Bucs fans should be smiling that Jameis Winston wasn’t

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After last night’s loss to the Rams, Buccaneers rookie quarterback Jameis Winston traded jerseys with St. Louis rookie running back Todd Gurley. After they removed their shoulder pads, extracted the jerseys, and swapped them, Winston and Gurley held each other’s jersey up for a joint photo.

Gurley was smiling broadly. Winston wasn’t.

And that should make Bucs fans very happy. Winston couldn’t find a reason to smile after a loss that likely ended his team’s playoff chances. Unlike so many players, who smile and laugh and yuk it up after a loss, Winston had nothing to smile about, because his team lost.

He rightfully was, as Rodney Harrison would describe Winston in that moment, “Miserable.”

Rodney was the same way. As he told me while watching the aftermath of the 1:00 p.m. ET games last Sunday, Rodney never smiled after a game that his team lost. He was miserable. And that passion should make every fan of Winston’s team happy to know that, after a loss, the franchise quarterback is every bit as miserable as the most zealous fans of the franchise.

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  1. I’m curious as to why the Rams’ defensive lineman weren’t flagged for repeatedly spearing and driving Winston into the ground after he released the ball.

    I’d imagine there are some fines coming.

  2. Agree w/sunnyD89, Winston was taking a beating…

    In hindsight it looked like prison mentality, the kind that involves placing an abuser in general population.

  3. That’s a fine perspective to operate from. The world can only benefit if each day each of us acknowledge our fears and disappointments and use them as a catalyst to create hope and change towards a more competitive tomorrow.

    If you didn’t try your best and achieve your maximum potential today, then you have established a goal for the next day.

  4. You going to keep slobbering on this guy? If he was accurate and wasn’t launching balls over his receivers heads they may have won.

  5. I said this exact same thing on a post about this picture on another site. I love to see Jameis not happy after a loss. Gerald McCoy would have had the biggest grin on his face and that’s not what I want in a “leader”. Go Jameis and Go Bucs!

  6. They really need to have a straight male football fan in the room when deciding on these jersey’s for the Thursday night games.

  7. Writing about a player smiling or not smiling after a loss is the dumbest thing ever. Just because he doesn’t smile doesn’t mean he is any good. So what would you say if Brady cracks a smile after a loss? That he isn’t committed to winning. Just dumb.

  8. wayne1693 says:
    Dec 18, 2015 6:18 PM
    During roughly 80% of his play, I did not find JW to even closely resemble an NFL QB.
    That’s because you don’t know what one looks like. It’s ok though most of the people that “like” football can’t recognize a franchise QB either. My Bucs have one and if our next 2 to 3 drafts go half as good as the past 2 we’re gonna win a Super Bowl in the near future. GO BUCS! GO NOLES!

  9. To noleitup: I would love you to explain to the rest of us, how a QB that is just not that accurate, often on very simple/basic throws…is a FRANCHISE QB???

  10. Just because he doesn’t smile doesn’t mean he is any good

    You’ve missed the point.

    It’s about commitment to a goal.

    If he has it, it’s a good sign for the future.

  11. Rapie isn’t that great, stop acting like he’s Tom Brady at this point. He’s the 28th rated passer in the league.

  12. Most TDs by a Rookie QB in NFL History:
    Cam Newton: 35
    Russell Wilson: 30
    Peyton Manning: 30
    Andrew Luck: 28
    RGIII: 27
    Jameis Winston: 25 (2 games to play)

    Keep on hating, folks…

  13. Winston’s been through a lot and like him or not, he’s the truth. Good for him. I’m interested to see if McCarron can play. Cincinnati’s loaded with talent.

  14. That’s right he was not smiling in the PICTURE but when he was talking to Gurley … they were smiling and laughing … where’s that picture.

  15. This guy gets it. He understands that he is the face of a billion dollar entity. He also understands that he is making the kind of money that 95% of us never will. Jameis is putting forth the effort, while avoiding the trappings of newfound wealth.

  16. In the headline we have you telling Bucs fans to take the smile no matter what approach. This is only to be contradicted halfway through when a more credible source says that it’s good to take the high road and not smile.

    Which is it PFT? I can choke down my morning coffee remaining mindless but you’re going to have to tell me definitively before lunch how to think or this will be a rough day.

    I expect 3 more articles #thoughtgate

  17. NFL payers today are an embarrassment to the teams they play for. You just had your ass handed to you on a big platter and you want to exchange jerseys. Place him high on that pedicle.

  18. If the Buccs are an embarrassment, what does that make a coach & a team that 4 weeks ago got absolutely plastered 45-17 by them on the road. The game wasn’t even competitive.

    This is why Philly is fooling itself thinking the Eagle problems are all figured out & that loss was an aberration. The next week it’s 45-14 to the Lions. The Eagles & Chip Kelly make Lovey Smith look like BB, no way that loss meant nothing to the birds in the grand scheme of things. No one wants to believe it, but this Eagle team is a long ways away from competing for anything meaningful.

    It’s the way things will always be in the Chip Kelly era, 1 step forward & 3 back all the while as he makes horrendous personnel decisions & blames execution & players.

  19. ^^^^

    St. Louis crushed Tampa. No way around it.

    Just seems a little ridiculous that a guy like Eli can get a flag when O. Vernon bumps into him with the force of a dainty butterfly yet there is no flag when Aaron Donald repeatedly bodyslams Jameis Winston.

    Must be too young.

    Am I right, Ed?

  20. …….I was a little (actually alot) leery of the bucs drafted winston but the kid has really grown on me….he is acting as a leader for this team and if we could get pass catchers and ol help he’s gonna get the bucs to the playoffs for years to come. He has one more hurdle for me to be totally convinced hes’ a true proffesional….STAY out the headlines during the off season.

  21. NFL payers today are an embarrassment to the teams they play for….

    This post is an embarrassment to folks who actually think while they are typing.

  22. wayne1693 says:
    Dec 18, 2015 7:49 PM
    To noleitup: I would love you to explain to the rest of us, how a QB that is just not that accurate, often on very simple/basic throws…is a FRANCHISE QB???
    I’ll admit the footwork can be a bit sloppy at times but thats something he can work on and the line play is still suspect. Just watch the games guy. Go ahead and get NFL game pass it lets you watch the all 22 tape.

  23. wayne1693

    You realize he is a rookie quarterback and sometimes has off days? If Tom Brady came out and missed open recievers one game, would you say that he isn’t worthy of the title of “franchise quarterback?” Jameis has a bright future and he is only 21, he has plenty of time to learn.

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