Bob McNair has little faith in San Diego keeping the Chargers


Texans owner Bob McNair thinks St. Louis will put together a deal to build a new football stadium — and in turn to keep the Rams from moving to Los Angeles. McNair likewise has no such confidence in San Diego.

“In San Diego, they’ve been trying for about 15 years,” McNair told the Houston Chronicle. “They’ve had all kinds of political problems there. At one time, half the council went to jail or something. [Editor’s note: I don’t personally recall half of the San Diego City Council going to “jail or something.” If anyone knows what McNair is referring to, let us know.] It’s been pretty bad. It’s hard to negotiate when you’ve got to go to the jail to negotiate. So they haven’t accomplished anything. They’re saying they’re going to do something now. But in order to do it, they’d have to have a referendum and the referendum isn’t until next June. Well, we can’t have these teams in limbo. You need to have certainty and you don’t know if the referendum would pass or fail. We can’t take what they’re saying very seriously.”

And so McNair becomes the second member of the NFL’s Committee on Los Angeles Opportunities to go on the record against the Rams moving, and in favor of the Chargers. Previously, Panthers owner Jerry Richardson spoke out in support of the Chargers — and against the Rams.

That leaves four other members of the Committee, who have yet to make so plain or obvious their views on the matter. With the Commissioner expecting a recommendation from the Committee and with that recommendation likely to influence plenty of the other owners, the process could be inching closer toward a conclusion that the Chargers will get a golden ticket to Willie Wonka’s Football Factory.

61 responses to “Bob McNair has little faith in San Diego keeping the Chargers

  1. These idiot owners are going to guarantee the worst possible outcome. Why are they tone deaf to the fact that there is no fan support for the Chargers in LA? We want football here but not the Chargers. Yet they are going to force them upon a fan base that has repeatedly stated that they won’t be supported here.

  2. The only thing I found was some issues with their pension plan, but that was several years ago.

  3. It seems hard to trust a business recommendation from a few owners that have pretty much admitted they just want to help their buddy Dean out.

  4. There are plenty of Chargers fans in LA, Orange County, and Ventura County. They are all the people who disliked the Raiders growing up. To say there are no Chargers fans in LA is simply ignorant.

  5. McNair, another dufus owner who knows about one half of the story and assumes he knows it all. Now there have been criminal allegations of unwanted sexual nature against the previous mayor, don’t know how that creep even got to office, and some of former female mayors had some shady doings with ex-husband, or even of their own doing and it is true it’s been 15 years this town has not gotten it’s head out of its back end. Lack of fan support, what do you expect when the team has failed to negotiate anymore, they aligned themselves with a hated rival in pursuit of the almighty LA dollars and oh by the way, LA HATES the Chargers! Idiot owners, LA has a fan base in the Rams and Raiders. Plain idiots who luck out by being in the right time with teams that can virtually print their own money. But don’t worry, if the Spanos do in fact move they will find some way to screw that up and continue on a losing way the remainder of their ownership years.

  6. Just hard to get with the money NFL makes they don’t build their owns stadiums, Los Angles has had how many chances and they have not proven they deserve another team. San Diego fans should burn their jerseys and say goodbye.

  7. We had ONE City Council member spend time in Jail during the process.

    This is the problem with owners pontificating on things for which they do not know.

    To say the team has earnestly tried for 15 years to come up with a viable solution is also half true. The only real opportunity was in 2006 when the team and city were ready to move on a deal but pension issues forced a bad political hand and the city couldn’t follow through.

    I will say the current administration has fumbled the ball as well. Wasting time for a year is on the current mayor and his political team.

    The best solution for a stadium in San Diego is through the citizens initiative process, and that is happening right now.

    I only wish the truth would come out as San Diego deserves SO much better than this.

  8. Nice pollution of the rainwater there Bob. “SD? They are all criminals!” Granted they have not been perfect in this mess, but you don’t get to make up your own facts.

  9. In LA, pro football fans tend to break down between Raiders or 49’ers, or the team they liked before moving here (a lot of Patriots/NY team fans as a result).

    Not a whole lot of Chargers fans in my experience.

  10. One LA paper polled readers as to which team they wanted to come to LA. The Chargers came in at 6%.

    The NFL is going to botch this up royally.

  11. It’s sort of curious and ironic that McNair is piping in about Los Angeles. Because McNair himself was smart enough to choose locating his own expansion team in Houston rather than in La-la land.

  12. Glad to see this cities standing up to the outrageous demands for billions of public dollars to build the free stadiums for this ultra greedy disgusting owners.

  13. The biggest part of this that doesn’t seem to be getting any traction is the Chargers got 6% of the vote in an LA Times poll for teams that are wanted in LA.

    Pretty incredible that the league would try and send a team to LA that isn’t wanted in a market they clearly want to work.

    Just doesn’t fit.

  14. Uhh, Bob McNair is right, however I don’t recall City officials running the city from Jail. However maybe he’s alluding to the fact that people should have gone to jail.

    The current San Diego mayor’s task force had one plan that didn’t require a city vote. Now the vote has always been a 50/50 proposition because polls reflect that. So for the life of me I don’t know why Mayor Faulconer didn’t proceed with the no-vote plan.

    The Chargers are begging the NFL owners not be forced to stay with this inept corrupt San Diego government. While the Chargers might leave town, it will be to a toxic waste dump, with Raiders moving to the NFC.

    The L.A. market will be saturated with pro-football which they really haven’t missed. I could see Raiders selling out and the Chargers bringing in 25K – 35k people a game.

    San Diego fans absolutely will not travel to see those games unless the tickets are free. Any Los Angeles fans will abandon the team once they see enough losing and bad drafts.

    With an L.A. Chargers team hemorrhaging money year over year, It might affect other teams bottom line slightly but perhaps not enough to force the NFL to make the Chargers to work out a deal in San Diego right now.

  15. I’m sorry I live in the OC and there are virtually no Chargers fans here, but plenty of Rams and Raiders jerseys. The Rams need to be the first team to move and good luck trying to stop Kronke. He has the better plan, the fan base and the stadium site.

  16. Why do any of you give a rip of the Chargers leave SD?

    Have you nothing else to fulfill your lives with other than NFL football?

    We don’t need football. Football needs us.

    And if the NFL doesn’t like SD, GET OUT OF HERE!!!

  17. I still think Kroenke will move no matter what, even without “approval”.

    Hopefully, either the Chargers or Raiders will accept our stadium offer here in STL.

  18. If I was Stan Kroenke, I would tell my fellow owners I AM moving my team to L.A., so we can do this the easy way (you rubber stamp the move and I write you a big, fat check) or the hard way (I move anyway, take you to court, no relocation fee for you). Since the Raiders set the precedent decades ago, the NFL would be smart to take the money, then smile and nod like it was all their idea in the first place.

  19. No team in LA is ideal. Charges, Raiders, Rams… LA has had each of them at one time or another and lost them all. It’s just not a football town. Nothing wrong with that, much better things to do there.

  20. Alottacrooked politicians in SD. Actually they’re all crooked. Comes with the territory unfortunately

  21. The NFL brass is becoming like the Federal government – rank all scenarios in order, from most sensible to least sensible, then choose the least sensible.

    The Raiders have the most successful history in the city they would be leaving, so they should be the last to move. The Rams have the most successful history in LA, so they should be the first to move. Moving both the Chargers and Raiders would force several teams to be realigned. Moving the Rams and Chargers would require no teams to be realigned. Oh, yeah – the Rams stadium site requires no public money.

    Leave it to the NFL to take a very easy choice and royally botch it.

  22. The economy is bad throughout the country and even worse in Mexifornia. The last thing tax payers need is to give money to billionaires so millionaires can play football.

  23. whereyaat says:
    Dec 16, 2015 3:48 PM

    There are plenty of Chargers fans in LA, Orange County, and Ventura County. They are all the people who disliked the Raiders growing up. To say there are no Chargers fans in LA is simply ignorant.
    Dude there are no chargers fan in San Diego nevermind LA. How embarrassing is it when Raiders play there 99.9% are Raiders fans?
    Even worst when Steelers fans went there Phillip Rivers needed a silent count!!!
    The only Chargers fans are people who are bandwagon fans that used to be Raiders or 49ers fans but then Chargers got to playoffs so then they switched to Chargers but now they are slowly going back to be Raiders fans

  24. San Diego has enough issues (and attractions) that the Chargers really don’t matter to enough people here. Certainly not enough to allow public funding to get >25% of the vote. Everybody despises the poor “almost a billionaire” Spanos kid.

  25. Chargers aren’t staying in S.D.

    Chargers aren’t wanted in L.A.

    Stan Kroenke is moving The Rams to L.A. and there’s little the NFL can do about it.

    Solution: Get St. Louis to build their proposed stadium and move the Chargers there.

    And if San Diego eventually gets their act together, lure the Raiders to S.D.

  26. I wonder how things would have played out if they had won that home playoff game vs. New England.

  27. Stan can go rogue if he wants but there are major penalties that can now be levied against any owner going against a majority vote. Go rogue if you want… But it may be a little bit harder for you to collect some of that TV revenue. This isn’t the old Al Davis days… The NFL has made it considerably harder to go rogue and to sue the NFL.

    You can’t just go rogue to LA build a stadium on your own and hope the rest of the owners will play nice with you.. StanK already stabbed Spanos in the back once.. Jus sayin…

  28. I’ve only been in San Diego for 5 months but it appears to me that the issue is San Diego doesn’t want to pay for a billionaire’s stadium. Good on them (us).

    Leave, stay. Whatever. I’m going to the beach.

  29. Some people here sound like a five year old throwing a temper tantrum. You’re looking at possibly getting 2 NFL teams yet you’re stomping your feet yelling “but we don’t like those teams, we want the RAMS!” After the new car smell wears off in a couple of years, the stadium will be half empty anyway no matter what teams is there. Have you bothered to look what the Rams record has been the last 11 years? It’s 57-145 not counting this season.

  30. The Chargers should just stay in SD. NO ONE in LA cares about them. Seriously, like no one. Spanos is one massive tool.

  31. Some forget that, while the Chargers games at Qualcomm often look like road games (note: this year has been even worse just bc people are sick to be fooled by the Spanos and just quit – I was at the Bears game and I felt like I was at Soldiers Field, same thing a Steelers fan told me about their game here in SD), NO (I’m saying NO) fans will travel to LA to watch their team destroying the lowly LA Chargers led by the inept Spanos family! Mark my words!

  32. What the NFL likely should do is encourage Dean Spanos and Stan Kronke to agree to swap franchises, with the current Rams staying in St. Louis under Spanos’s ownership and Kronke getting the Chargers for his new LA stadium. That to me is probably the best solution of a bad situation.

    Option two is for Spanos to agree to move the Chargers as is to St. Louis to replace the Rams there while the Rams move back to LA.

    Option three is the same as option one, except in that scenario the current Chargers and Rams swap names, with the current Chargers becoming the LA Rams and moving to the NFC West while the current Rams become the St. Louis Chargers and move to the AFC West.

    Those to me are probably the best possible outcomes of a bad situation.

  33. The owners can spout off all the want. St. Louis won’t be able to come up with the money and Stan will do what Stan wants. The NFL has zero leverage. It will be San Diego and St Louis Rams moving to LA. The owners can go to court and jeopardize their anti-trust exclusion, but I don’t see them risking that.

  34. mackcarrington says:

    These idiot owners are going to guarantee the worst possible outcome. Why are they tone deaf to the fact that there is no fan support for the Chargers in LA? We want football here but not the Chargers. Yet they are going to force them upon a fan base that has repeatedly stated that they won’t be supported here.

    Yes. THIS. I wish I could Thumb this comment Up more than once!

  35. Los Angeles Rams make the most sense, and if the Rams aren’t allowed to come back to Los Angeles, it will be a colossal mistake by the owners. Raiders are the AFC team for Los Angeles. The Chargers need to stay put in San Diego. That leaves St. Louis without a team, which really isn’t a problem. Missouri only needs one NFL team.

  36. As a Bills fan, this all started once the Pegulas bought the Bills. Ralph Wilson’s will making it nearly impossible to move the Bills started this whole train in motion. Looks like the league was waiting for Ralph to die and then put the Bills team there. Sorry NFL, no Bills for you.

  37. I think the NFL should let the Rams and Chargers relocate to LA and share stadium in Inglewood, and use some of the relocation fee from the Rams and Chargers to help out Oakland build a stadium for the Raiders. Since Stan Kronke want to move out of St. Louis and Dan Spanos also want out of San Diego, and Mark Davis want to stay in Oakland. With this is a win/win situation for the league and these three owners. Since the NFL can’t block any teams want to move anyway

  38. Have fun LA paying for those overpriced seats for a hapless organization that has won NOTHING in over a half century. I’m a fan of anything that has to do with San Diego and it’ll be very easy to root against them once they move (except for Phillip Rivers). There is a strong fan base here in San Diego but Dean and the league have beaten us down as far as showing up to support a lame product

    LA wont be hosting a losing super bowl parade like San Diego did.

    Oh and just wait for that Monday/ Thursday Night traffic 🙂

  39. L.a rams fans posts are hilarious. They are so in denial. Rams are not coming. St. Louis is passing the stadium bill and most of the owners are supporting it. The dozens of rams fans need to just accept it.

  40. I wan them to lose their team. They have a bad fan base. most of them are only fans because its the thing to do. I’ve never seen a team that has such a large fair weather fan base.

  41. St. Louis is getting hosed yet everyone sorry for San Diego. Two publicly financed stadiums for a multi billionaire who doesn’t even wanna be there

  42. How about selling the so-called sub standard stadium to the Spanos family (what good is it without a tenant?) for the price of the re-location fee and they can upgrade it to what they think they want? After all REAL industries have to pay for their buildings to do business in.

  43. He is thinking of Duke Cunningham who was a rep for Rancho Bernardo. He had nothing to do with stadium deals.

    The spanoses have balked and stalled the city from building a new football stadium. The Padres got theirs and the city was/has been trying to negotiate with the Chargers but they kept on stalling and walking away. The spanos;s are difficult to work with: they fired a SB head coach and 14-2 HC. was does that tell you?

  44. Kroenke is going to LA with or without league approval the debate should be who goes to St Louis the Raiders or the Chargers.

  45. Mc Nair: It’s hard to negotiate when you’ve got to go to the jail to negotiate.

    McNair thinks that in San Diego, a politician in jail would be able to negotiate city business? Is there somewhere that happens? He said that to a reporter who was quoting him in his capacity of the relocation committee. NFL, I don’t know how you decide on committee members, but with that level of ignorance exposed, you need to cut that guy. Part of the business, but he is not helping the team.

  46. When did the lead singer of Midnight Oil buy the Texans?

    Leave, stay…whatever. I won’t believe it until my season ticket bill fails to come in February.

  47. hawksfannorth says:
    Dec 16, 2015 4:31 PM
    The Seahawks better not be switching conferences. If they move the Raiders and chargers to LA then the Lambs can change divisions.

    Tired of getting your rear-end kicked every year? Going to happen Dec 27th as well.

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