Jets survive a close one, stay in wild card race

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The Jets didn’t always look like a playoff team tonight in Dallas. But in the end, they did just enough to survive and remain in the AFC wild card race.

The Jets’ win over the Cowboys improved their record to 9-5, which currently puts them in the lead in the three-way wild card race with the Chiefs and Steelers, both of whom can also improve to 9-5 on Sunday. The Jets don’t control their playoff destiny — if the Chiefs and Steelers both win out, the Jets will be left out of the playoffs — but they needed this one, and they got it.

It wasn’t easy. The Jets fell behind early and struggled offensively, with Ryan Fitzpatrick not having one of his better games. And Jets kicker Randy Bullock missed both a field goal and an extra point in the first half. But the Jets got into field goal range in the final minute of the fourth quarter, and Bullock nailed the game-winning kick.

Cowboys quarterback Matt Cassel was benched after an ugly interception in the first quarter. Kellen Moore replaced Cassel and had a couple ugly interceptions of his own, and his final interception with just seconds remaining sealed the Cowboys’ fate. Still, Moore looked a little more competent than Cassel and probably did enough to keep the starting job for the final two weeks of the season.

It was not a great game for either team, but it was a good win for the Jets. When you’re fighting for a playoff spot, a win is a win.

42 responses to “Jets survive a close one, stay in wild card race

  1. Pretty amazing that the Jets are now a respectable team with a 9-5 record and in the hunt for the playoffs, after Rex Ryan left for the Bills, where everyone was predicting his genius would bring them into the playoffs. How much longer are the Ryans going to be able to keep fooling the NFL? The most overrated and overhyped coaches in NFL history.

  2. As a Cowboys fan I have to say…….. do we deserve to be in the playoffs? No. Would we get our butts kicked in the wildcard? Probably. But should we at least have 6 wins? Defiantly! This game and the Seahawks game we got straight screwed out of by the Refs. Two fumbles that where clear fumbles in this game and especially with the review on both and the Refs still making the wrong call on BOTH we got straight screwed.

  3. Season over. Fire Garrett. Fire the GM. Get rid of the owner. I’m sick of this organization. It’s a joke and it is disgusting.

  4. I was actually impressed by Moore. The Beasley drop was big and they, again, stopped running the ball. McFadden played well again

  5. On a related note, Jerry Jones, owner, GM and Doctor of the 4-10 Cowboys, will not put QB “Opie” Romo on injured reserve believe that Opie is still capable of coming back this season to lead the Cowboys to the playoffs. More on this developing story as facts become available.

  6. The game wouldn’t have been close except for the obvious no horse collar tackle on Calvin Pace that the ref screwed up and led to the Dez TD and the imaginary illegal motion call on Douzable on the Bullock FG before halftime. Nance is unwatchable. He didn’t acknowledge either of these gaffes even after replay. In the end, didn’t matter, but made it needlessly close. And how many times are the Jets going to handoff to Ivory on 4th and 1 and lose yardage. Last week they finally called QB sneak on 4th and 1 and made it. I guess Gailey forgot that.

  7. It wasn’t a great game for the Jets but it was a pretty standard game for the cowboys.
    They dem boyz.

  8. The jets have beat bad teams (sometimes barely) and have lost to every decent team they have played. They are better than last year but are not a playoff worthy team

  9. Don’t worry…Matt Cassel will be signed by some team this offseason, then be traded to another team who’s starter gets hurt and the curious cycle continues…

  10. Still heard Simms remark that the Cowboys were finally out of it, being 4-10 and all. The media sentiment pining away for a Cowboy ‘run’ to the playoffs despite their wretched performances was beyond absurd. Next week will begin the chatter around how well the team is situated for a big year next season with Romo back, brittle clavicle and all. Here’s to the Cowboys returning to the perennial also ran after last years blip on the radar got the networks all charged up for the Dallas love fest that went sour on them. We know what Dallas looks like without Romo and a D that is really nothing to brag about. Get used to more of it as Jerry chases the ghosts of the 90’s.

  11. Awesome to see the Jets get this WIN, especially with the announcers so clearly in favor of Dallas! It is almost impossible to watch when they ramp up their speech as ‘boys are gaining ground, or make a play on defense. It is rather sickening, but it happens all the time with Dallas, the Packers, Bears, Patriots and of course Seattle. So WOOHOO for the Jets! Way to go! I am always in favor of the underdog.. The days of the “media’s darlings” has got to stop! Look out, because there are many teams other than the above mentioned who are on their way up! So get used to it!

  12. What an embarrassment at QB for this team. You’d think with all Jerry Jones’s resources he’d be able to find a reliable back up to Romo. It’s as if Jerry was pulling an Irsay.

  13. I can’t fathom how you could be impressed by Moore. He threw a lot of key interceptions last night. Even if you take away that first one because of nerves.

  14. It’s not just that the Cowboys lost Romo this season. They also lost the running game that was so key to last years success. I’m not saying they needed Murray back, but the Cowboys are a lot more than Romo away from being an elite contender in this league.

  15. I mean how can you not root for Ryan Fitzpatrick.
    Getting beat up all night, blood dripping from the bridge of his nose, guy never gives up — always fighting.
    He is leading.
    Team is following.

  16. If you check the stats, you will note that Ryan “Fitz”-patrick actually throws more checkdowns than TDs lol

  17. Knee was on the ground therefore NO FUMBLE! Video proof was there, but of course you pansy Dallas fans can’t handle the truth.

    Truth be told the refs were on your side because that wasn’t a horse collar penalty!

  18. Ball was coming out before the knee hit the ground, if called correctly jets lose. Gotta keep the NY market tuned in for ratings.

  19. I think Dallas will be a lot better next year, though that shouldn’t be hard to do. Jason Garrett, and staff, did a terrible job this year. Draft a safety, CB, RB-McFadden should stay, QB-though I like Moore a bit-but in high round, not 1st though. They need to find ballhawks in the D backfield, not sub par safety play. Keep McClain as well and hope Scandrick comes by strong

  20. Dec 20, 2015 2:08 AM – unknownsniper says: Cowboys would have won a few games under Tebow.. but thats okay… Tebow can’t throw.. but Moore and Cassel can.

    Tebow looks like crap in practice, and coaches can’t get past that, but guys who disintegrate under pressure get chance after chance. Tebow led seven late game-winning drives in the 4th quarter or overtime, and nobody seems to think that’s a valuable talent.

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