Texans rule out Brian Hoyer for Week 15

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Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer is dealing with his second concussion in less than a month, something that’s reportedly left him concerned about the impact on his long-term health.

The injury will definitely keep him out of this week’s game against the Colts. Coach Bill O’Brien made the announcement on Wednesday that Hoyer remains in the concussion protocol and will not play this Sunday.

T.J. Yates will start in Hoyer’s place with Brandon Weeden serving as their backup for the game, which will decide which of the 6-7 clubs will have the inside track at the division title heading into the final two weeks of the season. Yates started one game in place of Hoyer when Hoyer suffered his first concussion of the year, going 16-of-34 for 229 yards and two touchdowns in a 24-17 victory over the Jets.

O’Brien also discussed the quarterback situation on the other side. He was asked about Andrew Luck’s return to practice and said the Texans are preparing their defense to face “everybody” in Indianapolis this weekend.

24 responses to “Texans rule out Brian Hoyer for Week 15

  1. I think any NFL player who sustains more than 1 concussion should probably hang it up. I’m sure it would be incredibly hard to walk away from the money and the sport you love, but if you want to be there to enjoy your grandkids…..

  2. They should rule him out for weeks 16 and 17 too. He already had a concussion earlier in the year. No reason to put him on the field again this season.

    As far as his ability to play QB, I thought he played ok against the Patriots (I haven’t seen him play this season other than that one game). Despite getting killed back there, I saw him throwing darts deep down the middle only to see his stone hands tight end drop the ball. That guy sucks. Probably cost Hoyer another 4 completions for over 100 yards. Not sure what his final stat line was but if stone hands could catch you could double his production, and extend drives, and get points. Just saying.

    Hoyer has never really gotten a fair opportunity to lead a team. Playing QB for the Browns and Texans isn’t exactly a situation that will allow you to flash your talent

  3. Agreed the tight end and other receivers can’t catch (with the exception of Hopkins of course). Good thing Rick Smith has a lifetime appointment as GM.

  4. Other than my Pats, I wish the Texans would at least make the playoffs. Hoyer is 2nd string all day long. No upside. He has had many chances to prove his worth. Reminds me of improved sanchez, but like him, manages to implode on occasion.

  5. Hoyer took an absolute pounding Sunday night, he is one tough hombre. Serious respect for the stones on the man to stand in there and keep firing. Hard to believe he didn’t have his neck broken on that last sack, it was scary to watch. The folks knocking him should consider the line and receiver play and march on Smith’s office tar and feathers in hand.

  6. Charlie Whitehurst vs TJ Yates… So here’s my bold prediction for this game:

    Houston 0
    Indy 0

    AFC South standings afterward:

    Indy 6-7-1
    Houston 6-7-1
    Jax 6-8
    Titans 3-11

    Advantage – Jacksonville

  7. Too bad the Texans aren’t playing the Bengals each of the next 3 weeks. T.J. Yates vs. Bengals = automatic win.

  8. Wow, two backup QBs playing in a game to decide 1st place in a backup division. How fitting.

  9. Yates should be the starter for the Texans. I think Hoyer would be a fine backup QB for any team, but Yates at least plays with an eye toward the endzone.

  10. Two concussions within 27 days of each other…

    No Mr Hoyer, for the sake of your life after football, just take the rest of the season off.
    It’s just not worth it.

  11. Bill O’Brien is an offensive mind right? When he noticed his RT getting destroyed in the 2nd half, why didn’t he send a RB or TE that way to help. Brown was doing very well on his own at LT.

    Hoyer also showed a trait that all career back ups show is in that he doesn’t sense the pressure coming. You think after the 1st sack fumble he would have been a little more aware.

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