Gary Kubiak is pleased with Peyton Manning’s progress

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After missing four games due to a foot injury, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has practiced for two straight days. Coach Gary Kubiak likes what he has seen.

“[A] little bit more, a few more periods,” Kubiak told reporters regarding Manning’s workload. “He got in the grouping-type stuff, got in the noise, so to speak, as we had talked. Yeah, he did a little bit more. He looked good. It went well.”

With Manning running the scout team, Brock Osweiler continues to get the first-team reps with the team’s offense.

“Peyton has been taking the defensive stuff for us, and again, a lot of individual [work],” Kubiak said. “We’ve done a lot of individual with him and stuff. His progression from one day to the next has been good. . . . I’m just focused on watching him work, really more than anything. That’s the biggest thing. Watching his individual periods, watching him throw, watching him work and move around today. I like the progression. I like the way he’s coming along.”

Kubiak said Manning won’t be active this week at Pittsburgh. So the next question is whether the increased practice time will result in Manning being ready to play in Week 16, when the Bengals come to town for a Monday night game.

7 responses to “Gary Kubiak is pleased with Peyton Manning’s progress

  1. Kubiak is happy just making the playoffs, Manning is out to break Farves records and I can’t see this team going more than one game into the playoffs.

  2. Manning will be declared fit to go when Osweiler has another hiccup. If Osweiler doesn’t, then Manning will be said to need more time. Kubiak’s progress reports are a farce. If Manning has a significant injury, doctors and trainers will be making the call. A decision won’t be based on Kubiak’s observation of Manning’s practice participation. The farce serves Manning too. Why did he go 5 for 20 with 4 interceptions in his last start? Because he had serious medical issue, same as last year (whenever he had a bad day).

    Manning,Gase,andFox had a nice run for Denver, but Elway said that the team needed someone else to get to the next level. Elway’s someone else is Kubiak, and things aren’t working out so well at the next level

  3. I guess it’s now or never for Elway and Kubiak to pick a QB. Cause if they ride Osweiler to the playoffs, then replace him with a much more rested Manning, they may have a player revolt. If they bring Manning back now, he may exacerbate his injury in the next few weeks and be weakened or out for the playoffs. In which case they’ll look like fools who rushed PM back in too early and screwed up their SB chances while undermining Osweiler’s confidence. Either way, this situation is a lose-lose for the coaches and front office.

  4. Golly Gee: You guys sound like you are in with the coaches and possibly know more than anyone. What predictions?
    Have you thought about submitting your resumes to the Broncos???

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