Richard Dent isn’t a fan of Cam Newton’s celebrations

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Like the Chicago Bears 30 years ago, the Carolina Panthers have taken the NFL by storm. But one of the key members of the 1985 Bears believes that one of the key members of the 2015 Panthers is spending too much time trumpeting his exploits.

Specifically, the MVP of Super Bowl XX would have a specific response to the touchdown celebrations of the NFL’s likely current MVP.

It’s disrespect,” defensive end Richard Dent told Jarrett Bell of USA Today.

So what would Dent have down about it?

“I’m going to knock your ass out of the game. That would’ve been my approach,” Dent said. “At some point in the game — not with a cheap shot — I’m going to try to get a shot that puts you out for the day. That’s the risk when you want to showboat all the time.”

Dent has some simple advice for Newton and those who would be inclined to excessively celebrate.

“Act like this is what you’re getting paid to do,” Dent said. “But these kids, that’s what you get in the Twitter, Facebook world. It’s ‘Look at me!'”

The irony, of course, is that Dent and the Bears pulled the ultimate ‘Look at me!’ move with The Super Bowl Shuffle. Recorded on December 3, 1985 — nearly two months before they played in the Super Bowl — the notoriously bad (but nevertheless Grammy-nominated) song included this verse, “sung” by the guy who’s now bashing Newton: “The sackman’s comin’, I’m your man Dent. If the quarterback’s slow, he’s gonna get bent. We stop the run, we stop the pass, I like to dump guys on their [ass].”

We can only imagine what a then-55-year-old former Super Bowl MVP would have said about Dent and his teammates at the time.

125 responses to “Richard Dent isn’t a fan of Cam Newton’s celebrations

  1. “Act like this is what you’re getting paid to do.”

    Playing a game that children play, all while being paid vast sums of money. That’s exactly what Cam is acting like.

  2. He’s right. Act like your supposed to do what you do…. Celebrations are fine, but Cam goes a little over the top. Dent is right that it’s going to piss someone off for that little extra hit in the mouth.

  3. THANK YOU Richard Dent.
    Spot on commentary. It’s all about “look at me” with Newton.
    Newton’s dance last week lasted a minute. Wonder how long he practiced in the mirror at home.
    The Giants have some guys on defense who have the same attitude as Dent. Hope they plant the fig in the ground.

  4. It’s a fine line between exuberance and plain old disregard for the right way to do things–thinking your above propriety and respect. Newton crosses that line sometimes. He’s far from alone. In fact, Newton’s pretty representative of the average NFL player, I think. He’s just much higher profile and always in the camera’s eye.

    Because Newton’s confidence teeters so close to the brink of arrogance, he’s not even going to hear criticisms like Dent’s. The only way to quiet him down is to beat the Panthers.

  5. Completely agree with Dent despite the hypocrisy. Act like you’ve ran 3 yards for a 1st down before. The “look at me” celebrate every minor thing has turned me away from watching.

  6. Comparing the Super Bowl shuffle to what the fool Newton does ON THE FIELD is obviously not an accurate comparison, and the author knows it. What Newton does obviously shows up the other team’s defense, which is why you see some defensive players get ticked off on the field. Newton is an immature narcissist . His antics will come back to bite him in the post season, which is when the big boys perform. Dancing in December while beating Atlanta is meaningless, as he will find out.

  7. No problem with Cam giving the ball to fans, Richard is Old School and The Super Bowl Shuffle was done to raise money for local charities. Stop the celebrating of a tackle for a loss, it almost makes me want to turn the channel.

    P.S. Don’t know how the Green Bay Lambeau Leap is not an automatic flag since it choreographed.

    The NFL likes to pick and choose what they enforce and to whom they enforce it with.

    Couple years ago Mark Cuban said the NFL was starting to get to big for itself, starting to agree with him.

  8. Cam isn’t the only one. For touchdowns, I say players go ahead and celebrate whichever way you want. That is part of the entertainment for football. I will even say sack dances are all good because those are well earned.

    But players celebrating with dances and acts on routine tackles or first down completions gets to be way too much. They do know the play clock is running right?

  9. I’m so sick of guys who played in the 70s saying what they would’ve done. We get it you are a badass, you would’ve taped ashtrays to your hands slapped in the face I get it no one cares

  10. Refs need to jump in and start throwing flags. They flagged for a choreographed celebration few weeks ago… Like cam didn’t practice this crap at home.

  11. beastmode5150 says:
    Dec 19, 2015 11:48 AM
    Hes right. Ever see Russell Wilson do that crap? Heck, he hasn’t done it in either of the two SUPER BOWLS he has been in.


    Nah, hes too busy selling Brain Water to worry about end zone celebrations.

  12. All these ridiculous celebrations make me miss the days when players had class and would just hand the ball to ref when they scored. I dont mind a dance or whatever but these guys are taking it a bit far. Running around the stadium like hulk hogan and taking team photos before the game is even over are uncalled for

  13. Pretty soon offensive lineman will be celebrating when their guy doesn’t get a sack, and the center will be celebrating just for getting the snap home. Clowns

  14. The most disrespectful thing about the 85 Bears was Ditka decision not to give Walter Payton a chance to score a TD. He gave the ball to the Perry to insult the Patriots when all he did was hurt one of the greatest runners of all time. The Pats were completely beaten up at that point by a historically good defense and a decision by Coach Berry to play a sissy QB by the name of Tony Eason.

  15. Newton’s antics are relatively mild by today’s standards, but TV broadcast cameras follow him incessantly during games. He’s hot and his team is hot. What he has to realize (and probably does) is that the media have no loyalties. They can make you a hero or a bum depending on what gets them more attention.

  16. Dents right. Cams gonna hurt himself.

    “He who opens his lips wide brings on his own destruction.”

  17. He should have been flagged LONG ago. You want him to stop? Flag him, fine him, and then eject him if he keeps it up. The only reason he’s still doing it is because the refs are letting him get away with it.

  18. The problem is that the player scoring the touchdown isn’t necessarily the one who should be getting all the glory. Walter Payton used to give the football to his offensive linemen to spike after scoring. The media is just too single-minded with their hero worshipping and it bleeds into the general public and eventually the players start believing that they have a right to showboat as well, when that player actually isn’t worth squat without the other ten players on the field. Football and basketball are both all about the superstar, the poster boy. It’s just a total fallacy. Cam Newton is only as good as the other players on his team. He has no right to be a ham…he’s actually disrespecting the others on his team.

  19. Cam Newton said it himself (paraphrasing here), “don’t like it, then stop me from getting in the end zone.” He’s telling guys on the opposing defense to stop him. I don’t like the excessive celebrations after every first down, punt, field goal and successful timeout call, either. If you’re not good enough to do something about it, then you need to get better or get out of the game entirely. If I had the talent and size to be on an opposing defense, I’d salivate at the chance to destroy Cam Newton. I guarantee most of the guys he faces feel the exact same way, but just are not good enough to stop him. His thing is to dance and be happy on an undefeated team; so clearly that must mean that no one has been able to teach Mr. Newton the definition of humility.

  20. It’d be ironic if Billy White Shoes Johnson were to criticize him. Typically Look At Me! moments – particularly ‘ultimate’ ones born out of team environments – involve one person drawing attention away from others towards himself.

    Collective efforts generally use ‘us’ rather than ‘me’.

  21. “Richard Dent isn’t a fan of Cam Newton’s celebrations”

    And Newton probably doesn’t have the SB shuffle in his playlist. It’s a different age. Personally I don’t much care for Newton’s celebrations, give me a Barry Sanders-esque handing of the ball to the nearest official anytime. Not only does it say you’ve been there before but it also implies you intend to be there again. Nothing anyone does out there says it better.

    The SB shuffle was far more “disrespectful” in it’s time than any celebration today. The ’85 Bears were the definition of brash in their day but they also backed it up, they won the the right to pimp themselves that’s how it works. In the same vein, don’t like what Newton does, stop him from doing it. In short, both the shuffle and Cam’s over exuberance are extensions of who they both were/are.

    And the Lambeau Leap was grandfathered by the competition committee:
    “When the competition committee defined unsportsmanlike celebrations and celebrations, it grandfathered in the Lambeau Leap provided that only one person jumps in the stands,” competition committee member and spokesman Jeff Fisher

  22. I personally like Cam Newton and the celebrations dont bother me. Whenever this winning streak ends is when he will be able to demonstrate the characteristics of a good role model, maturity and strong leadership. Right now they are just balling and having fun.

  23. What it is, is an excessive celebration penalty. Other teams get 15 yards for those, but Carolina is immune to the rule.

  24. Just about every player in the league celebrates yet people are coming down hard on Cam this year because of the panthers success.

    People just need a reason to hate I guess. One person even claimed that Cam is trolling teams by giving game balls to kids lol! Give me a break. Cam loves kids and spends an incredible amount of his off time with them, particularly kids in the cancer ward. One of the girls he was close with just passed away.

    Its the same with dancing. He dances and goofs off constantly in practice and other off the field events. He is simply having a good time. I think there is a distinction between celebrating and rubbing it in your opponents faces. The only time i saw his dancing directed directly at the other team was when they tried to stop him from dancing. Either way, its a silly thing for people to get this excited about.

  25. It does take a really terrible guy like Cam Newton to do what he does, or now what his teammates do, after a TD. I mean seriously to have fun and then go give away to the mighty NFL’s footballs to a kid in the stands is just beyond reproach. Looks at how mortified the children are when they receive said ball. It may might as well be an ISIS member handing them a back pack with the horrific looks they display…

    I mean come the heck on. Why is this stills story. The guy is having fun and the kids, who this should really be a lot about are benefitting from it. Not just at the games, but in the Charlotte area. If you can take a break from trying to bash the Guyana Google his charitable efforts, it may help you worry much less about if he dances after a score or not. There is actually more to life than that…

  26. Take a cue from Russell Wilson. The guy keeps his head down and goes back to the huddle or sideline no matter how great a play he’s made. Only time the guy’s celebrated was NFC Championship vs GB and that was pretty understandable. Can’t stand Cam Newton.

  27. I can see whereby Cam’s celebrations would piss some guys off. Wasn’t a big fan of Cam, but he’s grown on me a bit and seems to be genuinely a good guy having a good time and great year, not meaning any harm.

    Think he’s playing with fire though, every team has a Richard Dent … given the opportunity, someone is going to level him. If he was my QB, I’d tell him to tone it down a bit. Win the SB and then do whatever you want.

  28. Thank you Richard Dent! This crap Newton and other NFL players do is so annoying! They look like they belong in a Broadway production of Le Cage Aux Folles.

    I long for the days when guys like Deacon Jones, Dick Butkus, Ray Nitschke, Sam Huff, and others would take a guys head off if he tried crap like that.

    It’s stupid, it’s Bush League, and it happens even when a team is getting blown out. I saw Cordarrelle Patterson run a kickoff back against the Seahawks earlier this year, and he pranced and danced the last 30 yards into the end zone, then did a Lambeau Leap in the stands. The Vikings were getting crushed 35 to 0 at the time!!!!! How stupid is that???? It was embarrassing and if I were a Vikings fan, I’d have been furious at him. But given that the Vikings fan rarely have anything to cheer about, I guess I can understand their feelings.

    If the Vikings coach had any guts, he’d have benched Patterson the next game for being so me-me when his team was getting blown out. But he doesn’t.

  29. These are not celebrations. They are personal ‘look at me’ demonstrations. They are a way to separate the player with the ball from the other 10 guys that helped achieve a team goal, whether it be a first down or a score. If you practice it or use it as a branding tool then it cannot be a celebration. Celebrations are spontaneous emotional moments that have nothing to do with demeaning the other team. In years past, there were celebrations because the objective itself was to score. Now, the objective for many players is camera time. Scoring is just one way of getting it. Have you noticed how many players move fastest after making a play (not during the play) so they can do their gong show dance routine? Many defenders make a hard hit after a 10 yard gain on 3rd and 8 and then jump up and run 10 yards away to ‘celebrate’ their FAILURE. It is sad. It is even worse that there are a bunch of fans that view these disrespectful acts as actually part of the game. The reality is they are unprofessional and actually detract from the concept of team.

  30. kabasaman says:
    Dec 19, 2015 11:45 AM
    He’s right. Act like your supposed to do what you do…. Celebrations are fine, but Cam goes a little over the top. Dent is right that it’s going to piss someone off for that little extra hit in the mouth.

    That’s a values judgment. You may think it’s over the top, but you don’t speak for everyone.

  31. Look, Cam is just plain annoying.
    From his goofy grin, to his extended Macarana dances in the Endzone.
    But, I’m firmly in the, if you don’t like it/stop it, crowd.

    Cam and the rest of these show boaters have to realize that what goes around comes around.
    And they better not cry about it when it does.

  32. You gotta laugh at how quickly the 85 Bears imploded. Just like the 86 Mets.

    Shoulda been a lot better for a lot longer.

  33. I am so tired of hearing from those tired old ’85 Bears! Enough already! It was 30 years ago! I love Cam and his celebrations. If you want him to stop, then stop him from scoring! He is having fun AND he cares about the kids! Give him a break!

  34. personally, I don’t like the “celebration”. it’s a choreographed, narcissistic, “look at me” demonstration, that’s immature, but typical of our selfie obsessed society. That said, it’s annoying, but generally harmless. The “think about the children” crowd needs to teach their kids how to behave, not use them as an excuse for disliking things (or people) that they’re uncomfortable with.

    Mr. Dent has a right to his opinion, but this 10 minute discussion is too many weeks old!

  35. I hope his former teammate Ron Rivera gives him a call and lets him know what he can do with his opinion.

  36. Yet no one has a problem with Beckham’s long dance Monday night or the vast amount of other QB’s and players that celebrate. It’s a new era and time. Cam isn’t trying to be disrespectful. He’s just having fun…….some of you need to lighten up and do the same. #KeepPounding

  37. The jealousy is hilarious from all you basement dwellers. Players have been celebrating for decades…”fun bunch” ring a bell?

  38. Yea ok Dent, you forget that Cam is the same size as you when you played, don’t think a legal shot from you would put him out and that’s if you could catch him….me thinks Cam would drop a dap in your face too…

  39. cammy has his own halftime show every time he makes any kind of play. What was he missing as a child that he feels he has to make up for?

  40. Can’t believe some people here are calling what the Bears did as disrespectful or comparing Newton to Dent. The Bears shot a video where the proceeds of the song at that time ($300,000) went to charity to feed homeless people. Cam throwing a 3 yard completion or running 2 yards without fumbling and busting out his best Soul Train moves isn’t really the same thing.

  41. It’s disrespect that he’s even in the HOF. He wasn’t LT, Bruce Smith, or Reggie White.

    Shouldn’t the voters stop watering down their so called “Hall of Fame” and realize that Pro Bowls and Super Bowl caches are garbage?

    Pro Bowls are because David Garrard got in and second string center Jeff Saturday was named to one. Plus, it’s the six best out of at least 60 paired positions.

    Why not make it more exclusive by factoring All-Pro 1st Team selections. All Pro First Team means 1st out of at least 30 and best or second best out of 64 paired positions.

    Dent was a 4-time pro bowler and 1-time first team all pro. How’s that Hall of Fame worthy?

  42. I don’t have a problem with what Cam does. Every time I send a good email at work I do a dance then talk smack to the person sitting in the cube next to me.

  43. It’s ENTERTAINMENT, pro athletes aren’t doing some noble deed by being out there. They are paid large amounts of money to entertain. I’m tired of people getting upset over celebrating. Cam Newton is awesome and I’m not a Panthers fan

  44. I’m with Dent on this. A celebratory whoop, or fist pump, or whatever due to being overcome with emotion in the moment is fine but there has to be limits. Anything requiring any kind of prop(s), anything requiring an extra human, and/or anything taking longer than 1 or 2 seconds is no good, imho.

    One of the things I’ve always loved about Jordy Nelson is that no matter how big a catch, up to and including a game winning TD in a big game, Jordy looks around for the nearest official, trots over, and hands him the ball. Every now and then he’ll underhand toss it to the official if he’s close by but Nelson normally trots over and hands the ball to the official in a very respectful manner.

    I can live with Aaron Rodgers’ belt celebration, aka “discount double check” but barely. If he does it “towards” someone that pushes it over the line for me.

  45. shorttracknews says:
    Dec 19, 2015 2:19 PM
    Cam throwing a 3 yard completion or running 2 yards without fumbling and busting out his best Soul Train moves isn’t really the same thing.


    Yeah, one problem. He doesn’t do that. He celebrates a big first down run or a TD or a win. Not what you describe. Maybe you should watch a game or two.

  46. I’m surprised more defensive players haven’t had the guts to say this and act on it. Cam is obnoxious.

  47. To me, it depends on when you are celebrating. If you are dancing around after making a nice hit on a running back or catch a pass for a first down… Stop dancing and get back in the huddle. On the other hand, the touchdown is the ultimate scoring goal. As far as I am concerned, if you score a TD and your team isn’t getting blown out, you can celebrate however you want. If the defense doesn’t like it, too bad, try harder to stop them next time.

  48. I long for the days when guys like Deacon Jones, Dick Butkus, Ray Nitschke, Sam Huff, and others would take a guys head off if he tried crap like that.


    Guys from the 50’s and 60’s huh? How old are you? Do you tell the neighborhood kids to stay off your lawn?

  49. focushawk72 says:
    Dec 19, 2015 1:02 PM
    Take a cue from Russell Wilson


    And tell people God told told you it was gonna be ok. Or hawk your Brain Water…….

  50. It’s called having fun at your job. Nothing wrong with it. It’s fun for the winning teams fans. Sure it isn’t fun if you’re on the loosing side. I’m a football fan and don’t mind the celebrations of any player. Think of all the stupid stuff you do at your job that would be frowned upon. Yet you still do it. I guess what I’m just trying to say is get your panties out of a bunch. Win or loose it’s all just entertainment.

  51. When Cam is shut down by Seattle this post season it’s going to be really hard on him bc the seahawks are going to celebrate all over the field with this “if you don’t like it stop me” comments and smirk.. Seattle regularly shuts cam down if not for a blown coverage with 40 seconds left they leave Seattle with an L. As it turned it that didn’t happen but Seattle is one team whose not at all afraid of Cam and if he’s inviting celebrations mainly because he blows against good defenses especially against Seattle.

    I’m sure all these Cam antic supporters will support the seahawks doing the Sb shuffle all over Carolinas field and we’ll see how many of you don’t get your panties in a wad, my guess is 90% of you will complain into nauseum..

  52. It’s all gonna come to an end …. Shame Cam will not be playin in the SB so no worries…. Celebrations should happen but not go on and on …in the NHL less than 1 minute after a goal is scored they are back at it again after a TD in the NFL it takes 3 minutes just to get set for the XP …throw a flag when players go over board with celebrations… Hell at least when the Redskins had the fun bunch at least most of the offense was involved – sad it’s a all about me nowadays

  53. Is there a bigger group of whiney judgemental losers than those who spend all day trying to get thumbs ups on PFT?

    Good grief. Your team sucks…no need to suck the life out of those that don’t.

  54. Says the guy whose whole team did the Super Bowl Shuffle video before the game, lol? Say what? Talk about irony. But this is what happens when you develop old man, get off my lawn syndrome.

  55. Don’t like it, don’t let him in….so pitiful that you guys think that the Giants can win tomorrow…same as every other week the Panthers will win…not even a contest…won’t be until the playoffs so stop dreaming clowns…keep pounding! The best team in the NFL, this is 2015 not the past…wake up…

  56. Cam is a weird dude. Remember him crying and leaving the press conference when someone pointed out how kraepernick mocked him? It’s a stupid signature celebration pose, how old is he, 12?

  57. 100% right. These guys today are just spoiled brats. Always doing the superman crap. All about him and not the team

  58. Lambeau Leap, Bob-N-Weave, Ickey Shuffle, Earth Quake, Fun Bunch, Gronk Spike, Dirty Bird, Mile High Salute, T.O & Chad, Neon Deon, The LT Pose, OBJ, Goalpost spikes, etc. etc. but Cam is a bad guy? Oh Ok. How about someone play some defense and quit worrying about the player after the fact. This is football for goodness sake.

  59. The racists here (and there are many), lack the intellectual capacity to understand that two people can say the same thing and it is only racist for one of them to have said it.

  60. I’m not even a panther fan and I’m rooting them to go all the way, to stop that pathetic Miami celebration

    Dent should be ashamed of himself calling a good kid having fun with fans and being a positive roll model for all the kids who watch the game.

    somebody should tell that POS Goodell to get off of Cam’s back about giving footballs to little kid’s and war Vet’s and handicapped fans.

    In fact, the NFL should take 1 million out of Rodgers Goodell’s $40 million salary so players can give footballs away for every TD scored for the year.

  61. Also, the people criticizing Newton for dancing are making the point of why he’s doing it, because no matter what he does, there will be a large amount of people who don’t like him for whatever reason that has nothing to do with this dancing as evidenced by multiple people here actually rationalizing the Super Bowl Shuffle, which declared the Bears were going to not only go to the Super Bowl when they had never been to one prior but were going to win it, done 2 months prior to the game is different from what Newton is doing because you have a hypocrite to rant about it in the media. Let’s get real, 99% of you same people would still hate him if he was just handing the ball to kids, oh I don’t know, like he’s been doing his other seasons when he scores a TD, lol. But it’s the “integrity” of the game, which none of you have ever played, that needs to be protected. Riiiight, that’s what it is. For some reason Gronk does a lot of this same stuff on and off the field, but he’s loved. Just things that make you say hmmmm.

  62. “kerzondax says:
    Dec 19, 2015 7:20 PM

    The racists here (and there are many), lack the intellectual capacity to understand that two people can say the same thing and it is only racist for one of them to have said it.”

    This depends on what is said.

    If JJ Watt had said regarding Cam Newton’s celebrations – “It’s disrespect…” “…I’m going to knock your ass out of the game. That would’ve been my approach…” “…At some point in the game — not with a cheap shot — I’m going to try to get a shot that puts you out for the day. That’s the risk when you want to showboat all the time…”

    Is it racist? Those are the exact quotes from Richard Dent.

    Now if let’s say JJ Watt says ‘I hate black people’ – that’s racist. It’s the exact same definition of racism if Richard Dent said ‘I hate white people’.

    Dislike for or discrimination towards a person or group based on their skin color = racism. And it’s completely a two-way street. But other than that there are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too many people that claim something is racist, when it flat out isn’t.

  63. Laughing at all these losers on here bashing Super Cam who is rewriting the NFL record books and has been doing so since his rookie year. The man celebrates a touchdown just like 80% of those who score a touchdown, he does one dance that lasts all over 4 seconds and these clowns losing their minds. Keep Dabbin on Dem Folks Cam! They hate cause they can’t participate.

  64. The important thing to note is most everyone who speaks out about Cam celebrating is not anti-celebrating, they’re anti-the way Cam is celebrating.

    Honestly, watch him compared to any other person who celebrates that people aren’t criticizing. One is a touchdown dance that lasts like 10 seconds. The other is a touchdown performance that elaborately goes on and on. THAT is what people don’t like about Cam. Just celebrate and move on

  65. Also, guy dancing playing a game, uncool. Old guy to declare he’d try to hurt a player playing a game, he’s my hero. But yeah, Newton is the one with the problem and not you fans who are not only getting bent out of shape by an entertainer entertaining, but who advocate this. Riiight.

  66. Youthful exuberance always wins the day. Cam… just keep doin’ what you do and let everyone else whine and bemoan about it lol

  67. Richard Dent doing a video, off the field, with his teammates, is in no way comparable to Cam Newton and his “look at me” act!!! Jerry Rice and Barry sanders come to mind, they scored a lot of TDs and acted like they’ve been there before. Football is the ultimate team game, but Cam must celebrate himself before he celebrates with his team. How anyone can say it is not a showboating, me first, attitude that’s disrespectful, I cannot understand.

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