Ryan Mallett says he “acted immaturely” in failed stint with Texans

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Ryan Mallett had a chance to win the starting job with the Houston Texans in training camp.

He didn’t. And everything went south from that point on for Mallett and his relationship with the Texans.

Mallett overslept and was late after losing the starting job to Brian Hoyer. He showed up late to the team facility again on a Saturday and was sent home, and then was late returning to the facility and missed the team’s charter flight to Miami ahead of their game with the Dolphins in October.

The tardiness was just a part of the issues that led to Mallett being released by Houston.

After signing with Baltimore this week, Mallett admitted he fell short when reflecting upon his time in Houston.

I acted immaturely at some games in Houston,” Mallett said, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com. “There were reasons for it. But that’s not going to be discussed right now. The best thing probably was for me to be cut.”

Mallett started for Houston against the Indianapolis Colts on Oct. 8. Nineteen days later he was released.

“It was a piece of humble pie, but it digested real quickly,” Mallett said. “I’m just here to try to be a good teammate and contribute any way I can for the Ravens.”

20 responses to “Ryan Mallett says he “acted immaturely” in failed stint with Texans

  1. Oh, it won’t be discussed because it is old news…Mallett, you are a child, and saying so now is pointless…It is still all about you, and that doesn’t work in the NFL.

  2. Mallett has a tremendous upside when it comes to raw talent but his problems stem from being coddled too much at home, His daddy should of had the talk with him about whats in front of him and the need to seize upon that because the window doesn’t stay open for long and he is about one or two starts from being a Jamarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf I have always thought he could spin the ball but he needs the right coach to get him lined out and he must get the immaturity under control! Setbacks happen to everyone Its the measure of the mans character in how he deals with it!

  3. i don’t understand people that say this guy had tremendous upside on the talent side. he sucks. did you watch his games? he couldn’t get the ball to wide open players 5 feet away from him because he would try the throw the ball through their chests. As a result, the pass was either wildly off target or it would bounce off the shoulder pads because it was going 200 mph. there is no upside with this QB. he is awful.

  4. f1restarter says:
    Dec 17, 2015 4:20 AM

    Ryan Mallett = Jeff George.

    As the old saying goes, a turd won’t change its stripes (or something like that).

    Once a turd, always a turd. Looks like a turd, acts like a turd, smells like a turd, it’s a turd.

  5. Mallet’s “reasons” are: I’m egocentric, I’m narcissistic, I’m immature, and I’m better than Johnny Manziel so I should get as many chances as he did.

    Ryan Mallett = Ryan Leaf

    Memo to NFL teams…..be careful drafting any QB named ‘Ryan.’

  6. Picture Mallett standing in front of a barn, about 20 ft. away. Now picture him throwing a ball at said barn. Do you think he hit the barn or did the ball bury itself into the ground 5 ft. short? I give it 50/50.

  7. Hey Ryan, if the Texans had traded up for you in the first round like the Browns did for Johnny Football, you too could have gotten an all-expense paid trip to rehab and three or four additional chances. But, that’s not the way it played out, so you are just slightly closer to the rest of us vis a vis people getting sick of pouty failure to accept responsibility after only three or four egregious screwups.

    God I hate this 2015 Ravens team.
    -Ravens fan

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