Lamar Miller remains down on role with Dolphins

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After the Dolphins lost to the Giants in Week 14, running back Lamar Miller expressed his feeling that he should continue to get the ball if he’s doing well when asked about getting five second half carries despite running well in the first two quarters.

Miller was back on the bench in the second half of Sunday’s loss to the Chargers, carrying twice for one yard while the Dolphins opted to go with Jay Ajayi and Damien Williams instead of Miller. Miller wasn’t as effective in the first half as he’d been the previous week, but still felt frustrated that he wasn’t part of the offense after halftime.

“I mean, yeah, because I feel like I could help this team win,” Miller said, via the Palm Beach Post. “You know, I’m pretty sure everybody wanted to be on the field competing with their teammates and … I don’t know.”

The Dolphins were down big in San Diego, leading them to pass more in the second half but Miller’s been their most productive receiver out of the backfield in addition to leading the team in rushing.

Miller’s role in the Dolphins offense has always been an issue during his time in Miami, which might be up in a couple of weeks as Miller’s set to become a free agent. While he’s said he’s open to a return and the Dolphins reportedly have interest in holding onto him, it seems like everyone might be happier with a dissolution of the relationship.

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  1. As a fan of the dolphins I have to say I’m pretty down on my role too. Ross and co has turned this team into the joke of the NFL

  2. Miller is a stud and Miami’s coaching is a dud. Everyone knows this – it’s no secret. Dan Campbell should stick to coaching tight ends and maybe Miami can get lucky hiring Pagano or maybe Shula. We need to strike gold somewhere. Miller is a FA at season end. This doesn’t bode well for his return.

  3. Ok, but Miller’s carries in the first half generated 2, 5, 0, -1, 3, -5, and 7 yards (and the 7 yard run came on 3rd & 15). It’s not like he was lighting the world on fire. Ajayi came in and was averaging 4.5 yards per carry in the 2nd half and looked like the better runner yesterday. There have been issues with us abandoning the run this season, but I don’t think yesterday was an example of that.

  4. I’m happy the dolphins are keeping him fresh for his 2k yard season with the cowboys next year. Seems like a very dolphin thing to do……

  5. Typical Miami front office behavior, pay big guaranteed contracts to divas and poor performers and bury good players before they can contribute.

    A fish rots from the head down, and the head of this rotten fish actually hires more rotten heads in case one of them rots completely off.

  6. As a Dolphins fan I must say this is the worst team in the NFL yet somehow they managed to avoid the #1 pick overall. And to be honest, the future is not at all promising as long as Ross owns the team.

  7. Ajayi and Williams are both better RBs. Miller should keep his mouth shut so that a team like New England will acquire him in the off-season. A well run team doesn’t want to bring in players who have a track record of ripping their organization. Players are better off zipping it.

  8. Miller is Miami’s best player on offense. No disrespect to Landry but when Miller runs the ball this team wins. Miller has one of the highest run per carry average in the league, he is a top ten RB, you can even argue a top 5. Anyone who thinks Willams or Ajay is better based off of one game has no idea what they are talking about.

  9. Next week, run him into the ground. If he gets squashed, he can shut up. If he has a great game, it is further proof that Miami has not had a competent coaching staff in years. Two of their best coaches of recent years are on the Jets staff and doing quite well.

    I like Dan Campbell but he simply is not ready yet. Miami has organized themselves into this mediocrity and ineptitude. They need a complete overhaul with a no BS coach that has absolute authority. No GM more concerned with flash over production. No FA pageant winners. This team needs substance and young players with football instinct instead of physical talent and no understanding of situational football. There are a few players that can be kept but they should only be the ones wanting to o contribute to team goals, not personal ones.

    The Dolphins players habitually underperform and the coaching staff has tried to plan the game out meticulously by identifying what plays will be called during certain circumstances. That sounds good but they do not have the ability to adjust to the game as it is playing out. They have no feel for the game and they cannot seem to coach to their own players strengths or the opponents weaknesses. Miami has some decent players but they have rarely worked together effectively. Every play, somebody screws up whether it is a costly penalty, a missed block, a missed tackle or assignment, etc. The team is inherently passive. Most plays, one or two guys are trying hard while everyone else is waiting for somebody to make a play instead of taking the lead and making the play themselves. That has to change and it starts with how the are coached.

  10. This was obviously done by the front office to help keep his stats down. This giving the team leverage to signing him for less money

  11. Did somebody see something I didn’t. He was running into a Chargers wall. Didn’t see the second half could not face it, went outside to watch some paint dry after Tannehill was nearly picked of by a policeman with that Hail Mary at the end of the half.

  12. I agree with people who write that the Dolphins should shut down there most valuable players, give the back up players a chance to have more game experience, because winning now will do nothing for 2016, what will help us in 2016 is a higher draft pick. If the owner keep the staff he has now, don’t expect any better results next year. Bill

  13. rjpats says:
    Dec 21, 2015 2:12 PM

    They’re only a Qb, OL, defense, WRs, coaching staff and LS away from contention
    That’s what was said at the end of the 2007 1-15 season. In 2008, they won the AFCE, with Chad Henne at QB. One never knows do one.

  14. For those commenting that didn’t actually see the game. San Diego stacked the box most of the game effectively shutting Miller down. Ajayi, a bigger back was more effective as a result, not that it matter with an all back up O-line. They’ll resign Miller next year, otherwise, time to hit the reset button.

  15. Miami has WR’s. And they won the division in 2008 with Chad Pennington. Henne was on the bench where he belongs.

  16. This team rolled over like dogs early in the season to get coach Joe fired. No doubt they won’t finish the season the same way. See what the rooks can do.

  17. The offensive line is completely depleted. Miller needs to shut up and realize that he will soon be a free agent and can make some real cash with anther team. No one wants a whiner or damaged goods. For the last two games, Lamar should be quiet and take his reps. Let everyone else get beat up. The Dolphins have shot their wad by overpaying so many average players. They can’t afford Lamar Miller.

  18. They can afford Miller.

    Miller needs to do one thing – perform when it counts.
    He has only ONE 100 yard game in his career against a team with a .500 or better record.
    (2013 vs Bengals)

    Against our division in 2015:
    Jets: 7 carries = 26 yards
    Jets: 5 carries = 2 yards
    Bills: 7 carries = 38 yards
    Bills: 12 carries = 44 yards
    NE: 9 carries = 15 yards

    Thats averaging; 8 carries = 25 yards

    Add in a performance like vs the Chargers: 9 carries = 12 yards and you can see there’s a problem in the run game.

    A lot can be atributed to our really really REALLY bad OL. But Miller must instill some kind of trust that when the tough defenses come to town – he can deliver.

  19. Miller leads the entire NFL in YPC at 5.1 with Doug Martin, yet, he’s 27th in attempts…do the math…fire Campbell TODAY…and his idiot Offensive Coordinator…this is the only team on planet earth that had a Pro Bowl running back sitting on the bench in the 2nd half against the Giants with the season on the line…and of course, lost…and yes, he’s the best receiving back they have, and they still benched him against SD and he’s not hurt…that was Campbell’s way of deflecting blame…again, Campbell must GO!!!

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