Pereira sees some drawbacks to the new officiating protocol


The NFL’s decision to change protocols for the playoffs to allow more communication between the referee and the league officiating office is being met with skepticism by the man who used to run the league officiating office.

Mike Pereira, the former NFL head of officiating who now serves as a commentator for FOX, said it may prove problematic to have referees talking to the league office. Pereira said trust in the officials can be undermined if people think someone in New York is telling the on-field refs what to do during a game.

“Basically, what it looks like is that the league office is making decisions on who possibly wins or loses the game,” Pereira told ESPN. “You could go back to the old theory of the conspiracy of the Raiders, that the league didn’t like [former owner] Al Davis and all the stuff that went along with it. All of a sudden, decisions that were being made on the field or in the stadium, all of a sudden are being made in the league office. That seems to be the wave of where this is going. Things have changed so much, but this . . . strive for perfection really isn’t attainable.”

Pereira has said he thinks referees already get more input from the replay assistant than the league lets on, and he believes the league office’s involvement with calls on the field goes beyond the input Dean Blandino has during replay reviews. The league hopes that having another set of eyes on the game will improve officiating, but Pereira worries that it’s just adding more bureaucracy, and more opportunities for players, coaches, fans and the media to lose trust in the officials.

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  1. So now it’s actually fixed. Fanduel and Draft Kings are no longer the only ones who know for sure.

  2. It will definitely look more like games are being steered to a desired result. The fact that this is being discussed makes it look like that is the intent of the league.

  3. If this is all about parity, its not going to work, because teams aren’t all created equal. There is is too much room for personal feelings coming into the equation on instant replay. Everyone that’s been paying attention should agree that the Patriots could be the victims. Also NY teams could get favoritism. How many officials will be in the NY booth and what’s their qualifications.

  4. Just one piece of evidence of the League’s complicity in the vendetta against Al Davis is the elimination of the Tuck Rule once Mr. Davis passed.

    How about transparency? Televise the audio of the conversation so the fans know what is being reviewed, discussed, and the thought process behind the ruling.

  5. My favorite part is that this new policy allows “Blandino or his designee” to communicate with officials on the field. Which means that when this thing crashes and burns as the NFL is fixing games, the “designee” will likely take the fall and Blandino and Goodell get off free while some intern will take the fall.

  6. This is the result of the tragic personality flaw of the commissioner. He has the need for total and complete control of everything. He wants to micromanage everything under his purview. he never thinks he’s wrong and never admits to overstepping his boundaries.

  7. Of course this will be a disaster. If they intervene and make a call in one game and then miss a call in another game, people are going to be screaming favoritism or bias. They shouldn’t have announced anything and just committed more eyes and technology to the games while telling the officials to let the players play.

    Look at the difference in backlash when we compare the call for the Aaron Rodgers non-face mask grab against the Lions compared to the reaction to the Cardinals repeatedly grazing Teddy Bridgewater’s face-mask last Thursday night and nothing being called. If the game continues to move at a good pace and the referees don’t throw flags, I believe fans will be more understanding about non-calls. When the playoffs start I feel like the flags decrease. This is how they should always officiate games. Just let them play unless the penalty is blatantly obvious and people will eventually stop whining.

  8. Oh you mean so the fans will see the truth that everyone speculated about for 40 years . News Flash the NFL rigs games to get favorable matchup s in the playoffs .

  9. if the rule book was slimmed down and actually made sense (i.e. everyone knew what a catch was), the officials could probably call the game better and wouldn’t need all these layers of league “oversight” and TV “rules experts”!

  10. Let’s be honest do we even need officials on the field. Just get a lot more cameras and watch it from NY and officiate from there. The current refs arent paying attention anyway.

  11. Blandino will be sharing a prison cell with Goodell once their plans come out in court. The fight then won’t be which one is to blame for the fixing of games (BOTH), but who’s the Top and who’s the Bottom.

  12. I got news for Pereira about him being worried that fans will lose trust in the officials, that ship has already sailed. Too many games this year and last look like they were playing favorites or taking orders from the WWnFL to screw a particular team(s).

  13. Sounds like somebody who works for Fox. Everything is a conspiracy. Get rid of replay and put a couple more refs on the field and accept they are human and may make a mistake.

  14. The league office screws up everything it touches. Why on earth would anyone want them more involved in the game? This is literally the worst idea I’ve ever heard. When this inevitably leads to controversy (which I have no doubt it will) the NFL will scream “integrity!” and hire in-house lawyers to do an “independent” review.

  15. Yeah, great just what’s needed. Remember the deflategate fiasco and how the NFL stated that random tests on football pressure would be checked before, during and after games and that these results would be made public? Has anyone seen these results? Of course not, because the results favor the Patriots and not the NFL. It’s now the start of week 15 now with no data dispersed to the public. This is just another ploy to skew games to the desires of Goodell and his henchmen.

  16. Just officiate the game from upstairs. It’s already coached from upstairs.
    The speed of the game has passed these 50+ year old men by. They struggle to be in position to make the correct call.

  17. Sadly, this is going to continue until someone in government is brave enough to take on the NFL.

  18. Just added to fuel on how the leagues looks at certain teams and players.. Oakland has had how many thousand flags thrown on them, Brady and Manning have had how many flags for ha ha roughing the passer. We all remember when fines started and who and how much certain players got fined each week. The league has shown it back side to many times for fans not to expect more of the same.

  19. If the NFL spend and still spending millions to screw the Patriots what would stop them to use this additional power to finish the job? Can we even count on the independence of the referees? Many teams have lost because of the referees’ calls and they can’t do anything about it. Where is the integrity of the game? Giving the ultimate power to the league is not the solution. Nobody trust the NFL under Goodell. Firing Goodell is a good start to restore the integrity of the game.

  20. You know it’s perfectly legal for the NFL to fix games, right? You expect me to believe anyone in their right minds would leave a $9+B industry to chance? They’ve had the will, now they have the technology.

  21. When every rule (such as offensive holding) is open to interpretation, it opens the door for the NFL to manipulate the results of games. After the Deflate Gate witch hunt, is their any doubt the league will at least consider that option? After all, it’s all about the bottom line.

  22. When the NFL gets calls wrong, everyone screams that something needs to be done to get it right.

    When the NFL does something to try to get it right, everyone screams that they’re trying to fix the games.

    If you don’t think that having more communication with a central office to ensure that calls are being made consistently and in line with the current interpretations of the rule book, then what would you suggest? I think that additional use of technology, with more communication to a centralized office, finally implementing full time officials with off season training programs (both physical and on the rules), and simplifying the rule book will cut the officiating errors down to a minimum. You can never eliminate all errors, because it is being done by humans, but it can cause a lot fewer games to be impacted with glaring officiating mistakes.

  23. steelerben says:
    Dec 18, 2015 8:51 AM
    When the NFL gets calls wrong, everyone screams that something needs to be done to get it right.

    When the NFL does something to try to get it right, everyone screams that they’re trying to fix the games.

    Because they aren’t doing the right thing to get it right. The league office is a shambles due to Goodell. They haven’t made a correct decision seemingly in years. When it comes to officiating, you have bad calls during the game which are then said by Blandino to have been correctly called. Allowing MORE access by the people screwing things up isn’t a good solution. Honestly, how many times are you going to bring your car back to the shop that changed your oil but didn’t refill it and then your engine froze? Not only are the NFL the ones to break things to begin with (by constantly changing the rules to the point where no one knows what a catch is anymore) but they are the ones constantly saying those things are right. Get them gone.

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