Draft analyst: Falling from window won’t hurt Nkemdiche’s stock

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At least one analyst doesn’t think falling out of a fourth-floor hotel window will cause Robert Nkemdiche’s draft stock to plummet.

ESPN’s Todd McShay was asked on a conference call about the concerns about the Ole Miss defensive tackle, who was arrested for possession of marijuana after he fell into an unfortunate shrubbery beneath the double-pane window he crashed through in Atlanta recently.

“Assuming that he doesn’t have any issues between now and the draft and assuming that what has been reported is the story and assuming there’s not a major dependency issue, my guess is we’ll have close to have forgotten about it come draft time,” McShay said. “Again, there’s a lot of ‘ifs’ in there, and I’m not saying it’s not a big deal or not an issue at all. But I’m saying if he does everything right between now and then and if everything checks out and there’s not a bigger issue out there, I think the talent will prevail.”

If the 6-foot-4, 296-pound junior leaves school after the Sugar Bowl, he’s expected to be a top-10 pick in this year’s draft.

And to McShay’s mind, it’s Nkemdiche’s size and speed and ability to disrupt pockets that will stick in the minds of personnel men, more so than the fact he FELL OUT OF A WINDOW.

“If he checks out with work ethic and there’s no concern at all with those other things, then teams will put it in perspective,” McShay said. “He needs to be smart and realize what’s at stake. If everything checks out from a work-ethic standpoint and an intangibles standpoint, I don’t think it’ll have any major effect on where he winds up drafted.”

Of course, there’s also the matter of the drug charges. Nkemdiche has denied he was using synthetic marijuana, and the cops charged him with the kind that’s legal in two of the cities the NFL does business in. While teams will likely say the requisite things, talent generally wins out in these situations.

41 responses to “Draft analyst: Falling from window won’t hurt Nkemdiche’s stock

  1. This doesn’t happen on legit marijuana, he was on something much crazier. And did the dude really fall 40 feet and not get seriously injured? That’s amazing.

  2. jm91rs says:
    Dec 18, 2015 11:51 AM
    This doesn’t happen on legit marijuana, he was on something much crazier. And did the dude really fall 40 feet and not get seriously injured? That’s amazing.

    No I think he fell 1 story, 10 feet. That was what I read last.

  3. Why? Because any guy who can fall out of a window, bounce off the ground, and get up and walk away has the kind of durability teams are looking for.

  4. I heard it was only a 1 story fall from about 15 feet. If he had fallen 4 stories, certainly he would have been seriously injured, and that would have had an impact on his draft stock.

  5. I will file this under “believe it when I see it”. Certainly off field issues can hurt a players draft stock, but then for others, it doesn’t. I think most of that stems from the interview process at the combine. Players that have off field issues, or drug/alcohol incidents and lie about it, or under sell it, or whatever, aren’t looked at favorably. those that are honest about it, learn from it, and just want to put it in the past in order to focus on professional football, aren’t affected.

    So there is way too many things that are going to take place between now and the draft. His workouts at the combine, his pro day, his interview process, will all be factored in. Add to that, will he stay out of trouble between now and then.

  6. The first round is for pass rushers, quarterbacks, and offensive tackles. Only so many first rounders come out every year, so crashing out of a window, falling 15 feet, destroying a bush, and walking into the waiting long arms of the law without injury can only hurt his draft stock but so much. Worst case scenario, he drops into early second round.

  7. ” my guess is we’ll have close to have forgotten about it come draft time”

    Oh please it will be brought up ad infinitum by the so called draft analysts.

  8. Its not that he was smoking weed I don’t mind that at all.

    Its that he was stupid enough to get high and then fall out a window. That doesn’t not bode well for his common sense and intelligence.

  9. Often the difference between an individual who is unworthy of a position and the benefits that come with it within your organization due to “bad decision making skills” and an individual who deserves the opportunity to thrive in a structured environment with developmental opportunities is the ability to pressure the QB. Tampa Bay does not regret choosing Warren Sapp. The really tough life lessons are the ones that leave a mark on you; usually not marks left as the result of landscaping but to each his own.

  10. lightninhopkins says:
    Dec 18, 2015 12:54 PM
    “Todd McShay’s opinions are worthless.”

    Says random guy on the internet.

    I scrolled down when i saw Mcshay’s name, he and the guy with the funny hair. If they are such great talent evaluators wont a team have hired them right about now.. Right..

  11. For teams like the Cowboys and Vikings that openly covet career criminals, his draft stock went straight up.

    For the other 30 or so teams, its not really an issue because either the Cowboys or Vikings will draft him anyway.

  12. McShay must have been partying with the Ole Miss DT to make that statement. It is obvious since his recruiting days that this kid marches to a different drummer & even his own coaches consider him a flake. Anyone remember the Demetrius Underwood debacle? This is the next Underwood.

  13. Any GM that drafts him is going to have to keep a finger on speed dial to call his moving company. Watch the Hawaii Bowl to see a sleeper from Indiana doe his best “Sheldon Richardson” impersonation. Darius Latham from Indiana could be the mid round steal.

  14. i’m pretty sure ppl like McShay are paid by the players agents to say these things to start swaying ppl’s perceptions and making teams be more ok with drafting him higher and making more money. This dude is a straight moron, his brother who plays for Ole Miss also was on the same stuff and caught on the edge of the roof in a blanket cuz he thought someone was chasing him………….then soon after that this guy does the same thing? He just saw the effects it had on his brother and STILL tried it. He’s a huge moron, i hope he stumbles again and is out of the league in a yr and the team who drafts him learns their lesson.

  15. Sorry, Sergio Kindle was a top prospect heading out of college and had a penchant for falling down steps causing a fractured skull and he was never able to be sentient enough to play football again. If anyone thinks with his drug problems this guy isn’t going to make falling down one of his favorite things to do, check out Kindle and check out how well Manziel is doing with his issues. But Jacksonville, Cleveland or one of the NFLs pariah teams will sign him.

  16. Best thing he could do after all this is go back to Ole Miss, clean up his act and try to repair his reputation for next year’s draft. We all know there is a less than zero chance of him choosing that option, though.

  17. just another bust waiting to happen. another supposed elite athlete that doesn’t live up to their “upside”

    He has minimal college production and is being touted as a first round pick – give me a break.

    mcshay knows nothing and credibility is not a job requirement for that hack

  18. I agree with the article, if any of you think you’ll remember 5 months from now the name of the guy who fell out of a 1 story window, you’re nieve. Even if the analysts bring it up on draft day, it’ll be brought up as a side note as they show his, undoubtedly impressive, game tape, combine scores and measurables.

    Don’t forget these are kid, and kids do stupid things, doesn’t make them bad people or life long criminals. I’m sure most of you broke the law or did something equally stupid as kids. And if not, sounds like you had a pretty boring existence.

  19. Define won’t hurt his stock?

    Before this he was a lock for top 10 and may have gone top 5, above Bosa and been the first DL off the bird now he’s a

  20. Now there is a question mark if he goes too 10, to me, that’s a knock on his draft stock. I don’t see him falling to round2, but middle late 1st round is possible.

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