Reports: Rams won’t fire Jeff Fisher


Jeff Fisher is in his fourth year as coach of the Rams, and it’s his fourth losing season in St. Louis. But that doesn’t mean he’s on the hot seat.

According to two reports today, Fisher’s job is safe with the Rams. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported that both Fisher and General Manager Les Snead are safe for 2016. Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the Rams want Fisher to return, although Schefter left open the possibility that Fisher might decide on his own that he wants to step away.

Rams owner Stan Kroenke is focused on the possibility of moving his team to Los Angeles and may not want the distractions that go into hiring a new coach. If the team does move to L.A., Kroenke might want Fisher as the coach because Fisher grew up there and played at USC.

The flip side is, Kroenke could decide to completely clean house and start from scratch. That would mean Fisher, Snead and Rams Executive V.P. of Football Operations Kevin Demoff would all be on the hot seat.

For Kroenke, the first priority is figuring out where his team will play in 2016. The second priority is figuring out who will run his team in 2016.

102 responses to “Reports: Rams won’t fire Jeff Fisher

  1. Kroenke’s laying down the gauntlet. Give me LA or I sign Fisher to a lifetime contract.

  2. How about getting rid of the head hunter defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams? He should be out of the NFL.

  3. Does anyone doubt that if Bruce Arians took over the Rams instead of the Rams he would have that team in first place in the NFC West?

    There is a reason why guys like Belichick and Arians win and guys like Fisher lose.

  4. Awesome. I have to figure out how this guy had a 20-year career based on 4 good years 15 years ago, lol. Dude is a genius. Even in the bad NFC this year, he couldn’t even pull off his usual turd rising to the top act that he used to in Tennesee every 3 or 4 years.

  5. The luckiest coach on the planet lives another day. Fisher must have pictures of Stan in a giant diaper without his wig on doing something awful with a barn animal.

  6. Jeff’s staying power as a head coach is amazing. His last playoff win was in 2003, against Kyle Boller.

  7. Could Kroenke be trying to get out of St Louis with or without the Lambs. Maybe work a location trade with Spanos, take the Rams name to LA. Spanos bring the Chargers to St. Louis.
    AFC West Stays intact, NFC West stays intact and is geographically correct.
    Or have such a bad team St Louis fans quit going to games and he has his cause to move the Lambs.

  8. I go every year to watch the Niners and Rams play in St. Louis, and their fans are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. The Rams will stay in St. Louis and are looking to build a new riverfront stadium, which they should. The Rams and their fans deserve to stay in St. Louis. But, I have no idea why Jeff Fisher is still their coach. He’s the king of mediocre. The Rams are a qb away from being a real threat of making the playoffs.

  9. Fisher must have some very “interesting” pictures of Kroenke. Has anyone else ever been able to milk a Super Bowl loss to remain employed as a HC after 10 years of coaching mediocrity?

  10. I love it; Kronke hates St. Louis so much he is Major Leaguing it to get out of there.

    He hired Fisher to stink up the joint and keeping him on to get the fans to revolt. All Kronke has left to do is bring in Rick Vaughn from the California Penal League.

  11. draculalambert says:
    Dec 17, 2015 3:09 PM
    He needs a QB. That’s all.
    That’s his excuse year in and year out for nearly a decade. Time to face the truth, he can’t coach quarterbacks. Probably because QB’s typically don’t take blind side cheap shots at knees or other dirty plays, which is Fisher specialty.

  12. I wish they’d let him go and then he would come back to Tennessee. Those were are best years, look what we’ve done since. NOTHING.

    Fisher gets a lot of bad rap, but he did great things when he actually had a QB for parts of the season (McNair), since then it’s been Young, Collins (late days), Bradford, etc. How do you win with that?

  13. I bet this guy was a lady killer back in the day. He sure has been charming the pants off of NFL owners for quite some time.

  14. This whiny loser and his 70’s porn ‘stach had the nerve to demand an apology from Bernie Kosar for calling out his crummy receiving core.

    News flash, Jeffy: Bernie was right, and, the only apology should be from you to the city of St.Louis and Rams fans everywhere.

  15. originate421 says:
    Dec 17, 2015 3:14 PM
    I love it; Kronke hates St. Louis so much he is Major Leaguing it to get out of there.

    He hired Fisher to stink up the joint and keeping him on to get the fans to revolt. All Kronke has left to do is bring in Rick Vaughn from the California Penal League.


    He brought in Napoleon Dynamite from Philly. Close enough?

  16. Or maybe Kroenke is keeping him because he’s already paying enough for the relocation and doesn’t feel like paying for the buyout.

  17. Fisher seems to land jobs where the owner of the team doesn’t really care about the quality of the product on the field.

    Four seasons, all below .500? The other three teams in the NFC West have been making some serious noise over the last four seasons, with two of them going to the last three Super Bowls, with the third currently sitting as the #2 seed in the conference. My guess is that the 49ers figure out how to win again before the Rams.

  18. draculalambert says:
    Dec 17, 2015 3:09 PM

    He needs a QB. That’s all.
    He’s had a lot of extra draft picks the past few years. Maybe he should have drafted some.

  19. I had been a defender of Fisher… until this year. Even if you can somehow look past his team’s propensity for dirty play, or his apparent disregard for player safety, this year’s Rams are woefully underachieving.

  20. When you really boil it down, Jeff Fisher still has a job because of the music city miracle.

  21. Fischer is a joke. He hasn’t been able to win anywhere with any quarterback, any defense or any front office. Fischer is Charlie Brown of the NFL. Kroenke is just holding the coaches job in front of him and when he thinks he is moving to LA with the team, Kroenke will pull it out from under him and he will fall on his rear, just like he has done his whole NFL career. The only way it would be better is if Kroenkes name was Lucy.

  22. Do I think Jeff Fisher is a great coach? No. I’m surprised he has been able to survive this long but if there is any upside to be had look at the team they have built thus far. They don’t have a qb whose even worth back up status and without a qb plain and simple you can’t win. To get 7-8 wins a year with a revolving door at quarterback is something that goes unappreciated. Gurley and the defense are set. Give fisher a qb and a real WR and TE and they might make some noise. If fisher goes sub 500 again with a qb then I would pull the trigger.

    The best teams in the league that I can think of with a not so great quarterback would be the Jets or Vikings and I would take the Rams roster any day over those two.

    Can any Rams fans shed some light on who is involved in personnel decisions? Is it all Snead or does Fish have input? It takes awhile to build back a franchise and I think once they get a qb they will be a good team.

  23. Best RB in the league yet no o-line to support him. Game manager of a QB yet no o-line to support him. Fisher chose an offensive coordinator with no experience resulting in boring, predictable play calling. Is it any wonder this team struggles to get to 500 every year?
    If I was a member of the STL defense, I would consider walking into his office and planting my boot in his rear for lack of support.
    Somewhere Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk and Torrey Holt weep.
    I was happy when they hired this idiot 4 years ago, how wrong I was — and to think they could have had Arians.

  24. No QB and they’ll never win…even with that D and Gurley running the ball. It’s a tough game without a solid QB.
    As a Cards fan I’m glad they are still winning games here and there so they can’t draft a good qb.
    They will be stuck in 8-8 land for a long time.
    They have some AWESOME players in Aaron Donald and Todd G. Hope their talents go to waste there….

  25. hawkcmc says:
    Dec 17, 2015 3:46 PM

    So the Rams have already been eliminated from the playoffs next season….

    I love this line. This sums up being a Ram fan so succinctly that I want to frame it and put it on my wall.

  26. iloveagoodnap says:
    Dec 17, 2015 3:39 PM

    When you really boil it down, Jeff Fisher still has a job because of the music city miracle.

    IT WAS A FORWARD PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Oh come on man! This relic has to go. That offense alone is a firing offense. _Signed, Long Suffering Rams Fan.

  28. I bet everyone wishes they had Jeff Fisher’s job security. He’s made it to the playoffs less than a third of the time and is still looking at another year of employment. What does he have to do to get fired?

  29. So much for owners following the Rooney Rule. Is Kroenke so negligent that he doesn’t think that the president of the team will get run over by Fisher and his agent, the father of the president?

  30. The incriminating evidence this guy must have on someone VERY high up in the league must be absolutely brutal. He’s styrofoam — around forever.

  31. I feel bad for Jim Caldwell. The Rooney rule was supposed to help him get a job. But when he is likely going to be fired after taking two teams to the postseason in five seasons Fisher is told welcome back when he hasn’t been to the playoffs with declining records in his fourth year.

    What does this say about the league and Kroenke? Clearly all coaching hiring practices are emulated off of the University of Iowa in the firings are based off of what happened at East Carolina.

    Some progress we’re making.

  32. dynastyfootballforme says:
    Dec 17, 2015 3:06 PM

    Not a Rams fan, but their team and city deserve better than this


    The same city and fans that courted the Seahag to steal the Rams from Los Angeles in the first place?

  33. The liquor store down the street from my house owes a huge debt of gratitude to Jeff Fisher. Having to watch my favorite team be coached by him is directly responsible for at least 10% of that store’s profits.

  34. This guy gets rewarded for subpar performances so often, it’s like he works for the US government.

  35. titans4evr,

    Well you should be hoping they rehire Floyd Reese then. He was the one picking the players because this is Fisher in charge alone. He’s doing about his average and that’s with a pretty great trade that should have set him up for years. Just about every impact player that he won with were picked by Reese. About the only impact guy he picked after Reese left was Chris Johnson. I think you got about the same .500 results with Munchak for a whole lot less money.

  36. I’m a huge fan of teams sticking with their coaching choices and giving them time to build a team, and the Rams haven’t been able to find a quarterback. It’s so hard to win in this league without one and unfortunately the Rams are squandering what would be a competitive defense if their offense could ever stay on the field long enough to not frustrate and exhaust them.

    That being said I personally dislike fisher as a coach. He has extra league reposnibilities that relate to player behavior and yet his teams are always the most unruly, undisciplined groups in the league which tells me maybe he’s not qualified for either job.

  37. Has there ever been a coach totally unable to get even a mediocre qb that coaches for so long? Besides mcnair, all of his qbs sucked. Most coaches get 3 years, he gets 2 decades

  38. I’ll be at the game tonight. Maybe the last at the Dome. Been a season ticket owner since day one. Enjoyed football in spite of the last 10 years. Fisher has taken the Rams from truly awful to average. He needs to go, as he is incapable of getting the team beyond .500. Just the facts. Regardless, the Rams owner is a good businessman, but a horrible owner. Good luck LA. Stl and LA deserve better.

  39. Anytime the HC or GM get a vote of confidence they get fired. So bye bye Fisher and Snead!

    If the owner was smart he’d leave over half the team in St Louie and start from scratch. Keep the defense and Gurley and thats it.

  40. Never understood why this guy is still a head coach. He’s awful, if it wasn’t for Steve McNair & Eddie George, his ineptitude would be super obvious. He doesn’t deserve an NFL head coaching job.

  41. Maybe, just maybe, Stan Kroenke is a tad bit smarter than your average owner. Sure, Fisher only has 6 winning seasons in 21 years. But Maybe Kroenke believes that a coach is only as good as his players. NFL history is loaded with examples of coaches who were horrible when they had no talent to work with, but then turned into geniuses when they were allowed to hang around long enough for the organization to provide them with great players. You know, Kroenke wasn’t born yesterday. Most “great” coaches have or had HOF QBs. Fisher doesn’t.

  42. I don’t understand people saying the issue is a poor QB. Fisher has had 4 years to either draft or sign a free agent. What part am I missing other than the fact that he seems to think he can get by with Foles, Davis, Clemens, Hill, Bradford etc. etc. etc?

    At this point, somebody please get Kurt Warner on speed dial and offer him $20M a year – I don’t care how old his is.

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