Cowboys bench Matt Cassel, will start Kellen Moore

The Cowboys are on their fourth starting quarterback of the season.

Kellen Moore will start on Sunday at Buffalo, coach Jason Garrett confirmed on 105.3 The Fan this morning. Moore replaced Matt Cassel, who was benched against the Jets, on Saturday night.

Saturday night’s game was the first regular-season appearance of Moore’s career. He spent three seasons with the Lions but never got on the field, then joined the Cowboys this year.

Dallas opened the season with Tony Romo as its starter, but he suffered a broken collarbone and was replaced by Brandon Weeden. The Cowboys then traded for Cassel and benched Weeden for him before Romo returned only to break his collarbone again. The Cowboys have since released Weeden, who is now with Houston, and now they’ll turn to Moore.

71 responses to “Cowboys bench Matt Cassel, will start Kellen Moore

  1. Weeden was too cautious.
    Casserole was was inaccurate.
    We need to lose out get us a nice pick in the draft. Hmm maybe another decorated offensive lineman:)?
    Going to need it with Tony glass shoulder.

  2. funny how weeden got in and did his thing for the Texans….gave draft picks up for multiple players that other teams didn’t want this year that are totally ineffective…handcuffing us w/ a lack of draft picks for the next couple drafts

  3. In other news Jerrah is already wondering how much more than the cowboys first round pick it will take to pry “johnny dreadful” from the Browns so that he can add another “team leader” to his already impressive collection of criminals, malcontents and headcases.

    Oh well, at least cowboy fans will get to see Weeden in the playoffs this year, wont that be fun.

    There is only one thing you can be absolutely certain of the cowboys organization, if there is a bad decision to be made, they will make it.

  4. eazeback, if you remember Weeden did a very good job when he initially came in for Romo (7/7 73 1 TD 0 INT). If he starts the next game, that will be where he tries to set himself apart from his starting time in Dallas.

  5. They’re just making sure they get the best draft pick possible at this point. Moore looked even worse than Cassell after he came into the Jet game. He looks like a HS player, I’m surprised he made it to the end of the game without getting himself killed.

  6. I think for his first NFL start, he showed great promise against the league’s #1 D! Why was he not brought up when Tony first went down? 🙁 Hindsight is always 20/20, but he certainly could not have done any worse than Weeden and Cassel!!!!! If it wasn’t, it should be now obvious who our MVP is to the team…..
    Good luck to everyone elses’ team and here’s to 2016 and my Cowboys!!!!!
    It’s going to be a long offseason for me 🙁

  7. Might as well, nothing to lose. No way Cassel is on the team next year. Moore is a possible candidate for the back up role next season, so let’s see what he’s got.

    Not a Cowboys fan, but I would definitely be down with this decision if I was.

  8. scoops1 says:
    Dec 21, 2015 10:04 AM

    when does Uncle Rico get his shot….


    Officially my favorite comment of ALL time here!

  9. Well… one thing is for sure: you can’t use height as an excuse anymore (re: Kellen Moore) since Five-Foot-10-And-Three-Quarters Russell Wilson was able to “put a ring on it” lol

  10. But, aah….Romo could still come back for the next two weeks because we still have a shot at the…huh? We’ve been eliminated?

  11. Might as well see if Moore can be a capable backup in this league.

    Will be interesting if they trade for someone like RG3. To me, he is better than any of the QB’s in the upcoming draft.

  12. Might as well see what they have in Moore, they already know Weeden and Cassel won’t be there next year.

  13. jonwill57 says:
    Dec 21, 2015 10:36 AM
    But, aah….Romo could still come back for the next two weeks because we still have a shot at the…huh? We’ve been eliminated?


    Love this post…you probably hit the nail on the head,lol.

  14. Considering how poorly he played and how the entire offense crawled with him on the field, it’s understandable that the Cowboys turn away from Cassel. Moore may have looked like a high school all-star lost in his own helmet, but the tempo at which he ran the offense led to a crisper offensive performance overall.

    But since these are the Cowboys and every decision made by the team is a matter of epic proportions, Moore’s ascension will be treated as further proof of how bad timing and bad luck brought down America’s team.

    Which will last until the off-season when the TV cameras will once again be invited to the Jones war-room so that everyone can catch a glimpse of great men making important decisions that will affect the future hierarchy of the NFC Least.

  15. Fire Jerrah! Oh wait, I hate the Cowboys. I will never forget when the Cowboys scheduled the Ravens for the final game at their former stadium because Jerrah thought it would be an easy win. Guess what, the Ravens pummeled that sorry squad in front of the entire country.

  16. I’m glad he’s at least getting these two games. Unless he plays unbelievably bad, it’s likely he’ll be the backup to Tony Romo next year.

    For his first NFL regular season game action, not being the starter, and taking limited reps during the week he played pretty well.

    The end zone interception was a bad throw and decision, but Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers usually have one of those once a year, so you can’t complain that much.

    The throw down the field INT was probably a bad call by the offensive coordinator, but you have to know you can’t heave it like that out of desperation. By trying so hard to make an impression in his first drive and not just got three and out he came out looking much worse than three and out.

    But he had two big throws into traffic that Cassel and Weeden were afraid to make all year. That counts for something.

  17. wait I thought it was all Brandon Whedon’s fault they were not winning/ funny how he gets his first when with the Texans after being with them 2 weeks but he was the problem with the cowboys?

  18. Cassel has a number of achievable incentives built in to his contract that could add up to $2.15 million. Jerruh puckered up tighter than fresh oyster as usual. All about $ and the added benefit of intentional losses.

    Ultimately it will do more damage to that team than good as every player now sees it is OK to give up in big D.

  19. Can you imagine how much over priced beer those 90+ thousands drank at Jerryworld Saturday night. Jerry is a winner.

  20. AtkinseatsyourOL says:
    Dec 21, 2015 11:19 AM
    Does it even matter now?
    That’s the point. They are trying to figure out what they have for next year. Difficult concept, I know.

  21. To everyone claiming that the Dallas front office is so dumb, inept, always making bad decisions…….Did you know that since 2004, the cowboys have drafted more pro bowlers than any team? The Jerry hate is so stupid. Guy has made some absolutely great moves, yet he gets no credit and gets bashed for ANYTHING that goes wrong, his fault or not. He’s brought us 3 SB’s already. Anyone who thinks he ant very well do it again, is probably a cowboys hater that is really, really hoping he can’t.

  22. Hats off to Cassel. He is a professional and always works his rear off. Unfortunately for him, he just isn’t a starting QB, although he has had better careers than many others.

  23. That pick where Keller Moore ducked the sack then threw it late over the middle right to the safety is the perfect representation of what Keller Moore is. He will make the right read, and he sees the field well, but he does not have the arm strength to make NFL throws. It doesn’t really matter at this point though, might as well give him a start.

  24. Kellen Moore had been intriguing as a Lion prospect, and am thrilled to see him get an opportunity he never got in Detroit. He’s always prepared, has great anticipation, is very accurate but has somewhat of a noodle arm. He had his worst training camp as a Lion this year under a pathetic scheme.

    I hope having waived him doesn’t bite us in the ass. I saw him as a very serviceable backup. Good luck kid.

  25. I don’t know what the he** happened to Cassell in the last couple of years.

    He won 10 games in NE
    He was a pro-bowler in KC again at 10-5

    He was at least serviceable in Minnesota when he went 3-3

    He just seems to have suddenly become frightened and unable to make accurate throws.

    Dude probably played himself out of the NFL this year.

  26. Moore got dumped into a shark tank – 100,000 fans angry and getting drunk, a preening owner, desperate team, a D smelling blood in the water, all on prime-time – and did not succumb.

    Moore made greenhorn mistakes one would expect, but one could also tell the team was playing again instead of going through motions, and Moore went through progressions faster with more mental discipline than a lot of ‘veteran’ QB’s do.

    Will be interesting to see how Moore does fully worked up with all the starter-squad reps in practice.

  27. after leaving NE and all their baked in “advantages”

    Those advantages being a superior personnel department and an all-time great head coach.

  28. wimpyburgers says:
    Dec 21, 2015 12:07 PM

    That was an awful performance. Cassel is lucky he didn’t get cut.
    He is the only other qb on the roster. If not for that, he would have been, I imagine.

  29. I think Illogical voice forgets we beat the crap out of the skins in their house and have the best Division record. The league is lucky Romo and Dez got hurt as we would be running away with this division probably with a record of 10-4 right now…………The NFC East is a joke right now and whoever gets in is one and done anyways. I still think the Eagles and Giants win the division and 4skins choke it like every year. LOL>….

  30. Somebody is baked alright, but I think it is getakluwe…Kangaroo court of the mind, little man.

  31. Where is Tony? Hurt again. Hey Jerry. You can’t win without or with Tony. His injury legacy is costing your amercias team. You have no back up suitable to win, blame yourself. Better stock up in the off season, I got money he craps out next year too.

  32. well, Matt. Its been real, enjoy the next phase of your life. It won’t be playing football.

  33. Weeden finished off the Colts with a passer rating of 95.8, and more importantly, got the Texans back in the win column.

  34. ^^ you must have missed his strip/sack fumble… too bad sacks/fumbles don’t count against the Passer rating.. Weeden was horrible, the defense held texans in

  35. Turn out the lights
    The party’s over
    They say that
    All good things must end
    Call it tonight
    The party’s over
    And tomorrow starts
    The same old thing again

    Here’s to 2016 !!!

  36. Bottom line this guy cannot throw. His arm is either hurt or just not
    strong and accurate enough. Dallas has no upside in playing him.
    Someone in the scouting department really overestimated this guys
    ability. He just can’t make the throws. So why not find out what your
    other QBS can do. I would cut Cassel unless you have no alternative.
    Probably was better to stick with Weeden.
    I will say that in past Jerry has always paid his back up QB, he has not cut corners there. I do believe that Jerry and company will bring
    a strong backup in. One last suggestion …less empty set formations
    with Tony ….or tell him to get rid of it quick.,

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