Pettine: Not many quarterbacks I respect more than Russell Wilson

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Browns coach Mike Pettine made some headlines Wednesday with his response to a question about where Russell Wilson ranks among the league’s top quarterbacks.

Pettine said that Wilson has “played himself into that next tier” behind quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger and stopped short of saying Wilson was the kind of quarterback who could “transcend their supporting cast.” Responses to Pettine’s remarks covered varied ground, but a popular refrain was that Pettine didn’t gain much by sharing those candid opinions before facing the Seahawks this weekend.

Pettine was on Sirius XM NFL Radio with Ross Tucker and Booger McFarland on Thursday and Wilson was a topic of conversation once again. Pettine said that people took the worst interpretation of his comments and that he would need to see Wilson play at a high level for a longer period to bump him up the ladder.

“There aren’t too many quarterbacks I have more respect for than Russell Wilson,” Pettine said. “All the guy does is go out and do everything right and win football games. To sit and take one fragment of what I said … It’s not my job to rank quarterbacks. I know the bottom line for those guys is, and he said it himself, is to win football games and he’s one of the best at that.”

That answer is a lot more like what we’ve grown accustomed to from NFL coaches and wouldn’t have drawn much attention if it was the one Pettine gave on Wednesday. That’s not so good for us, but the response does illustrate why coaches generally stay out of such discussions about players from other teams.

75 responses to “Pettine: Not many quarterbacks I respect more than Russell Wilson

  1. Wow this guy is still talking? How many feet does he have? I don’t know who talks more him or Jerry Jones….speaking of Jerry he’s been quiet this week…..

  2. Pettine: Shut up!

    He does NOT need to talk this much. Belichick doesn’t seem to make these headlines. I’m a Cowboys fan and have no dog in this fight, but I think he’s a bigger problem than Manziel.

    I remember Jets players coming out a few years back lamenting that Pettine loves the spotlight and to hear himself talk.

  3. I’m sure Wilson will be grateful to hear that you’ve extended him this opportunity to work himself into your good graces…

  4. Embarrassing overreaction to his comments here in the local Seattle media. Can we please grow up, stop looking around the country for validation and just enjoy what we’re watching and cheering for?

  5. This guy has all the negatives of his former boss (Rex Ryan) and none of the positives. Like rex, he is a terrible HC and has no filter on what comes out of his mouth.

    Unlike Rex, he is not the least bit entertaining. Of all the outrageous things Pettine has said and done since becoming a head coach, not one instance could be described as entertaining.

    The only positive out all of of this is we get to look forward to whatever bizarre decision the browns plan on making in choosing their HC next year and who they draft. They drafted Manzel because a homeless person recommended the owner do it, maybe that guy is the next GM?

  6. Kind of funny when you think about it. We all joke about how most every coach asked about an opposing QB makes him sound like the second coming of Joe Montana but Pettine gives his honest opinion and the football planet loses it’s mind.

    I think pretty highly of Wilson but it is fair to say he has to do it for longer to be in Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Roethlisberger territory. No one can say he isn’t well on his way though

  7. Another Rex Ryan, he has a big mouth and and no credentials to back himself up.
    He has no clue on what he’s doing and has this organization going nowhere. Browns fans deserve more yet I guess all you can look forward to is the draft.
    Good luck Browns fans with your future.

  8. Pettine only respects 4 or 5 QBs more than Wilson. Wilson is about Pettine’s 5th or 6th ranked most respected QB.

    But still definitely top 10 respect.

  9. Maybe you should spend more time worrying about your job/team, than flapping your gums about others.

  10. Pettine’s biggest problem has always been that he LOVES to hear the sound of his own voice. If he didn’t talk so much he wouldn’t contradict himself all the time and have to backtrack in the media.

  11. This is the moment God was talking about when he said “I’m using you”, after he chucked the most devastating pass in Super Bowl history.

  12. A HC has got to be smarter than this. The question was like asking a married man, “Who are the five most beautiful women in the world?” The minute you leave your wife off the list you are in trouble, forever.

  13. the comments on this are funny. It shows the level of quality of fans out there. He said nothing that all of the other coaches would have said as well (maybe not Pete Carroll). Its a lot of Seattle fans overreacting (imagine that!) and Browns fans crying about a coach they don’t like.

  14. Not many quarterbacks that he respects more than Wilson, but I know I can name at least four of them.

  15. There is really never a good reason to talk negatively about an opponent. If you heap praise on your opponent, your win look stronger.

    If you talk down on them and win, it makes your win less impressive because all you did was beat a team that you already said was bad. If you lose, you look like an idiot eating crow. It’s a lose-lose situation

  16. Maybe Seattle didn’t get up for this game and had a slow start like they struggled against teams like the Bucs when they were really bad a few years back. The Browns may have keep it semi-competitive coming off a hot game themselves.

    Last week, Wilson and Carroll talked up Ravens team’s competitiveness and gave no bulletin board material. I mean this team is a close bunch and now the defense is going to come out fired up and Russell Wilson is going to be zoned in even more.

    Sherman said it, if you look at it from careers Pettine is probably right. Those guys have had more time to build up their resumes but if you are looking over this year nobody is playing better than Wilson.

  17. Now you know why the smartest coaches, Belichick and Jim Harbaugh, don’t say anything at press conferences. The media has created an environment where it really works against you if you answer questions honestly.

  18. Boy howdy, Pettine sure walked that one back in a hurry, didn’t he? Providing bulletin board material for the Seahawks this week probably wasn’t a great idea, Mike. Looks like Cleveland is gonna need a new head coach (again).

  19. A 40 burger?

    I think Russ is going to try and hang an 80 burger on Pettine’s joke of a D.

    My prediction before Pettine opened his stupid mouth was 41-10. I ramped up my prediction to 84-10.

    Go Johnny Go though! Gotta cheer for my boy to get this idiot Fired. Not sure what’s taking Haslam so long.

  20. Normally when the Seahawks get into the 30s points wise, Pete backs off the pedal. You won’t see that this week MikeyP.

  21. This is a great comedy show.

    “A guy in Cleveland is trash talking other football teams.”

    Now the clown is on his unicycle pedaling backwards.

    For his next trick, he’ll make the whole team disappear Sunday in Seattle.

  22. Say what you will about Pettine, but he’s spot on accurate on Wilson. He’s not elite, not even close.
    Then why does he have the best stats IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL of ANY QB in their first three years in the league?

    I’ll wait for your reply….

  23. Would someone tell me why Rodgers is always ranked so high? Why all the commentators lavish all this praise on him?

    That includes Payton Manning too. I guess putting up numbers for a dozen years is what makes you a great QB not winning the big ones.

  24. Mr. Haslam, for the love of God, pls get this buffoon out of Cleveland.

    Your uniforms and new colors were bad enough but, Pettine is just plain embarrassing.

  25. You media goons are so predictably tasteless and classless. Did you even watch the press conference? The first words out of his mouth regarding Russell Wilson were that he’s played better the last month than any other QB in the league.

    Pettine says the 100% honest truth and you turn it into him ripping a guy.

    Wilson is a great young player but if his career ended today he does not go down in the same likeness of Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Brees, etc. That’s just the fact, and that’s what Pettine alluded to.

  26. ybthatway says:
    Dec 17, 2015 12:21 PM

    Say what you will about Pettine, but he’s spot on accurate on Wilson. He’s not elite, not even close.
    Then why does he have the best stats IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL of ANY QB in their first three years in the league?

    I’ll wait for your reply….

    Because he is always having to make up for the Seattle defense blowing 4th quarter leads?

  27. Say what you will àbout Pettine and only regard filtered snippets of his comments, but the man was speaking the truth, even it was not part of his job description. Right now, Russel Wilson IS a second tier quarterback and will remain this way until a small few of select quarterbacks exit the game. The only reason why Wilson will advance to a top tier level is that the NFL talent pool is watered down, including Wilson. Once these select few, longer in the tooth quarterbacks retire, Russel will have his day in the sun, albeit a different class of football. Pettine isn’t as dumb as you think, Russel didn’t appear in two Superbowls because of his pure, singular ability. It was the Seahawks defense.

  28. To the Patriot blowhard: Russell Wilson played better over the last four games than Tom Brady has ever played in any four game stretch in the history of his career, no matter how bad the opponents were for either one.

    Is that getting through to you?

  29. When you are 3-10 it’s best to just keep your mouth shut. You fuel the fire and create billboard material that may result in Seattle ring up 50+ points? The entire Cleveland organization is an embarrassment. Get rid of Pettine and the incompetent Ray Farmer. It’s time to clean house.

  30. He said Wilson wasn’t in the very top tier of QBs like Brady or Rodgers, that he was more like in the 2nd tier right below them. Which is quite a compliment.

    Those losers in the media took his “2nd tier” comment and ran with it and tried to make it some Kardashian like gossipy controversy. Absolutely pathetic the state of modern media.

  31. So Rodney Harrison can have an opinion” about a player and PFT backs him up saying how great Harrison is for speaking his mind and not being afraid to tell it like it is. But let a coach give an opinion……. Perhaps if only PFT wasn’t afraid to do the same thing Harrison does, and that’s speak the truth. Call Harrison out.Harrison is arrogant, egotistical, calls out todays defenders for the same hits he did (or worse) in his playing days, wants todays defenders suspended for those hits, (yet he would scream in his day if this happened) and oh yeah was suspended for PED’s. Look I get Harrison isn’t all bad, but stop making him out to be the next John Madden. Hes a guy who insults every team (except the Pats) and was unprofessional calling Manziel a “drunk”

  32. Lol, I hope the Browns pull off the upset and afterward Pettine says “See guys. I told you so!”

    Thanks for the thumbs down votes Seahawks fans! They only fuel me.

  33. I can’t wait for the stadium announcers to announce the head coach of the Browns in Qwest Field on Sunday. He ought to get a real warm welcome from the Seattle fans.

  34. Coach Mike’s comments were completely overblown from a media looking for any reason to pounce on any comment someone makes.
    It never was a big deal.
    This makes baseball fans look less petty and I thought that was impossible.

  35. psousa1 says:
    Dec 17, 2015 2:05 PM

    So what exactly did he say that was so inflammatory?

    He didn’t say:

    “Like OMG, Russell Wilson is like the best quarterback evah!”

    and the *dozens immediately became apoplectic.

  36. Embarrassing overreaction to his comments here in the local Seattle media. Can we please grow up, stop looking around the country for validation and just enjoy what we’re watching and cheering for?

    First off, many national people blew this up, not just Seattle media.

    That being said, what did you expect Seattle media to do? Those are Hawk fans they’re selling to… of course they’re going to blow it up.

  37. Yeah, the media totally misunderstood that Pettine was subtly hinting for a job offer from SF.

  38. Ok – Brady, Rodgers and Brees, (Manning of course, this year aside) but what metric can be used to definitively put Big Ben in a higher tier than RW?

  39. He should be smart enough to not take the bait on a stupid question. Wilson and he Hawks could not care less about his comments. But if I was the coach of the worst franchise in pro sports I would try not to say stupid things. At least that would be a start…

  40. hawkforlife you asked why Rodgers is ranked so high and has never won the big one.
    i suggest you take a remedial history class on the SuperBowl, check #45 and it reads like this
    The Packers earned a trip to Super Bowl XLV, which they won, 31–25, against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Rodgers completed 24 of 39 pass attempts for 304 yards and 3 touchdowns in the win, and was named Super Bowl XLV MVP for his performance. He was named the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Year for the 2010 season.
    that took 10 seconds to verify.

  41. hawkforlife
    heres some more facts for uRodgers is the NFL’s all-time career leader in passer rating during the regular season with a rating of 105.1[5][6] and third all-time in the postseason with a rating of 101.0 (among passers with at least 1,500 and 150 pass attempts, respectively).[7] He currently is one of the only two quarterbacks to have a career passer rating of over 100.0 in the regular season (other Russell Wilson)[6] as well as having the best touchdown-to-interception ratio in NFL history at 4.05 touchdowns per interception.[8] He also holds the league’s lowest career passing interception percentage for quarterbacks during the regular season at 1.6 percent[9] and the single-season passer rating record of 122.5.[1s all to gander.
    He is ranked so high because he is a 1st ballot hall of famer. fwiw, im not a packers fan, im a skins fan.

  42. conflictedobserver

    I didn’t say he never won the big one, I separated my comments on Manning from the one on Rodgers for a reason. And yes I know Manning has one SB win but since then he’s put up huge numbers but won zip.

    Maybe you should tell me what Rodgers has won since his win. Listening to the commentators you’d think he’d won 4 or 5 super bowls or could walk on water at the very least.

  43. conflictedobserver

    Those are all nice stats but to say he’s a first round Hall of Famer is exactly what I’m talking about. With that logic so is Russell Wilson and I am a Hawks fan but Wilson hasn’t earned that honor yet either.

    When they have multiple Super Bowl wins lets talk about first round credentials.

  44. Right,like Pettine wouldn’t trade who he has for Russell Wilson in a heartbeat… I can’t even see this guy getting ANY job in the NFL after this year’s disaster.

  45. Stop it with all the “respect” and accolades for your opponent.

    For once I’d like a coach or player to say “I refuse to talk about their team or their players, I player for XXXXX team so let’s talk about this team and these players/coaches. Do you work for the other teams newspaper or something?”

  46. Too late for Pettine to walk this back. The Seattle radio stations are all over this today. I am sure his comments will be the highlight of the 6 o’clock news.

  47. Ponder these stats the next time you’re comparing Wilson with Newton:

    Cam Newton has 40 rushing touchdowns in his first five seasons.

    Gale Sayers had 39.
    Thurman Thomas had 35.
    Jerome Bettis had 31.

    They’re all in the Hall of Fame as RUNNING BACKS


  48. Appears someone is trying to close the barn door…after the cattle have escaped.
    Say Bye-Bye now coach Pettine…to your job and your credibility.

  49. Look, I’m a Hawks fan. Love RW. See nothing wrong with a coach voicing an opinion that has been openly voiced by many fans and experts throughout RW’s short career. I’m not sure he lets that stuff fire him up or not. Guys like Baldwin and Sherman may, but one of the keys to RW’s success has been his ability to prepare and keep a cool head in situations. If anyone thinks he is going to flip a switch and light up Cleveland because of these comments, I think they are going to be disappointed. Go Hawks!

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