League office believes Beckham should have been ejected


On Monday, pursuant to usual procedure, the NFL will examine the various incidents from the Panthers-Giants game for the potential imposition of discipline.

As far as the league office is concerned, a specific form of discipline should have been imposed on Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on Sunday. According to a league source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL believes that Beckham should have been ejected on Sunday.

While there was no closed-fist punch from Beckham that connected with an opponent (which often is the trigger for an ejection), the source said that the referee has discretion to eject for lesser actions. Given the number of incidents in which Beckham was involved, the belief is that referee Terry McAuley should have exercised that discretion in a way that would have sent Beckham to the showers early.

Perhaps the most troubling move from Beckham came when he struck Panthers cornerback Josh Norman in the helmet with Beckham’s helmet, after a play. Although helmet-to-helmet hits applied in illegal fashion ordinarily don’t trigger a suspension without a history of such behavior, the NFL can be more aggressive when the behavior happens after the whistle.

And so it’s possible — but highly unlikely — that the league would decide to suspend Beckham specifically for the helmet-to-helmet hit on Norman. The far more likely outcome is that, like last Sunday’s Steelers-Bengals game, plenty of letters will be sent to multiple players this week, with plenty of involuntary donations being made to the charities of the NFL’s choosing.

103 responses to “League office believes Beckham should have been ejected

  1. I’m the biggest Beckham fan there is. He was out of control today. The helmet to helmet hit on Norman was very dirty and potentially very dangerous. He’s very young but still disappointing nonetheless.

  2. I am a lifelong Giants fan. Beckham was an embarrassment to the uniform today, that kid has a lot of growing to do.

  3. So does any fan who watched this moron run around the field fighting the defense and multiple cheap shots. I like OBJ alot but this was out of hand you can’t come back and hit defenseless players bc if someone was to be hurt he should have been suspended however long that player was out.

    Their is no room for this crap, beat people through the whistle but let it go in between whistles and shake hands after the game. Obj is not above the game.. Obj cost him team the game with his nonsense.

  4. Absolutely tossed.. Both of them.. That middle block was clear intent to injure.. WOW…Like they said on TV if he wasn’t a superstar he would have been ejected

  5. If the NFL doesn’t suspend him, they are condoning this type of behavior. It will be impossible to not see a double standard for a “favorite son” – he’s on the Madden cover and used in almost every league promo.

    It was the worst sportsmanship I have ever seen. If he just received a fine, there’s no meaningful reason for him to change or Coughlin to clean him up.

  6. Would like to see ejections handed out more often and post facto suspensions less. All suspensions do is make it easier on subsequent opponents whereas an ejection helps the team who was actually wronged.

  7. Want to prove you are serious about player safety NFL? Let’s see what you do for the ridiculousness that was Odell Beckham throughout the entirety of this game.

  8. Norman basically suplexed him, but nobody gives a crap about that.

    Carolina gets to play by different rules.

  9. Beckham is a five year old. If that had been Ronnie Lott or Steve Atwater he would just be waking up.

    Tom Coughlin must have bags packed and one foot out the door to let him ride that.

  10. Beckham is a great talent and up until today I thought he portrayed class but he could’ve been ejected after his first penalty, should’ve been ejected after the second and it was totally asinine that he wasn’t after his 3rd personal foul. I understand that the stars get by with more than others but this was totally ridiculous. Obvious that the officials know whose name is on the uniform without having to read it.

  11. Not for nothing, it was refreshing to see a game played and officiated like a 70s Raiders steelers game.

  12. If it was that clear to the league office, then the entire officiating crew should be suspended as well.

    They did not just miss one obj cheap shot, they missed over a DOZEN!


    Thow out obj with those ref’s.

    both are scrubs

  13. Point spread have anything to do with the officiating? It was obvious that Beckham was way out of line on a number of plays. I’m beginning to relate the NFL to the Professional Wrestling and Boxing story-lines. My interest in football is waning from week-to-week even thought the Panthers keep on pounding.

  14. I’m a Giants fan and I love ODB. He should absolutely have been ejected. If the refs were doing their job they would have told him and Norman that they were in danger of being tossed during the first drive.

    ODB should end up having played for free today after he’s fined by the league.

    On a separate, but related, note Coughlin should have put his ass on the bench during that crazy 3rd quarter drive. I don’t care about the great plays he made afterwards. Coughlin needs to teach this young man discipline. We’re going nowhere this season. But if he doesn’t learn to get his emotions in check teams are going to rile him up and get him off his game week after week the rest of his career.

  15. The young man is simply way too impressed with himself. He was out of control and the officials should be suspended for letting it get that far out of hand.

    The helmet to helmet spear job, called targeting in the college game and subject to an automatic ejection, was one of the most dangerous plays I’ve seen all year.

    Fines don’t mean much to these guys. If they want to get his attention they will have to suspend him for a game.

  16. Need to go to soccer format with red and yellow card. Red card you out and done for next game too. Offsetting unsportsmanlike is a farce.

  17. Given the reality that the league office is stacked with failed ex-JESTs executives, I too was surprised Jets intern Roger didn’t push the eject button from his War Room sofa bed. Gotta get the kinks out in preparation for NE’s first playoff game…….the refs will need instructions to finally take Brady down.

  18. I’m not an NFC East follower, and until this point I have only knowing Beckham as one of the my electrifying young WRs in the game. But I watched the highlights from today’s game, and he was an embarrassment. If this is how he plays every week, he is bad for the league and the sport.

    At a minimum, he should be suspended.

    He now reminds me of Suh. Good talent, but in the end I will only remember the dirty play.

  19. How many times after a game do you hear a player’s own fan’s call him out.

    Props to the Giant fans stepping up and calling a spade a spade.

    As the Panthers have done time and again, we let our foot off the neck and let a good team get back in the game.

    But to win a game like that proves to me we have the heart of a champion. The Giants played the best game I’ve seen them play all season ( I have not seen all ) and I never lost confidence this team would beat them.

    something special going on in Carolina.

  20. As head coach, Tom Coughlin should have spoken to him directly. This was way out of control.

    The sad thing is fans see him as a big kid. He is a grown man, should act like aan and should be held responsible as a man. So many players in all sports come out early, get a boat loaf of money and are trelated like prima donnas. As an 18 year old man people of my generation did not get any consideration due to our age when it came to getting drafted and going off to war. We didn’t get to choose. At 18 we maybe felt like big kids but we grew up fast. People like Beckham should be sat down by the coach before the league gets involved. His spoiled attitude wouldn’t last him 2 minutes among my peers in Vietnam. He needs to grow up fast. He represents his team, his community, his city and he should be a role model to the youngsters of today.

  21. OBJ embarrassed himself today. Can’t deny that but you can’t write him off after one game as a disgrace or dirty player. Norman talks more than any corner in the league and was talking all week. Still doesn’t give OBJ the right to come in late after the play and spear him. A young kid got caught up in the moment and made a couple stupid plays. If he continues this type of behavior his career will be short.

    Wonder if these two end up on the same pro bowl team?

  22. The league should fine Coughlin for negligence as a coach in allowing his out of control player to stay on the field as he was intentionallying looking to hurt Norman, with ODB eventually spearing Norman in the head potentially hurting him. Coughlin shares responsibility here too.

  23. OB should have been ejected for the first fight then taking his helmet off, he should have been ejected for the late helmet to helmet hit…

    and now he should be suspended for 3 games

    that was outrageous

  24. Burfict had multiple penalties last week and started a pre game altercation. I agree that beckhams went too far with his targeting or Norman helmet to helmet, but if the criteria is being out of control in the field then burfict should have been tossed last week

  25. I’m a phins fan and loved Jarvis Landry until he showed his true colors, just like Odell today. Selfish punks. This is why that insanely talented LSU team somehow sucked. Too many primmadonna NFL egos. I’ve seen players, and even coaches get ejected in all sports…… Somehow Odell finished this game, after the most dispicable display of sportsmanship I’ve ever seen. The NFL has become a joke as far as discipline concerning cheating, cheap shots, and criminals. They fumble every time.

  26. Imagine if Suh tried half the crap OBJ got away with today.

    If he keeps that crap up, defenses will be sure to pop him in the head/legs to try and injure him if the refs/league don’t protect the defensive players.

  27. A portion of the blame here lies with a coach that didn’t take the necessary action to control his player.

  28. Meh. In the Denver/New England game earlier this season Miller speared Brady, helmet to helmet, after the play. He was penalized 15 yards.
    He was fined just over 8K by the league and was a repeat offender.

    I wonder what their thoughts on this will be. It should be interesting.

  29. Superstars do get ejected…remember last year when they kicked the Luke Kuechly out of the Packers game for trying to help his teammate out of a pile?

  30. If the NFL wants to prove that it’s serious on concussions and cleaning up the game, then Beckham needs to be suspended. That was an inexcusable headshot after the whistle with intent to injure.

    If it’s Brandon Merriweather, as a repeat offender, he’s likely done for the season and a couple of games of next season.

    That said, I seriously doubt he will be.

  31. The helmet to helmet hit was uncalled for and he’ll be fined. But, Norman’s a punk who started the day with a body slam right in front of the ref that was not flagged. OBJ’s been the target of cheap shots and he lost his cool, but there should be multiple fines here for several players.

  32. Should have been ejected in Buffalo for spitting in players faces.

    Real class there. I blame the diva wide receiver position but it takes a real Mommas boy to deliver like Old dirty B J

  33. floratiotime says:
    Dec 20, 2015 8:00 PM
    A league source who doesn’t give his name.

    He can’t. If he did, he’d be an ex-league source.

  34. OBJ’s actions were way worse than anything Tom Brady was ACCUSED of doing. If Roger Goodell doesn’t suspend him for at least 4 games, it will prove he doesn’t care about player safety.

  35. I have to chime in with the other Giants fans that say, unfortunately, that this guy played for our team today. He’s a great talent, and he has won many games nearly single-handedly, but there is absolutely NO excuse for that kind of behavior.

    Like it or not, he is a role model, and yes, little kids watch the game and emulate the stars. He knows that, and I thought he was better than that. Guess I was wrong.

  36. Why is the focus in the media solely on Beckham? Both players were out of control and while Beckham should have controlled himself better, he appeared to be primarily retaliating from actions instigated by Norman.

  37. These morons couldn’t care less about fines. The majority of them have no concept of the amount of money they have coming in and going out. The fines just hasten the inevitable bankruptcy claims.

  38. Bottom line he was out of control and he has been for a good while.
    Essentially he has somehow decided he is entitled. Roger talks a good game but has been inconsistent in his efforts to clean up the NFL.
    This is an opportunity to do so. Those of you that think this is an overreaction should avail themselves of film from past games. He has
    done this in the past and now has escalated to a higher level. He is young and immature but needs to be sent a message. When it comes to
    player safety a message needs to be sent.

  39. OBJ was beyond out of control. Norman didn’t body slam that dude he flopped on the ground to try and sell it. Obj threw numerous punches’ hands to the mask, in the mask and not to mention a potentially season ending spear to the jaw. That’s not football fellas that’s something else. Coughlin lost control of that team they don’t respect him or his demands and OBJ should get suspended for at least a game and 50+K.

  40. floratiotime says:
    Dec 20, 2015 8:00 PM

    A league source who doesn’t give his name.

    He meets reporters in the parking garage at 345 Park Avenue.

  41. Coughlin benches RBs for a single fumble, but looks the other way on Beckham??? I am a lifelong Giants fan who am embarrassed by what I watched today. Shame that the principled coach is so eager to lower himself to keep his job.

    The end of the Coughlin era is near.

    Suspend the refs, Beckham and Norman (where was his flag for the 1Q body slam?) for next week.

  42. Norman’s a punk, an instigator who needs to be fined too. Again, Beckham’s actions are not defensible, but Norman should have been flagged multiple times.

  43. I hope he publicly apologizes for his actions. My 9 yr old is a huge OBJ fan. It was sad to see the look on his face as we watched the highlights.

  44. After watching the last few Giants games I don’t see Beckham getting suspended. He is the Offense of the Giants and one of those players you never see taken out of the game. He will get a healthy fine.

  45. He SHOULD be suspended, but because he’s a heavily endorsed cash-cow, he’s untouchable.

    League office will pretend that malicious helmet-to-helmet was a “crime of passion”.

  46. Remember when Stephon Gilmore admitted Beckham was pulling this crap a few months ago?hes starting to get a rep..its only going to get easier to get inside his head

  47. As I’ve said before OBJ is part of the New York Media Hype machine. He can do no wrong and he knows it.

  48. The funny thing is, that helmet to helmet shot cost the Giants 0 yards. It ended being offsetting because Norman dared to react to some guy trying to put him in the hospital after the play was over.

  49. My wife heard me on the phone talking about this, when I got off the phone she sheepishly told me she had splurged and bought Beckham jerseys for two of the grandkids for Christmas. They are going back tomorrow

  50. Buffalo said it earlier this season, Beckham is straight up dirty. Heckuva player but guy’s gotta get a hold of his emotions.

    On that hit on Norman, he whiffed, circled back (premeditation), then completely sold out and left his feet to nail Norman in the helmet.

    With this Concussion movie coming out on Thursday, the NFL can’t let stuff like this slide. No way.

  51. Josh norman went up against steve smith as a young player in practice and training camp. He learned early in his career to win the mental game of your opponent. Steve Smith was a master at this. I have no problem with ODB and Norman until the Helmut spear by OBD. Being combative and competitive is one thing. But being a cowardly punk is another. You ODB are a cowardly punk! Kids looked up to you and would emulate your one handed catches. Now you are a disgrace to your team, the NFL, and to the youth. Punks like you don’t get that! No suspension or charity donation is going to fix that!

  52. Beckham’s temper has almost guaranteed a Vikings win next Sunday. He’s gone for that game for sure Which the league office will announce on Monday. What an ass wipe.

  53. It’s pretty clear what will happen here:
    John Mara will convince the league to dock the Redskins and Cowboys a substantial part of their salary cap over the next 2 years.

  54. I’ve been a Giants fan for 18 years. I don’t think Odell Beckham did anything wrong. He showed today why he is the best receiver in the league since Victor Cruz.

  55. Why is nobody calling out Norman for what he did? Before he got speared, he hit Beckham in the back of the head for no reason.

  56. No way Ol’ Roger suspends Beckham. East coast teams best player, prime time game coming up with 2 teams fighting for the playoffs. It’s all about the $$$$$$ and ratings with Roger.

  57. Beckham is a punk. I was amazed Coughlin didn’t pull him out of the game to tell him to knock it off. He definitely should have been thrown out of the game. Those officials should be suspended for not taking control of that game by ejecting him.
    He should be suspended and fined for what he did. But he’s one of the NFL’s hottest commodities, so he’ll be treated differently than most players.

  58. Someone check Beckham for rabies…dang what a loose cannon he was. Norman got in his head early and it was simply a miracle of bad officiating he wasn’t ejected. Should get a hefty fine and some time riding the pine at least a game or two.

  59. Coughlin is done after this year, it’s obviously he isn’t the same coach. This is the same coach who ran onto the field before the play was over to rip his punter a new one after punting the ball to Desean Jackson. I am literally shocked Coughlin didn’t berate Beckham after those personal fouls. No wonder he refused to stop. There is no doubt Beckham should have been ejected. Norman was a little chippy but he didnt try to drag Beckham down by his leg after a play or lead with his helmet on a block from behind after a play. Beckham needs to be punished, that isn’t right.

  60. This loser threw three punches during the Giants-Bills game earlier this season. He was mad the Gilmore was playing him aggressive at the line. He asked if he was aware who he was and to get out of his face. He can’t handle the good corners that play tough at the line and that’s what happened today. He feels entitled and has only had his ego inflated by the media. I have never seen worse sportsmanship in my life, he should be suspended without a doubt. All teams should just get in his face after this game he won’t get away with anything and press coverage will force him to get stronger or lose his mind.

  61. Funny how no one is showing the retaliation blow to Beckham’s head when Norman kneed him after that play. Not saying what Beckham did was right, but this was a two way street the whole game.

  62. Sort of indicative of the state of NFL football these days. The NFL enforcement of rules is inconsistent. I guess once they figure out what a catch is they can turn to other minor issues such as player safety.

  63. As a Pats fan, I suggest everyone get a grip (go in a closet if you must). Yes, it did get out of hand, but it took two to tango. If anyone thought it was just Beckham, you didn’t watch the game. Norman was frisking Beckham the whole game, well beyond 5 yds.
    The head to head bonk is a fine, nothing more…If anything, it will highlight how to get into his head. It was entertaining, other than the head butt.

  64. jeffberk2014 says:
    Dec 20, 2015 8:20 PM

    Need to go to soccer format with red and yellow card. Red card you out and done for next game too. Offsetting unsportsmanlike is a farce.
    And subject us to the flopping that soccer players do? Please, no!

  65. mellimac says:
    Dec 21, 2015 12:54 PM

    As a Pats fan, I suggest everyone get a grip (go in a closet if you must).


    Considering the reputation Pats nation has for being a bunch of cry-baby sissies who blame the refs for every loss the Pats have had this year, I do not think your opening statement gives you much credibility. Next time, don’t lead with that.

  66. Beckham was definitely wrong, though I find the primary fault to be with the referee. If you look back at Terry McAuley’s career as a ref, you’ll see many MAJOR lapses of judgement and carelessness. The NFL refs are a MAJOR embarrassment to the league.

    The league would be best served to hire full time, year round employees. Have a dedicated intense training program and do not bring in dinosaurs like McAuley back into the game.

  67. Soooo… do the refs get off scot-free here or what?

    No, certainly NOT. The Referee needs to held to a higher standard. Terry “Bottlegate” McAuley is not the standard I would want for a Pop Warner game, much less the NFL.

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