Coughlin considered benching Beckham, but wanted “him out there to win”

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The Giants made an unexpected comeback from 28 points down to briefly tie the Panthers in the fourth quarter of a 38-35 loss on Sunday, but the team’s resiliency wasn’t the headline from the game.

It was wide receiver Odell Beckham’s behavior during his matchup with Panthers cornerback Josh Norman that loomed largest during the game. Beckham and Norman went at it after what felt like every play early in the game and the officials opted not to do much of anything about it, which allowed the situation to build to the point that Beckham launched himself at Norman’s head after one play to deliver a shot that could have led to his ejection with a different crew working the game.

Beckham drew three personal fouls overall and looked out of control for long portions of the game, leading to questions for Giants coach Tom Coughlin about why he didn’t sit Beckham in hopes of calming him down for the rest of the game. Coughlin claimed that the Giants gave it “strong consideration” before saying the chance to win trumped the dresire to cool Beckham’s endless emotional outbursts.

“Because I didn’t take him out. Because I wanted him to play the game,” Coughlin said. “He’s got to learn at some point how to deal with some things on the field. No, I’m not willing to deal with the penalties. I’m not willing to deal with anything. I want him out there to win the football game. But, again, he’s on our team and he made some mistakes today and I’m hoping he’ll recognize that and learn from it.”

Coughlin’s never seemed the type to put up with a player putting himself ahead of the team the way that Beckham did on Sunday, but the first 13 games of the season made it pretty clear that the Giants’ chances of winning are heavily attached to Beckham making plays. That message was delivered when Beckham’s earlier, milder bouts of petulance this season were shrugged off, but Sunday will be harder to ignore if the Giants want Beckham to keep things under control in the future.

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  1. Beginning of the end. Once you sacrifice your discipline for “certain” players disciplining others will be increasingly difficult. That discipline has been a staple of Coughlins regime in the NFL.

  2. I didn’t understand how the officials handled the
    whole Beckham/Norman battle. They normally
    throw flags for the slightest infraction but in this
    case let them both get away with many cheap shots. A threat of getting kicked out of the game
    and following through might have been in order.
    Unfortunately, I think the officials were more concerned about removing two of the leagues best froam a game and how the NFL head office would react.

  3. ESPNs endless praise of his “hamburger helper” gloved catches has made him a legend in his own mind.

    Only BB has the stones to sit his best receiver in the regular or post season.

  4. Beckham is a total punk. He needs to be suspended before he injures someone. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t ejected after that hit to Josh Norman. If the NFL is serious about head injuries they have to crack down on this punk.

    Maybe the NFL needs a “three strikes” policy in games – three personal fouls and you’re ejected.

  5. Unimpressed. Coughlin and Belichick are the only two HCs whose discipline met my expectations. Belichick made his leading receiver Welker sit a quarter for just making a joke about Rex Ryan. Coughlin should have done something. Stay ferociously on top of things like this and you minimize things like bulletin board material and in-game penalties, as well as locker-room squabbles.

  6. Coughlin should have pulled him, at least for a series, and had a little heart to heart with him. I’m sure he did speak to him but only the threat of benching him for the rest of the game would have gotten his attention. I like Coughlin and he has always impressed me as the type of coach who would pull a player for losing control as Beckham did. I like to feel that if he had it to do over, he probably would. The league needs to step in and suspend Beckham Jr. You cannot cater to someone because they are a young ascending star. Send the young man a message that this type of play will not be tolerated and you’ll be doing him and everyone a favor. After Beckham’s career is over he may very well reflect on this discipline as necessary and a positive thing that helped him get his emotions under control.

  7. “I’m not willing to deal with anything. I want him out there to win the football game.”

  8. I NEVER want to hear how great a “disciplinarian” Tom Coughlin is EVER again.

    Thanks for the 2 chips Mr. Coughlin, I mean it.

    Oh yea, OBJ is a punk, outside of Eli, where was the “Veteran” presence that should have reeled his a@@ in, and the Mara/Tisch families are gearing up the Men in Black pens for us Giants fans yet again.


    Thanks again.

  9. I hope Coughlin wises up and stops this behavior. Last thing the NFC East needs is another team with questionable players that are only there to “win” games.

  10. Coughlin should retire. He made his reputation as a disciplinarian who got his team to focus when it mattered. Now, I don’t see how he can keep the locker room when he showed that special players get a pass. He got them 2 rings, so in my mind he deserves to finish the year out. But if I’m Giants ownership/management, this offseason I tell old Tom it’s time to ride off in the sun set or we’ll send you packing.

  11. Any other receiver would have been ejected (except Bryant perhaps). This was a move by the officials because they were in NY and knew the reaction of the crowd, who are blind to their own teams BS, would be bad. The stuck their collective head’s in the sand. OBJ will be suspended and fined. He had the chance to man up to it after the game, say he lost control and needs to do better, and he side stepped it then too. He’s a punk, and it’s a shame he gets all the credit while his teammate in college, Jarvis Landry, quietly sets receiving records in Miami and gets NO mentions.

  12. Can we finally bury the notion that Coughlin is some type of strict disciplinarian? From the dirty BC teams he coached decades ago right up through the behavior he’s shown that he’s willing to tolerate from star players like Odell and JPP and others before them, the moniker is undeserved.

  13. Coughlin has always been an aloof coach, but yesterday was something else. Did he do anything but stand there all day with his hands on his hips like a cranky old man who wants those kids off his lawn? Beckham was a mad dog yesterday and his handlers just looked the other way. Pathetic.

  14. Mo’ Pro Babble says:
    Dec 21, 2015 7:02 AM
    ESPNs endless praise of his “hamburger helper” gloved catches has made him a legend in his own mind.

    Only BB has the stones to sit his best receiver in the regular or post season.


    In fairness to other NFL coaches, BB is probably the only one that has the implicit trust of ownership that would allow him to make such a move without costing him his job. Can you imagine if Jason Garrett dared to sit Dez Bryant? Jerry would have an aneurysm. Then he’d have Garret’s head.

  15. disgusting behavior and the refs were worthless in this game….how do you not protect these guys from one another and this situation….both should have been ejected by half

  16. Baltimore has turned into The Factory of Sadness. At least Cleveland had a good basketball team. All we have in the 410 is crappy football and the worst owner in baseball.

  17. Norman should have been flagged on the first play when he threw OBJ to the ground. He wasn’t and that fired up OBJ. He went over board but the refs let him it get away with it. They throw the flag on Norman and it is ends. It went on the whole game both ways. Norman is just as much to blame as OBJ.

  18. This should be it for Coughlin after the last game against the Eagles. If this was another player he would of sat down for sure. Players see the favoritism and this whole thing to watch yesterday was an embarassment to all the Giants fans as well as all who watched the game

  19. but the nfl and network said no because of ratings.

    Beckman proved he is bigger than the giants and nfl.

    sad day for pro football.

    beckham makes desean Jackson look like chuck bednarik

  20. 1. I would rather have OBJ than anybody else at WR – including Antonio.
    2. Can you imagine the mystique had they held the Panthers and won that game? Even in losing, his locker room must love him and he rooted them on even while down 28 points with less than 2 to go in 3rd quarter.
    3. I would offer him a contract extension worth what he wants.
    4. For Cortland Finnegan, Mr. Cheapshot himself at Tennessee, to complain about rough play is hilarious.
    5. Play the tapes of Norman for the first thirteen games and tell me what you think. He likes the sunny side of life. He whined after the Beckham TD. Priceless. Another priceless moment: Beckam shake-mocking the Cam pose after his tying TD. Cam’s face went lifeless after the score.
    6. I think the NFC teams took notice and see Carolina as a smaller. team than the record suggests.

  21. @docsmith54 says:…

    Awesome post. That is the best comedy I have read in a while. Hilarious, really!

    Thanks for showing up as stup!d, just to put a smile on my face. Bravo. Not everyone has it in him to come off as an ignoramus just for the sake of comedy. You sir, are one of a kind.

  22. Heard on the radio that the NFL can’t impose an adequate punishment without the Player’s Union authorization…..

    Therefore I suggest that the correct punishment is to take away the Giant’s 1st round draft choice in the 2016 draft and also fire all three refs….

    That should get everybody’s attention that this stuff is not to be tolerated. JJ

  23. Coughlin is a senile old fool. He should have quit 2 years ago. I keep hearing from talking heads that since he coached Super Bowl winners 4 and 8 years ago, he’s entitled to coach until he’s 110 years old if he wants to. Of course, when someone has lost total grasp of the game, and his players, as he has, it’s time to go.

  24. Yeah, this is definitely a guy on the hot seat. We can blame him for taking that stance, but MY big problem is with the officials on the field. I have seen them toss guys out of a game for a lot less than what went on Sunday. I want to hear what THOSE guys were thinking. Because if winning is more important… if winning means accepting this kind of thing… the NFL will have become the WWF and that will be the end of that for me.

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