NFL to fine, suspend teams who don’t follow injury protocols


The league wants to make sure another Case Keenum doesn’t happen.

And they’re willing to fine or suspend people to prove it.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the league “will impose discipline for future violations of medical protocol.”

That new policy will cover all injuries, but obviously is specifically designed to try to avoid future eggs on face such as when the Rams quarterback was allowed to continue to play after he suffered a concussion.

The league investigated (briefly) what happened when the ATC spotter failed to notify officials, and Keenum continued to play after his head slammed to the turf and he was in fairly obvious distress. But players are always going to want to play, so he did. The league followed up with a conference call with the athletic trainers and doctors from all 32 teams, reminding them of the proper procedures.

The news is of clear interest to the NFLPA, since union president Eric Winston has already said the Rams should be fined for the way they handled (or didn’t handle) the situation.

And in the wake of the announcement yesterday, NFLPA assistant executive director of external affairs George Atallah offered a simple “hmmmmm…

Adding a layer of accountability can’t hurt, so long as you trust the folks administering the steps to keep players safe, or the judicial process which would punish those who don’t. It’s safe to assume the union might not, necessarily.

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  1. Geeze, a little filming, or a serious concussion…which is more important? You would assume that it is the one that lost $750,000 total, and a first-round draft pick, but you would be wrong. It’s the one that nothing done about it, except a little finger wagging.

  2. But it only gets put out there when the fans cry foul…

    Last Sunday Night’s game, when Hoyer went down, the three idiots broadcasting the game {Al, Chris, and Michelle} started making jokes about Hoyer doing acupuncture to relieve him of the symptoms from his previous concussions.
    Nobody has said a word about this, why not?

    If concussions aren’t taken seriously by EVERYONE, then what’s the point?

  3. Here is what will stop teams from letting obviously injured players play, like Case Keenum. You suspend the team a home game. It counts as a loss and the visiting team gets a win. The players get paid as well as the cheerleaders and all home game stadium workers. The team also loses the TV revenue for the game. That would get the teams attention real fast!

  4. What’s incredible, given the long concerns over concussions and increasing profile of CTE, is that when the NFL trumpeted it’s “Concussion Protocol” it had absolutely NO disciplinary procedures for those who didn’t follow it. Proof (if any were needed) that the protocol was either just a belated PR move or the NFL are incompetent – or both.

  5. How convenient that the coach on the competition committee that broke this rule gets a free pass this go around. Fines and suspensions….startiiiiiiiiiing NOW!

  6. They should fine the Packers. Rodgers hit his head on the turf on that sack against the Lions and coaches never care to check on him even though they know he’s soft. Lol

  7. They should fine the Packers. Rodgers hit his head on the turf on that sack against the Lions and coaches never care to check on him even though they know he’s soft, especially on the brain. Lol

  8. By not fining the Rams but creating a new rule/policy that they will impose fines in the future, it appears as if Goodell is admitting he doesn’t really have discretion to impose punishments without a clear rule in place ahead of time, or even if he does he has decided that it is inappropriate to use such discretion in the case where a player’s life was put at risk (as opposed to a case where a player probably knew something about something that might have happened but actually didn’t because it is impossible).

  9. This will be used against the Patriots in the near future. While other teams got off scot free.

  10. Will the spotters gets fined, suspended or fired if they don’t do anything either? IIRC, the rams got away with it because the ATC spotter was complicit.

  11. Whatever came of the NFL’s investigation into the Colts’ hiding Andrew Luck’s injury?

    Oh that’s right, nothing. I keep forgetting, these “integrity of the game” issues don’t apply to the Colts.

  12. pftbro says:
    Dec 17, 2015 8:32 AM
    Belichick beware…
    Oh please, say anything you want about Belichick true or not but nobody in their right mind would ever compare him to the Scum-King Jeff Fisher.

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