Goodell tells Missouri governor there’s no new $100 million


The NFL is kicking an extra $100 million into the St. Louis stadium effort. Unless it isn’t.

According to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a “warning letter” to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and the St. Louis stadium task force on Thursday, explaining that the league has not authorized any increase above the $200 million limit on the NFL’s contribution.

“No proposal has yet been presented to increase the available financing beyond the current $200 million maximum, and there can be no assurance that such a proposal would achieve the necessary support,” Goodell wrote, adding that a presumed increase from $200 million to $300 million would be “fundamentally inconsistent with the NFL’s program of stadium financing.”

The news of the league kicking in an extra $100 million emerged via multiple reports earlier this week, and it’s unclear how those reports came to be. It’s also unclear what impact the news will have on Friday’s vote by the St. Louis Board of Alderman on the existing stadium-financing plan.

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  1. The NFL is kicking an extra $100 million into the St. Louis stadium effort. Unless it isn’t.

    At some point, I would expect you to tire of this trope.

  2. Sounds like a shake down….they want a billion dollar stadium but will only kick 20% and they get all the revenue from it…..greed is running wild….

  3. Don’t give these disgusting vultures a dime. Every city should make the league and these disgustingly greedy billionaires pay for their own stadiums.

    St Louis owner is worth over 7 freaking billion and he’s whining about having to pay for his own building ?

    Not 1 stinking dime should go to these people

  4. I really hope that at some point cities start telling the NFL (and other leagues) to start building their own “offices” to take in the dough and see what happens. The entitlement is ridiculous.

    In all honesty, they probably don’t even want a team in LA. It takes the threat away.

  5. The NFL, led by the single most unethical executive in sport, is nothing more than a greedy old boy network trying to squeeze every dime they can from an addicted public. Don Corleone is smiling.

  6. Lmao. We will only spend $200 million you need to pay for the rest for the privilege of having an NFL team.

    I would send a warning letter back to Goodell guess what Goodell we have officially approved $0 for you greedy SOBs and your stadiums. Have a nice day liar.

  7. St. Louis is a good city doing all the right things. The NFL is acutely aware of this. 32 teams can’t all be in top 10 markets.
    What a dilemma: Kroenke is the only person who will build the stadium in LA.
    The NFL wants a team in St. Louis.
    The NFL doesn’t want 2 west division teams in Missouri (same conference).
    The NFL doesn’t want 2 west division teams in LA (same conference).
    The good news for St. Louis is that the worst case is an expansion team in the London expansion of 2020-22. And that team will sign a 99 year lease

  8. the owner is a billionaire who is willing to use his own money to finance a new stadium in LA, but not St. Louis. The irony is that others in the billionaire boys club will try to squeeze him out & force him to stay put.

    SCREW him!

  9. The extra money only makes sense if the NFL believes a new stadium would get Kroenke to stay. Possibly between the initial leak and this letter from Goodell came a conversation where Kroenke made it clear he was moving regardless. Make no mistake: the league knows they really can’t keep him there. They love to talk like they can but if they couldn’t stop Al Davis they sure wont be able to stop a guy with the sort of money Kroenke has.

  10. 1. Pay $300 million to help build in StL
    2. Receive $500 million+ in relocation fee from Silent Stan if he moves to LA
    3. Spend hundreds of millions in courts/legal fees to try to block Silent Stan from moving w/out approval

    Choice 3 is happening, gang. The NFL and Rog know it. Current owners are acting as it they’ll vote against in an effort to line their own pockets w/ choice 1 (keep the taxpayer financed stadium business model going) or 2.

  11. the NFL could afford to build 2 stadiums a year for a billion dollars each. AND still rake in billions in PROFIT every year.

  12. reprob8 says:
    Dec 17, 2015 11:11 PM
    the owner is a billionaire who is willing to use his own money to finance a new stadium in LA, but not St. Louis. The irony is that others in the billionaire boys club will try to squeeze him out & force him to stay put.

    SCREW him!


    What I think could happen is a compromise where Kronke gets what he wants on the condition Dean Spanos (if he can’t get a deal done with San Diego) agrees to move the Chargers to St. Louis to replace the Rams OR Spanos and Kronke swap franchises with the current Rams remaining in St. Louis (but taking the Chargers name and switching to the AFC West) and Kronke getting the current Chargers (who become the LA Rams and move to the NFC West).

    That to me may be the best compromise for a very bad situation. If Kronke is determined to have the Rams in LA, he would get it this way, but it would just be with a team renamed from the Chargers.

  13. I know this will be unpopular…

    But these tax supported stadiums are only used 10 – 12 times per year for the NFL team that plays in them.

    The rest of the year, the city and state use them.

    Here in MN, the Metrodome (and soon to be new stadium) have been used for the MN State HS football championship games, the University of MN baseball team plays their early season games there, conventions, rallys, concerts, motorcylcle events, monster truck events and on and on and on…

    Both the city and state get lots of benefits for having the facility, so it makes sense that stadiums should be a joint venture between those that use them.

  14. Goodell figures it is only a matter of time before they concoct their next fabricated scandal in Foxboro. Investigations and lawsuits get costly. They have to be closing in on $10 million on this garbage

  15. demolition510
    Dec 17, 2015, 10:07 PM EST

    Of course not NFL is broke spending money on jet fuel to London

    The NFL also seems to have endless supplies of money to spend on legal fees in a vain attempt to bury Tom Brady for a crime with no evidentiary support.

  16. harrisonhits2 says:
    Dec 17, 2015 10:31 PM

    St Louis owner is worth over 7 freaking billion and he’s whining about having to pay for his own building?


    Actually he’s willing to spend his own money, just not in St. Louis. I’m perfectly fine with this, any other business can pack up and move to wherever they think they’ll make more money, why not the Rams as well?
    Then send the Chargers or Raiders to St. Louis and pay for their new stadium with the relocation fees the other 2 teams will have to pay. I’m betting the Rams fans would enjoy having a team with a new owner, as he’s shown absolutely zero interest in them.

  17. “fundamentally inconsistent with the NFL’s program of stadium financing”

    You mean the program of lying about the economic benefits to the community, conducting back door deals with corrupt politicians, and diverting the hard earned funds of the people so you and your boys can get even richer?

  18. of course not, the NFL is too busy spending its money on legal battles with the NFLPA, and its concussed former players to kick in to stay in St. Louis.

  19. NFL at its best makes tons of money, could build stadiums, don’t care how it upsets employees not making millions let alone the fans that have supported teams. To go to a city that has had how many chances.

  20. I love football but I will never support using tax dollars to build stadiums.

    It’s a crime and tax bonds were never meant to support private businesses. Cincinnati had to shut down a hospital and several schools to pay for stadium repairs (required in the stadium contract).

  21. Idiot Goodell is still trying to extort Bob Kraft. He figured if Kraft was able to pay for his entire stadiums without one dime of taxpayer funds he figures he can concoct – with the help of some complicit douche bag owners another scandal.

    I think this time it will be Tom Brady wore a fake moustache. Then he’ll get the losers at espn to break down in tears how Brady’s fake moustache was a moral affront to everything that is good in society.

    Goodell thinks he was elected commissioner by the owners because he is smart and they like him. The owners just voted him in because they need a front man who doesn’t know or want to know too much and just be their sock puppet

  22. I’m just throwing this out there for any ambitions Fed looking to make a name for himself; I’m pretty sure a fairly open ended search warrant would probably end up with that ginger dimwit and his sycophantic clown-show being led off in handcuffs. You’d be hailed as a hero.

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