football players that you apparently loathe unless they’re self confessed choir boys don’t remember the kids in school who would huff dangerous stuff like paint and gas because it was free.

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