Chargers-Rams franchise swap could be only way out of L.A. maze


As the NFL’s effort to figure out which of three interested teams will get the golden ticket to L.A. (along with the privilege of paying dearly for it through relocation fees), the process is quickly getting uglier, with members of the league’s Los Angeles committee making promises to St. Louis in an effort to keep the Rams there and publicly trashing San Diego in an effort to get the Chargers out.

It’s careening toward a potential free-for-all on January 12 and 13, when the owners get together with the goal of putting at least one team in Los Angeles, possibly two. From that chaos a variety of potential solutions can emerge. One solution that was mentioned on Thursday as an outside-the-box/beyond-the-boundaries-of-sanity suggestion could, surprisingly, gain traction.

Indeed, it ultimately could be the only way out of this mess.

In 1972, Carroll Rosenbloom and Robert Irsay swapped the Colts and the Rams. Ultimately, a swap of the Chargers and the Rams could be the cleanest way out of the league’s sudden L.A. clusterfudge.

As one source with knowledge of the current league dynamics said in response to the possibility of a franchise swap, “It’s not a bad idea.”

Good or bad, it may be the only way to placate everyone involved.

With folks like Panthers owner Jerry Richardson and Texans owner Bob McNair, two of six members of the L.A. committee, campaigning openly for the Chargers to move to L.A. and for the Rams to stay put in St. Louis, giving the Chargers to Stan Kroenke (who would move them to L.A.) and the Rams to Dean Spanos (who would keep them in Missouri) would allow Kroenke to build his own venue in Inglewood, at a site that many believe is better — and more potentially profitable — than the proposed Chargers/Raiders location in Carson.

Making Inglewood even more attractive is talk of Kroenke building new studio space for NFL Network there, which would be available to the league for the right price: Free. And even though the jury remains out on whether FAA concerns regarding an Inglewood stadium would keep the thing from being built, the Carson site has issues, too.

“Most of that site was a former landfill. It’s contaminated land,” Carson mayor Albert Robles acknowledged earlier this year. “There is a strip, about 11 acres, that was never a landfill.” With the total site at 168 acres, the simple math (which is the only math I understand) is that 157 acres was a landfill.

And while Spanos, who will be reluctant to leave Southern California, the numbers quickly will pile up in his favor if he’d trade the Chargers for the Rams.

First, Spanos would incur no relocation fee.

Second, Spanos would surely secure extra money from Kroenke in a Chargers-Rams trade, given that Kroenke would then take the Chargers to L.A. It becomes, as a practical matter, a private relocation fee paid directly to Spanos. The extra amount paid to Spanos for the Chargers could persuade the league at large to insist on less from Kroenke to take the Chargers on a relatively short trip up the road.

Third, Spanos would cash in with the Rams, getting the new stadium he covets and filling it up with a fan base both relieved and invigorated by the fact that the team is staying put. Consider the bump the Buffalo Bills realized when, after months of uncertainty regarding the future location of the team, Terry and Kim Pegula purchased the franchise and renewed the vows with Western New York. A similar outcome in St. Louis would make Spanos an instant hero there, with corresponding dollars flowing into the team’s coffers. (Kroenke, a Missouri native named for Cardinals legends Stan Musial and Enos Slaughter, also would salvage a bit of his image and legacy there, since he will have found a way to leave while also leaving the team behind.)

If the possibility of a swap ever makes its way into the meeting room, the question becomes how much money would Spanos need (in addition to getting the Rams) to pull the trigger on a trade. Surely, there’s a sufficiently large number that would get him to do it. The question is whether that’s a number Kroenke would offer — and whether the rest of the owners would work with Kroenke and Spanos to make it happen by not putting any thumbs on the relocation-fee scale.

Is it a perfect solution? Far from it. But it may be the only thing that works at a time when: (1) plenty of owners think Spanos deserves to get out of San Diego; (2) plenty of owners think the Rams should stay in St. Louis; (3) Kroenke has plenty of money to make everyone happy and still get what he wants — a team in L.A.; and (4) nothing will get approved without 24 votes.

The deeper question is whether owners like Richardson and McNair would be willing to work with Kroenke to let him get to L.A. with a different team, or whether their opposition to a Rams move is less about keeping the team in St. Louis and more about pushing back against Kroenke, who has behaved to date in a way that has rubbed plenty of his partners the wrong way.

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  1. “Second, Spanos would surely secure extra money from Kroenke in a Chargers-Rams trade”

    There isn’t enough money in the world to get me to move from San Diego to St Louis.

  2. McNair didn’t want to go near Los Angeles with a 10 foot pole when he bought his expansion team – he wisely chose Houston instead. But now he wants the Raiders/Chargers to move to Los Angeles because he desperately doesn’t want the Raiders to move to San Antonio where the Silver & Black would draw a large fan base which would take away from McNair’s own franchise’s following.

  3. Swapping teams makes sense but it would imply that Spanos only cares about status, being part of the NFL club and money. Is there any basis to believe this? Nobody doubts Stan has no passion for the Rams but Spanos? For the majority of owners, trading teams would be like trading in their children for better models … unthinkable.

  4. Mike, Mike, you are forgetting who you are talking about here. This is the NFL and led by the boobs who put the league (and are still doing it) through “defamegate”. Do you really think that are capable of doing something that “makes sense”? I don’t think so.

    Think about all the money and time that has already been poured into an attempt to put a team into a market that has for over 20 years proved very happy to be without one. More importantly they are willing to shake down municipalities for money that none of them have to support Billionaires build private buildings that are proven to be economically unsound.

    Think about the the fact that merely on the grounds that they think they can make even more money elsewhere, they are willing to put 3 fan bases, who have loyally supported their teams for DECADES (over a half a century for SD) at risk.

    This is just so greedy and self centered a move, dictated by the needless over accumulation of wealth. I only hope that Bob Kraft sits this one out and refuses to save the $FL from themselves and we can watch the entire LA saga go down in fetid flames in January and have those 3 teams back where they started for the 2016 season, only with pissed of fan bases and half empty stadia.

  5. While interesting, a massive hurdle would be the front office. Dean Spanos has put 6 of his family members in leading positions within the organization. Not figureheads but real jobs of consequence. Could the swap include front office personnel? Rumor is most of the Chargers front office doesn’t want to move to LA. You think they’d move to Missouri? Not likely.

    Then there’s a real unspoken issue: the actual owner is AG Spanos who rumor has it has been mentally incapacitated for years now. Would every family member be on board with a swap without filing a lawsuit?

    And what about the tax implications? In theory this should be a like-kind swap with no taxable value. But I doubt money-hungry Calif Franchise Tax Board would see it that way. They’d want a tax on the sale from Kroenke and capital gains tax from Spanos. This isn’t 1972.

    The best solution is to allow both the Chargers and the Rams to move, force the Rams to let Spanos use the facility rent free for a period of time, tell Oakland to pound sand, then promise expansion clubs to St Louis and San Diego pending new stadiums in those markets.

  6. Anyone who has been to St Louis and San Diego knows that Spanos would never trade cities, no matter how big the pike of cash might be. The whole concept of any team moving is so insane by now, everybody just needs to stay put and build whatever it is they “need” with their own money, and help from the league. No more corporate welfare for billionaires!

  7. Kroenke will do anything to make more $$$$. He is a cut throat business man. Hate such person. This guy has the grass roots in the state of MO. Still he wants to move out of this place. He has to be a cut throat businessman to do that without any ethics. He is making enough money owning a NFL franchise.

  8. Honestly, as a fan of the game the whole thing is irritating.

    San Diego and St Louis are no different as NFL markets now than they have been. Pulling teams away just for a one time LA bump is kind of foolish when everybody knows in five years the novelty will be worn off there.

    Plus if/when the LA move is done the league loses it biggest boogeyman to extricate money to get money out of the 30-31 other franchises not playing in the Los Angeles area.

  9. The Rams belong in L.A. They still own the trademark. They’re in the NFC “West”. They have the largest following. They have the owner most likely to succeed there. It makes the most sense for the NFL.

    So it probably won’t happen.

  10. None of these owners understand that if you want to put a team in Los Angeles, it needs to be in Los Angeles.
    Not Inglewood or Carson or Anaheim.
    And where the coliseum is, is not a great location either
    Downtown LA is really only quality spot.

  11. Richardson and McNair just might be getting themselves and the league, into a situation they will regret.

    Kroenke is far more powerful and connected than either of them. Between himself, his wife, his sister-in-law and brother in law, they have a worth of close to 20 billion dollars.

    Kroenke can move without the leagues blessing, has Richardson and McNair forgotten about that? Stan Kroenke has spent too much time, money and resources on his Inglewood site already, there is ZERO chance he will not move the team there.

    The league, Richardson, and McNair would be wise not to make enemies of Stan Kroenke and the WalMart empire

  12. This is the worst idea I have heard yet. The Chargers have no fan base here in LA. Let me just state in plain English so you pundents can understand. The people of LA WANT THEIR RAMS BACK!! Every poll clearly shows that fact. If you try to shove the Chargers down our throats it will not work. The resentment could doom the team to fail.

  13. After watching almost a full season where there are like six decent to strong teams, and about 26 that are horrible or mediocre at best, I would fully support league contraction. I’m sure the money-grubbing NFL would never consider such a thing though. Enjoy football while it lasts. I feel like it will be unwatchable in 10 more years at this rate, with all the safety measures, rule changes (or changes in enforcement), and CBAs that allow very little practice time. This is all just going to become a vehicle for fantasy sports and will eventually alienate the real fans of the game.

  14. It’s tough because everyone wants to move to LA. Great fans, untapped market potential, and the city is full of high earners. It is a much higher quality of life than others. Unfortunately, these competing markets were unwilling to support their teams.

  15. LA can’t hold on to a team, but let’s try to force the square peg in the round hole one more time.

  16. Sure I can see Dean jumping on the chance to leave Southern California and move to Missouri as his former team
    moves to the largest market in America.

  17. Fire Goodell. Fire Blandino. Keep Jerrah Jones as owner and GM as the Cowboys. Don’t move any team to Los Angeles. Oh, and overhaul the refereeing system.

  18. Al Davis moved the Raiders twice without league approval. The Irsays moved the Colts and Modell moved the Browns without league approval. Now, all of a sudden, they must have league approval.

    The Chargers can’t justify a stadium on their own (being unwilling to actually pay for it) and moving 2 AFC West teams into the same facility is insane. So one would have to go into the NFC West. Of course, the obvious team to make way in that division are the Rams, who are not going to be happy campers with the league preventing them from moving, so I don’t think that will work. So oddly enough, they would have to convince the Cardinals (who moved out of St. Louis), to go into the AFC West, for which I assume they would want all kinds of goodies in exchange.

    Regardless of what Jerry Richardson and Bob McNair want, the only reasonable course is to let the Rams move to LA and convince the Raiders or Chargers to go to St Louis

  19. Of all the guesses this has to be the worst on how this ends Why would Kroenke give up a team brand with 50 years of history in Los Angeles for a team that only drew 24 fans at there practice site in Carson and has little to no following in Los Angeles

  20. Yeah, but the fans have a say and they overwhelmingly want the Rams to come home, no matter who owns them. It’s the laundry and history, not the ownership. The 2nd wife of Rosenbloom – Georgia Frontiere – started this whole mess in the first place. You know, the last wife of the former expert swimmer who – drowned after marrying Georgia. wink wink nudge nudge. Then she kicked the sons out of the organization and took our team to her home town in the midwest.

    The NFL has a wrong to right here.

  21. I would be all for that. Let Kronke take spano’s team and rename them the rams and move them to the nfc west. Let spanos take Kronke’s team in st louis rebrand them as the stallions and move them to the afc west. Meanwhile leave the Chargers name in San diego for a possible expansion or relocated team.

  22. Zero chance Dean moves out of SoCal– zero. His whole thing is golfing and traveling. His parents are in Stockton and his dad is ill. He wouldn’t make his boys move to St Louis of all places just as he is giving them the helm.

    Look– Dean will move the Chargers to wherever in SoCal the money is. He doesn’t care if it’s SD, Oceanside, Carson, Inglewood or Riverside. He wants to make big money and not have to change his lifestyle too much.

    And Kroenke will move the Rams back to where they belong– Los Angeles. The Rams BELONG in LA– they haven’t even been gone that long.

    Billionaire hicks like Richardson won’t stop that train.

  23. NFL team moved out of LA. LA people didn’t even organize a drive to request a team to be returned. 20yrs on, the league feels they need to put a team back there…

  24. “Making Inglewood even more attractive is talk of Kroenke building new studio space for NFL Network there, which would be available to the league for the right price: Free.”

    Ah, legal bribery. What this country is based upon.

  25. “It’s tough because everyone wants to move to LA. Great fans, untapped market potential, and the city is full of high earners”

    Are you kidding me, great fans ? LA fans are pathetic. Their main goal is posing to take a selfie so they can show their friends they were at a game or concert and then getting out of the stadium by half time to go have their lattes and beat the traffic.

  26. I just looked up the word “FABRICATION” up in the dictionary and saw Mike Florio’s picture.

    FLORIO is obviously on The Kroenke Team and is unable to state the fact that current momentum points towards Chargers/Raiders getting the nod in LA.

    That momentum is fluid and can always change. But PFT has not (and will not) report any news favoring the Carson project. Instead of the facts their storylines are:
    1) Franchise Swaps (not even on the table)
    2) False Financial Promises By The LA Committee Members
    3) A Charger/Raider Divorce Allowing New Partnership w/ Rams

    I’m looking forward to watching this story unfold….and the PFT spin on the subject.

  27. I think the real solution is for the teams to stay where they are. They have had NFL teams in LA without much success to point to, what makes them think it will be different this time. LA seems perfectly content to not have a team, so why are the owners trying to force the issue. Spanos needs to stop being a cheapskate and work out a deal for a new stadium in San Diego that is palatable for both Spanos and the city. The Chargers have a loyal following in San Diego and moving the team will almost certainly alienate the existing fan base. The Chargers also have roots in San Diego that go well beyond just the football operations. The Chargers and their players are heavily involved in the city and with many organizations other than the Chargers themselves. I think that moving the Chargers out of San Diego, which has embraced and supported the team for more than half a century, woule give the league a big black eye in the PR world. The NFL tried so hard to be socially responsible and this would send a message that they are anything but and really about nothing more than the money.

  28. How the blazing hell is “Why move to LA, instead play a game there every year ala London” even close to delete worthy, PFT?

    What, does it make too much sense? LA can’t sustain a franchise.

  29. San Diego had a hard time filling their stadium when they were genuine contenders. To understand why, all you have to do is look at the map. The ocean to the west, Mexico to the south, and the desert to the east. To the north there is Los Angeles, but it’s nearly a hundred miles. San Diego has a population of just a tad over a million which is a pittance compared to markets like New York, Chicago or Boston. No team can thrive in a limited environment like that.

    Los Angeles? It’s just not a football town. Neither the Rams nor the Raiders generated any following there. The Chargers started life there, and then moved to San Diego. I lived in LA when the Rams moved away, and it was good riddance. Suddenly we were no longer limited to Rams games on TV, but had a wide choice on two networks, with each trying to broadcast the game that would draw the larger viewing audience. The best thing the NFL could do is stay out of LA.

  30. Sounds like no matter what happens, San Diego is going to get screwed. I guess the only support that matters to the NFL is public money paying for stadiums. If you’d rather use public money to pay for roads, law enforcement, and schools instead of stadiums you don’t get an NFL team. We haven’t had to tarp large sections of our stadium due to lack of sellouts. The greed is so obvious it hurts.

  31. San Diego had a hard time filling their stadium when they were genuine contenders. To understand why, all you have to do is look at the map. The ocean to the west, Mexico to the south, and the desert to the east. To the north there is Los Angeles, but it’s nearly a hundred miles. San Diego has a population of just a tad over a million which is a pittance compared to markets like New York, Chicago or Boston. No team can thrive in a limited environment like that.


    Hard time filling the stadium? You’re kidding, right? When there were blackouts it’s because a small number of tickets didn’t sell, around 5-6k. San Diego has consistently filled that stadium over the years. During the Marty years it was true home field. It was loud. Only during the later part of the Norv years and the McCoy/relocation era did it start to get really bad. And it’s never been as bad to the point where we had to close of sections of our stadium cause we couldn’t fill the seats (Oakland).

  32. From a fan’s standpoint, a Rams/Chargers franchise swap makes absolutely no sense.

    San Diego is either deserving of an NFL franchise, or it’s not. And if it is, why shouldn’t it be the team that has called it home for so many years.

    And if the Rams are going to move, shouldn’t it be to the city that needs a franchise, and is a former home of the Rams, LA?

  33. The Kardashians are a microcosm of living in Los Angeles. A poster previously mentioned that people go to sporting events in LA because of the scene. That is true. There are very few passionate fans who are from Los Angeles. The transplants already root for their teams and will not switch allegiances. I just don’t understand why Los Angeles should get another team when it has been a proven failure more than once. Los Angeles is a great city; I had the pleasure of living there at one point in my life. There is so much to do there that I don’t think anyone will bother wasting a Sunday, Monday night, Thursday night, or Saturday night (really NFL), driving out of their way in horrible traffic just to watch football.

  34. The absolute winner in all of this is the city of San Diego. Having an NFL team does next to nothing financially for the city. New stadiums and upgrades cost taxpayers, most money goes to ownership and the NFL. Money saved going to the games goes to real local businesses. And the product itself, is a joke. Touch football with penalties dictating the outcomes, played by mentally weak, constantly injured men. Congrats San Diego, celebrate the loss of a boat anchor.

  35. Raiders need to stay in Oakland. This Kroenke character reminds me of Art Modell, a total dweeb- St. Louis has great sports fans and he wants more more more. If the Rams move, I propose a Carpetbagger Division with the Ratbirds of Baltimore, Rams, Titans, & Colts. Greedy owners who stabbed loyal fans in the back can face off against each other twice a year.

  36. I’ve said this from the start, the Carson site isn’t serious. If you’ve ever been in the vicinity of it, you can smell gas and other things in the air just going past it. I’m surprised things have gotten this far with that being touted as the league’s alternative venue. However, I don’t see how Spanos taking over a team in the Midwest would satisfy him. As I understand it, the Spanos family are rooted Southern Californians, so you’d have another situation of absentee owners living in another state like the Titans or Dolphins, which if you ask those fans, isn’t working out well for either of their fan bases.

  37. You forgot option 5: McNair and Richardson successfully conspire against Kroenke, and Kroenke flips them the bird while pulling an Al Davis. Let’s face it, it’s not like the NFL has a great track record in court recently, and there’s some very significant case law that would favor a rogue move by Kroenke. Sure, it would ruffle a lot of feathers, but McNair and Richardson are pretty blatantly working against Kroenke’s interests already. If they prove to be successful in their efforts, it demonstrates where the other owners would like to keep him in the pecking order. What would he really have to lose? The money he could make by moving to L.A. would almost certainly more than make up for whatever kind of retaliation they attempted in the future.

  38. My thoughts are that the Chargers should stay put and enjoy a new stadium. Rams move back to LA returning the team to where it belongs. Then the give back to STL should not be a future NFL team, but a NBA team. The NBA needs to get to 32 and give Seattle back a team. That is where STL could get back to 3 pro teams. Then STL university should consider adding football to also close the gap.

    The NFL going to any more than 32 is a terrible idea. If they feel they must have a London team or any other city Jacksonville would be the team to move.

  39. As far as the Raiders go if they must get out of Oakland there are plenty of options. Sacramento, Portland, or San Antonio just thinking quickly out loud.

  40. One of the more asinine articles ever published on relocation and that is saying something.

    Are people completely ignoring San Diego is a much better NFL market than St. Louis and has historically supported the Chargers more than either St. Louis or Los Angeles ever has? Spanos has been playing I an outdated stadium, yes. But he’s been playing for free and for years San Diego actually paid him to be be there with a ticket guarantee.

    Florio needs to stop regurgitating Spanos/Fabiani propaganda and slant.

  41. Ok, I’m not even from California and I know the whole L.A. can’t/won’t support a team thing is a bunch of bull. After her husband died, Georgia Frontiere basically instigated a coup, forcing her late husband’s kids out of the franchise and moving the Rams to the area where she was from. The Rams leaving L.A. had nothing to do with L.A. not being willing or able to support the Rams. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure St. Louis gave her a sweetheart deal to make the move, but that doesn’t mean that a team can’t thrive in L.A.

    While I have nothing but respect for St. Louis fans (clearly not fair weather fans), and I think they deserve a team, I think if any team belongs in L.A. it’s the Rams. I’d feel bad for St. Louis fans, but it’s not like L.A. fans weren’t left high and dry when they lost the Rams to St. Louis. After that, it should be the NFL’s goal to get a different team in St. Louis. St. Louis fans embraced the Rams despite any historical attachment to the franchise, so I don’t see why they couldn’t do so again.

  42. Kroenke already has the land and the money to start building right away. Location wise, Inglewood is probably better than Carson, plus the fact the Carson site being on a landfill would need to be cleaned up before any construction could begin. Which could delay any construction there at least a year if not more.
    It just seems Kroenke holds all the cards if the NFL really wants a team in L.A. next year.
    The NFL has been heavily suggesting that the Raiders share the Santa Clara location with the Niners at least in the short term. There are rumors that Larry Ellison is once again looking to purchase the Niners, unfortunately for the Mark Davis it would probably be in the best interest of the Raiders if someone like Larry Ellison bought them, with the clout to get their own stadium built in Oakland.
    Spanos and the Chargers will have choices to make, stay in San Diego, share the stadium with Kroenke or start listening to relocation bids from other cities. I don’t think a franchise swap works, Kroenke will want to keep the Rams for various reasons, mainly the Rams already have a better tie in with L.A. from their previous history there.
    It will be interesting how this unfolds, but I would bet the only team going to L.A. will be the Rams.

  43. I don’t get the ‘Rams to LA and Chargers to STL’ comments. If you introduce a 3rd NFL team in the STL market in 30 years, you are just going to divide the fan base even more. So I have a suggestion to cure that and still get the ‘Rams’ to LA.

    Franchise swap takes place as written. The Rams players, personnel, staff, and history post-1995 (including the Super Bowl) stays in St. Louis. As part of the swap, the Rams name/colors/logo is then given to the former Chargers as they move to LA, thus giving you the LA Rams. The Chargers name/colors/logo stays in SD in case of future expansion.

    The STL franchise is then re-branded to signify the re-birth in the same city. You could then treat the re-brand much like the Charlotte Hornets/Bobcats and New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans where you re-write history a little bit after all this change. Admittedly, it’s a little stickier since the Rams won the SB in STL, but since it was in that city, it should stay there in my opinion. LA gets their Rams, STL keeps the current team and doesn’t have to get acquainted with a new franchise dividing the fan base further.

  44. 1. It’s ridiculous that some clowns keep saying the Jaguars should move–to London, to LA or to St. Louis to replace the Rams when they leave. Just stop. They aren’t going anywhere.

    2. I’m also tired of delusional people saying that LA never supported an NFL team. The Rams were there for 49 years. How is that not support? They only moved to St Louis because they had a wack-job old bitch as an owner. Yes, the Raiders didn’t stay long. That is because they didn’t belong there in the first place. Plus, the crowd that the Raiders drew to the Coliseum was not the kind of “fans” that produced a family friendly environment. Too many people were scared to go and hang out with a bunch of gang members.

    3. The Rams need to be in LA–owned by Stan.

    4. The Raiders need to share a stadium with the 49ers

    5. The Chargers can stay in SD. Or move to St Louis. Or move somewhere else (Portland, San Antonio, etc.) Or they can move into Stan’s stadium in Inglewood, although I would prefer the LA market belong ONLY to the Rams–at least for a decade while they take root in the market again. THEN the league can decide if there is room for another team in the market.

  45. 5. St. Louis could get rid of Kroenke, one of the wkrst and most disloyal owners in the bistory of professional sports.

  46. If Kroenke paid Spanos a cool $500 mill for the rights to LA Dean could use those funds toward a new stadium. Everyone is happy….except Mark Davis.

  47. I like the idea I guess but as a semi-Rams fan at this point the team is poisoned by the owner for the St. Louis Fans. You’d have to move the Chargers to St. Louis.

    How about they just let all three move to LA. What difference does it make. The NFL is on the way to becoming the NBA and irrelevant to much of the country. I really don’t think the NFL sees the big picture. Sure LA is a big market and they may need an NFL team but that’s why they do expansion teams in leagues. NFL fans in smaller markets are regional and not metropolitan.

  48. This season, the Chargers ranked 19th in attendance, the Raiders 30th and the Rams 32nd. Last year, they ranked 16th in local TV ratings, the Rams 27th and the Raiders 32nd. When the Chargers were good, from 2004-09, they sold out every home game and drew another 10,000 for rallies after road wins. Once, when the Bolts returned from a playoff victory in Indianapolis, team buses had to stop on the way to their Murphy Canyon facility because so many people swarmed Aero Drive.

  49. davidu9 Im not saying your numbers are wrong about attendance or tv ratings but don’t you think there is a reason for low support for teams that are not winning and the owner wants to move ? Attendance means very little to the NFL anymore. There are many teams that are not drawing well.

  50. sdcharger123 says:
    Dec 20, 2015 12:53 PM

    Sounds like no matter what happens, San Diego is going to get screwed. I guess the only support that matters to the NFL is public money paying for stadiums. If you’d rather use public money to pay for roads, law enforcement, and schools instead of stadiums you don’t get an NFL team. We haven’t had to tarp large sections of our stadium due to lack of sellouts. The greed is so obvious it hurts.
    I feel bad for the fans of SD, I really do but the Chargers need a new stadium more than any team. That place was around when I was a kid. I went to my 1st pro game there when Unitas was on the Chargers in 1973! I swear.
    But you must also understand that many of the buildings in your fair city that house large companies like Intel, Motorola or whoever were also paid for by you the tax payer. It’s not just stadiums that cities give money too, it’s large multi-billion $$ companies like those as well. You just don’t heart about cuz it’s not the NFL. For some reason people just don’t see this and want to blame the NFL. Blame your cities leaders if you lose your team.

  51. davidu9 Im not saying your numbers are wrong about attendance or tv ratings but don’t you think there is a reason for low support for teams that are not winning and the owner wants to move ? Attendance means very little to the NFL anymore. There are many teams that are not drawing well.


    Yes, and the Chargers have had the most vocal owner trying to relocate and just won their 4th game of the season yesterday. They have the worst record of the three, the loudest owner of the three and still get those numbers.

    There is absolutely no argument who is the top NFL City amongst St. Louis, Oakland and San Diego. Those numbers just support what we already know.

  52. “(Kroenke, a Missouri native named for Cardinals legends Stan Musial and Enos Slaughter, also would salvage a bit of his image and legacy there, since he will have found a way to leave while also leaving the team behind.)”

    No matter how the cards fall I can promise that the piece of human waste that is Enos Stanley Kroenke will salvage nothing with the people of St. Louis. We would welcome Spanos with open arms (at least he tried to work something out with his home market…) I have to imagine that Satan Kroenke is among the worst owners in all of professional sports. I would love nothing more that to see him leave my state for good. But please be warned good citizens of LA… This man is a cancer that does not care about winning, the team, the fans, or anything else that doesn’t start with a $… I wouldn’t wish him on any city. If you are unfortunate enough to receive him (whether it’s as the owner of the Rams, Chargers, or other) please prepare yourself for years of massive disappointment while he enjoys years of massive profits!

  53. Build a field but no seats. Put in more cameras and everyone can stay at home and watch the game in HD without have to pay stupid high prices for tickets, parking, or concessions. And you won’t have to stand in someone else’s urine to use the restroom.

  54. mjho47s,

    Some might argue that that distinction belongs to Georgia. As a long time Rams fan, I believe the fans in LA will be happen to get their team back under any owner. Stan was able to keep a poor product on the field in STL, because fans came out anyway. He has to know that will not be the case in L.A. There are simply too many competing alternatives for the discretionary dollar.

  55. Ok Stop with the Raiders going to STL or San Antonio. That won’t happen. Mark has already said he isn’t interested in those markets. And do you really think McNair and Jones want another team in Texas? San Antonio is Cowboys country. The Raiders will end up in Oakland or LA. I am betting on Oakland. The city officials in LA don’t want the Raiders. They will unfortunately be playing at the Coliseum for the forseeable future.

  56. All three teams should stay put and fix their current situations. I think the outcome that would make the most sense would be for Kroenke and Khan to swap franchises, and for Kroenke to pay a relocation fee and move the Jaguars from Jacksonville to Los Angeles, with some of that money going towards the building of new stadiums in St. Louis, San Diego, and Oakland.

    Solves a lot of problems:
    1. Khan gets what he originally wanted, the Rams in St. Louis.
    2. St. Louis, San Diego, and Oakland get new stadiums and get to keep their teams.
    3. Kroenke goes to LA.
    4. Los Angeles gets a fresh start with a team that’s never been there before.
    5. The Inglewood stadium is built, which I think is the better plan and has greater future potential.
    6. The NFL rights a wrong they committed 20 years ago, giving Jacksonville and expansion team.

    The few Jacksonville fans can go back to rooting for the Dolphins, Bucs, and Falcons. Yes, Jacksonville is a problem to those who are in denial. Why else would they be giving up one home game a year if all was okay in Jacksonville?

  57. If the Rams don’t find their way back to Los Angeles, I could live with this scenario. Stan could/should rename the team for a fresh start. While I think the Rams fans in the area would be sad, I think we could get behind a new team in time.

  58. This is an intriguing option,I guess after having the football Cardinals and the Rams as my hometown teams,I could try the Chargers(3 times a charm.)

  59. The Jags aren’t leaving Jacksonville. Shad Kahn has spent close to 100 million dollars in the last two years on the stadium, and will be spend close to a billion more on the Shipyard development downtown.

    Furthermore, the Jags, despite having the worst overall record in this decade, have averaged well over 60,000 fans to watch hot garbage.

    You want to move a team? Move the Ravens back to Cleveland. Let the Browns come to St. Louis, and the Rams can go to LA. Everyone’s happy.

  60. This “solution” does not solve the basic issue of bringing the Rams back to their real city — Los Angeles! Of undoing the wrong and injustice committed on Los Angelinos by Georgia Frontiere when she moved THEIR team to Cardinal territory — St. Louis. This idea only adds another “wrong” — by stealing San Diego’s team. Sorry, but two “wrongs” don’t make a “right”. The Chargers belong to the people of San Diego, as much as the Rams belong to the people of Los Angeles. Enough of these travesties — such as Baltimore’s Colts being moved, and Houston’s Oilers being moved, or St. Louis’ Cardinals being moved. Rams to Los Angeles!!!!!!!

  61. Most supporters of bringing the Rams “home” to Los Angeles seem to forget that their original home was Cleveland.

    Okay, so Khan has spent money on the stadium Jacksonville. So what? These owners are not penny pinchers. That’s like dropping a dime on the floor. I still mantain Jaguars to LA is the best route. Jacksonville fans thinking they’re safe because they are not one of the three teams being talked about is foolish on their part. If they don’t move to LA, they will be the next team that moves.

  62. What a great solution – swapping the franchises! It works great with both the Spanos’s and Kroenke. Both get what they want. Spanos gets a lot of money and gets a team that with the exception of one Super Bowl win, is exactly like what he has now, a team that is mired in mediocrity!

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