Cowboys give Kellen Moore some first team reps in practice

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The Cowboys are sticking with Matt Cassel — for now. But they’re at least thinking about a change.

According to Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star Telegram, they’ve given some first team reps in practice this week to backup Kellen Moore, who has never thrown a pass in an NFL game.

Coach Jason Garrett described the amount as “a couple,” but said most of his work remains with the scout team.

Moore is kind of a pet project of offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, from their two years together in Detroit. The former Boise State quarterback is in his fourth year, but hasn’t played yet.

“There’s no bigger believer in Kellen Moore than myself,” Linehan said. “There’s probably a few guys back in Boise and some guys back in Detroit, but I believe in him. But in the same breath, I think our rallying cry is that it’s not just the quarterback position even though the quarterback position has to play better. We made the decision this week that we’ve all got to do better for the quarterback position. If we do that we’ll be able to get this thing turned around and move forward. But we’ve got all the confidence in those guys, whoever we have in the game, to do the job.”

Of course, they could also make a change at some point because Cassel has been kind of bad, and it won’t matter much longer, as they have just the slimmest mathematical chance of making the playoffs. But it seems as long as that chance exists, they’re going to ride with the veteran.

The Cowboys also have some pragmatic concerns, as Cassel has incentives built into his contract which could pay him more for certain levels of participation. So if they’re eliminated, giving Moore some looks can be an experiment for the future, and create savings in the present as well.

23 responses to “Cowboys give Kellen Moore some first team reps in practice

  1. Always wanted him to get a shot in the NFL, I think he is more than deserving of at least one whole start. It blows my mind that he was brought into a situation that seemed built for him to get his chance, but for whatever reason the Cowboys want to roll with the Vet who will likely go 1-10

  2. Kellen Moore doesn’t have one thing going for him–well, except for that one, small, insignificant item that nobody ever cares about–he wins whenever and wherever he plays. The guy simply wins. Always.

  3. This season is done, why wouldn’t you let it ride with the kid for the rest of the season and see what you’ve got?

    I for one as a Cowboy fan, would rather watch an unproven commodity in Kellen Moore struggle, fail, and throw picks over the next three games than watch proven trash can Matt Cassell do the exact same thing.

  4. The thing that complicates the situation in just putting him in the game to see what you have is that the Cowboys, while still a pile of steaming hot garbage without Romo this season, are still only one game back with three games to play in the NFC East. It is pretty unusual to start evaluating players for the future when you’re still in the playoff hunt.

    That being said, if you’re going to give Matt Cassel and Brandon Weeden starts, for a grand total of one win between them, what have you got to lose? At 50-3 in his college career Tebow logic says go with the winner.

  5. I still don’t know why Kellen Moore wasn’t even drafted. He did some awesome things with BSU and his final season the kid went all out ! He deserves at least one game to see what he can do especially at this stage of the Cowboys season. I’m a USC alum so i’m excited to see Matt is still around after never playing as a Trojan. It’s amazing what a Bellichick network can get you.

  6. People forget Kellen Moore was two missed gimme field goals against Nevada and TCU from going 52-1 at Boise State. Oh and he beat Andy Dalton in the Fiesta Bowl in 2010 but yeah let’s just keep playing Matt Cassell.

  7. mazenblue says:
    Dec 18, 2015 10:35 AM

    Kellen would thrive under a face paced quick passing offense. Go find that and this kid will be Kurt Warner

    Pffffft. Think about what you are saying…..

  8. Their decision making so far has been suspect – I mean… started Wheedon, then brought in Cassel and then they rushed Romo back too soon to face the Dolphins to warm up against an agressive physical Panthers defense? I just think it’s amazing that theyd didn’t try and get some other rookie – hey, maybe try to trade for Aaron Murray or Brett Hundley or even Matt Barkley… I don’t know. Maybe they should’ve drafted a guy, knowing that your injury prone starting QB is what separates you from a winning season and a really bad one.

    Honestly, might as well give Kellen Moore a chance now. It’ll make a good story if he performs well or it will at least show what little QB depth they have – an area that they finally need to address in the offseason. Doesn’t make sense waiting on these “vets” that just continue to dissapoint in every team that brings them on, while they benefit from a nice pay check as the fans sit there wondering wth happened to another hopeful season that turned out to be an embarrassing dissapointment.

  9. hahahahahahaha as a lions fan I can tell you, Kellen Moore is a noodle armed bum. He does not have an NFL arm, you would be better off with Brandon Weeden

  10. Even Jerry knows it’s Kellen time…….

    What a season of disappointment…first this embarrassment of a cowboy team and now Cuse looks like a NIT pick at best

    Ahh the 90’s seem so long ago

  11. The guy is in his 4th year, the starter is out, the season is lost. If you still don’t want to see what he has at this point then you may as well cut him.

  12. Just because he doesn’t have the strongest arm, doesn’t mean he doesn’t belong in the NFL. A guy named Montana didn’t have the strongest arm either. Kellen is extremely accurate, and is smart as hell. Besides, when is a football that travels 60 yards in the air equated to a weak arm?

  13. From someone who’s actually watched him play in several preseason games for the Lions he’s small and has an extremely weak arm. That’s why he wasn’t drafted and that’s why he’s never played an NFL snap. Thumbs this down all day but facts are facts whether you like them or not.

    Actually he didn’t play in Detroit because, like Dallas, the lions have bred a culture of losing and ineptitude as well. Nice try though. There’s a reason Linehan brought him in to Dallas. Had Kellen played at a bigger school with the same record he would be starting on a NFL team and under a huge second contract no matter his size.

  14. Remember kellen was runner up for the heisman and was the winningest college quarterback in the NCAA as well other records and awares obtained through his college career at BSU.

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