Speculation emerges of a 49ers sale


49ers CEO Jed York may not be holding himself accountable, but the end result would be the same.

Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle, in a lengthy column regarding the state of the 49ers, speculates that the team could be sold by the York family.

Ostler pegs Larry Ellison as the potential purchaser. The former Oracle CEO, with an estimated net worth of $47.7 billion, tried in vain to purchase the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. Per Ostler, Ellison once had interest in buying the 49ers, but he was given “a gentle no, with the door left ajar.”

Ostler also wonders aloud whether the Yorks would in lieu of a sale completely restructure the team, with a football czar (Mike Holmgren’s name is mentioned) running the operation and Jed York phased out of the day-to-day grind.

However it plays out, the demotion of former team president Paraag Marathe is being viewed not as the last step but as the first in an effort to turn the franchise around. Those changes could include less, not more, Jed York.

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  1. The Gabbert Effect. It wouldn’t be the NFL for Blaine unless the team he was playing for was in total disarray. It would be his third owner, fourth G.M., seventh HC, OC, QB coach, and offensive system. In 5 NFL seasons. Manning, Brady, Brees, and Rogers haven’t had that much change COMBINED in their careers.

  2. I suspect there would be much rejoicing in the bay area if any of that happens. I do not expect it but it would be nice to see a storied franchise escape the curse of Jed. . .

  3. Oh oh. This might not end well. It’s possible that Ellison is the biggest megalomaniac in the world, and there’s no shortage of competition.

    Search on Amazon, there’s a 2003 book titled:

    The Difference Between God and Larry Ellison: God Doesn’t Think He’s Larry Ellison.

  4. I doubt any truth behind this but that would defintely give the Niners a chance to relive the Jerry Rice-Steve Young days. Okay maybe not that good but at the end of the day California is still a beautiful state and could draw Free Agency attention, with this clown away from it.

  5. Jed York and the York family have run this once proud franchise into the ground. As a lifelong 49er fan nothing would make me happier than a new ownership regime. Get bent Jed

  6. Oh dear lord, not Mike Holmgren. He’d be even worse than Jed York. He was a good coach, but one of the worst GMs of all time. Just a few years ago he drafted Trent Richardson with the 3rd pick and a nearly 30 year-old QB with his other 1st round pick. There’s numerous other personnel failures both with the Browns and Seahawks, but even those two should be evidence enough he shouldn’t be a “football czar”.

  7. Idk about that, seems like clamouring to me. Jed York has always dreamed of following in Uncle Eddie’s footsteps with regards to his 49er legacy. I think he’d sell his son before he sold the 49ers.

  8. I’d actually rather have Jimmy Haslam than Jed York.

    Anyone that would want to move out the best coach the 49ers have seen in years, should sell the team.

  9. Sale the team if Jed isn’t gonna hand over the keys to a real football mind and a real gm who can evaluate talent. We have the worst scouts in football. Anyone who watches college football could do better! 2nd generation niner fan. Been through the dark ages before but this is bad!

  10. … oh, and take it from a life-time Seahawks fan… a piece of advice. Run, Run, Run as fast as you can away from Mike Holmgren. No way should he have anything to do with the upper management of a football team.

    Good coach, yes… good GM, NO

  11. They are barely the San Francisco 49ers now anyway. To get a new stadium the team moved 30 plus miles covering at least a few million people out of San Francisco. All to avoid a public vote for a stadium in sf which would have failed much like votes in San Diego and Oakland will fail if it ever gets on the ballot. The nfl knows this and yet pushes their will regardless despite earning billions from this state in ticket sales, merchandise, tv contracts etc. the stadium proposals in la are privately funded proposals. In San Diego and Oakland each would have to rely on public funding. The nfl doesn’t care. No loyalty. The all mighty dollar is most important. It will bit them in the ass down the road. More than once

  12. If this happens you will see celebrations that haven’t rocked the city since the days of San Francisco’s Barbary Coast and Bill Walsh’s first Super Bowl wins!

  13. i know holmgren is a bay area guy, but does anyone want cleveland 2.0 in california. that said, mr york seems like the most incompetent owner in the league, and his family would do well to take away his toys before he devalues them (and their reputation) any further.

  14. Going from Jim Harbaugh to Tomsula has got to be the dumbest football move in the history of the NFL. It’s borderline clinically insane. Going from a top 3 ELITE NFL head coach to Tomsula who has more experience at running paper routes, janitorial services, and selling doormats than beimg around big time winning football programs. Where was Tomsula going to lead the 49ers other than the doormat of the NFL. I mean the Browns bounced back from a 7 game losing streak dominated them…Can you believe that…The BROWNS ACTUALLY DOMINATED AN NFL TEAM.

    Jed York is crazy. A couple of beers short of a six pack. No other way to explain the accelerated decline of the 49ers other than insanity. They need to take that team from him.

  15. Mommy please dont sell the team. I promise to get Kap easier reading material next year . Ill only play with my lighsaber 2 hours a day and ill stop peeing the bed(no more caprisuns late night). Uncle Tomsula says that if Kap doesnt get well next year he will let me play a game next year at QB. That be soooo cool.

  16. Don’t like the 49ers faithful, but if they want a competitive team they should be happy with this news. York has damaged the franchise for years to come with what he did or allowed to happen to harbaugh. Larry Ellison buying the team would be huge, Paul Allen owns the Seahawks and turned them around.

  17. Im a bay area guy when it comes to everything but the NFL…eagles fan and niner hater…this would be the best thing that could happen to the niners…i hated harbaugh, but respected him, he was a great coach…the current org/front office has no clue what they are doing and i love it

  18. Oh God please make it happen. Rid us of this clown Littleman Jed. He isnt fit to run a dumpster fire, just create one. Maybe Mr D could be brought back as an exec too!!

    A slight spark of light in a dark dark rabbit hole.

  19. If the Yorks are dumb enough to hire Holmgren, in ANY role, let alone “Football Czar” 49er fans are in for a treat.

  20. Replace Jed York and Bring in Mike Holmgren? So you’re saying the new owners would believe the Yorks aren’t burying the team fast enough and will bring an expert?

  21. Wish he would sale, but one thing tells me it may not be in the cards.

    If the 9’ers had built their new stadium in SF the team would be a whole lot more valuable than with in located in Santa Clara. I’m sure they got a honey of a deal and was much cheaper for the team there, but as an investment the team would have been far better off with a building nearer the city.

    Add in that by the time the sale could go through the stadium would already be three years old and will no longer be sparkling new as those rights will belong to Atlanta and Minnesota. The team is gonna want a new one in 10-15 years anyway

  22. If there’s one thing that history shows, it’s that out of touch egomaniacs know when they’re in over their heads, and they promptly cut their losses. If only the 9ers fans were so lucky.

  23. Why on earth would anyone ever consider hiring Mike Holmgren as a football czar (or for any other position for that matter?) While he is an over rated head coach, he still has more success than many other coaches. Maybe someone should take a look at Cleveland, which is still trying to rebound from Holmgren’s wake, when considering him to run any type of football team outside of pop warner.

    I feel badly for 49ers fans. You finally get a phenomenal head coach who motivates your defense to play better than ever and who also takes an average talent and makes them a Superbowl QB. Just when you get your hopes up after successful, winning seasons, the team (assisted by the media) runs that HC out of town. Suddenly half your defense retires and your previous SB starting QB is one of the worst QB’s in the league.

  24. Please let this be true………Jed and his useless mom and dad gone……..The 49ers would then have a chance to return to greatness.

  25. We definitely need these owners to sell or, preferably, die off. Hiring Goodell, approving his idiotic rule changes, and forcing the lockout brought about the demise of America’s sport. They’re still a bad group.

    Would Ellison be any better than York? Anybody would be, by default.

  26. Every NFL fan should rejoice! The faster this guy is out of the league the better. From a Seahawks fan.

  27. “with a football czar (Mike Holmgren’s name is mentioned).”

    If you call trading up for Richardson and drafting Weeden the moves of a football czar then you need to have your head checked out. Not only would talent continue to dwindle but the kraft services bill alone would be enough to bankrupt someone worth $47 billion.

  28. It’s all about accountability!

    Perhaps Jed, that little boy who once stood side by side with Montana and Walsh on the sidelines, still has one last shred of honor left in him.

    Sell the team!

    Sell the stadium to the Raiders!

    Move them back up into San Francisco where they belong.

    And for petes sake, if they can somehow talk Harbaugh into coming back to finish what he started….that would just be the end all be all of amazing things.

    It’s the holiday season, believe in miracles!

  29. This would be every 49er fan’s dream come true.
    Complete speculation though.
    Knowing the York’s they would probably find an owner worse than themselves!

  30. OMG! It looks like Santa is real? I only asked for one thing and he may deliver. It was kinda creepy sitting on that dude’s lap but if this is true it was well worth it.

  31. Mike Holmgren hasn’t had success upstairs so I don’t know why they would consider that. Plus whoever would be the coach would constantly be looking over their shoulder. But anything that gets York and Baalke out of the picture should be reason for joy for 49er fans.

  32. Both options sound better than the last 15+ year. Minus the hargbaugh era. The team I have loved for 25+ years, one with class and pride, have become a joke since uncle got jacked.

  33. Pretty easy one-step solution for fixing the team: Build a time machine, go back about 10 months, don’t fire Harbaugh.

  34. damn is the best headline i have seen on PFT concerning the Niners in a long time…Please Jed sell take your millions back to Youngstown, and give us fan’s an Owner who wants to bring us back to prominence. Imagine an owner who doesn’t get his feeling hurt by a mean old football coach.

  35. Hallelujah!!! Anyone, other then the York’s, would be an improvement. Larry Ellison would be a salvation. The man is Uber-Competitive. He spent hundreds of millions of his own dollars to win the America’s Cup. No doubt he would to the whatever it takes to remake the 49’ers into one of the best franchises of the league. As a niner fan, this is the best news I have heard in a couple of years.

  36. A sale and total reset may very well be the only thing that can return the 49ers to relevance, but Mike Holmgren in any capacity is not the answer.

  37. I understand that guys who make enough money think that they can do anything, but this isn’t fantasy football. Turn over control to the guys that know the game, get out of the way, and let the money come rolling in.

  38. Niners fans can hope. But the linked article gives no real incentive for them to sell now beyond a mother trying to save her son from further ridicule. And that could be accomplished with a reorganization without selling the team. They just got their stadium so the team is more profitable than ever. They just rejected a bid from Ellison. Nothing has changed.

  39. Good. That spoiled little rich boy has no business owning an NFL team. His only accomplishment in life was working as a financial analyst for 1 year after college before he was hired as “Director of Strategic Planning” for the 49ers by his mommy and daddy.

  40. The NFL is a gold mine. Look at a total failure in Stephen Ross and the franchise doubled worth. You can be a moron and a total loser and if you own a NFL team will be successful .

  41. harbaughsohard49er says:
    Dec 16, 2015 9:57 AM

    Joe Lacob, where are you??????


    No kidding. I’ll bet Joe Lacob, with no experience in football, would figure out how to hire the right people that would put together a winning team in just 2-3 years. Lacob understands something most sports executives struggle with. Character. That’s the secret recipe to winning. Lacob gets it.

  42. Still can’t figure out how a guy can be worth 47 billion (with a B) for inventing products that everyone I work with, hates.

  43. We’d love to have Joe Lacob and Peter, owners of the Golden St Warriors, buy the team. Jed York was literally born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is one of the most self entitled people out there. So was Mark Davis, but at least Davis is a genuine down to earth guy.

    There are enough billionaires in the Bay Area to buy the team, but hopefully it’s not some conglomerate only out there to make a quick buck. Eddie DeBartolo genuinely cared about the team, fans, and winning. York just wants his punchable face in the news.

  44. Man do they miss Eddie DeBartalo… lost it all over some river boat gambling scheme involving a crooked New Orleans politician. Damn shame…

  45. This is why handing a business to family members is always a bad idea. Letting them run it just because they are family and not because they know how to. EDDIE was a rare breed and the genes aren’t always passed properly. Sell it to someone who knows football… that or unban Eddie and let him back in. #FreeEddie

  46. I doubt this is true. York does not think he is ever wrong (same with Baalke), so even though he is aware of the criticism I just don’t believe that translates into a sale. Any NFL franchise is a money machine and only increases in value every year. And if it is true, there are better buyers out there than Ellison – football people (the money would never be problem). But ultimately I just don’t see the York family selling…at least now

  47. The article referenced is good. The key point here is that Jed’s mom, Denise Debartolo-York is the actual owner of the team. Doesn’t matter what Jed wants, Mom may just be done with owning a football team.

    The Yorks are bad owners because they want money more than wins. They compete with owners like Paul Allen of the Seahawks who doesn’t need any more money, just wants a winning team.

    Larry Ellison fits that mold. Money earned from an NFL team isn’t going to move the needle on his wealth. He could buy every single team with what he has. He would want to be a winner.

    Please let this rumor be true!!!

  48. I’d be happy with either scenario.

    Get rid of the yorks.

    Bring on a new owner who hopefully is competent.

  49. Maybe 49er fans will start showing up to the game and start supporting the team correctly if this happens. If the 49ers are not contending the fans straight up disappear.


    Does that mean they will move back to San Francisco? They should have never left there.

  51. Like the old adage goes.. better to not have hope at all than have it then lose it. Or is it the other way around? Anyway, this is all false hope. Osltler was on shrooms when he wrote that article. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This organization is a reflection of the Yorks’ poor taste in life and they will never sell this business. Jed will continue to run this team with a carousel of underqualified head coaches who will be thrown under the bus once they realize they can’t win with the subpar and non-competitive roster that Baalke puts together failed offseason after failed offseason. Jed York doesn’t know what he doesn’t know about football and he’s unwilling to relinquish football authority to anyone who knows about it more than him. And because of that, we Faithful just have to accept that our beloved Niners will be perennially mediocre at their very best.

  52. Steve Young and Brent Jones were once forming an ownership group to try and buy the Niners. How awesome would it be if these guys could pry it away from the Yorks?

  53. THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: All of this could have and should have been avoided after last season. Unfortunately, the Owner, GM, Coach and a mediator did not go off for a few days in a close room to attempt some conflict resolution to develop some mature and wise, mutually agreeable decisions. This would have been in the long term best interest of this proud franchise!

  54. Too good to be true. Niners fans have now fully resigned to the fact that The Yorks bask in dysfunction .. John York had no qualms with replacing a winner with Erickson , I didn’t see Denise then come to make a mitigating move. She didn’t do it then, won’t do it now. If anything, she’ll double down

  55. Oh please please please please let this be true!!! I will celebrate for a week straight if horrific York era comes to an end and I don’t have to hold my nose and root my team anymore

  56. Sell the team! New owner beg Harbaugh to come back, if not bring in cowher, jimmie johnson or something! This regime destroyed a possibility of a another run at a dynasty!

  57. Looks like it’s been relegated to a twitter handle now, but once upon a time before Jim Harbaugh was their coach, dumpyork.com was a hilarious website…C’mon Niner fans, bring it back!!

  58. More INCONVENIENT TRUTH: After the next embarrassing three loses to close this mess of a season, I can wait to hear the final media interview by Baalke and York. It will be interesting to hear their spin! The return of Tomsula will represent another nail in the coffin for next year! If Baalke is around, this will be the first year, I won’t spend the time on the draft! After all, what are our expectations? I am not into name calling, honestly, after being a 49 er faithful since 1955, win or lose, I have never, ever been so disgusted because they (Mgt) did to us, all in one off season! In closing, Baalke “unload” and Mr. York supported him “without class! “

  59. Let’s see….The 49ers, the Dolphins, the Browns collectively all need managment changes……but let’s not forget the fish rots from the head down. We also need to have major management changes in the NFL Headquaters. Looking at you Goodell.

  60. I don’t know if Eddie DeBartolo would even want the team back. They’d never be able to duplicate that dynasty. Their front office was able to draft all those HOF players, and they always picked at the end of every round. Every coach they had seemed like a HOFer too. Head coaches, coordinators, line coaches. That was lightning in a bottle. If anyone can do it, Eddie would be the one. I just don’t know if any of those old timers from the glory years are still around to run things for him. It might be worth talking to Brent Jones about it. He seems like he’s still got both feet on the ground.

  61. The author of this article wishes there will be a sale. NFL franchises are extremely profitable because of revenue sharing and a salary cap. The only reasons for selling a team are 1) it is losing money, or 2) the owners are senile and/or no longer interested in a particular sport. Neither of these reasons apply to the 49ers.

  62. The Yorks are a wealthy family. They also like the 49ers. One losing season is not going to make them sell the team. They have owned the franchise since the 1990s, IIRC, and before that it was owned by the brother of Mrs. York, Eddie D, since the late 1970s. The speculation that the 49ers will be sold is too wild to even be given any mention.

  63. I watched America’s Cup and I watched Larry Ellison’s team came from way behind to win the final race. It was historical and exciting. The crowd was so big that I had to watch the finish on the giant video screen even though I was there. I hope Larry Ellison can buy a football team. He can probably make it a winner, but he has more chance of buying the Raiders than the 49ers.

  64. I hope Larry Ellison buys the Raiders and keep them in Oakland. The Raiders want to move to LA and they want a new stadium. The owner is not wealthy enough to build his own stadium. Ellison is. He can probably negotiate a very sweet deal with the city of Oakland and Alameda County. They may sell the land on which the stadium sits to him for a token amount, if he agrees to build a new stadium on the site. He may even bring the Super Bowl to Oakland with a new stadium.

    BTW, there is a bigger chance that the SF Chronicle, for whom this journalist works, will be sold than the Niners being sold.

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