Matt Cassel could get the hook tonight

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The Cowboys gave quarterback Kellen Moore some first-team reps this week for a reason. PFT has confirmed that, if starter Matt Cassel struggles on Saturday night against the Jets, the Cowboys plan to replace Cassel with Moore.

The story of Cassel being on a “short leash” was first reported by Ed Werder of ESPN.

Moore, a 26-year-old college standout at Boise State, has never appeared in an NFL regular-season game. As the Cowboys prepare to embark on an offseason search for a better backup to Tony Romo, it makes sense to give Moore a chance to play, if/when the 4-9 Cowboys begin to slide toward their 10th loss of the season.

Cassel, acquired in a trade with the Bills after Romo broke his left collarbone in September, has had plenty of chances to thrive. The Cowboys, however, have only one win without Romo.

In six starts, Cassel has completed 59.2 percent of his passes, with an average of 6.3 yards per attempt, five touchdowns, and six interceptions.  Most importantly, Cassel is 1-5 as a starter.

16 responses to “Matt Cassel could get the hook tonight

  1. They should do that in the Presidential debates. When the idiot sounds like an idiot, Sandman Sims yanks him off the stage and his backup rushes in off the bench to “add a spark.”

  2. Let’s let Cassel step on the field first.

    The detailed attention paid to the Dallas melodrama week in and week out is unbearable.

  3. I am so glad that this game wasn’t flexed for a better one as now all of America can witness first hand the dreadful train wreck abortion of a team that Jerry Jones has assembled. Cowboys going down and going down hard!

  4. truecowboyfan says:
    Dec 19, 2015 8:16 PM
    It doesn’t matter. We need to draft a QB with the first pick regardless.

    There’s none worth wasting a first pick on. Your odds are just as good getting one in the 2nd or 3rd round. Franchise quarterbacks don’t grow on trees.

  5. The issue that needs dealt with is Romos age and injuries. Breaking a collarbone 1 time weakens it, but 2 times in 8 wks is bad news. They dont need a B/U they need the replacement. I see Romo out in 2 yrs because of injuries.

  6. What’s awesome is that Cassel went 11-5 for the Patriots in 09 I believe. That just shows that it’s the Pats system, and that average QB’s like Brady and Cassel can run the system. 5 yards slants and screens, anyone can do that.

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