Agent: Scobee didn’t hide condition, is now 100 percent

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In response to an article with quotes from free-agent kicker Josh Scobee creating the impression that Scobee had an injury he concealed from the Steelers, Scobee’s agent tells PFT that Scobee hid nothing from his former team.

“During his final week in Pittsburgh, the leg was really worn out since he had been kicking quite a bit extra in practice to get familiar with [a] young rookie holder,” agent Ken Harris said via email. “He certainly didn’t hide it, and brought up that it needed a little rest.  It’s no one’s fault that the short week [before the Thursday night game against the Ravens] exacerbated it into a strain, which he later rehabbed with a former Jags trainer for weeks after the release.”

Harris reiterated Scobee’s explanation that he’s now healthy and ready to kick again.

“Even though Josh alerted them early in the week that his leg was very worn and needed a rest day after weeks of work with the young holder, we understood when that didn’t happen due to the short week,” Harris said.  “As he predicted, it felt more strained in pregame and during the game.  Again, no one was a bad guy. These things happen.”

Harris added that the Steelers handled the situation properly, and that Scobee will exercise his right to seek termination pay from the Steelers, ensuring that he’ll get the balance of his $2.5 million base salary. Scobee will be entitled to keep any money that he earns elsewhere this season, if he ultimately earns any money elsewhere this season.

Scobee, 33, spent 11 years with the Jaguars before being traded to the Steelers in the preseason, after Shaun Suishan tore an ACL making a tackle during the Hall of Fame game.

10 responses to “Agent: Scobee didn’t hide condition, is now 100 percent

  1. Then that obviously explains all of his other prior misses and why the Jags traded him to keep a kicker near the bottom of the league in accuracy.

  2. That’s pretty lame to publicly blame another player, no problem if his agent mentions the adjustments he was making in private to teams, but publicly, very low.

  3. Boswell is a first year kicker and he seems to have zero problem with this “young holder”. So I think we really know where the problem “lied”. Do you think his agent is going to say that Scobee stinks? Probably Not!

  4. the Steelers are involved, you know they’ve attempted to either shortchange the player or scapegoat him. Or both.

    This commenter once said he posts only accurate and balanced comments….what I constantly see are unsupported statements of a troll. Provide some facts or shut up

  5. You know what they say about excuses right? Personally I would have preferred WAY less practice kicks if that meant his old leg was going to get worn out.

    As for the “young holder” BS, rookie kicker Chris Boswell is 26/28 or 92.9% on FG and 22-23 or 95.6% on Extra points. Hmmmm, provocative.

    Go away Scobee Dobie Don’t!

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